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Thank goodness it’s FRIDAY!!! Even with an ice day (because we didn’t get much snow), I feel like this week has really been a drag. But enough of my complaining.  I thought I’d share another photo from the shots I took on Saturday when we received a “touch of snow.” I followed my exact steps from yesterday’s edit and I’m really loving this recipe. My only regret was that I didn’t take a true macro shot of the snow. It was coming down in pellets vs. flakes…and it was melting as quickly as it came down so I was lucky to get a shot at all. Within minute of getting these shots, it was completely gone.

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Before you go, Jill posted a message I’d like to echo. Rather than copy and paste her message, I have created a button with the same sentiment…and you are more than welcome to copy it. Click on the button below to see her message (in case you’re wondering, the small text says “just say no!”). With that said, have a great weekend. I’ll see you on Sunday for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. 

Just Say No - Word Verification

    The ice stuck here. I love your edit and need to take more shots of the beauty around me rather than my beauties :) Have a great weekend!

    Awesome edit once again!

    I just finished putting all of the sledding shots into collages…they will be up on our family blog soon!

    Thanks for sharing the NO WORD VERIFICATION!

    Hugs and have a blessed day!
    Jill :-)

    Beautiful Edit! And I added the NO Word Verification to my sidebar. Thanks!

    Great shot!! And I must say the new button is very cute! :) word verification makes it very difficult for me to comment on post from my phone which is how I have to do it at work… TGIF! Have a good one!

    Great new header – although really, I’ve liked them all.

    hi ashley I want to make a cool new header for 2011 like yours?? but as I have talked to you before I dont’ have any photshop, or any programs.. any free ones.. You may have told me this once before but I lost it… please help LOL
    1 Wasabi mommmy

    Love this shot too! The dark green is such a lovely background for the snow!!!! Happy Friday!!!

    Very beautiful! I love the deep greens!

    I am so with you on the No Verification – I finally figured out how to get rid of mine and am hoping more people will follow.

    Great photo!! LOL and love the “no word verification”!!! 100% agree…so painful. Have a great weekend!

    I hear ya with the word verification! :O)

    I’m ready for Spring!!! Enough snow/ice already! I like the contrast of the snow and foilage-great edit!

    Not only do you take fabulous photos, but your editing is truly awesome. So lovely–makes me wish for snow so I can give it a try!

    Great effect. Thanks again for the tutorial yesterday. It added a whole new level to my editing, which I wrote about today. :)

    Your new header looks very fresh, just what a new year should look like!

    Love your shot and all the info thanks!!!

    Beautiful photo! Good thing you were quick!

    So gorgeous! Love the dark green color. It’s amazing! xo

    So lovely!

    I agree, word verification is daunting. I think a lot of people are worried about spammers, but if they just wouldn’t allow anonymous comments, that problem is 99% fixed! …sorry for the rant, I know I’m preaching to the choir here! :)

    HI Ashley, I am pleased too to have made it to Friday. Tough week. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo of the leaves.. Love the depth of field. Carla

    LOVE THE BUTTON!!!!!!! Oh, and your picture is pretty too ;)

    Beautiful edit, I lake it!!!
    Kisses and nice weekend.

    What a great photo/edit!

    TGIF is right chica!

    Great edit :)

    Another beautiful edit…thanks again for the Shoot & Edit! I finally got the high pass filter worked out…WHAT a difference!! I’m so excited to see what other wonderful things you have in store for us…can’t thank you enough :)

    this is great, with what little snow you did get. You can have all snow.

    Great edit Ashley
    Have a nice weekend

    I wish it would snow or ice over out here. Then I would have a new and different perspective to shoot.

    Great edit.

    Love the white ice on all the green. Perfect edit as always!

    Great shot, and I turned off my word verification, at least I think I did? I thought I did it before but I guess not, sorry.

    Your editing instructions really helped make my 52 weeks of me photo better! Thanks again for a great lesson!
    And I def agree – no word verification! I always mess them up and have to enter it twice.

    What a neat shot! Around here, it is a rare thing to see dark greens and snow in the same picture. So I know you must be in the south. :)

    I’m anxious to see some of those greens again. We’ve had more than our share of snow!

    i really like this, can’t wait for spring…

    just read that just say no, so glad someone finally did something, it is a great idea to tell everyone how to do it.

    Once again- you have inspired me.

    Love your new header!! It’s awesome and great edit as always!!

    LOVE that shot! I need to get out and take some more pictures of the Winter. Despite the lack of color, it really is beautiful.

    I love the depth of field in this photo. I wished things were green around here when it snows. :P

    I am so glad it is Friday, too! Great shot!

    Your photography is so awesome! Thanks for that reminder about word verification- I didn’t even realize my blog had that set!

    Soooo glad to see the “Just Say No” information. I am trying soooo hard to leave as many comments and return comments as possible and the word verification and no reply email address make it much more difficult. THANKS and as always…. LOVE the picture!! We haven’t seen any snow this year… :-(

    Lovely :)

    This is such a beautiful shot!

    Beautiful shot! I’m so glad it’s Friday too and I love your new header!

    what a beautiful shot–wonderful clarity! Enjoy your weekend!

    great shot ashley (per usual)…and I love the no captcha button!

    LOVE, love, love this shot. And I am also on board with the no word verif. One less thing, you know!

    Great photo. I will be sharing the no word verification too.

    Oh, I love this… and your edit on it!

    I SOOOO agree!! Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to leave a comment, but having to type in nonsense words (possibly multiple times) I know there are people out there who don’t comment on such blogs, which sucks for the blogger who put the time in to write the post. If people are concerned about spam, just moderate them yourself. :)

    That button cracks me up and I so agree. I do A LOT of blogging in the near-dark, so typing random crap is very difficult. :) I’m jumping on the bandwagon!

    Do you still have snow from that snowfall a while back? Ours is all gone.

    Thanks for the info…I was worried about spam so that link really helped. Way to spread the word. I will fix that up once I get back on my blog post vacation. Pretty photo!