February 12, 2011
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Selfie Saturday
On Monday, I had a dentist and hair appointment…both of which took up most of my day. So, when I was done with both, I decided to go home i(nstead of going into the office). I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to practice full body self portraits as part of this week’s Selfie Saturday lesson. Armed with Elena’s wonderful tips on camera position and posing, I was ready to give it a try.

Unfortunately, I found that what I thought was decent lighting in our office (what you see in the background is what we call our “office”) still metered as dim lighting. Thus, I really had to increase my ISO…creating a lot of noise – even for my 7D. It didn’t help that I was attempting a self-portrait in my home on an overcast day, but I’ll continue practicing.
Fully Body Selfie Attempt 1 RS
Elena suggested in last week’s tutorial to try standing our tip-toes to elongate yourself  (awesome tip that I can definitely continue using). According to her posing guide, it appears that I’m using what she calls the “come hither” look: shoulders back, chest out and my hand on my hip.  I’m not sure that my pose says “come hither,” but I do hear my mom telling me to “stand straight…shoulders back.” I don’t exactly have perfect posture so this one’s for you mom. Finally, Elena suggested using a prop. In my case, I wanted to show off my new Jo Tote!

So anyways, this is the full version of me – looking all casual and sassy. I think today’s lesson is “Couples Selfie,” so that’ll be interesting. For more full body self portraits, go to: 

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