BLOGversation: Where do you blog?
Fat Mum Slim started a “BLOGversation” yesterday, asking a very important question…”Where do you blog?” I thought it might be fun to join in and share my blogging  “spot.” So, I left work, went to the gym, came home and hit the shower. After my shower, I walked downstairs to prepare dinner. I turned on the TV and there was Mr. Flick…sitting in MY SPOT! Clearly, he’s been feeling a bit neglected.
Blogging Flick 1 RS
So…Mr. Flick is indeed sitting in my blogging spot. In the words of Sheldon Cooper…“That is my spot, in an every changing world, it is a single point of consistency. If my life were expressed as a function on a four dimensional Cartesian coordinate system, that spot, from the moment I first sat on it, would be 0-0-0-0.”  Yeah, I am a serious “wackadoodle,” but I love my spot. I have plenty of room to stretch my legs and I can watch TV as I blog. Kitty Paw likes it too…she usually sits on top of the sofa cushions.
Blogging Flick 2 RS
Speaking of Mr. Flick, it’s probably time that he moves on to his next home. I will likely set up some sort of Flick Sponsorship Program (or something of that nature…a giveaway just doesn’t sound right) in the next week. If you’re interested in hosting Mr. Flick at your home, stay tuned!
Blogging Flick 3 RS
Until then, Happy Wednesday! Be sure to come back tomorrow for Shoot and Edit: Part 2.


    I have my spot too and I don’t like when people are in my spot. I do believe a lot of people don’t even know it’s my spot. I love Mr Flick, he looks comfy in your spot.

    Ha! I love little Flick. He is so dang cute! I needed this, Ash. What fun pictures!

    I love how creative your blog post is. I’ll be watching for your flick sponsorship as my kids would love to introduce him to horses and such.

    It reminds me of flat Stanley in a way and my kids loved having their pictures taken with him in various aspects of their lives.

    I might have to steal this one (if you don’t mind)

    What a cute post! I love the idea of documenting your “blogging spot”! :) :)

    Love your blogging spot and Mr. Flick would have a happy home with us! Just sayin’!

    ♥ You!

    That is the coolest toy ever because I thought it was an edit that you brought a cartoon into your picture! Awesome! I have a spot too. The left side cushion of our couch as my hubby usually takes up the other two. I always blog here! Didn’t realize I had a spot..but, clearly after reading your post, I do! haha

    Great shots.. Love where you blog! and Mr. Flick would be welcome in Texas..Can’t wait to see what sponsorship will be like….

    My spot has a big ol’ butt indent in the cushion. Probably not a good idea!

    Flick is too cute. I usually blog where I can. Normally on my comfy couch. Nice pictures :)

    Too funny Ashley! My blogging spot is in the kitchen. We have a built in desk. It’s perfect…I have a birds eye view of the kids while I’m clicking away…..

    Happy Wednesday!


    Great photos. I saw this yesterday on chat. You make yours look so good. ha ha! I may try and take some today. You know I would LOVE flick!!

    love your blogging spot, I have a desk I sit at and can look out of the window.

    I usually blog in the living roomon the comfy red leather couch. Once in a while, in the sunroom…you know, the small part of the year we get sun up north. Mr Flick is welcome to visit!

    I love those pics! I usually blog at the kitchen counter…strange maybe but it’s sunny there. I pull up my stool and go!

    ah! i LOVE big bang theory! =D and flick too .. he would have fun with me! :)

    This is innovative. And Mr. Flick is cute.. :)

    Awesome shots of your spot!!! I don’t have a definite spot…..couch in the tv room, sometimes I push 2 of my favorite chairs together in the living room and sometimes the kitchen table….or my “work” desk, which I’m sitting at right now…..

    He’s so busy but he’s more than willing to take up residence at my house for awhile…although he may be running from the cats AND the baby!

    Ha! That is the cutest post!

    I blog at our island in the kitchen while making dinner and juggling my little boys!

    Good old Mr. Flick. I think it would be fun to have him stay for a bit.

    My spot is first the kitchen table, then I move to my couch as well. There I too can stretch my legs, watch tv, and Rubbie jumps up and then down to lay on the side of me. Emma sits on the chair across the way.

    So he’s the one whose been posting the amazing photos lately… :)

    I’d be more than happy to host Mr. Flick as long as he teaches me how to take photos like you do! :)

    I blog in the same spot…on the couch in the living room at night once little man is in bed. Great photos!

    Love that Flick! Great shots :)

    You are so fun! :-) Can’t get enough of Mr. Flick!

    My spot in on my green couch with Bentley…I love this whole post, made me laugh!

    Oh my spot is so boring, just my desk in our office.

    I love your Flick photos! they are always so fun!!!

    Mr. Flick was just keeping your bloggy spot warm for you! :)

    That made me smile- great post!

