March 04, 2011
Friday Ramblings and Reflections
Last night I had dinner with Sarah, the NapTime MomTog. Notice that I didn’t say I had dinner with Sarah and her family? That’s right…just me and Sarah…a little girl’s night out, if you will. After enjoying a nice Mexican dinner (and it was sooooo good) and photography chatter, Sarah pulls out her camera and says something to the effect of, “well, we’ve got to take some pictures.” I’m absolutely sure that she’ll be posting some embarrassing shots of me later…besides, I was wearing a huge scarf that made my neck look non-existent and I have a tendency to make silly faces when the camera is zoomed in on my face. 

Anyways, enough of my rambling. I did want to share one of MY shots from last night…and I love this one. Look, even sitting on opposite sides of the table, we both made it into the frame! Notice the look on my face.
Dinner with Sarah color RS
In completely unrelated news, I might have created a spoiled brat…I mean, a spoiled CAT! Remember that photo of Kitty Paw licking water from the faucet. Yeah, that was really cute, right? Now, when we go into the bathroom, she jumps on the sink and starts begging for me to turn on the faucet. 

That’s exactly what happened this morning…followed by her sitting down and waiting patiently for me to get out of the shower (at least until I turned off the shower, in which case she starts MEOWING for shower water). Of course I dry off, get out of the shower and let her have at it. So then, I go downstairs to get my bowl of cereal. As it turns out, Kitty Paw also loves a bowl of cereal…or rather the milk at the bottom of the bowl. This particular cell phone shot (not i-phone…I have a blackberry) was taken as she was waiting for me to finish my cereal (yes, I eat in the bathroom…bad habit). Notice the look…now scroll up and look at me again…yep, we’re definitely related.
Kitty Paw's Reflection RS
So that’s all for now. Come back tomorrow to see group shots from my photography blogger meet-up last weekend. Have a good one!
Live Every Moment

    how great you had a meet up, looks like you had a wonderful time and I do love your cat, very funny.

    That is a great shot of your two! A keeper…

    One day my cats drank out of a glass and ever since have refused to drink water out of a bowl. I now have to keep TWO glasses (and they have to be certain glasses) of water at a specific height every day! And yet I somehow still find it endearing. Crazy cats! Crazy mama!!

    You make me want a cat SO badly. You know what I may do? I may just go shower myself, head to the pound, and pick one up.. YUP- I just decided that :)

    How nice to have a evening out! Lucky you sounded like a great night. Kitty Paw is too cute! And spoilt too lol :-)

    I love the look on the cat’s face!

    Such a cute post – very jealous you got to go out with Sarah – what fun! missed you on Twitter during AI. Your cat is SO funny, and spoiled. My dog is that way about leftover PB &J.

    I heart Kitty Paw more & more every day :)

    LOL, I love Kitty Paw, she is so hilarious. Still jealous about your get together…and now Mexican. One of my faves…! Looks like you girls had a great time! Yay!

    You totally crack me up with these photos! My cats used to do the same thing with faucet. It would drive me nuts because my hubby would turn the water on and then leave the bathroom. I’d stroll in a few hours later and find the faucet still on. :-)

    BTW…my little boy saw Kitty Paw’s picture and said “That looks like our Francis.”. Too cute! Hope you have a great weekend!

    So precious! My dog, Sophie, waits on me to get out of the shower and she goes in and licks up all the water (I have a stand alone shower). I think it is so cute. :) Cute post.

    So sweet! Pets are the best, aren’t they?! Always keeping us company and giving us great photo ops!

    Haha. I love the fact that she’s got you all figured out. My sister-in-laws cat refuses to drink from a bowl. She leaves a tiny bit of water dripping at all times for her. Lol.

    Marla @

    My previous furry gal, Aja, was like that…b/c of me! She was definitely worth it, especially before kids. :)

    So jealous of your night out!

    you soooooooooo crack me up!!!

    i am wishing i lived in nc, so i could hang out with all of you cool ladies

    Girls night out – too fun! Love to hear of Kitty Paw’s exploits. She is one famous kitty, or should I say infamous? Cute bathroom shot :)

    Love the first pic and not just because I have the same camera ;o) As for Kitty Paw, you know they say that pets and owners start resembling each other after a while!

    Those pictures below are amazing. I love dustyn’s eyes in the first picture! XOXO

    I always enjoy stopping by and marveling over your lovely photos. Today was not exception.

