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Winter Wonderland - Ramblings and Photos
Winter Wonderland
We were blessed this year with a “White Christmas.” On Christmas Eve, there were rumors that snow was coming but I was hopeful that it would blow over…or that we would at least make it home safely before the first flakes. 

The good news is that we were able to safely make it home before any snowflakes were able to cover the roads. The bad news is that we were not able to visit my in-laws yesterday and today as was originally planned. No worries…we’ll see them on Thursday…right after I shoot my first wedding reception. Wish me luck!
IMG_0504 RS
On Sunday, we woke up to 6 inches of snow in North Carolina. It has been years since North Carolina has seen this sorta snowfall. Over the course of the day, it continued to snow. Typically, if it snows, I do my very best to stay inside. However, since my husband couldn’t sleep on Christmas night…he went to Walmart to pick up a few things. He called me on the way home and told me to get myself and my camera ready.

IMG_0451 RS
I got ready as quickly as possible and we hit the roads. My mom thought we were crazy but I didn’t care as long as I was able to get a few snowy shots. With very few cars on the road, everything looked so peaceful.

IMG_0493 RS
I thought it was rather poetic to have such a beautiful snowfall on Jesus’ birthday.  Just as the snow seems to cleanse the the earth, Jesus was born to wash away our sins…it’s pretty incredible.

IMG_0499 RS
Even the busiest roads looked so pretty covered in snow.
IMG_0474 RS
So while I typically don’t enjoy the snow…this time, it was pretty sweet.
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Have a wonderful Tuesday!

    at least you make it look pretty! Living in Minnesota – I have to work really (really) hard to see the snow as pretty!

    so pretty! i have not ventured out in it and i probably wont until it’s gone!

    Those are all so beautiful Ashley. I am always struck with wanting to stay warm and cozy in the house and wanting to go out and shoot in the freezing air. The photos are always worth it though don’t you think. It is a nice peaceful wonderland. Very pretty.

    are wonderful!!!! lovely winter… :)

    Breathtaking… absolutely stunning

    We had the same thing in Iowa! It was white everywhere. But a very pretty white. Get got it again this morning too!

    Those are gorgeous snow pictures and I love that scripture!!!

    Oh so pretty!

    I was kinda bummed that we didn’t get all the snow we were expected to. I am glad you got to enjoy it!!

    Those are so pretty! I have family in Highpoint and they were telling us all about the snow. Enjoy it :)

    wow seems like everyone is wolloped in snow. Great shots.

    Snow is beautiful and I love the peace that follows it. Your last shot is my favorite!

    These are all so beautiful! Good luck on you wedding shoot!

    Very pretty!

    Beautiful!!! I love that your husband appreciates your love of photography, and is willing to go the extra mile for you to get these great shots! When I have asked my husband to stop the car for a photo, and he looks at me like I am nuts! Thanks for sharing!

    I love the second last photo with those lovely houses.
    Good luck with wedding shooting, I hope you show some picks for us too:)

    I am completely over snow here in England but you have made it look so beautiful in these shots. I love that row of houses, it is everything I imagined American houses to be! I imagine they all have that flag post box too!

    That looks pretty insane!
    The closest we’ve come to snow here in South Florida is frost on the golf course where the homes throw a shade on the grass.

    Beautiful!!!!! I never get any peaceful shots like that b/c our roads are always covered in traffic! I must get out into the country next time we have a huge fall maybe!

    It was nice and you do make it look beautiful. Living in the midwest most of my life I am so over snow and looking forward to Saturday when it is supposed to get to 60 again. Now that is winter!

    Love the last shot the best, that old barn is beautiful in the snow. Luckily here in GA all we got was some cold weather!

    Love these pictures! I am so jealous, I grew up in Fayetteville and I am going back to visit my grandma on Sat, and I am sure it will be all gone :(
    We got snow but it didn’t stick, we don’t ever get snow living on the coast.

    Wow! Gorgeous photos!
    Found you on the happiness project.

    absolutely gorgeous!

    So pretty! Love your snow shots!

    Gorgeous! It’s been looking like that over here too and I love it!

    I just LOVE the row of houses photo – looks like you used some overlays?

    Wonderful Pictures

    Gorgeous photos. I love the last one!

