December 16, 2010
The Mosquito
This week’s Paper Heart Camera and You Capture theme is outside. To be completely honest, it is entirely too cold for this southern girl to be going outside with the exception of going into work. So, you’ll have to forgive me for using a shot that I took a few weeks ago. However, it has been hanging out on an my old SD card so it’s almost brand new…right? 

I had no intention of photographing a mosquito, but it flew into my composition, so I quickly snapped. Although I really like the tones in the original shot, I’m not completely happy with the composition. That…and I can’t leave well enough alone.
Mosquito in the Snow ORIGINAL RS
For my edit, I combined Pioneer Woman’s Seventies action with Everyday Elements’ Florida action. I cropped and rotated and then added a snow layer to give the appearance of snow falling. I think it gives the photo an abstract feel. Which mosquito shot do you prefer?
Mosquito in the Snow RS
 For more outside shots, and before and afters, go to:
Photography love...Photobucket

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Have a wonderful Thursday!

    You took a so-so photo and made it great! Love that you rotated it and the texture makes it feel very cold.

    Most definately the second. I LOVE it!

    I have to disagree, I love the original feel. For SOOC that is great!!

    They’re both cool. Also cool is the fact that you actually got a shot of a MOSQUITO! That would have to be on the list of the dern near impossible things to shoot!

    I like the edited version…the photo looks really neat!

    ahhhh! i so wanted that photo but how awesome would it be if i got it for FREE! :) you just made my day. heading over to enter! I am totally gonna win this! {big grin}

    Thank you, Ash! You always know how to lift me up, even if it’s through your glass. I appreciate the kind words. I can tell you that I already feel better.

    I’m lovin’ the mosquito shot. So very cool! How are you diggin’ the 7D? What you expected?

    Wow-what an awesome shot! Both are really cool but I am definitely digging your editing!

    Eeeek-I HATE mosquitos and that one is huuuge!! I like the 2nd one better, I definitely like the new composition that you created.

    Love the second edit!

    The added snow is very cool! I’d be worried if I saw mosquito in the snow. We’d never get a break from them then!

    This is a fabulous edit!! And what a great shot to begin with!

    you know I love the second edit! great job!

    Wow, this is amazingly beautiful!

    It’s a good thing you don’t live in Maine, Southern Girl. It’s damn cold often. This is a really cool shot-even tho mosquitos are truly hated here. Love what you did with that actions.

    You have done a good job with the editing, it is very nice.

    I love ‘em both…not very decisive, I know ;D. But I love the natural tones and softness of the first one…I would’ve just done a bit of crop on it and not much more. The second one is fabulous as well; it’s fun, and has a definite Christmas feel to it (also a cool shot since I’m pretty sure that mosquitos don’t actually survive all that long if it’s snowing!)

    I really like the SOOC shot better. That closeup of the mosquito is fabulous!

    I love the fact that you rotated this. It created a whole other image. The colors you choice are excellent as well…I vote for the second. :)

    A mosquito? Seriously? ICK. LOL I need to go outside for a photo but it’s cold out there and I really don’t wanna.

    Love how you changed the composition and just played with the colors! It looks great! The SOOC was pretty darn good, but the finish product just has that extra oomph!

    They are both great, but I think I prefer the SOOC. Just because that is my style. Very cool photo though.

    I love the original because it’s real and natural but the edit is so pretty and unique! So I love them both :)

    I love the edit, great job on both!

    I like more the abstract feel mosquito.

    Such a fabulous photo of a mosquito – I love what you did with the edit!

    very beautiful work.

    I wish I had a nice editing program for my pictures, but alas, I am stuck using picnik for now. sigh.

    Fantastic shot!!! I have to say that I’m digging the sooc this time! Hope you have a great day!

    He just “happened” to fly into your composition??? Lucky moment. I love the edit.

    I love the 2nd one, not just because you managed to make a mosquito look beautiful (a very difficult feat!), but because if the skeeter is cold, it’s going to die soon!

    Both are great! I do love the boosted color in the second. Great job!

    I like both of them, but love how you added snow in the second one! Really cool.

    Nice! It looks so magical. :)

    I love how creative you’ve been Ashley -especially with that touch of snow and turning the photo on its side.

    I’ve a little query…….

    Ashley do you see the way you can have all the buttons for the photo memes you are entering in a nice row under your photos – how do you do that. The buttons on my blog seem to have a mind of their own and they move down a few spaces and I can’t get them side by side the way you do. Is there a trick I’m missing with this or do you think it’s something to do with my template?

    Many thanks

    I think I also like the SOOC shot. Please tell me you smooshed it…please.

    That is an awesome edit! What a difference! This is probably the only time you’ll find me wanting to look at a mosquito… hehehe :)
    Great blog!

    What a cool processing, Ashley!

    I can’t believe you managed to capture a shot of a mosquito! So cool.

    Wow…what a cool accident! :) LOVE the edit.

    I love them both but the edit is pretty cool :D

    I like how you rotated the image. Well done.

    The SOOC is awesome!! Your edit is pretty neat too, though. I vote both! :D

    I thought NC didn’t have mosquitos!!! Great edit!!!

    Dude, I’m tellin ya’–I totally want to know how you edited that hot sauce bottle!!! :)

    eww– he’s scary! Great edit though! Love the colors!

    I like the edited version. It has been cold hasn’t it? :)

    What a cool and creepy macro Ashley. I likey!

    Wow! That is an amazing shot! I’m not a fan of blood suckers {unless it’s the Cullens} but how cool! I wish they sucked fat, not blood. :]

    Your edit is very impressive!

    I’m impressed you got that little bugger at all! I like the second one the best.

    I like the first shot more then the other its stunning. it was a WOW for me! love it!

    both great, but i think i like the first one better :)

    Ashley! I’m so… excited about your giveaway over at The Paper Mama! I ♡ the print!!! It’s awesome! i had no idea you sold these???

    I agree, way too cold to be outside. I think I like the first photo best, but then again, it may be because I’m just so tired of being cold and that second one gives me a chill :)

    I didnt know mosquitos were out when its so cold.. AHHHH. but neat photo and love macro its amazing.

    Very cool. XOXO

    I have to say I like the 2nd one. :)

    Although they look like huge mosquitos, I believe that’s a photo of a crane fly. I don’t know which photo I prefer, but I’m amazed by how different each one feels, and how “cold” your snow effects turned out.

    i like the edited shot. & i hear ya… it’s been too gray & rainy out for me to take my pretty new camera outside yet. seriously, i’ve had it two weeks & have yet to take outside pictures. not-a-one. LAME.

    Oh, this littlle ones in the winter?!
    I have to say I like the original more. It’s more natural and goes more with the animal.
    Hugs and have a great weekend.

    You make that pesky little thing look like a thing of beauty… especially in that second picture.

    Love the edits…really beautiful!

    Amazing photos! And how lucky that she just flew into shot for you!

    I prefer the first.
    And, that is just creepy!

    LOVE the color in the 2nd! Reminds me of Florabella’s Mademoiselle (ok totally spelled that wrong and I’m not going to look it up – LOL! :-) Beautiful colors.

    I absolutely love the snow edit!