January 01, 2011
Top 10 of ’10: Kitty Paw
Happy New Year! I can’t believe that today is 1.1.11. Twenty-ten was a good year for me…and for Kitty Paw. As we enter into the great unknown (I know, I had to be a little dramatic), I thought it’d be fun to share my top 10 favorite Kitty Paw moments for 2010. In no particular order…
IMG_1773 blog
At the beginning of the year, Kitty Paw loved to sit in her perch. She won’t have anything to do with it now. Perhaps we can make her interested in it again in 2011. Either way, I still love this picture of her.
Kitty Paw 060910 blog 
We got a storm dorm at some point during the year. Kitty Paw has really enjoyed sitting at the door and watching the birds. I’m sure she wishes she could go outside and chase them…but I’m not sure she would know what to do with herself if she actually got outside.
IMG_1187 blog
Kitty Paw loves laying on the couch. At one point in the year, this was her favorite spot (it changes regularly). She has since moved to the top of the couch or to our new animal print blanket.
Kitty Paw going to school blog
Kitty Paw has been known to attach herself to whatever is laying around. Whenever we place a bag or suitcase on the floor, she thinks it’s an invitation to lay on the bag (or suitcase). It’s pretty cute.
IMG_4790 blog
I can get pretty bored during the week. So, one day, I decided to terrorize Kitty Paw with one of those zhu zhu pets. She was very curious…for all of 15 minutes.
Closet Kitty Paw
We have a really warm orange blanket that we only pull out on cold nights. Kitty Paw loves this orange blanket and has been known to sneak into the closet (we store it in the closet) for a nap. In this photo, she’d been caught in the act.
Kitty Paw Snarl RS
You all know this picture. I was playing around with my new macro lens when I snapped a picture of Kitty Paw by the door. It appears that I’ve caught her in mid-lick, but she looks like she’s either snarling or giving me her best Elvis impression. You’ll see this shot again, tomorrow. It was this photo that turned Kitty Paw into a star.
Kitty Paw 101210-2 RS
During Halloween, I thought it would be fun to put Kitty Paw in some pet pajamas. She didn’t think my idea was very cute and proceeded to run from me until I could take it off of her.
Paw Humbug RS
The infamous Paw Humbug Christmas card – need I say more? Actually, I wasn’t planning on sending out Christmas cards this past year, but this photo has been a real hit. You’ll see it again tomorrow.
Sparkle New Years RS
I took this photo tonight for The Paper Mama’s weekly challenge. Since I’m the guest judge this coming week, I thought I should contribute something news worthy. Kitty Paw did not enjoy being dressed up. For more sparkly shots, go to:
The Paper Mama
So that’s Kitty Paw’s year-end review. I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for Memories, Dreams and Reflections. Until then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!