Caroline turns ONE!
Last weekend, I met up with one of my favorite families (well favorite families to photograph) to celebrate Caroline’s 1st Birthday. You may remember Caroline from a session I did last fall (click HERE) – it was during that session that Miss Caroline started crawling. 
IMG_1661 blog
To be completely honest, Caroline wasn’t feeling her absolute best last Saturday…but you would never know by these pictures. My mom made her this adorable party hat. She was not a fan. So, while she looks as if she’s laughing…she’s actually trying to pull it off.
IMG_1674 bw blog
Can we talk about these eyes…those eyelashes…that face? I know that all babies are beautiful, but this child is one of the most beautiful children I’ve ever held. And I love those catch lights! Unfortunately, we were inside on an overcast morning; so, I used my speedlite. If you know how to use your external flash, it can create wonderful catch lights. It also helped that we were close to a window.
IMG_1678 blog
I’ve gotta say…I really love photographing children. I don’t always know what I’m doing while I’m doing it, but as I look back through these images…they just make me happy.
IMG_1721 bw blog
We finished up our session with a cake smash. I’ll be sure to share more pictures of that on Tuesday. I’ve only experienced a couple of cake smashes. Our nephew wanted nothing to do with his cake during his 1st birthday party, but Miss Caroline dove in with both hands. I don’t know what was better…Caroline with cake all over her face or her mother trying to clean it up.  Either way, I love the expression on her face and the reflection in her eyes!

I’m also doing a late link-up with You Capture: Happy.
With that said, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We’ll be celebrating my grandmother’s 83rd birthday tonight.