Vack Vack
Before I get into today’s post, I just want to send out a huge thank you and hug to everyone who follows my blog – as it appears, there are over 1000 of you guys now.  WOW and thank you! I continue to be inspired by each of you and I look forward to another year of photography…and another year of learning in community together. With that said, we’ll go back to your previously scheduled ramblings.

On Tuesday, I shared with you the Christmas present that we gave Carter – the Chicken Dance Elmo. It was a huge hit…for all of 5-10 minutes. Why? Because he is much more interested in the vack vack. 
IMG_1167 RS
My mother-in-law keeps Carter during the week while my sister-in-law is at work. As soon as he walks through the door, he goes straight to the closet (where the vacuum cleaner is located) and calls for the vack vack. I’m convinced that he must be my husband’s child (he’s a neat freak), but others tell me that a vacuum cleaner is incredibly seductive to a toddler.
IMG_1173 RS
{ISO 500, f/4, 1/30, Flash Fired}

I guess that I shouldn’t be too surprised. Remember this picture? I tell ya what, if I am blessed with such children, you better believe that our home will always be clean and fresh!
IMG_1171 RS

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PS: For those of you that were interested in Karen’s beautiful shoes yesterday, she tells me that they are by Steve Madden and were bought at Have a great Friday!

    Haha! How sweet
    Hopefully he keeps up that interest so he’ll use it around the house when he’s older ;)

    Congrats on 1000+ followers!
    You certainly deserve it. You’re a gifted and passionate photographer.
    That’s an amazing accomplishment. I hope to get there someday too!

    Funny how some kids love them and they scare the dickens out of the rest.

    Great pictures as always.

    It’s cause you’re AWESOME!!!!! ;-)

    kids are too funny! maybe we should just be buying Nic cleaning products as toys. ;) I’ve been loving all your post lately.

    Cute boy!!!
    Have a nice weekend.

    Adorable! We’ve had a few rounds of excitement over the vacuum….but right now it’s just complaints when I turn it on!

    congrats on having so many followers! I was just excited to have 30 the other day!! I can’t wait to hit the triple digits haha! Good job AE!

    Our oldest used to be obsessed with vacuums. We couldn’t step foot in Pamida without him taking the display models completely apart. Now he’s on to plumbing…

    My kids love our vacuum cleaner and when Zac was younger he would insist on riding on it while I vacuumed =] Carter is seriously too cute!

    1006 followers! You go girl!

    LOL, show him how fun it is too.

    I think that is the cutest thing! i heard that a lot of toddlers are obsessed with things like vacuum cleaners. I do have a friend with a three year old who loves taking the trash out and taking napkins and wiping stuff down…

    Toddlers are fascinated by the vacuum. So much, in fact, that I bought my 2 yr old daughter her own little vacuum for Christmas. We learned with our son that it would be a hit (his finally fell apart completely a couple of months ago after almost 3 yrs of daily play).
    I love the shots and I love the editing you did.

    Ha ha! too cute and send him over here. We could use a good vacuuming.

    Congrats Ashley on 1000 followers. You are one dedicated blogger and my inspiration!! I too have a nephew who has a fascination for the cooking range!! Yes, a cooking range!! We have to always be on the alert to see if he is in the kitchen trying to meddle with the thing!!

    wowe thats alot of followers. Way to go.

    Too cute, ya should have gotten him a toy vac. and elmo of course.

    Boys with their toys.

    :-) You ROCK! And sadly our toddlers don’t have the same love affair with the vacuum. They run from it. Oh how cute is your nephew!!!! It does have lots of buttons to push and makes noise -a boys favorite thing to do – make NOISE!

    Hugs and love sweet friend.

    Wow, Congrats on 1,000 followers!! That is amazing!

    You are right, there is something crazy seductive about the vacuum to toddlers. My son LOVES it, he has 2 of his own, but still prefers ours. I don’t know what it is…I just wish it would extend to when he was 10!

    We follow your blog because we love it! You are very gifted!! :) cute pictures of your nephew! My youngest son has a love hate relationship we our vacuum cleaner.

    What a cute kid..I wonder what is going through his head as he is exploring the massive vacuum??
    I should totally get my daughter started early with her love for the vacuum..that way she can help me clean in a few years!

    What sweet pictures!

    You must be doin’ Something right! =D

    CUTE!! My kids love the vac too!! Congrats on the 1000!! That is awesome!

    How cute! But I’m sure the vaccumm will lose its charm once he has to do the chores himself ;o) And congrats on 1K followers!! WOW!! That’s incredible!

    That’s SO cute! Kids love the weirdest things – my mom has a picture of me when I was little leaning against the couch, asleep, with the yellow pages (phonebook) open across my lap. With my dog beside me. Supposedly I liked reading the phone numbers??? lol

    Yea on the 1000+ followers! You were my inspiration to start a phot blog.

    Congrats on the 1000! My toddler also loves the vacuum. Unlike his completely messy father, so I’m hoping it sticks ;-)

    Thanks a bunch!!

    So, so cute! I remember those days when Landon thought the vacuum was cool. He still likes to use it from time to time, so I can’t complain much. I just hope it lasts until he leaves for college, or even longer for his future wife’s sake! Have a great today!

    Congrats on 1000! I do remember when you posted your picture from the past of you cleaning, so cute :)

    He he that’s cute. I think most kids like the vacuum for some reason. Both of my nieces (3 & 5) always “want to vacuum”. And Bennett already follows it around. Too bad that phase passes when they realize it’s actually work. Ha ha.

    Cute shots and Congrats on the 1000 followers!

    Yep- either kids love or HATE the vacuum cleaner.

