December 30, 2010
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My Christmas Vacation
Today is officially my one-year blogoversary. It’s hard to believe that an entire year has passed since I started this journey, but I have really enjoyed every minute of it. I’ll save a much larger reflection for my Memories, Dreams and Reflection post…but let’s just say I’m really looking forward to 2011. 
Christmas Reflection RS
With that said, we are heading to my in-laws’ to celebrate Christmas with them. We would have been there on Monday but the snow kept us at home. I had planned to share some photos from our visit, but those memories are in the making so stay tuned. Also…last night, I photographed my very first wedding reception (the couple got married over the weekend) – stay tuned for a sneak peak in the next few days/week. In the meantime, enjoy my ornament reflection shot and check out other holiday favorites at: 


I also wanted to show you what Mr. Flick has been up to. In short, he’s been making himself right at home. Just yesterday, we caught him climbing the drawers and making himself a cup of coffee. That Flick…I wonder what he’ll do next. Maybe I can train him to cook and clean?
By the way, since I have switched to my own domain…some of you may notice that my feed is no longer showing up in your reader. I am hopeful that this issue will resolve itself but you may want to re-subscribe or re-follow my blog. In most cases, that should solve the problem. If you have any other issues with my blog, just let me know so I can tell my husband to fix them (partially kidding). Have a great Thursday!

    Its fun that we can see your reflection in so many of the bulbs! Way to go on purchasing your own domain! Thats so exciting! Have a great time with your inlaws! Be careful traveling…its nasty out there!

    I can’t believe you have just been doing this a year…you’re such a pro!

    Beautiful photo as always. Have a great time at the in-laws! Happy new year!

    WOW! you have done some amazing things in only one year of blogging. Your following is a true reflection of that! I am so glad to have been introduced through our love of photography. Can’t wait to see your wedding shots – I’m sure they will be gorgeous!!!

    Have a blessed trip to be with family!

    Happy New Year Ashley! May this year be filled with joy, hope and love!

    In His amazing grace,

    Great shots and Happy Anniversary!! WOW! Only a year and you’re already this good! Can’t wait to see what another year brings!

    Happy Blogoversary! I do have to re-follow you but no biggie. I am loving these Flick pictures and the first one is super cool.

    Have a great Christmas with the IL’s!

    Happy Blogiversary Ashley! I can’t believe it’s already a year. It’s amazing how your following has grown so quickly. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to come up with next year.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your family!

    Happy New Year!


    Happy Blog-aversery!! I am so impressed with you! You have done amazing things this past year. Looking forward to seeing more!

    Amazing job in just a year. I have learned and enjoyed your blog so far.

    Enjoy your family drive safe.

    Mr. Flick you are to cute.

    Have fun :)
    Cute flick photos!

    Happy blogiversary! Love that Flick is getting himself coffee! Can’t wait to see your reception photos.

    Happy Blog Anniversary! :) I have so enjoyed reading your blog and admiring your amazing pictures over the past few months! I look forward to many more!

    Have a wonderful time with the family! Can’t wait to see some of the reception photos!!

    Happy blogiversary!! I love it when you pop up in my Reader. :) Here’s to many more years of blogging fun!

    Happy Blogaversary!!!! I love your bulb pictures, too! My Christmas Day Snow Pictures were my very favorite Christmas gift!!! I am inching toward my own domain blog. . . just inching! Way to be courageous! Happy New Year!

    I just LOVE your Mr. Flick photos! LOVE THEM!!!!

    And, Happy Blogaversary! That’s AWESOME! I’m so glad you’re a blogger. SO VERY GLAD!

    Ahhh, beautiful picture of the ornaments! :) I love reflective pictures. And Mr. Flick…*laughs* It looks like you’re having way too much fun with him. :D Of course, he rather lends himself to that sort of thing…I’d love to see him dressed up as a maid w/ a frilly, Flick-sized apron and headpiece, holding a Flick-sized broom, and working on sweeping out the kitchen for you. :D

    I have you saved under my bookmarks as well, and I had no problems at all finding you. My only question…how do you get the little custom avatar up by the url in place of the orange Blogger “B?” I’ve seen a couple like this and was just wondering…

    Have a blessed day!

    You’ve certainly made your mark in the blogosphere in the one year you’ve been here. Good job.

    Oh, I love Mr. Flick!

    I know this isn’t about today, but I adore your winter scenes.

    Happy Blogoversary!! YAY!! You did show up in my reader. I think mine is still having issues though :( Hope you have a safe trip. I can’t wait to see the photos from the reception.

    Happy Blog Anniversary. Love the photos.

    Happy Blogoversary! That is awesome and I just love your blog! You take amazing photos and I can’t wait to see more!!!!

    Happy Blogoversary Ashley! Love your blog! And I LOVE Mr. Flick–hilarious! :)

    Mr. Flick is awesome. I can’t wait to see the photos from your first reception – I’m sure they’re beautiful!

    Congrats on your first year of blogging! You showed up just fine in my blog reader. I didn’t have to change anything. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

    Happy Anniversary!! Love the photo…gorgeous. Safe travels.

    congratulations on a whole year of blogging, I have so enjoyed all your photographs since following you. I love Mr Flick too!

