O’ Christmas Tree!
I think I mentioned last week that I love my mom’s new tree. For many years, she’d bring out all of our handmade ornaments and load our ginormous Christmas tree down with every last ornament until it effectively leaned. Of course, then we would put bricks, can drinks, etc under the tree skirt hoping it would weigh it down enough not to topple over. Last year, I gave my mom a “Dr. Seuss” tree. It was once MY “Dr. Seuss” tree. You know the ones…lime green, crooked, very few branches… Well, she really enjoyed having that INSTEAD of the over-sized traditional tree (that tree has since moved into their kitchen). 

So, this year…I came home to a skinny tree decorated with super cute, polka dot ornaments. It was so cute that I couldn’t help but take a ton of pictures. Because you’re my friends and I’m sweet, I thought you’d enjoy those pictures.
Ornament Collage


Christmas Tree Collage

IMG_8624 RS
You can probably tell that my mother has a very whimsical personality. She loves all things fun, colorful, joyful and bright…that clearly includes zebra print and polka dots! Unfortunately, I don’t have a really great shot of the entire tree (although I’ve included one in the top of one of the collages). It was overcast that day which might be cool if I was shooting outdoors, but not so much indoors…therefore, I had to use my flash. In most cases, that was fine, but my entire tree photo just didn’t work out. Nonetheless, these ornaments make me happy. Now, I just need to photograph my house decorated. Until then, check out some of the blogs I’m linking up with today.

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    I love all of the colorful and fun ornaments! The last photo is my favorite – I am crazy about Santas!

    Love that tree! So cute!

    Oh, I love it, too! Whimsy is so fun this time of year. So great.

    Oooo-what a fun looking tree! I love those ornaments!

    absolutely love all your Christmas decorations, they are beautiful and what a great selection, can’t pick a favourite I like them all.

    Awesome tree! I love all of your shots!

    Very unusual looking tree, full of colour and fun!

    And I LOVE how in-the-spirit many bloggers are. It’s a beautiful thing. :)

    I’m a big fan of whimsical Christmas trees and your mom’s tree oozes in it. Love it! And very well photographed I might add.

    oh wow! Love those ornaments! So fun!! Thanks for sharing! :)

    That is too stinkin’ cute! I really like the Zebra ornament!

    Love them! I love the joy star and the Santa! Happy Friday!

    Loving these tree shots! I can’t wait to get mine up already, I’m itching to photography pretty ornaments! Have a great Friday :)

    such a cute tree, I love it!

    I love them all, Ashley!
    But what I love best is that your photos always look like art to me!

    So cute! my mom got a taller skinnier tree this year too..but her’s is more traditional. Do you know where she got the white curly Qs at the top?

    Oh, awesome!! Those stars are so cool!! I just love trees that are overflowing with decorations!

    So cute. Love the Santa the best! And loving your shots with your new camera! I’m envious of your ISO capabilities! I’m saving like crazy for my new camera…..some day…..

    What a super cute tree! I hope to have mine up in my new house….well, as soon as we’re actually in our new house! LOL… i hate moving!

    Beautifu photos, decoration…bravoo!
    Have a nice weekend.

    What an awesome tree, and great pictures of it! Small sometimes is better when it comes to the tree – it’s easier to put up and take down, and still gives off a lovely smell for weeks. Your photos give me a little inspiration to try my hand at some of my favorite ornaments.

    I love her ornaments! They’re all unique and fun to look at!

    It’s so fun and colorful. I love it!

    What a fun tree! I love your mom’s sense of style!

    What a fun & colorful tree. Those shots are so bright!

    Your mom is so much fun!! I love all her ornaments. I especially love your last shot of that little Santa. =)

    i love that it is covered with no room to spare. great tree!

    adorable! Your mom’s style reminds me of my mom. She must be fun to be around!

    OMG where did you get Dr Seuss tree??? I want one! There’s a store in Universal studios with all kinds of dr Suess ornaments. I want one for next year!

    Love it. I have not done mine yet!!!
    Have a great weekend. xxx

    I love the tree. It looks awesome! i love the zebra print ornament. its so cute!

    you should put up a picture or two of the dr seuss tree too!!

