February 04, 2011
Categories: Macro Friday
A Few Things…
I’m pretty excited about a few things that are starting up this month…so, I thought I’d share them with you! The very first of which is an interesting challenge started by my friend Elena at The Art of Making a Baby and Sonya from {shutter}mama.

I know that there are several self-portrait challenges out there, but this challenge is really going to focus (E – correct me if I’m wrong) on living healthy and being confident in yourself. She’s even going to share some of her self-portrait secrets…and if you’ve never seen her work, CLICK HERE. It all starts up on Saturday, February 5th.


Another link-up party you may be interested in is Manual Mode by Patty at Finding  Serendipity. I actually believe this will be an extension of what Jill and I are already doing with Shoot and Edit, but it’s one more way to encourage each other to shoot in manual mode (if you aren’t already). You can post your SOOC or edited shots. I was happy to see that in Week 1, Patty re-shared the link to 31 Days to Better Photography by My3Boybarians. If you haven’t read this series…bookmark – totally worth the read!

This next one is HUGE! I’ve just learned that Flash Bus Tour ’11 will be hitting the road soon: 29 cities in six weeks, hosted by David “the Strobist” Hobby and Joe “Numnuts” McNally (two of the world’s leading educators and innovators in the world of small flash).
The tour starts in Seattle on March 11th and they will be in Raleigh/Durham on April 4th. If you are interested in attending this event with me, shoot me an email. Here’s the rest of the schedule: CLICK HERE

Finally, I wanted to remind you to enter the “Bee Mine” Giveaway.  My friend Candace Ashley will be giving away three fleurs from her newest Blue Chair (etsy shop) collection.  The giveaway will be open through next Tuesday.
Giveaway Button
(also my entry for Macro Friday) 

Sweet NothingsBlogging from Bolivia

So, that’s all for now. If you have a new photo challenge, event, or something you’d like me to plug…just shoot me an email. I have an unspoken (until now) policy that I will only promote that which I personally believe in, so as long as I don’t see a case of “spam-blogging,” I’ll be more than happy to share. Have a great day…and a great weekend. Hope to see you on Sunday!

PS: Have you noticed that I’ve added a few new options to my blog?

    Thanks for sharing these, I’ve been looking around for them since I just made my blog and want more people reading :)
    Have a great day

    So many exciting things coming up!! I’m feeling overwhelmed (in a good way)!!
    I’m kinda confused as to what the Flash Bus Tour is??

    You are awesome…that is all =]

    It all sounds super exciting!

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for sharing. I am sure I will catch it here with you. I can’t join another thing.

    I am thrilled to see someone start something about health as one who lives that way daily and wrote a book about it.

    Taking care of the holy vessel God has given us is the least we can do for all He does for us!

    Have fun with all of these!
    ♥ Jill

    Dang it….Come to Florida!
    Thanks for sharing this info, Ashley.

    I was actually checking out Elena’s blog last night (for the first time). Cool stuff.

    I love all these challenges, I am going to check them out now, thanks for sharing.

    Yay!! You joined the twitterverse :) Just followed you on there and “liked” you on FB.

    I’m glad you shared these. I can always count on you to have the latest info on new memes and other fun stuff. I just checked out the flash bus tour, but sadly it’s already sold out for my area. Maybe I’ll catch them some other time. (I hope.)

    My head is spinning with all these wonderful challenges and memes out there. :)

    More challenges and more people to meet, that sounds good.

    Love the pearls in your macro! Take care. xxx

    Wow…very exciting.

    P.S. Don’t forget to pick me! :)

    Wow! E’s SP are endlessly inspiring, thanks for linking to her.

    Your friend makes such pretty pieces. I love the way you finished it on the pink/white background.

    That shop can be dangerous to my bank account :)

    I’m hosting a photo challenge & would just LOVE if you participated :]

    Great macro shot! I love the fuchsia color block and the shiny pearls. :)

    These look like really great challenges.. and I am so excited about Candace and your giveaway – her work is beautiful!

    So many things to do. There just isn’t enough hours in the day. I don’t suppose you would explain how you accomplished that lovely photo. I have noticed that people are adding borders to a photograph and I think it dresses it up. V

    I would love to attend that with you. Let me talk to the hubby. I love that last photo. Great macro. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. :)

    That Get Fit challenge sounds like a great motivator to keep up new years resolutions. Heading over to check it out – thanks for sharing!

    Oh yay you’re on Facebook! I’m looking forward to Elena’s challenge (not sure if I’ll join in or not, lol) but I love her work :D
    Now I have to catch up on everything I’ve missed, I’ve been internetless while we moved =O

    Hi Ashley…nice photo. Really nice colors.

    such a cute idea! Wonderfully captured :)