January 06, 2011
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John + Karen…Get Married!
I met Karen sometime last year (during another friend’s bachelorette party I think) and it was as if I’d met a long lost friend. We immediately hit it off and each time we bumped into each other, we picked up where we left off.  You can imagine how escatic I was when she contacted me a few months ago with a big announcement…she and John were getting married!

On the evening of December 24th, Karen and John got married in Key West Florida in a small ceremony on the beach. When they came back, they were ready to celebrate with all of their family and friends.
IMG_0571 RS
Don’t you love the invitations that John designed? They had this same design tattooed on the inside of their arm. 

The Shades of Pink
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IMG_0575 RS
I told Karen that I was testing the light with this shot. Truth be told, I thought she looked so pretty that a “getting ready” shot needed to be captured. Throughout the night, we joked that she should wear her hair like that everyday. Doesn’t she look like an actress off of Mad Men?
IMG_0579 RS
While Karen and John finished getting ready, I noticed that their dog waited patiently outside. Bless her heart.
IMG_0615 copy RS
Once everyone was ready, we took a quick family portrait. I kind of like the contrast of our newlyweds in the kitchen with their fur babies.
IMG_0641 copy bw-RS
From that point, my husband became our driver for the night and drove us around downtown Raleigh. We were hoping to get a shot in front of the fountain, but the city had it turned off (boooo). So, we decided to run into the road real quick for the above shot.
IMG_0664 copy RS
We then visited a friend who just happened to have a room with a view. As luck would have it (and I’m convinced that he planned it this way), we made it up to his condo right at sunset. If you’ve been looking for a great tutorial on shooting sunsets, CLICK HERE (don’t be surprised if you want to follow her work too…she’s incredible).
IMG_0933 copy RS
Finally, before heading over to the reception, we stopped at the twinkling wall. No posing necessary…this couple is completely in love. 

So that’s your first sneak peak. I want to thank Karen and John again for allowing me to be a part of your day. You guys looked absolutely amazing and I have many more photographs from your day to edit. I may or may not share those on my blog…we’ll see. Happy Thursday!

    love love LOVE all the pictures – what a cute couple!

    Beautiful couple and pictures!!!

    Gorgeous captures of a lovely couple! Love her red shoes! And how DO women get their hair so perfect like that??

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! I would be extremely nervous to do a wedding session [never done one!]. You did SUCH A GOOD JOB!

    Fabulous shots. I love everything about her look. Hair. Make up. Dress. Red shoes. Stole. Besides the fact that she is gorgeous. Seriously. Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings to the couple. SusanD

    Ashley beautiful job!

    Love them :-)

    Hugs and love,
    PS drip drop tutorial is up! ;-)

    These are gorgeous!

    These look great, and Karen looked gorgeous, as always! She is a great gal, and you did a great job with the photos!

    What a lovely couple! Your images are gorgeous!

    What a lovely couple! Your images are gorgeous!

    Fantasic Shots! I would love to come shoot with you one day… just a quiet photo walk. :)

    These are gorgeous photos! I love the shot in the street, but how did you manage to not get run over? :)

    You did an amazing job! Love those shots and her red shoes too!

    Love the street shot, and also how her red shows are so prominent in that last shot.

    “shoes” not shows… ugh.

    gorgeous photos. gorgeous bride. I’m in love with her hair, short skirt, and red heels!
    I am so jealous of her wedding photos, one of these days I am going to redo my hair and dress and make my hubby run around with a photographer I like so we can get some awesome shots of us.

    Really nice pictures you captured for them, and yes she does have a MadMen look which suits her.

    Ashley, these are wonderful! You’re quite a wedding photographer! Great job!

    Love, love, love, AMAZING! That one is the street is so classy.

    WOW gorgeous shoes – where can I get a pair???? Amazing photos, beautiful girl, best photo shoot I’ve ever seen of a wedding couple and I normally don’t get jazzed about weddings!

    Those are amazing photos! Love them all and they are such an adorable couple!! LOVE IT!!!

    like I said already – I love them!! I knew you would rock this

    BEautiful and well done. That bride”s dress and shoes aer to die for.. WEll done Ashley!

    awww i love the photos. the couple looks so happy =)

    beautiful! i love those invites. oh, and her dress…i want!

