January 12, 2011
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I “Heart” Cookies
Last night, I noticed that the theme for this week’s Simplicity Photo Challenge was food. I wasn’t quite sure what I’d do (or if I’d do anything at all) but I figured that if the opportunity presented itself, I would certainly find something worth shooting.  Besides, I made it into Faith’s TOP 5 this week, so if you want to vote for me…that’d be cool.

So…this morning, as I waltzed into the office (I actually just walked…at a slow pace, because well…I was tired), I noticed that there were CUPCAKES sitting on the kitchen counter. I might have a weakness…I’m just say’n. I avoided the cupcakes as I got my morning coffee, but went back to grab one later for photography purposes. I even went and got a clean white sheet of paper as a backdrop. 

Yeah – I never photographed the cupcake. I didn’t eat it either. For those of you that now think I am guilty of a crime for NOT eating the cupcake, I’m guilty…so there! However, my friend and assistant, Mary brought me two of my favorite type of cookies – I tell ya what, that woman knows me better than I know myself! I was getting hungry anyways, so I started to nibble on the edges (four edges to be exact). When I looked away from my screen and over to my cookie, I noticed that I was left with a heart. It was at that moment that I no longer needed the delicious looking cupcake…I had my “something worth shooting.”
Heart Shaped Cookie RS
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So, the reality behind the above photo is that I didn’t originally plan to take the photo…so I didn’t put much effort into my set up. However, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to complete Captivus Living’s Photoshop Challenge using my selection tool. I simply selected the desk portion of my photo, filled it with white paint (after using the eye dropper to get the right shade of white), and I then used a combination of my clone tool and healing tool to clean up the edges. I then used the selection tool again to select everything but the cookie itself and created a new layer. On that layer, I changed the blending mode to “screen” to hide any spots of the photo that may not have healed perfectly and then played around with  my adjustment layers until I was satisfied. Here’s the original image:
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And be sure you come back tomorrow for Part 2 of Shoot and Edit!

PS: Did you notice my new blog design?