February 12, 2011
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Selfie Saturday
On Monday, I had a dentist and hair appointment…both of which took up most of my day. So, when I was done with both, I decided to go home i(nstead of going into the office). I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to practice full body self portraits as part of this week’s Selfie Saturday lesson. Armed with Elena’s wonderful tips on camera position and posing, I was ready to give it a try.

Unfortunately, I found that what I thought was decent lighting in our office (what you see in the background is what we call our “office”) still metered as dim lighting. Thus, I really had to increase my ISO…creating a lot of noise – even for my 7D. It didn’t help that I was attempting a self-portrait in my home on an overcast day, but I’ll continue practicing.
Fully Body Selfie Attempt 1 RS
Elena suggested in last week’s tutorial to try standing our tip-toes to elongate yourself  (awesome tip that I can definitely continue using). According to her posing guide, it appears that I’m using what she calls the “come hither” look: shoulders back, chest out and my hand on my hip.  I’m not sure that my pose says “come hither,” but I do hear my mom telling me to “stand straight…shoulders back.” I don’t exactly have perfect posture so this one’s for you mom. Finally, Elena suggested using a prop. In my case, I wanted to show off my new Jo Tote!

So anyways, this is the full version of me – looking all casual and sassy. I think today’s lesson is “Couples Selfie,” so that’ll be interesting. For more full body self portraits, go to: 

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Love Letters to Kitty Paw

    You are too cute. Love the new bag. I’ve been eyeing a jo tote, because my red lola can be a bit flashy at times. Do you love it?

    uuuhhhhh, you are like, SUPER cute!
    Love your shoes! And your bag is to doe for!!
    You’re a doll!
    Plain & simple <3

    I think I am in love with your shoes. No, I am DEFINITELY in love with them.

    And your bag, and your scarf and your hair…the list goes on and on.

    Yer purdy, lady.

    Oh, love it, Ashley! The bag is way darling:)

    You’re so pretty :-> I love your selfie and that bag is the bomb!

    Very nice! Your shoes are CUTE!

    Ashley, you’re too funny! I was laughing so hard when reading. Your definitely have got a come hether pose, but you’d need the face to say that too in order for it to be a real come hether ;)
    It’s funny though! Your photo is great, your description is hilarious! Nice job here! And nice use of the purse.
    Actually I didn’t notice you stood on your tip toes intil you said so! Definitely works

    You are so pretty…. and your shoes are so cute!

    great shot!! i’m gonna try the same full body self portrait challenge tomorrow!

    And I just bought the same Jo Tote in purple! Got it this week!

    Awesome selfie… and your bag and shoes are AMAZING!

    Cuuute! Cute shoes, cute hair, cute bag! LOVE it!

    I really like this Ashley, it’s a great shot and has a very different feel to it than your other work.

    You ar so cute and beautiful women Ashley!
    Nice weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day!

    you look so gorgeous! how pretty you are and you do look sassy, this is a great portrait and I love your new bag.

    You look great, Ashley, very pretty too! I want to practice some more with self photography too, I always get the weirdest pictures when I try to shoot myself *grin*

    I see you have a Jo tote. Do you like it? Is it big enough for you to carry around all the gear you want to? I have been looking for a cute and lady-like camerabag for a while now and this one seems very nice. And since my birthday is coming up in a couple of days I am thinking about putting it on my wishlist :-)

    Ashley, this is a beautiful self portrait. And yes, i can see why you’d want to feature that bag. So cute. And your shoes. Love. Your. Shoes.

    Ah…could you get any cuter?????? Gorgeous selfie – love those SHOES, and that BAG!!

    You look so cute!!

    look at you in the super cute shoes – all accessorized so perfectly! ;-) love the bag! love the white long sleeve under the t-shirt too! your mom picked out cute tees for you!

    xoxox jill

    Adorable! Love your scarf and those shoes so cute! Great job!

    cute cute cute!!

