January 05, 2011
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White on White
White on White RS
I love my “wedding” china. We I (let’s be honest, my husband could have cared less about china) wanted something clean and simple, but also something that I could throw in the microwave and dishwasher. These fit the bill perfectly and they have a little bit of personality. I love the little monkeys…they give “wedding china” a fresh perspective.  

In completely unrelated news, I picked up my bridesmaid dress for a wedding in May. I was a bit nervous that for some reason it wouldn’t fit, but it fits and looks fabulous. I’m really excited to wear it now. It’s such a cute dress that I thought about doing a blog series – something like “how I wore it…after the wedding.” Would that be worth watching/reading? Alright, enough of my randomness, I’ll be back later to post a few pictures from the weekend and in case my bride from last week is reading…I’ll have a sneak peak tomorrow! Happy Wednesday!

    My son would flip for your china as he loves monkeys. It is very pretty and I can see why you liked it.

    Very nice, very elegant.

    Love the white on white photo – and the china – very fun. And yes, the bridesmaid dress idea sounds like fun….I’ve never been able to wear one outside of the wedding.
    Oh and you left a comment about an NC meetup on my blog – that would be a lot of fun! Please email and let me know about it and if you need any help!

    Love the china! The monkey is so sweet…ooohhh, I love the idea about the bridesmaid dress. Please do it!

    Wow, your china is so unique and beautiful. That shot is awesome.

    Yes, post pics of the dress!

    Hey, Queen Kitty Paw is back! ;-)

    I like very much your china, very warm and sutile. The picture is very nice too.

    Personally, I am very interested in the “How I wore it” idea, in fact, I can’t wait to see it” :)

    I love things just a little bit different. I have a light in my hallway that has monkeys dancing around it. You actually have to look at it to realize what is on it though. It makes me smile even 10 years later :) I am sure you will be gorgeous in your bridesmaid dress :)

    Love your china – so unique!

    The little monkeys make the pieces! Lovely.

    Very nice!! That’s the only reason I regret not having a big wedding..no china :(

    Gorgeous photo and I love your China. In another year or two I will be getting a new set. With 9 children too many pieces have been broken…because we got a set that could be used every day. I love all the serving pieces and might have to take a photo of them just to show you. But the plates, bowls etc didn’t hold up like I was told they would.

    Hugs and love!
    PS Can’t wait to see your wedding sneak peak!

    Simple, elegant, and pretty.

    Look forward to seeing the dress! ;)

    It’s beautiful!

    I love your china, if I saw that I would have done it too!

    I also want to see this bridesmaid dress! I am sure you will look Fabulous in it!

    I also love the texture you used on your photo, mind if I ask where you got it?

    Thanks for sharing! Love your pictures!

    I adore your china!!! love how you composed this one.

    Love the china! And I would love to see the dress.

    Your china is so pretty! Being so casual, my hubby and I opted for more cooking ware as opposed to registering for china. But yours looks elegant and low-key, something like what we would have chosen for a china pattern.
    I love love LOVE your idea for how you wore the bridesmaid dress. I don’t know if this is what you were thinking about or not, but I always love seeing those pictures of people in formal attire in places that are so unexpected… like at the grocery store or wherever. Anyway, enough of my rambling! Have a wonderful day today!

    I love it, so fresh and cute!

    Great china it is so cheerful not boring at all. I would love have that kind of china also:)

    I’m all about re-purposing clothing items, so I’d definitely be interested in reading about your bridesmaid dress!

    I like your china set…definitely not the traditional kind where nobody touches it unless it’s a special occasion. I will also be a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding in April and I just got my dresses over the Holidays. All I have to say is that Thank God they are bridesmaid dresses from J.Crew! Now onward with my diet! Can’t wait to see pix of you in your dress!

    I love what you did with white on white. It has so much character even though it’s all white. Oh my, I thought the monkey was a dog!

    Love the adorable monkey china! I would most definitely read a fashion post about your dress but truth be told I am a clothing addict so I’m pretty biased. ;)

    A lot funner than my china… floral, dainty, and SO NOT me! Nice pic – I like the texture you used!

    Love the china, mine has birds on it, I love birds for some reason, I should get it out and tak some pictures of it! Great idea to get some that can be washed in the dish washer I’m pretty sure mine can’t.

    I love this china, this photo, and I love white on white. There is just something some soothing and beautiful about it. Happy Wednesday!

    That is beautiful and unique china! Omg. Love it!

    LOVE the monkey!

    P.S. You are only 3 followers away from 1000!!! Are you going to have a giveaway? *grin*

    what lovely wedding china, beautiful and simple

    i think it’s perfect!!!! beat’s the stuffy china you use only on special occassions that you would be afraid to break!! I love it

    Very pretty-simple and elegant but with a sense of humor! Also, since I’m about to be a bridesmaid myself in a few months, I’m totally up for the “how I wore it after” idea!

    Love that china! The little monkey adds just the right amount of whimsy.

    Oh I remember this lil monkey! LOVE the china, love the shot :)

    The monkey was the first thing to catch my eye – I love it! Anything you write about is always worth reading and I can’t wait to see the dress, and tomorrows sneak peak of the reception!

    I absolutely love your china!!! It’s very nice and unique!

    Monkey on china….that is so neat!! And I like that your set looks pretty sturdy – fine china makes me nervous! :)

    Oh, and of course I love your shot!!

    Beautiful shot! Love the monkey.

    I love it! I’ a sucker for any kind of coffee cup! That little monkey is really sweet!

    The little monkey is adorable! I haven’t seen dishes like that. Unique, quirky, and hip!
    Love it!

    It’s rare you get a bridesmaid dress you love. Yay!

    I see we have the same china criteria ;-) I love this and your photo – great processing!
    I would definitely like a dress series! Have a great day, Ashley!

    Oh yes, your china is beautiful!
    I wish, I still had my china. Sadly, my son broke all but 4 pieces of it when he was about 5 or 6 but that is a whole other story.
    Peace…Naila Moon


    Your china is cute. I love the monkey.

    Love the edit you’ve done here with the texture – and you china is so cool. It’s beautiful and different all at the same time. Love it.

    Hey there! Beautiful china and I love the monkey to. I just passed along a blogger award to you! Head on over to my page for the rules!

    You have such an ability to make the ordinary so beautiful! Love the little monkey too! I definitely would be interested in following the bridesmaid dress diaries, I say go for it!

    Your shot is fantastic, but your china is beyond fabulous. I love it!

    Cute china! :D

    I love the idea of “The Dress Chronicles.” :D

    I’m not good at simplicity, I tend to over work everything. Clothes, art etc.

    Yours works to perfection.

    nice job! :)

    I love this. So simple and beautiful.

    Oh my! That china is precious! Ofcourse I love monkey’s anyway! Wish they had that when I got married! Where did you get it?

    Love that china!!! Did you know you are only one follower away from 1000!!! :)

    Lovely. I need to get some pretty china. Just started a 365 stop by if you can http://flowerphotography1.blogspot.com Love the challenge buttons page thanks!

    LOVE this white on white!! :)

    I really WILL do the memories dreams and reflections link-up post… I’m planing to get it done on Sunday, hope that’s not too late!

    i never use my china, but i love having it…hmmmm…
    cute monkeys!

    i like it…A LOT!

    great white on white – the monkey is a lovely fun touch too.

    Beautiful composition! Great “white on white” shot :)