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Beautiful Bokeh - Ramblings and Photos
Beautiful Bokeh
My brother turned 27 on Friday. To celebrate, we had lunch with the family on Sunday. Surprisingly enough, it was a beautiful day…even more surprising, my brother asked if I could quickly take a picture of him with his girlfriend. So, I walked outside to adjust my settings. I took one shot…went to preview and noticed that I was completely out of focus. However, I couldn’t delete the shot – it was much too beautiful. It also served as gentle reminder that life can be just as pretty (if not prettier) if I don’t stay so focused all the time.
Beautiful Day RS
(linking up with Sweet Shot Tuesdays, The Happiness Project, Communal Global and This life is Sweet: Yellow)

Needless to say, when my brother asked if I would take their photo real quick…he meant REAL QUICK. I was all prepared with my beautiful background when he grabbed his girl and posed in front of the birdhouse. I snapped a few shots (didn’t even have a chance to see if they were in focus) before he ran over, hugged my neck and told me he’d see me later.
Sarah and Eric RS
One more thing (and this is the last time I’ll ask)…would you vote for my shot of Caroline – #20 (just click on the button on the left)? Voting ends today at 10 am (west coast time) and it would mean so much to me if I won this challenge (update: voting has ended…thanks for all your votes).
PS: Amber put together a beautiful video montage inspired by Nichole Nordeman’s song “Live.” She was so sweet to reach out to myself as well as a few other bloggers…and include our photographs in this montage. I watched it earlier this morning and it is all inspiring and beautiful. In fact, the words to the song paired with our photographs brought tears to my eyes. If you have a moment, please take a moment to watch. Click HERE.
Amber's Articles
Thanks again and Happy Tuesday!

    Beautiful pictures Ashley!
    Warm greetings from the sea.

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    That bokeh is really nice! There go to more votes for you, too.

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    Beautiful bokeh is exactly right! Great work as usual!

    Those are pretty good shots for having to do them on the fly like that. :) Love the bokeh!

    Must be something about brothers—mine are the same way! Lovely photos, quick or not! :)

    Great shots. LOVE that bokeh!

    Beautiful Bokeh! Your brother and his girl are darling! Great shots on the fly :)

    Great pictures of your brother! I love the bokeh too!

    I really love that first shot. The colors and bokeh. It’s relaxing. And great snapshots of your brother :)

    Those are so cute!

    Gorgeous bokeh!!

    Your brother & his girlfriend are adorable.. nice shots!

    Beautiful photos! I like how sometimes a photo you didn’t mean to take ends up so fascinating :)

    Oops, I was too late to vote for your photo…but I like it, as well as the portraits of your brother and his girlfriend. The bokeh photo reminds me of an Impressionist painting or something like that. :)

    love the bokeh and photos of your brother with his girlfriend. they are cute together!


    Pretty bokeh!! :D

    And your brother and his girlfriend are so cute together! Awww…

    I love bohek. your brother and his girlfriend make a cute couple.

    Great thought on how life can be out of focus. Most times We just need to take the time to re-focus

    Sometimes the best shots are the ones that we don’t get much time to prepare for. Sometimes we just get lucky. I love that when it happens because being so new to this- there is so much for me to learn about set up. When the moments do happen- all the better for me :)

    Good grief – brothers! Must be in the genes. So funny how we all love a great bokeh shot – I think it was Claude Monet (my memory may fail me here), who painted blurs of colors because he couldn’t see so well, so they always look “soft”. Just what I think of whenever I see a full frame of bokeh.

    Aw, your bro and his girl are cute! They even smiled for you-mine always pull out the Blue Steel faces or some other weird look before actually smiling :)Beautiful bokeh as well-very impressionistic. Love it!

    I don’t know how I haven’t seen your V-day shot, but it so darn cute! Love it!

    I love that first shot. So pretty. :)

    Marla @ http://www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

    Bokeh is so much fun! And, look at Ashley’s brother…in front of that birdhouse. Love it.

