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Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Ramblings and Photos

December 26, 2010
Categories: Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had an incredible Christmas (or weekend if you don’t celebrate Christmas). It’s snowing in North Carolina so we’ve been blessed with a “White Christmas.” Of course, it’d be wonderful if we were done with our holiday travel, but we’ve got to get back out on the road tomorrow morning. So…could you make it melt for us? Please? Anyways, it’s the last Scavenger Hunt Sunday of 2010 and I’m really excited to share my interpretations this week. If you’ve been participating in the Scavenger Hunt each week, I hope this week’s items inspired you too. If you’re new to the Scavenger Hunt…WELCOME! 

Next Sunday, I will post the linky for Memories, Dreams and Reflections. I hope you will be inspired to take a walk down memory lane with us and share your favorites moments from 2010. I’ve provided 25 prompts – feel free to write as much or as little about each photo. Speaking of which, I really need to pull my photos together!
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
The rules are simple:
  1. Anyone can participate. 
  2. You’re encouraged to take five new photos this week for the challenge. 
  3. If you get stumped, you may use one photo from your archive (although I’m not too strict about it – I do my best to take fresh shots). 
  4. Link up here on Sunday (or Saturday at the latest – you have a full week) – you can use the button above. 
  5. Have fun!
Without further discussion…here are my interpretations this week:

1. Family
Red Caboose Lady RS
I gave my mom a Paper Lady Crown this year for Christmas. She was so tickled with it, that she put it on immediately!

2. Motion Blur
Motion Blur RS
The other night, Kitty Paw started flipping out. I sat on one side of the couch watching as she tried to catch her tail.

3. Pretty Package
IMG_0433 RS
My mom always wraps the prettiest packages. I took this photo just moments before we started opening presents. As I did during Thanksgiving, I put my camera away and enjoyed the moment. Ya know, sometimes it’s more important to be “present” than to photograph the opening of presents…at least when you’re trying to open presents. 

4. Glow
Flick Glow RS
I know that many of you have an “elf on the shelf.” We just have Mr. Flick but he changes locations daily. On this particular day, he was enjoying the glow of the Christmas tree lights while sitting on presents.

5. Sparkle
IMG_0364 RS
If I’m completely honest, I intended to use the photo I posted on Friday as my “sparkle” photo…until I made a snap decision to use it for Macro Friday. However, what is Christmas without the ever-popular ornament self-portrait shot. I think it still counts as sparkle. 

What were your interpretations of the items this week? I can’t wait to check them out. Be sure to load your pictures in your blog (or your Flickr photostream) and link up at the bottom of this post.  Feel free to grab a button to display on your blog along with your scavenger hunt items. The linky will be open until Saturday night at midnight (EST). If you didn’t participate this week, but want to participate next time, I will post a new Scavenger Hunt list on January 2nd. Until then, I hope you’ll join us next week for Memories, Dreams and Reflections

Memories, Dreams and Reflections


    Your Mom’s so cute! I love her holiday sweater!

    I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. It sailed past! I love your shots, especially your motion blur and pretty package. I love it when people take the time to wrap beautifully, and your Mom’s wrapping takes the cake! I’m glad you had a merry Christmas as well Ashley!

    Your mom is so cute. Love her crown. I hope your travels are safe and that the snow melts for you. Merry Christmas!

    I love your mom in one Paper Mama’s crowns! =)

    Hope your Christmas was great and here’s wishing you all the best for 2011!

    Great photos Ashley! Your mom is adorable. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas <3

    I love them on Ashley, unfortunately I won’t be able to join in this week due to holiday celebrations and commitments, but I’m looking forward to doing plenty more Scavenger hunts in the new year as I’ve enjoyed them all so much. :)

    I meant all not on! :D

    Lovely photo of your Mum. And we both chose cats for the motion blur one!

    Your Mom is so sweet! Love all the photos ! I will be back in januari next year to participate again!

    Happy New Year to You!

    :) Johanna

    Hi Ashley

    Tell your mum that she looks radiant and that she wraps lovely presents aswell.

    How cool to have a White Christmas – the snow showers here fell to the south of us but we’re due more tonight.

    Forgot to mention that I love your Sparkle shot!

    Kitty-motion-blur rocks! :) Love these, Ashley!

    I will never get sick of ornament shots! NEVER.
    Your mom looks so FUN!
    and Flick, well, enjoy the view, buddy…it’s a good one!

    Wow I am so excited to have stumbled on this! what a great idea I can’t wait to submit some pics for these ^_^ I adore your motion blur shot.. too cute!

    Great photos. Mine will probably be up later today. Hope you get to travel. We are getting a ton of snow now.

    Love your takes. Looks like a fun Christmas….that shot of your crowned Mom is just so fun.