    Those are absolutely beautiful!! I’m a bit jealous, as we haven’t had any significant snowfall yet. And love your S&S photo and verse – Incredibly indeed!

    Love your “scripture & snapshot.” Definitely a deeper-meaningful scene on Christmas with the snow – we enjoyed it here, as well (not too far from you) :)

    You’re not lying one single bit, girl, these pics are absolutely beautiful!!! And thank you so much for thinking of Barn Charm, too!
    Snow isn’t something you think of in North Carolina, but WoW!, it’s beautiful!

    PS Good luck w/ the wedding! =)

    Really good shots, completely worth the trip into the cold!

    Gorgeous shots Ashley!! I love all those houses lined up, they sorta remind me of San Fran. And how very cool that your hubby called you and told you to get ready and then took you out shooting.

    The snow is very pretty. I’d heard on the news that the South had gotten snow for Christmas this year. :)

    amazing pictures!

    I love when the snow is new and it’s decorating the trees. So pretty! I hope that snow melts off the roads before my daughter heads back to Elon on Monday though! :-)

    We’ve been watching the weather on the east coast… how fabulous to have snow for Christmas!!! Though I’m sure you’re not as enthusiastic as we are here in TX :) Such beautiful picutres – I do love a snow scene!

    My winter wonderland entry for next week’s memories, dreams and reflections is going to be very interpretive as we’ve never been anywhere close to a winter wonderland :( Maybe next Christmas I need to make a trip home to Canada and introduce my daughter to snow :) lol

    We rarely get snow, Seattle is only good for rain! :) So I’m jealous of all your snow. Your pictures make it look so peaceful and they are just beautiful!!

    BEAUTIFUL! I love all the snow shots.

    Gorgeous snow captures…although, it must be said that I’m SO over snow ;D And, yes, I’m aware I’m living in the wrong country to be hating snow and winter…sigh.

    Wow, you really did get a winter wonderland. Beautiful snow photos, and yes – very peaceful looking.

    What a wonderful Christmas present! I love all of your images, and the scripture from Isaiah is so perfect. Thank you for sharing!

    The snow pictures are gorgeous!

    Amazing shots! I would love to visit there with my children.

    Oh, Ashley I love your snow pictures. They are all really beautiful. I was too lazy and missed any good shots on Sunday. By the time I got home Monday the wind had blown all the snow out of the trees.

    Even though I hate the cold – for these photos I wish Texas got snow!! Gorgeous!

    definitely a winter wonderland. Gorgeous!

    Beautiful! Love the 2nd shot the most…gorgeous. I think you got more snow than us!

    These are just gorgeous. I think my favorite it the last one – it gives me such a cozy, homey feeling. Maybe some of these will end up as Etsy prints?

    Looks beautiful! The snow can make for some great pictures. Love the houses one and the road with trees on the side!

    Oh that’s such a beautiful winter wonderland – I especially like the row of houses and that barn scene.

    How cool that he wanted to “hit the roads” with you and your camera.

    Great photos. I love looking at them.


    Ashley these are BEAUTIFUL shots!

    I love the verse you added too :-) AMEN!!!

    Happy New Year!

    Oh I LOVE snowy days… as long as I get to stay home and enjoy them… without driving worries!! =) it is a very blissful peaceful time!! Fabulous photographs!! 2 years ago we were blessed with a huge snow fall before Christmas… I agree… peaceful to have a White Christmas!! We are hoping for snow this week… right before New Years! =)

    ps love your dunce cap!! he he!

    beautiful snowy shots.

    Beautiful shots Ashley!!

    love the barn shot! We had plenty of snow in WNC too. Still can’t get out of our driveway.

    Beautiful and very serene! Snow makes everything so QUIET. Lovely shots!

    Let me be the 60th person to add my compliments on your beautiful snow shots!

    Gorgeous pics. I am glad you all got the snow and not us. We were lucky this time, just got a dusting. I love the last shot.

    SO gorgeous Ashley! Although I complain about cold…the snow is so beautiful and you captured it perfectly!

    How fun! I love snow. The funny thing is that we haven’t gotten much…which is unusual…hmm. :) Oh well, it has been rather nice not having to be out shoveling every two hours or some such thing.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention: this still is Laurie from High on the Rock Photography! I don’t remember if I commented here or not, but I’m moving to Blogger. Got a little fed up w/ the problems on HomeschoolBlogger…:D But Blogspot is a lot of fun. I’m enjoying using the followers function. :)

    Good luck w/ your reception!