    Kitty Paws reflection in the mirror is great!!

    cute cute

    Sweet shots!

    Your bathroom is so neat! Ours is covered in toothpaste smears and hair bands and clips in every colour of the rainbow, lol. I’m not a grub, I swear it’s the kids!’
    And you and Kitty Paw definitely have the saw look going on haha!

    That’s better than having your cat whine by the side of the toilet because he wants you to flush it so he can get cold clean water to drink. Although, the sight of my beast of a cat sticking his head into the toilet is quite entertaining.

    Pretty soon she’s going to want the cereal too :) Meet ups are so fun. I need a girl’s night out and BAD!

    Must tell you that the sentence about you eating in the bathroom just caught me! At the lumber mill where my husband has worked for 38 years, management just put up a sign: “No eating in the restroom!”

    Love the photos today….and I really love the ‘shade’ of the photo with Kitty on the sink!

    She sure is a feisty kitty! Love the reflection! And I love your morning rituals. So cute.

    I think you are so pretty! : )
    I am going to have to give my kitty a drink out of the spigot too! If you do it, I want to also! Our cat likes to lay in the sink. That is sort of weird right? She is spoiled because she will only eat one kind of cat food. If I give her anything else she sticks her nose up at it all day and won’t even have one bite.

    How fun the two of you got to meet! I link with her on Sunday’s too =) I love the picture you shared!

    and as for Kitty Paw… she should meet my neighbors cat Fuego… (fire in spanish… he is an orange kitty) Fuego begs for the faucet too… ALL.THE.TIME! We kitty sit Fuego =) Our kitty does that for canned cat food… so spoiled! and Merlin… he begs me for meat after every meal!! =)

    bwhaha, this is awesome! Too funny!

    sounds like so much fun! i <3 sarah :)

    I love the one of kitty paw! so cute!

    Ha ha. Love it. I had solo much fun with ou. Can’t wait to do it again. You will haave to come this way soon.

    That was me sarah if you couldn’t tell. I am on kennys nook.

    Aww, Love Kitty Paw! Our cats do the same thing with the faucet. Except ours drink from the tub faucet….
    Great pictures!

    I love your interpretation of “reflection!” How unique!! Great job girl!

    Okay, first of all…. YAY that you linked up for iPhoneography! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And second, I am SO jealous you guys were able to get together. I’m so gonna be out that way. Eventually. Hopefully. Wait for me.

    Kitty Paw is really too cute, though I understand how easy (and quickly) cats form bad habits. After only one night of him begging for food at 4 and getting fed, he now wakes us up at all hours of the night for food. Even though we’ve never done it since, he’s still walking all over us in the middle of the night… Clearly I’m not bitter or anything :)
    I love the picture of you and Sarah; what a clever way to get you both in there!

    neat shot in shot with Sarah! Sorry I missed dinner. A girls night would have been awesome if I was more awake;0. Your cat is so awesome. Really makes me miss my kitty.

    Yay for girl’s night out! :D That is a cool shot of the two of you. :)

    Kitty Paw kills me. :D That last shot is hilarious!

    Love the way you captured you and Sarah!
    I think your Kitty Paw image would be great for a “I Don’t Do Mornings” poster. :)

    Girls night — how fun!!

    And yep, you definitely started it!! All our kitties loved drinking from the faucet. Storm dislikes baths, but she’ll jump in the shower after me, or will beg for the faucet in the shower to drip so she can drink… weird animals. weird humans for giving in… lol!

    Cute pic of Kitty Paw, glad you had fun on your girls night out, haven’t done one of those in a while.

    Oh, that is too cute!

    the story and the pic crack me up! so great !

    The Sarah pictures is so nice!

    Love kp’s expression… she’s all turn this water on now or I’ll squint at you like a pissed off kitty.
    nice pics. :)

    Glad yopu had a good time meeting up. Kitty Paw you are not the only one who begs for water from the faucet, the cat I watch and posted before Twitch he loves facet water., You guys are crazy cats.

    Oh and Pooor Emma jump from the couch and sprained her little paw, her nails were to long and she got stuch, but I be you Kitty Paw do not have that problem. Emmas will be ok and her claws are clipped. She says hi to you.

    lol! Love the shots, great job! :)

    I think your cell phone shot turned out fabulous! And the comment about you having the same look totally cracked me up! =P

    It is so cool that you get to hang out with Sarah every now and then. :)