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I "Heart" Cookies - Ramblings and Photos

January 12, 2011
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I “Heart” Cookies
Last night, I noticed that the theme for this week’s Simplicity Photo Challenge was food. I wasn’t quite sure what I’d do (or if I’d do anything at all) but I figured that if the opportunity presented itself, I would certainly find something worth shooting.  Besides, I made it into Faith’s TOP 5 this week, so if you want to vote for me…that’d be cool.

So…this morning, as I waltzed into the office (I actually just walked…at a slow pace, because well…I was tired), I noticed that there were CUPCAKES sitting on the kitchen counter. I might have a weakness…I’m just say’n. I avoided the cupcakes as I got my morning coffee, but went back to grab one later for photography purposes. I even went and got a clean white sheet of paper as a backdrop. 

Yeah – I never photographed the cupcake. I didn’t eat it either. For those of you that now think I am guilty of a crime for NOT eating the cupcake, I’m guilty…so there! However, my friend and assistant, Mary brought me two of my favorite type of cookies – I tell ya what, that woman knows me better than I know myself! I was getting hungry anyways, so I started to nibble on the edges (four edges to be exact). When I looked away from my screen and over to my cookie, I noticed that I was left with a heart. It was at that moment that I no longer needed the delicious looking cupcake…I had my “something worth shooting.”
Heart Shaped Cookie RS
For more “food” photos, go to: 

So, the reality behind the above photo is that I didn’t originally plan to take the photo…so I didn’t put much effort into my set up. However, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to complete Captivus Living’s Photoshop Challenge using my selection tool. I simply selected the desk portion of my photo, filled it with white paint (after using the eye dropper to get the right shade of white), and I then used a combination of my clone tool and healing tool to clean up the edges. I then used the selection tool again to select everything but the cookie itself and created a new layer. On that layer, I changed the blending mode to “screen” to hide any spots of the photo that may not have healed perfectly and then played around with  my adjustment layers until I was satisfied. Here’s the original image:
For more photos using the selection tool, go to:

And be sure you come back tomorrow for Part 2 of Shoot and Edit!

PS: Did you notice my new blog design?

    LOVE you new blog design! :)

    and your cookie!

    Love the photos and the new blog design!

    First thing I noticed, the new look! LOVE IT! That cookies is beautiful (lol). Love what you did with the photo. So pretty, as usual. You can make anything look fantastic! xo

    Wow! That edit is so simple and so cool. I would have never thought of that! Awesome shot!

    Awesome edit, and I just love your new blog design, makes me want to redo mine.

    Wow. Never cease to amaze me lady! When you mentioned you had the clean sheet of white paper i thought that was exactly what the cookie was on ;) nice work with the selection tool!

    wow, i really like what you did. i really need to get out the photoshop handbook and figure out how to do all of the stuff that you do.

    Wow, what a great edit on the cookie! I love how it turned out! You never would have guessed the original was so busy.

    YOU ARE SO INSPIRING! Love the new design…love. And the cookie…thank you for telling us how you do these amazing transformations! Still way over my head, but maybe one day! :)

    I love how pretty you can make a little cookie!! Great edit! AND I love your new banner!

    This is awesome! And yes, I did notice the new look…I love it!

    Love your new look :)To be honest I’m not a huge fan of the crome-looking letters but I LOVE the photos in your header!

    I am so glad you found something your liked to link up for my photography challenge… I knew you would! What a fantastic edit. You know how I love a great cloned out background.

    Love what you’ve done with the blog, looks great!

    LOVE the new blog design and header, Ashley!
    That cookie looks reeeeeeeeally good.

    The cookie looks lovely! And love the makeover!

    That cookie looks beautiful! Love this pic! ♥

    Camila F.

    Yummy cookie! Nice work, Ashley! I love the new header, by the way. When I read, “featuring Kitty Paw”, I smiled.

    YUM, Great edit..I gotta work on my handiness with the selection tool for sure. And I love the new look of your blog!

    this looks great and Now I am hungry haha. I love the new blog look very chic and love the new header the photos are great.

    Great edit! Looks great!! I love your new design.

    Such an awesome new design…..I tried it myself the other night but didn’t have enough time! Beautiful edit!!!! I can’t believe the before shot!!!!!

    I love the new look of the blog! So much better than we were coming up with the other day! Hah =]

    That cookie looks yummy! nice job on that edit!

    Wow! The edit is really nice. :D

    Pretty new blog design! What kind of cookie is that? It looks scrumptious.

    The things you can do with PS amaze me.

    The picture is great and the cookie looks delish! don’t you just love when a picture comes together-unplanned!


    Love that you put your awesome photo in the header!!!

    Hugs and can’t wait to see your edit tutorial tomorrow and everyones photos!


    PS Your shots are making me hungry for a cookie!!!!

    Girl, your blog looks awesome and so does that edit! :)

    looks delicious! You did a great job on the edit. Love your new header :)

    I love that you put your picture back in the banner and I love kitty paw’s cute little nose.

    Thanks for the steps on how you edited the cookie. It really helps me visualize what I need to do to make a few photos I have look great.

    I love the idea of a simple piece of white paper being your back drop.

    Glad you enjoyed your cookie!

    Divine photographs!
    Beautifully captured.

    I love this! It’s really cool how you were able to create a whole new background… I may have to try that sometime. Anyway, I love the new header – Kitty Paw’s nose is too cute!

    Loving the new look of the blog and your photoshop skills are pretty amazing–great photo!

    Very neat! I like your new blog design as well. :-)

    Love that picture! I also love the new look! The header is wonderful! So pretty! :)

    I’m a big fan of minimalist looking blogs. Love the new design and great choice of pics for your header. I missed that photo of you.

    Love the new header! Great shot – as usual. ;)

    I like the new look of your blog. And great edit!

    Love the cookie!!! I also love the new blog design…

    I’m always amazed at how many comments you get, and then I think, I hope she knows she doesn’t have to respond to me…so know that I’ll probably comment when I love your work, but you don’t have to thank me…I can’t imagine how you have time.

    Anyway, your picture is amazing, as usual. I’m hoping to get the hang of it. I started Kim’s minicourse and am really enjoying it. Although it’s a lot of guess work getting a picture how you like it….and I tried droplets…i sucked. XOXO

    Love this photo! And your new blog design is very clean….like it!

    Love the before and after on this! Great shot:)

    VERY impressive…that must have taken forEVER trying to get those crumbs….. GREAT job!!!!

    Love the cookie, I’m sure i shouldn’t be looking at food so early in the morning (I’ve just been browsing the pioneer woman contest too)

    I love the greenish shadow in the second one and the slight pink shade in the first.. Small details. I love your photoshopping. :)

    great shots. I love your new header, how do you get those four photographs lined up in a row??

    LOVE the cookie!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your edit! You’re so amazing :-)

    Oh yeah, AWESOME HEADER!!!!! I just LOVE your fonts :-)

    Your new blogdesign is lovely!!! Love your cookie as well looks delicious!

    :) Johanna

    That is so cute cookie…why we don’t have that cute cookies:)
    Anyway lovely photo and edit.

    Gorgeous edit Ashley. Love the new header!

    Love hearts! You are way better with the editing than I am. lol Lovely!!

    This looks amazing! So many of your posts inspire me to work on my processing skills, and this is one of them!

    I always marvel at your Photoshop skills! Great job! :)

    you are truly brilliant & making me want a cookie now! FAB processing & great use of the selection tool!