Scavenger Hunt Sunday
Last week, 117 bloggers participated in the first annual Memories, Dreams and Reflections link up party…and the linky is still open until January 15th (for all those people that said they’d be out of town this week or needed a little more time). It has been a real pleasure to look through each of your photo collections from 2010, and I fully plan to bring MDR back again at the end of this year! 

Today, Scavenger Hunt Sunday is BACK and I’m really excited to share my interpretations this week. If your participated in the Scavenger Hunt last year, I hope you’re ready for another year of scavenger hunting. If you’re new Ramblings and Photos or the Scavenger Hunt…WELCOME! Next week’s items are sponsored by The Paper Mama, Paper Heart Camera and Shannie, the ShutterNinja
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
The rules are simple:
  1. Anyone can participate. 
  2. You’re encouraged to take five new photos this week for the challenge. 
  3. If you get stumped, you may use one photo from your archive (although I’m not too strict about it – I do my best to take fresh shots). 
  4. Link up here on Sunday (or Tuesday at the latest) – you can use the button above. 
  5. Have fun!
Without further discussion…here are my interpretations this week:

1. This is Me
This Is Me RS
We attend church on Saturday afternoon…and I am normally ready before my husband. As I waited downstairs on the couch, I realized I hadn’t taken my “this is me” shot. Then, I saw my reflection in the tv so I picked up the camera. I’m sitting in “my spot” (referencing Big Bang Theory) on the couch. This reflection gives you a hint of our kitchen and dining room. This is also where you can find me editing pictures and blogging.

2. Resolutions
Proverbs 16_3 RS
I don’t really make resolutions (I prefer to work towards realistic goals), but I wrote about how I want to live my life in a post just before Christmas: I Want MORE for Christmas. One of my favorite scriptures is Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I’ve kept this verse locked in focus for years and I know that as long as God is in charge, then those plans will succeed.
Photography love...

3. Treasured
Jeremy-Jan RS
I mentioned earlier that I am typically ready before my husband. However, when he walked downstairs, I was pleasantly surprised by how handsome he looked. Not that he isn’t always handsome, but you know how it is when you dress up for work all week long…it’s nice to dress down during the weekend (thus, I usually see him in sweatpants and a t-shirt…same with me). After complimenting him, he asked me to take a picture of him to show Nanny (since we know that my mother-in-law reads my blog almost daily and shares with his grandmother that we call Nanny) how sharp he looked. Nanny gave him this sweater for Christmas.

I really treasure the time that he’s at home.

4. Innocence
IMG_1276 RS
This shot was technically not taken in the past week (it was taken the week before), but I wanted to illustrate the innocence of a child. I was chasing Carter around my mother/father-in-law’s house. Clearly, my focus is a bit off and I had my ISO raised pretty high, but I’m embracing the noise!

5. Primitive
Primitive Art RS
The term “primitive” had me lost. However, I do have one piece of artwork in our living room that I would consider rather primitive (alright, this is totally a stretch). My mom bought it for me when I was still single – I actually have two pieces by the same designer. However, my husband thinks they look ridiculous – we compromised by leaving one piece out. I think it looks cool.

What were your interpretations of the items this week? I can’t wait to check them out. Be sure to load your pictures in your blog (or your Flickr photostream) and link up at the bottom of this post.  Feel free to grab a button to display on your blog along with your scavenger hunt items. The linky will be open until Tuesday night at midnight (EST). If you didn’t participate this week, but want to participate next week, here are your items:
  1. A Different View (next week’s Paper Mama theme)
  2. Looking Up (next week’s Paper Heart Camera theme)
  3. Abstract (Shannie’s Suggestion)
  4. Hair (Shannie’s Suggestion)
  5. Half (Shannie’s Suggestion)
The Paper MamaPhotography love...

Again, thank you Chelsey and Shannie for so many great scavenger hunt items. If you’d like to contribute items to the list, just leave me a comment or send me an email with your suggestions. Each week, I will select one reader’s prompt list, add those items to what is currently on tap (I’m trying to link up with  the Paper Mama and/or Paper Heart Camera, and other photo challenges), and give the selected reader a shout out on my blog during Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Happy Shooting!