    Stunning! Need I say more?

    I’m so glad we don’t have that much snow but you did make it look beautiful!

    Wow you really captured the beauty and peacefulness! xo

    Sigh, freshly fallen snow is so pretty! I especially love how it coats the branches. I’m glad you were able to get such gorgeous snowy shots to share.

    Love this. it reminds me of kentucky over the holidays and weekend! great shots as always!

    How beautiful! I’m jealous – we got less than an inch. Not really even enough to be pretty. These are some gorgeous shots!!

    I don’t usually like the snow either, but those pictures actually made me like it for a few minutes. :O)

    We were on the same wavelength this week. Isn’t snow magical?

    I’m with you – snow isn’t my favorite, but I decided to like it just to get some pics! And how cool that your husband wanted to take you out to get some shots! Mine drove me around a couple of years ago after we got a whopping 19inches overnight! The town was practically shut down, so we had fun digging ourselves out and driving around where the roads were somewhat cleared!

    I love the verse you picked to go with your Scripture and a Snapshot submission! I kept wanting to use that myself, but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet!

    Gorgeous!! I love fresh snow for Christmas! And love that verse!

    I love the last photo! Such beautiful, crisp color!

    Ash, you asked if I used any particular processing on my snow shots and yes i did! I had more than one ask so Ill just try and find the links to the places I found the actions and share it on my blog :D Im the same I like inside but also I love to play! My husband has a UTV that is so fun to do donuts in and just slip slide around in when it ices or snows :D we’re big kids with crazy spirits! :) But I LOVE your shots! :D

    I’m not a snow fan either….but for the sake of a good shot, I ran out and got a few photos. I love your last one!

    Lovely shots. That was a lot of snow for your area. we got more but then it is the NC Mts! Nice to meet ya.

    Oh, Ashley, these are so pretty!! I love the very slight hints of color in some of the snow shots.

    Wow, these are just amazing; your editing is flawless!

    Truly beautiful winter shots!

    Great pictures! And we are neighbors (as in Durham!)….where was that last shot taken, are the houses in Brier Creek? The snow was so pretty!

    Breathtaking! LOVE the capture of the houses. Wow.

    These are beautiful. I really, really like those last 2!

    Love your snow pictures, so glad you had a white Christmas.

    hey I got the edit from paint the moon photography fan page its in the tab at the top under exclusive. its a free action, two of them actually. I used it and adjusted layered and opacity a lot. then i ran a b/w action over it then a butterscotch action over it to get three different edits with the same photo!

    These shots are amazing. And I love the edits on all of them particularly the last image. Wow!

    Love these! The last one is my fav!

    P.S.- We are supposed to get snow tomorrow. My kids can’t wait!

    OH. MY. FLIPPIN’. GOODNESS. Those pictures are absolutely incredible!! The second photo literally took my breath away! I would stare at that for days!!! I’ve never EVER seen snow like that (sheltered south Texan am I) and I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be in something like that in person. Merry Christmas! You are amazing!!

    These are so pretty, they look fake! XOXO

    love the house shot! I like that they are all the same but different! ha ha love it!

    Oh my goodness, so beautiful! I’m jealous of the snow, its stinking hot here, lol.
    Good luck with the wedding reception! I have 2 weddings coming up in the new year so I’ll be hanging out for some tips!!

    Oh, my goodness! Be still my heart. That landscape is just simply beautiful. Well done, as usual! :)

    Those are some awesome shots. I lived it as well. It was my first winter here. So it was such a beautiful sight. You’re shots are amazing.

    There is no fitting comment for the awesomeness of this post! You got more snow than Mom in Spruce Pine, and my Sis in W. Jefferson!


    Awesome hubby! Great shots!!

    I’m commenter #96???!!!! What the??! Yep, it’s settled. Totally jealous of your snow pics. GORGEOUS!

    2nd to last photo…seriously incredible =]

    So amazing! I wish it snowed here.

    yep, trolling by your snowy shots again. Can you tell I love them? I’m waaaaaiting for snow!