    Love that tree! So fun…the zebra ornament and santa are my favorites.

    OMGoodness that is by far the cutest Christmas tree ever! I love every single thing about it! We are putting up a Christmas tree this weekend & I am letting my kids {3 & 9} decorate it all by themselves. Letting them do ANYTHING they want to the tree with whatever they pick out :] I am pretty excited to see the end result. & of course I will be blogging out it :] YAY!

    GORGeous ornaments! I love that last Santa picture.

    Yes, I do enjoy them ;-) Such great ornaments – and great shots!

    I normally don’t like themed trees, but this is adorable! I love all of the ornaments! Great photos (as usual!). :)

    LOVE IT! So fun and whimsical!

    What a great tree! Such fun ornaments.

    So cute. I love all the ornaments. Your mom has a knack for decorating.

    I love it. Gorgeous!

    oh, I wish you could have gotten a shot of the whole tree…I feel so…teased! It looks really whimsical, very cute.

    thanks for linking up again, Ashley!

    I have to admit. I’m always so intimidated by how many comments you recieve on your blog posts. I always think, “heck i’m number 44! how will she even care?” But you always respond back AND you even read my blog which touches my heart so much!

    Oh yeah…beautiful tree:) Haha!

    Love the tree – too cute!

    Just love this!! Truly sweet.
    Have a great weekend Ashley!

    Love them! I think I might need more decorations!

    BTW, as far your flash/overcast dilemma, don’t be afraid to use a super high ISO ( like something as insane as 6400 ). Before I got my %D, I was very careful not to use high ISO, cuz i hated the horrible graininess, but with 5D/7D it’s actually kind of cool. So at first I was still trying and stay away from extremes on the ISO, but only recently I relaxed a bit and started going to even 6400 ISO and it looks really cool, to be honest.
    Like the snowman photo was done with 6400 ISO.
    BTW< I’m so excited about MDR 2010 link up!

    What fun ornaments and decorations, fantastic shots.

    That tree is stunning and so much FUN! :D Great shutters in the background!!!!

    The ornaments are so fun, but my favorite picture is of the Santa head. Really great shot!

    Love the ornaments. So colourful and whimsical.

    What wonderful ornaments…and a wonderful idea! Much better than a Charlie Brown one, I think! More to look at.

    I love your capture ;))

    Thanks friend, the photo is his reflection turned upside down and given a little something in Lightroom. I didn’t do anything else. It turned out a little dark for my preference, but it’s my son…how could I not like any pic of my son. :) hahahaha. I want to know how you did such awesome bokeh? I don’t even understand how you did that dark shot with all the brilliant bokeh in it. amazing!

    So totally love the ornaments and photos alike! Nicely presented and SO beautiful!

    Yep, love everything about this.

    Great detail. I bet you’re liking the 7D’s 18mp; are you using the XSi as a backup camera now?

    LOVED the decoration, sooo pretty!! :)

    Love your ornaments! They’re so adorable! Gorgeous photos!

    Really beautiful! Love your header by the way!

    love your shots and that your header has a “Christmas” cat!

    Love it! The colors and the little sprigs sticking all over look so pretty!

    love your macro! awesome. Also, your banner is great! very festive on your blog! your house must look spectacularly festive.

    I love looking at your pictures. While scrolling through, I thought, “How whimsical.” Then read your mom has a “whimsical personality”! How fun!

    Such a cute tree!

    Love,Love, Looooove all the stars! :-) Great photos! Your mom sounds cute!

    This tree is the CUTEST treee I’ve ever seen! I love it. It looks very Dr. Seuss-ish. I think I’m going to start collecting fun ornaments to eventually do something similar – good job Mom!!! :)

    Wow! Your mama has some pretty cool tastes!

    I love the polkadot star ornament! Are those ones handmade?? How are they made?! I love them. I really like the eclectic tree, however, I cannot seem to stray away from the all one color ornaments either! LOL. I think that once we’ve got our own place, then we’re going to have to have more than one tree!

    Wow! That is so cute!!

    I’m realizing that my tree is very, very lacking in the ornament department… hopefully I can pick up more after Christmas! ;)