    I always blog in my office. Since it is also where I work- it’s my own place for just me. No one else has any reason to be in there- I love having a place all to myself where I can express my feelings & photos on my blog.

    Hahahaha!! That Mr. Flick is something else :) I blog on my dining room table!

    On my sofa just like you Ashley so that I can watch the tv – keep an eye on who is making a mess in the kitchen and be able to watch the birds in the garden all at the same time LOL

    How cute is Mr. Flick! Great mini-story here!

    I hate when someone steals my spot!

    I love your post with Mr. Flick! A great idea, passing him along!

    Loved getting to see you blogging spot. I actually have two. They are basically the same, but just a different couch.

    I wish I had a cozier spot, but usually in my office. Your pics are cute.

    too cute!!!

    Sheldon kills me. :D

    Your spot looks very comfy… mine is a (cluttered) desk.

    I heart Flick.

    Oh yay! Mr Flick is in bloggy land too! LOL Wherever I spend blogging I sure spend a lot of time doing it. But I love it. I only WISH I had a laptop though! Maybe someday ;)

    Fun post! I typically blog from my scrapbook room. That is where my laptop usually resides. Occasionally I will move it to a tv table in the living room. Like when the Steelers are in the playoffs and I need to watch them (Sunday!!!). My laptop is not lap friendly … it gets way too hot. So I’m not sure why it is called a laptop. :)

    I’m buying a new laptop so I can multi-task and blog and watch TV at the same time. Hopefully, soon. :O)

    My dog likes to sit on top of the sofa cushions, too.

    I blog on the arm of my couch or large comfy recliner.

    These shots just made me giggle…so CUTE!!! VERY creative :)

    I have a spot too…..just wish it had a door (and a lock).

    I love your blogging spot (totally understand why Mr. Flick took it up.. ;-) ).

    HAHAHA, you are TOO funny! Love it

    I am so happy that I found your blog. Your photography is great. I love little Flick, he is very cute. I just wanted to tell you that I am very excited to participate in your Sunday Scavenger Hunt!


    I think there are lots of Sheldon’s in the world – at least when it comes to our spots! I have my spot on the couch, too, and Ellee is usually in it when I get home.

    I’m enjoying your new shoot and edit meme. I’ve not yet had time to participate, but I’m certainly enjoying the tutorials!

    Love this! And yes…I do have a blogging spot! I can see the TV. I can talk to my husband and kids…It’s pretty much right in the middle of everything. It’s my spot and I love it!

    Cool spot! Mr. Flick looks content :)

    one of my favs

    Oh great pictures!! and liking the thought of hosting Mr Flick for a while. I have several spots one much like yours with a shih tzu on the cushion. :0)

    How cute… love the pictures of Mr. Flick! I have a couple different blogging spots…. my office, a big oversized leather chair in front of the fireplace, or my comfy chaise lounge in my bedroom….which is where I am now:)



    Oh yeah, Senor Flick is going to get a run for his money if he makes it to the Bonnie household. HEE! ;-) Found a train in the princess potty today…just sayin.’

    Can’t WAIT for tomorrow…your tutorial and all. TTYL ♥

    Oh! Just saw your new comment comment. Looks great! I changed mine again today too.

    A blogging spot. At the table right next to my couch…where Princess P sits/sleeps atop the cusions.
    Cute pix of Mr. Flick. Tell him to move off your spot.

    You are like the most creative girl ever in the world : ) Seriously.

    It’s funny you bring up Sheldon because I think Mr. Flick actually resembles him quite a bit!

    P.S. Did you see his Golden Globe acceptance speech the other night? Fabulous.

    So cute :) Love what Mr Flick has been up to.

    He should come visit upstate NY :) We’d love to sponsor a bug :)

    Fun post! I used to have a great spot but now I’m at the kitchen counter standing and running after little miss!

    thats so funny, cute.

    LOVE Big Bang! Best sitcom ever. Phinneas always calms down when I put in the dvds…probably b/c we watched the entire 2nd season while in labor. Cheers my fellow Big Bang Fan!! :D

    Love it! I blog at work 99% of the time. The other 1%, at home on my sofa!

    Cute shots! I blog at a small desk in our sitting room where I can overlook the whole upper level of our house and keep an eye on my girls.

    Erika B

    I really love the way you add a inanimate object into you photos and they all look so real.
    I wish I had a MR. Flick to shoot, I mean photography

    Aww, poor Flick, feeling neglected!! ;) Are you thinking of doing a “Mr. Flick’s Travels” type of thing, like Flat Stanley? I’d love to have him in my home for a couple weeks.

    I love BBT! Jon and I have the first 3 seasons on dvd and we are always watching our fave episodes, over and over!

    I love that you included Mr. Flick in the photos! :)