    Love the shot of your mom! Your pretty package shot is good too, I actually had a hard time with that one…. I forgot to take a picture of one before they were all sent out or torn open!

    love your pictures, your mum looks very happy!

    Yes! I have done it! I have been so slack….*sigh* Typical me.
    Love all your pictures!

    Love your shots! I especially love that one of the packages. Great color! Hope you have a great day!


    LOVE the one of your mom and all the rest are GREAT TOO! Wonderful job! And a belated Merry Christmas to you! :)

    Hi Ashley`s Mom,…
    love these shots.

    the one of flick rocks.

    I have been loving all your Flick shots, and this glow one is awesome!

    I love your flick shots you’ve shared. :)

    Flick is cool! The shot of your mama is awesome! She looks so festive in her sweater :) Will try and do your M,D&R. It will be fun to look back.

    Love the shot of Mr Flick…and of course Kitty Paw! I will try and post mine tonight after our drive home today!

    I added something to my post after you visited. It’s something that I think might drive you nuts too since you are the comment queen! Go check it out, it’s at the top.

    Love the photo of your mom and Mr.Flick is pretty cool too :) Safe travels!

    Beautiful photos Ashley, glad you had a fun Christmas! Love Kitty Paw in motion!

    wonderful interpretations, Ashley! You are always such an inspiration!

    You always have such lovely photos! I love the portrait of your Mom and how her crown matches her beautiful sweater!

    Your mom is so cute! I’m SO happy it got there before Christmas! And, all this time I thought Kitty Paw was a stuffed animal. I was wrong! She’s crazy!

    Ashley, Your Mom is so cute and Young! I sinple love your shot for Sparkle!

    Your mama is so pretty!

    Love the shot of your kitty! My sister’s went “crazy” over Christmas, too… huh.

    I missed getting a shot of all the presents before we opened them. And I didn’t have the camera out either – I wanted to enjoy more of the time with the family instead of trying to make sure pics got taken! In fact, someone mentioned they were surprised that I didn’t have the camera out.

    Love that Flick is still showing up!

    Your mom is so cute! Love all of your shots. :)

    Great pictures! I love your mom in the crown, so cute! GLow is really cute too! xo

    If i wasn’t married, I think I’d want to hang out with Mr. Flick. He seems like my kind of guy :D

    I love how every photo of yours hits the spot and is also so personal and telling. Lovely!

    I love the photo of Mr. Flick! I hope you travel safely!

    Your mom looks like a real fun lady, nice sparkle shot.

    Your mom is so cool! And she’s pretty too.

    Hi Ashley!

    Yup, it’s Laurie–I’ve just moved to Blogger. There’s a link from my old blog…but here it is anyway:


    That video was so cute!! :) One could tell a lot of work went into it…thanks for sharing.

    Looks like you’re having fun w/ Mr. Flick! He really lends himself well to photos…:D

    Merry CHRISTmas!

    Thank you for your kind words about my post this week! My horse finds his way into a lot of my shots, they’re one of my favorite subjects to work with.

    i totally haven’t attempted the self-portrait christmas tree bulb shot, but i’m seeing all these cute ones around the blogosphere so maybe i need to try! great shots :)

    This is such a fun meme! I can’t wait to join next week!

    Your Mom is so cute in her crown….awesomely decorated packages….and I love the rest too!!

    lovin the kitty shot! our kitty doesn’t play as much indoors … since the evil dog entered her world! ;) poor kitty!
    Fantastic sparkle shot too!
    Hope your drive was uneventful! We are HOPING for snow this week!

    I see you had a wonderful Christmas! With love from across the pond. xxx

    Great photos Ashley. Visiting family for the holidays and didn’t get to participate this week but I’ll be back next Sun :)

    Wishing you and your family a joyful holiday season.

    Great Christmas edition! I love the one of Flick enjoying the holiday lights; he looks so contemplative. I can’t wait for Memories, Dreams and Reflections – I’ve been working hard on getting all my photos together!

    The motion blur is hilarious…:)

    Awww! Your pictures are just so festive Ashley. :)

    Agree with a lot of the others that your Mom is So cute and I love her crown! :-) your sparkle photo is perfection! Nice job!

    I’m NEW here!!! I just joined to FOLLOW you and perhaps join in on all this “FUN”!!! I need to “Read all your rules first”… Your Mom looks adorable with her crown and LOVE Mr Flick! I’m hoping you will check out my blog and possibly FOLLOW ME too… I LOVE company!!!
    Have a wonderful week,

    Cute motion blur shot. I really like your pretty package. Our packages are just the basic gift wrap.

    I love the Flick shot! That is awesome and so very original!!! :) Ofcourse all of your shots are great as always! I am anxious to get my computer back from the shop so that I can get back in the game!