Santa Baby!
Santa Baby RS
I am really enjoying all the Christmas bokeh and decoration photos that have been gracing the blogging community. So, when Tara announced that this week’s Live Every Moment photo challenge theme this week would be “decorations,” I spent a lot of time setting up a shot worthy of the challenge. 

For this particular shot, I wanted to capture something that would be symbolic of Christmas as well as some Christmas tree bokeh. Unfortunately, I was not pleased with my shot of Mary, Joseph and sweet little baby Jesus…but I do love this Santa tree topper. The key to setting up a shot like this is creating some distance between your main subject (in this case, Santa) and your background (the tree). I used my 28-75 mm lens (I should have used my 50 mm for a lower aperture) at f/3.2 to get a nice bokeh in the background while keeping Santa in focus. I used a combination of actions and textures to create a soft vintage feel. 

With that said, I have a busy day ahead of me. I will return your emails and blog visits as quickly as possible (which may mean tomorrow). In the meantime, check out a few of the blogs I’m linking up with:
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  Have a great weekend!