    Ashley!! They are all stunning pictures!!! I have been wanting to take part in memories and reflections!! Not done with going through my archives yet!!!

    These are all Fantastic! I absolutely Love the downtown pic.

    So wonderful shots and such a beautiful couple. I love how happy they look!

    What a fun wedding! And the photos are amazing :D

    Amazing photos!!! I wish I had had you as MY wedding photographer!

    Gorgeous photos. You know I love the sunset one. Can’t wait to see more, if you share them. :D

    umm by the way you have 1001 followers. yippeee!

    Love love! Especially the street shots. And those shoes just LIVE in that last pic. Beautiful!

    Love the City Street shot!<3

    These are gorgeous! I love how you took pics of them with thier doggies! And, I love the last 3 shots. Awesome job!

    Lovely, lovely pictures!!! I love the street shot and the last one, I love the color pop of her red shoes (whic btw did you ask her where she got them from I need a pair!). If I was getting married again I would ask you to be my photographer!!

    WOW! Ashely, these are amazing!! What a beautiful couple. You did an outstanding job!

    I lov etheir invitation! And they seem like such a fun loving couple! I think you captured the essence of their relationship! Love the last 3 shots of the set! Beautiful!

    these are great shots, I especially love the one of her getting ready and her dog waiting, both such natural shots.

    Oh Ashley, I LOVE them. The street shot knocks my socks off!!

    Beautiful job Ashley! I love the one in the street a lot!

    How lovely!! They are going to love these :) :)

    I love that b&w shot of them in the street! It looks like it belongs on a poster! :)

    OMGoodness I am in love with their invites! How stinkin’ adorable!

    Oh my gosh….fantastic! I love them all, but the one in the middle of the road & in front of the twinkling wall are my favorites! I hope you decide to share more!!!

    OMGosh AMAZING!!! Favs are the street shot and the last one kissing. WOW!

    These are beautiful! I want her shoes.

    You did a fantastic job!
    They are going to love them!
    I’m so proud of you!

    WOW! What a gorgeous couple and great photos! I LOVE the street shot, so creative and fun! The twinkling wall shot is inspired as well; I love how the light in the background creates a frame around the happy couple. I bet they are delighted with your captures, they are just amazing!

    I love shots of brides getting ready and those are usually some of my favorite! The last photo is AWESOME..love it.

    Awesome Ashley especially that sunset portrait. I luvvvvvvvv those red shoes!

    Awesome job! I love that last shot!

    these are beautiful ashley. so fun seeing raleigh highlighted in the shots. i seriously think we all need to do a where I live project.

    Ashley, these are really gorgeous! Karen and John looked beautiful and elegant, and their photos reflected it. My favorite is road shot – it’s so timeless. I love how she’s turning into him, and he’s smiling into the camera like, “Aren’t I the luckiest guy in the world?”

    Beautiful couple, beautiful shots. I love the one in the street!

    Great job! Beautiful. And, I LOVE her shoes.

    Ummmmmm *picking jaw off desk* WHAT??!!! Didn’t you just tell me portraits were not forte, young lady? Well, I’m speechless. And it’s not often I’m speechless.

    The one in the kitchen…brilliant! The street shot – puleeeze! Magazine worthy. And what the heck did you bounce your flash off of in the balcony shot? OK, if you ever say you’re not a people photographer again, then we ARE going to room together in Shady Acres and you will NOT get your own room. That’s your punishment. 24/7 (wait, what does Jeremy say…24 on 7)… of MOI!!! :-)

    Gah, these are GORGEOUS shots Ashley! Love the bw pic of them in the street, the perspective and composition are perfection. Also, the bathroom candid is awesome. Love me some captured moments.

    I love that middle of the road shot. Great instincts to snap that. And I agree, the getting ready shot is wonderful.

    OH DEAR! Those are all so Amazing. What a fun couple… I LOVE her red shoes.

    Ashley, these are so beautiful I can’t stop looking at them. Poor Lucy so wanted to come in to greet you and then she couldn’t figure out what we were doing. She doesn’t usually look that distressed. All the comments are so sweet; thank you. The shoes are Steve Madden-www.endless.com.

    Oh I LOVE that photo in the street!! Amazing!!