    Congrats on 1000+ followers, Ashley. :) Haha, if he grows up to actually use the “vack vack” instead of just playing with it, his floors will probably be pretty clean.

    Too funny Ashley! My baby brother was terrified of the vacuum (& no, we never tease him about it ;)). He’d yell “yang-yang” & run from the room.

    I enjoy your blog so much & am really glad I found you through Karli!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1,000 followers, now that is worth celebrating!

    Over 1000 followers!!! Rock on! Love the last photo…gorgeous B&W. Have a great weekend!

    I need a couple of kids like Carter over at my place with that Vak Vak.. love the pics and the story. Carla

    As soon as I saw the first photo I thought of the one of you. I need your family to come visit me ok? :D
    {Cute kiddo : )}

    I’m a new follower and BTW your blog is awesome!

    It’s very true – kids love vacuums. Mine loved to ride it while I did the work. :)

    Aww! So cute! Love these photos.

    lol…definitely a toddle thing. I can remember when our niece was younger and loved imitating grandma with her vacuum.

    I think I want to borrow him :O)

    Gorgeous! Could you send Carter over? With the vack vack please… ;-) Have a wonderful Friday!

    LOL! He’s such a sweetie pie :) He’ll make some girl VERY happy one day ;) Happy Friday!

    My 8 year old hated.. and i do mean HATED the vack vack!! My 6 yera old had not issues with it…and likes to use it!

    Grat photos of a precious moment in this little guy’s life.

    And thank you for making me so inspired and for making me work harder. SO glad I was led to your blog! ( I think it might have been Karli…hmmm)

    I love it! I love how every kid I know has had some type of fun on a vacuum :] Way to go on all your followers! That speaks for itself {that’s how awesome you are} I wish I had followers but I’m just not that interesting :]

    Vack vack…how cute! There seems to be a little engineer in the making…he looks like he’s trying to figure out how to build one ;D

    So cute! My kids are the same way. I’m not sure why we buy them toys at all. They much prefer things like vacuums, my egg beater, and rolling up our carpet into a log. :)


    how sweet and congratulations on all your followers!

    Hahaha. That’s awesome.

    A hug to you too!

    I liked very much the last photo, it says to me: “And now, I’m gonna clean the house”

    Wow! Congrats on 1000 followers. It’s easy to see why you have so many. I enjoy your beautiful and interesting photos.

    Cute! Kids love those things. My 2nd son loved it so much, I bought a mini Dyson vac in purple, just for him. It was loved, literally to death :) Kids keep us young and give us the cutest moments to photography don’t they??!! Have a great weekend, see you Sun at the Hunt :)

    Cute!! I could use a cleaning fairy about now, too :)

    Oh, he’s so cute! And, no, the expensive gifts never hold their attention for long; usually they end up playing with the boxes or ribbons! :)

    So cute! I love the conversion of the last picture!

    Congrats on hitting 1000 followers! I’m not surprised, seeing as how your blog is amazing!
    Your nephew is cheek-pinching cute. I love that he asks for it, and that your mother-in-law indulges him. What a good grandma; maybe soon she’ll let him plug it in and turn it on ;)

    I love the B/W!

    The kids complain when the vacuum is on… too noisy, they say!

    though my kids have never loved the vac… I was a nanny off and on over the years… and 2 of “my” kids were into vacs.. taking them apart… figuring out how it works… why…etc… they are both scary SMART adults now… ha ha!

    Congrats on breaking 1K–what a milestone! Maybe if I show Sammy these photos, he’ll grow up to be a neat freak? Fingers crossed! :)

    LOVE THIS! Classic KID! My daughter will drop and stop whatever she’s doing when she hears the vacuum!

    HAHA thats how kids are. the buzz that wyatt asked santa for EVERYTIME… which made us search for him sits on his bed and doesnt get touched. what the eff? gees. kids. (thanks for all your sweet comments it always makes my day!)

    LOL. I have similar photos of my son whe he was younger. It took me 3x as long to vacuum because he always wanted to do it with me.

    Send him on over. We have a Dyson. hahaha.

    My youngest had to have the vaccum cleaner turned on during the day beside his cot so that he could get to sleep – I must have hoovered so much while being pregnant LOL

    My eldest used to love to hoover ( my US friend thinks it’s weird when I call the vac a hoover!) we bought him a kiddie one to play with though his love of hoovering didn’t last into adulthood.

    That’s so cute! :D

    My toddler runs screaming from the vacuum. We got her a little play dustbuster for Christmas… and now, the big one is a little less traumatic. ;)

    haha aren’t kids funny! my daughter used to cuddle “vaccy” and kiss it goodnight every night, lol. Now they both sit on the lounge with a semi terrified look on their faces while I vacuum!

    Hellllooooo, it’s Saturday! You don’t get a day off, my friend. Just checking in for my daily dose on inspiraton. ;-) HUGS!

    Congrats on the 1000!! I am happy I am one of them. As for Carter…can he just be any cuter. Its amazing how much money we can spend on toys when a kitchen cabinet full of tupperware or pots is much more intersting to them. Cuteness!! :)

    Wow, 1000. Fantastic!

    OH MY GOSH! My son HATES the vacumm cleaner (when it’s going that is) when it’s off, its a different story, he’ll push it around and drag it everywhere but turn it on and BOOM! Tears, screamin “I SCARED!” and all kinds of other drama breaks out! LOL he’s so silly. But anywho, cute pictures as always and he’s so cute as well!

    so cute!

    I’m not surprised that you have 1000 followers – you’re amazing! Congrats! Anyway, I think it’s hilarious how kids will end up liking the weirdest things instead of their fancy toys. So cute.

    some of my kids loved the vac and others not so much! great shots of him and his favorite toy!