O’ Christmas Tree!
I think I mentioned last week that I love my mom’s new tree. For many years, she’d bring out all of our handmade ornaments and load our ginormous Christmas tree down with every last ornament until it effectively leaned. Of course, then we would put bricks, can drinks, etc under the tree skirt hoping it would weigh it down enough not to topple over. Last year, I gave my mom a “Dr. Seuss” tree. It was once MY “Dr. Seuss” tree. You know the ones…lime green, crooked, very few branches… Well, she really enjoyed having that INSTEAD of the over-sized traditional tree (that tree has since moved into their kitchen). 

So, this year…I came home to a skinny tree decorated with super cute, polka dot ornaments. It was so cute that I couldn’t help but take a ton of pictures. Because you’re my friends and I’m sweet, I thought you’d enjoy those pictures.
Ornament Collage


Christmas Tree Collage

IMG_8624 RS
You can probably tell that my mother has a very whimsical personality. She loves all things fun, colorful, joyful and bright…that clearly includes zebra print and polka dots! Unfortunately, I don’t have a really great shot of the entire tree (although I’ve included one in the top of one of the collages). It was overcast that day which might be cool if I was shooting outdoors, but not so much indoors…therefore, I had to use my flash. In most cases, that was fine, but my entire tree photo just didn’t work out. Nonetheless, these ornaments make me happy. Now, I just need to photograph my house decorated. Until then, check out some of the blogs I’m linking up with today.

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