    Have a great time away and congrats on reaching your 1 year milestone.

    Stunning ornament shot! And I just can’t get enough of your Flick shots. Pixar ought to pay you royalties or something!

    Oh, and Happy Blogoversary AND Happy New Year!

    Congrats on your blogoversary! I love love love the shot of the ornaments – such beautiful color!

    Happy Blogoversary! We are Big Flick fans…very cute! Have a Happy New Year! Looks like big things are on the way…Enjoy!

    Beautiful ornament shot and Flik is just too cute!

    By the way, your change corrected itself in my reader. Must have bought your domain through blogspot.

    Happy blogoversary Ashley! Love the ornament shot. Perfect!

    I’ve been snapping away trying to get a reflection shot I like for my M, D and R post.

    Happy Bloggiversary! And, Happy New Year! Glad you get to finally head to the in-law’s :)

    Happy Bloggerversary Ashley!! Youve done some wonderful things and I love following your work and every post you’ve made since i came across your beautiful blog and I feel like Ive known you for years!!! I hope maybe someday we get an opportunity to maybe meet it person! That would be so fun to meet some of my blogger friends in person :D have a great day makin memories!!

    Happy Blogaversary!! Enjoy your celebrations :D

    Your ornament photo is so creative – love it!

    Great shot I love all the reflections in the ornaments!! Happy Blogoversary! You have accomplished alot and gathered a great following!

    I’m amazed at how you get Flick posed just right so he looks like he’s real.

    WOW You have went to far and you have a great inspiring and motivational blog! I’m glad I meet you online and feel like I’ve learned a lot of photography tips from you and others! You have always left great comments and feedback on my blog and I appreciate it! Congrats on your one year I’m sure you will make many new years and more followers since you are always interesting and original ! Love!

    Hope your 2011 is just as inspiring and beautiful as your 2010!! Looking forward to what you have in store in the New Year!!

    Happy one year!!

    YAY for your own domain!!!!

    Mr. Flick and I have a lot in common……….we both love coffee. We travel so much we have to keep a pack on our back. And you never know where you will catch me next. Mr. Flick should come hang out with ME.

    Have a wonderful time!!!!

    Love your ornament shot!!! And I’m really enjoying Mr. Flick! Hope you have a wonderful visit! Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

    Happy Anniversary! Great shots as always :) Enjoy your trip!

    Happy Blogoversary and congrats on the domain name!! Lovely pics and enjoy your weekend and best to you in the New year!

    Happy Blogoversary and congrats on the domain name!! Lovely pics and enjoy your weekend and best to you in the New year!

    LOVE that Ant! Hilarious! happy one year!

    Love the reflection photo. Can’t wait to see the reception photos! Fun!

    Congrats on the one year blogoversary! I’m loving the Mr. Flick photos…I’m not sure how I would feel about sharing my coffee though…;)

    Happy one year blogversary! I love Mr. Flick and the reflection photo of the ornaments is terrific!

    I love Flick!!

    Congrats to you my friend…on your 1 year blogoversary! LOVE your ornament pic – too cool! I saw it on my phone this morning, and couldn’t wait to see the real thang. ;-) Flick…too funny! Hey, I meant to ask you last night, what does it mean to have your own domain? (other than you’re awesome). No really…what does it do? Sounds cool to me! :-)

    All of them are so cute and awesome! I love the first one! The colors are so great!

    Awww, Flick seems to really like it at your house! Congrats on moving to your own domain – I noticed it in my reader. Your ornament shot is really great too – like looking into 5 mirrors at once!

    Very creative and GREAT color! Enjoy Christmas a little late :)

    Love all the reflections, and all the green in that shot. :) my favorite color!

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

    Glad to see Flick is making himself to home at your house ; )

    Happy blogoversary!
    Can I just say I love Mr Flick! So freaking funny.
    Luckily you switching your domain didn’t affect you showing up in my reader.

    Happy blogoversary! :) I know I said this on another post but I love Flick! :) I may have to steal this idea next year with our own little characters. :)

    Congratulations on your blog-o-versary! Looking forward to seeing the wedding photos – I’m sure they’ll be fab. Enjoy the rest of your holiday memory-making, and have a lovely New Year.

    I wish you a wonderful New Year Ashley.


    I really like you take on reflections in the ornaments. Safe travels!

    The ornaments…fabulous shot!

    Flick…too funny!

    Your feed…no problems here, you are still showing up in my blog roll.

    Hope you have a great New Years!

    Happy blogiversary and best wishes for the new year!

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary.

    I enjoy your flick photos. :)

    Hope you have a great time! Can’t wait to see the reception pics!

    Happy blogoversary!! What a year it has been. :)

    I see that Mr. Flick is getting around and making himself at home…

    love that first pic! amaaaazing

    Happy anniversary!!

    Enjoy the last of your Christmas celebrations!

    Love your shots – and how much fun it looks like you’re having with Mr. Flick.

    Happy Anniversary Ashley’s blog !!! LOL, I look forward to following you along your journey in the new year :D Happy 2011!

    Happy anniversary and Congrats on the new domain!

    Your captures of Mr. Flick are fab! Great action shots. :-)

    Flick is my kind of bug–camping out at the coffee maker :D