    Aren’t you adorable!! Along with so many others…I love the shoes! At first glance, I thought you had on heels, then I remembered the tutorial. Still loving the shoes, though! And what a cute bag!

    The noise isn’t showing up on my screen – great job!!

    Well done chica and I adore those shoes… and bag! You’ve got great taste.

    You are too cute and gorgeous. I love your hair! Your shoes are too cute, LOVE them…where did you get them?

    As for the Jo Rose…color me jealous. Love it.

    I am viewing this on my phone so I can’t see the noise – all I see are beautiful colors – love the muted tones in this shot! It’s so nice to see to see the amazing person behind this awesome blog! :)

    Such a pretty lady you are!! I love your hair!

    Can you believe I was lucky enough to win a Jo Tote last year? You will LOVE it! :)

    You are so cute Ashley, way to go! The full body selfie scares me, but I am going to do it. I just got linked up with last week’s yesterday. It’s good to have a push to do SP again.

    So pretty :)
    I want that bag! It’s amazing!!

    um, I am lovin those shoes. and that bag!

    Really cute selfie!

    And yes, one of the first things I noticed about the photo was your Jo Tote! Yay! :)

    LOVE it.

    You look so young and organized. :-D

    Oh your selfie is gorgeous! I love how cute you look!!!! LOVE IT! And that bag! OOOH, I so want one!

    You look pretty and I love the bag!
    I like the way the background was kind of grey toned, but your blue sky shirt flirted it up a little. Loved reading your post!

    Just stumbled across your blog on the location central blog that Slumber Designs set up! Glad to have found another North Carolinian! :)

    Great selfie! You did a great job.

    You’re so flipping adorable! Love the shoes. If it’s the shirt I’m thinking of, I have the same exact one {Target?} Cute bag!

    Great job this week! I think I’m in agreement with so many others…love your shoes! I keep thinking back at one of your older posts where you mentioned how fellow bloggers said each photo of you looks like a different person. I feel this way with this one too. :-) Can’t wait to see next weeks.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.


    So cute & pretty!
    1. LOVE the JoTote
    2. LOVE your jeans
    3. Where did you get your shoes!?!

    Selfie pics for me are hard as I’m almost 7months preggo and feelin it! haha Great shot

    this is such a gorgeous pic<3

    I think *you* might be your worst critic…you look fabulous darling…& LOVE the bag.

    Your hair looks really lovely.

    Dim light, noise – not even noticed as the photo is very nice. It has a soft focus look to it that I like. LOVE the bag! Enjoy your Saturday.

    You are beautiful Ashley!

    You are absolutely beautiful! Love love love the shoes! They’re so perfect for Spring! I love that bag, I almost bought it! Great selfie! xo

    you’re insanely gorgeous

    Yup, you look totally awesome! LOVE the new bag… LOVE it.

    I love the dresser behind you too. By the way: It looks like it could be a diaper changing table too… just saying. :D

    love it! the selfie and the fact that you were thinking of your mom’s posture advice more than trying ‘come hither’ : )

    I just love your selfie, so beautiful. And great bag!

    Super cute! I love this!

    You are so gorgeous and so completely adorable! And thanks for the “tip toe” advice… maybe it’ll thin my thighs?

    LOVE it…and those shoes are soooo awesome!!

    Great shot.

    And I totally have that bag in a different color. I love it.

    Marla @ http://www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

    So cute Ash! Love the outfit and the tote. And you rocked the pose. xo

    Wow!! Great selfie! :D

    Love your bag.

    And your shoes. :D

    You realize you’re totally cute, right? ;)

    Great picture!! I love the shoes…so ready for spring! Ok….so where do you go get your hair done? I am in your area and looking for someone new!!

    There you go lookin’ all cute again! LOVE the picture…love the shoes…don’t see the noise! Really…I don’t see it on my end. Beautiful shot. I love how the background looks so clean and modern.

    You look GREAT and I love that tote!