    Your brother and his girlfriend make a cute couple!

    Didn’t get here in time to vote. Sorry…


    I love how you can make even an out of focus picture look good. You are THAT talented :)

    I like your blurred shot and what you had to say about it. A very true life lesson! Your bro and his GF are very cute together!

    That bokeh really is beautiful!

    I’ve really been drawn to those type of oof shots lately. Something about the mysteriousness… I don’t know. It is lovely, I wouldn’t toss it away either.

    I voted for you. That bokeh shot is beautiful and dreamy!

    Love, love, love how you connected your photo to the thought. You’re right. Sometimes we are so focused, it narrows what we see. That causes us to miss out on much beauty. Thank you!

    At least your brother will pose for yours ;o) Great photos!

    Sweet captures! & Beatiful bokeh :)

    Ooo I love that bokeh

    What beautiful photos!
    The first one is stunning even though it’s OOF.

    Your brother and his girlfriend look sweet :) Love the bokeh too!

    Love the bokeh. The lighting is so nice that it makes it a wonderful abstract piece.

    Beautiful shots!

    I love that first shot, too! Great bokeh!

    These are such great shots, especially being on-the-go. Stunning. Oh, and congrats on your winnings! You deserve it, my love.

    I love a beautiful accident! And your brother may not have given you much time, but you made it work!

    that’s hilarious… pretty much like a sam photoshoot. gotta be quick!

    the colors in that bokeh shot are beautiful!

    beautiful shots all! :)

    Gotta love men – can’t sit/stand still! Lovely thought on life not always being in focus – thank you!

    hi Ashleys brother. Fun that you got a quick shot of him.
    Do like the first one.

    Thanks for all your great feed back latley.

    Still getting the focus thing down better maybe I am just not using the right settings sometimes? Or maybe I jst go to fast, which ever the case I can not wait for spring to be able to really take time outside and get some good shots of anything lovely. I am going to try to take more animal/ people captures.

    Love that bokeh shot!!! Happy bday to your brother…oh to be 27 again! :)

    Ashley! Girlfriend! You make any & everything look good. Thanks SO greatly for linking up to my 2nd chal!
    You rock lady!

    I LOVE that out of focus one!!!! And that 2nd shot of your bro and his g/f is pretty cute!

    Great shots! They look like a happy couple. I think for your next tutorial, you should combine the shot of them with the bokeh shot – it would make a fantastic abstract background!! And, I seriously need a tutorial on how to do that :-)

    This is what I LOVE about you…you are not afraid to appreciate the beauty in the not so conventional…you made a blurry shot AWESOME!!! You inspired – AGAIN!! Thank you…you let us all know that it is OK to take risks and to enjoy what we do & to experiment and enjoy the learning & the process, without it having to be “perfect” or “right”. You are truly refreshing, and you set the stage for the rest of us to express ourselves, even if it’s not technically “right”. With much gratitude :)

    That is just a perfect bokeh. Makes me think of spring and sunny days ahead.

    Erika B

    Those are sweet shots of your brother and his girlfriend. I esp. loved the second one. :)

    HAha – just like a brother :)
    And I love both your photo and your statement about focus – very cool!

    Bokeh is always such a lovely discovery. I love how it glistens.

    awwww, Ashley so sweet of you!! Happy {belated} Birthday to your brother!

    Love your bokeh shot & your sweet little life reminder, i needed that today! {{HUGS}}

    Love the bokeh, and you are right, not staying so focused is often a good thing.

    The photos are beautiful. I especially love the one that is out of focus. Living with fibromyalgia and CFIDS I feel most of the time that my life is out of focus. Being able to do a few things I love, or visiting a site like yours with such lovely photos, actually helps bring back some of the focus. Thank you.

    WOW!!! Love that first shot…what a happy accident! And for quick shots of your brother & his girlfriend, they sure turned out great!!!! Have a great day!

    Love Bokeh! And love the sentiment to go with that first shot as well too : )