    OMGoodness! How cute are they…and her with those super-toned arms, and the tattoos. LOVE it.

    LOVE your captures, too, Ash. The photos seem just-their-style! I know they are pleased.

    Beautiful work. The bride is stunning and she does look like she walked right off the Mad Men set, which I’m obsessed with! Happy New Year, Ashley and Jeremy!

    you did such a fantastic job! I love the sugar skulls!

    That last one is just perfect! These are great!

    I love that shot of the couple in downtown Raleigh.

    These shots are amazing, and they are a cute couple!

    You did a great job! I love the last night shot.

    Beautiful photos. I love the family photo with their pets, too cute. Congrats to the newlyweds!

    I loved the two “street photographs”, specially the first one, in B&W. Really good!

    Holy Gasping Guppies! Those are EXTRAORDINARY!! The one in the street has gotta be my fav..or the one in front of the sunset. Did you use a flash there?? I mean it looks perfect!

    You my dear friend are very talented. I see you having this huge booming photog business in NO TIME ;) Great Job! Im sure she’s ecstatic with them!

    Great job! I really like the last one and the one in the street!

    What gorgeous pictures!! I LOVE them all!!

    Ashley – what a gorgeous couple. You captured them (and the city) so beautifully.

    What amazing photos Ashley! Love the one you got of them in the middle of the street. Also LOVE her shoes!


    I LOVE that road shot!!! What a great looking couple. Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) I will re-post yesterdays shot in B+W soon :-)

    Love that last shot! I got goosebumps!! :)

    Love the road shot – and the “getting ready” shot!!

    You really did a fantastic job, feel free to share more. ;)

    Great shots for them and you to file away in your hearts and albums! Lovely!!

    Well done Ashley!

    You did such an amazing job! These are just beautiful; my favorite is the night shot in front of the amphitheater–gorgeous!

    these are beautiful ashley! i especially love the busy street shot..perfection!

    All great…I LOVE the last one, at the twinkling wall!

    These are beutiful Ashley! All of them… the street shot is awesome and who doesn’t love our “twinkling” wall. :)
    Wow… What a beautiful couple.

    These are really lovely, Ashley! I bet they’re over the moon with the photos. :)

    These are fantastic…I LOVE the street shot. So cool. XOXO

    Hey, when you get a minute, can I get one of your buttons for my site? Where can I grab one?

    Love the street shot!! love her dress!! Fun Love!!

    AMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGG! what great shots! love the one in the street the last one the first one and well all of them!!!!!!! sooooo freaking AWESOME!

    I love the invitations and the picture of them in the street.

    I also think those red shoes are adorable with the white dress.

    These are Gorgeous! Great job Ashley!!!

    Ashely this pictures are awesome!

    Beautiful shots!
    Hmm…just wondering, and sorry if this is an obvious question, but you all don’t live in Raleigh, do you? You were just visiting right?
    It’s funny because I see that building so many times… (the one with the trees)

    Anyways, gorgeous scenery, and awesome shots!


    Very impressive! I especially love the one of them in the street. They must be thrilled with these!

    HI Ashley, incredible photos. I love those ones with the city and the evening. Sooo good. Carla

    Wow – that one in the middle of the street…Hello, awesomeness!!! LOVE it!

    And congrats on getting over 1000 followers!!! How exciting!!

    Gorgeous shots Ashley. I love the one in the street.

    Love them all!!!!

    You did a beautiful job! I love their invitation!

    hey, cool. i’m the 100th commenter on this post! =)

    just found your gorgeous blog through another i was visiting. i have done one wedding shoot, so this caught my eye! you have a great talent. that black and white shot in the street is really really stunning.

    so glad to have discovered your blog… it’s obviously well-loved and read!

    Hey Ashley,
    you are so sweet to link to me :)

    I LOVE these photos. My gosh that bride is gorgeous and her dress is adorable. Love the red shoes. You rocked this wedding and I love the sunset photo!

    Oh I also love the street shot!

    These are great. I love her dress!

    What a beautiful couple! Much happiness to them! The shot in the street is incredible, you did a fantastic job, Ashely!

    Love the 3rd from the bottom!

    Gorgeous, both the couple and the photos!

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! You did a wonderful job!!!