January 21, 2011
The Day Planner
Many of you have often wondered how I keep track of everything. It’s simple…I carry a day planner with me everywhere. In fact, I nearly titled this post, “My Lifeline.” Outside of my camera and my computer, my day planner is one of those things I really must have with me…kinda sad huh?
Day Planner RS
As you can tell by the worn edges, I flip through it a lot. On any given date, I have several things listed from themes for that day, to reminders to write something or ideas I don’t want to forget. I also tend to paper clip stuff into the edges and write down exif data for certain shots I want to reproduce. If you don’t have a day planner…I really encourage you to get one. I’m not even a list person and it makes my life sooo much easier.

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    Cool shot!!!


    When I had a desk job I lived by my planner! I need one now but never seem to have it on me when I need it!

    I go no where without my planner!
    2011’s planner is a perfect one with spots to list 6 family members down the left side of each week, which is perfect for me!

    Great shot! I love all the detail on the worn edges!

    Love the used sides of the book. I can’t seem to get the hang of a planer. I have been trying deffernt systems since you told me you use a planer. Haven’t found what works yet.

    I love day planners! So glad *someone* got me one for Christmas! :) (thanks again!!)
    Lovely photo!! The processing is stunning.

    I am hooked on my planner…but only for organizing work things. Do you use the same planner for work and photo stuff? Seems like it would be hard to fit it all in, but carrying two would be a big pain…hmmm…

    A woman after my own heart..I am a franklin planner user myself.. and have adapted it to work for photo projects and for family schedule control. I htink you still accomplish more in a day then I do in a week..

    Great shot. I used to keep a planner and be on top of everything… then I had a baby and I gave up. I barely have time to pee. TMI.

    You just ROCK macro!!

    Great shot!

    Love this shot! It’s so vintage looking, love the worn pages as well. I need one! All I have is a digital one on my phone but there’s nothing like being able to write things down on paper.

    Just love the feel and texture of this. I am addicted to lovely papers and diaries. Lovely shot!

    A great picture to show something as simple as a day planner!

    What a great shot! And it really looks like you use it a lot!!

    Great shot about so ordinary thing like day planner. I like when b people find beauty of every day things. I don’t have planner or plan, I live dangerously even when I go to food store, NO plan:)

    Yes. I too love this one. Esp the worn edges…

    Love the texture in this one!

    Great capture, and I can’t keep track of a thing without mine, either. I thought when I quit working my life would get simpler, but I have so many more appointments!!

    xo Erin

    I need to become more organized…. I just always seem to forget to write in the planner. ;) great shot though-I love the worn look of it.

    LOVE this, love the edges, love everything!

    Great shot! I’m starting to journal some of my photography ideas for my 365. I know I would forget them if I didn’t write them down. Do you keep details of all the steps you take when you post-process your photos in PS for later reference?

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    I have to say, of all of your photos, I think I love your macros the best. You always give such a cool perspective of what would normally be mundane things :)

    I’ve always loved day planners in theory. I mostly love the cool stationary they are on. I’m a pretty paper freak! I can’t take planning down to the minute. I’m not sure why. Because I work, I have to have a calendar in Outlook because people want to book my time (boo) and I can look at it on my BlackBerry, so I guess that’s cool. For myself at home, I have a small calendar for writing down to dos and appointments, but that’s about it!

    In the days when I sat all day behind a desk I used to have what was known as a filofax and I couldn’t do without it.

    Now as I’m on the move all the time I just have a little notebook along with scraps of paper in my pockets. Normally one of those notes is to remind me what items I need for your scavenger hunt.

    I love day planners, and adore your shot, the tattered edges are precious.

    Ummm… if you love your day planner that much, I think you might be a list person in disguise. :) I love mine too! I’m to the point I need to transition to one book – between my journal and idea notebooks and day planner I have ideas scattered everywhere. I need to consolidate.

    Great shot! I love the texture you captured.

    This is a great shot! Love the perspective and processing :)

    Cool shot! I’m on the lookout for the perfect planner…

    I think that is what is missing from my blackberry- the ability to paper clip things to it :) What a beautiful shot of this important way many of us stay organized.

    Great shot, love it.

    Very nice! I got one too and it’s a life saver. I forget really easy lol

    I need to start doing that again im usually very organized. great photo!

    Hate to admit it but I am a total list person! :) I have a day planner and I really need to use it more.

    i live for my planner, i feel so lost without it,cool shot love the old feel.


    WHOA! Very cool macro!

    A very nice macro photo. I love the texture of the pages.

    I love this picture :)

    Very neat photo.

    i REALLY need to get a new planner! i had one for 2010 i would use off and on and haven’t bought a new one (or a new calendar even!) for 2011. thank goodness for iphones because that’s what i’ve been billtracking with! haha

    but i love this shot! i used to always paperclip, tape, glue, staple & attach things to pages in my planners during school though!

    also love the colors :)

    Cool shot!

    I use google calendar, a note/checklist app on my android, and send myself emails! I tend to forget my notes/paper planner but since I always have my cell on me, I always have my notes and reminders!

    Lovely macro – I am so impressed at how organised you are. I may have to set a day planner up on my phone, I already carry too much stuff in my bag!

    I live through my planner. I am actually so reliant on it that it’s scary! HA! Wonderful shot though – very creative.

    Much love,

    k xx

    I live through my planner. I am actually so reliant on it that it’s scary! HA! Wonderful shot though – very creative.

    Much love,

    k xx

    Great shot!

    Great shot!!!
    Kisses and nice weekend.

    Fantastic shot!! I actually have nightmares about losing my planner! How sad is that :-(

    WOW! The detail is amazing! Even though I put all of our appointments into my phone, I think I need a hard copy…..to look at, thumb through, see what I’ve actually accomplished!

    So simple yet so dramatic!

    love the effect and textures you added to your photo without loosing the great shot!

    love the processing!

    I finally pulled out a note pad to serve as my to-do list this week, I feel a bit less out of control.

    Love the look of this shot…. great processing of a fabulous image.

    I admire people with day planners, but I’m retired, so a calendar keeps me on track now. ;-)

    You make everything beautiful! Love the idea of using a planner for photos, challenges, etc.

    Couldn’t live without mine…it’s just not the same scheduling in my phone…there is something about actually writing on paper. Gorgeous shot – LOVE the texture of the pages :)

    I lived by my day planner when I was still working… Now, I keep everything on a digital calendar and it’s not quite the same. I still carry a notebook with me everywhere though to jot down ideas, etc. :)

    I buy a day planner every year … this year I bought 2. One for my regular life and the other for keeping track of photo challenge themes and notes. Not so sad. Just organized : )

    I used to LIVE off of my dayplanner in college…now I use google calendar.

    I just love that you provide free advice. It’s funny because I was just saying to my bf a few hours ago, “I really want to get proficient in Adobe Photoshop.” And then I found your blog through a link from Life A I See It. Thanks!

    My life literally revolves around my dayplanner. I can’t leave home without it!

    I love your shot.

    I’ve tried a planner in the past… but filling it out is too time consuming. ;)

    Me too!! I can’t function without my day planner. It’s one of those items I must carry around with my everywhere I go.

    Lovely shoot Ashley! And I’m with Chelsy on all accounts times two!

    Great shot! I love the antique feel/texture! Are the pages pretty thick or is the photo SO close up that they appear thick??

    Very cool! I live by my day planner and I use it just to keep life organized. It never occurred to me to track photography info there too…hum…more uses for an old tool!