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Hot Vliggity Vlog Vednesday - Ramblings and Photos
Hot Vliggity Vlog Vednesday
Me and Henry blog
Last month, I won an adorable t-shirt from Jill! I couldn’t wait to put it on as soon as I got it and Jill insisted that I take a self-portrait. It just so happens that I also had Henry that weekend so I was in a very silly mood. I forgot my tripod so after several attempts to position the camera just right, my sister walked up and I said “hold this.” I had full intentions to use my remote but my sister decided she would much rather push the button. I usually try to avoid the tilted frame, but the expression on my face is priceless.
        Live and Love...Out Loud   

And now…for my much anticipated VERY FIRST VLOG message! Hello World!
The Questions (inspired by Eighty MPH Mom with her Monday vlog hops):
  1. Is there anything blooming in your front yard? 
  2. What do you think of American Idol and the new judges?
  3. Tell us something that happened to you last week.
Check out the other hot vliggity vloggers I’m linking up with today.

    Dustyn saw you and said Ashley!! Very cute! I still need to do a vlog.

    You are so cuuuuute!!!
    You certainly do have an accent and I think that you should embrace it girl!

    Okay Dustyn came up and gave you a kiss. So sweet. Yes you do have an accent. Do I? ha ha! I can’t wait to see more vlogs. Did you use your dslr or your computer camera?

    THAT WAS SO COOL! LOL! I’ve always wondered what people sounded like and such. And hilarious how ‘in the shot’ kitty paw was LOL! Awesomeness.

    Ashley you are so cutee!

    LOL, Kitty Paw is hilarious! Does she always do that? Great vlog! You do an accent :) Nothing too crazy but a little one.

    I developed spring allergies two years ago…I NEVER had allergies before …it stinks. Hopefully they will go away!

    You are totally adorable (and brave!) So fun to hear you in person.

    You are beautiful and adorable, but I’m sorry to tell you this – Kitty Paw is a STAR. ;)

    How cute is this! I have been waiting to see a vlog from you! Kitty Paw sure is rambunctious! (did i spell that right?). I notice a slight accent, but nothing super strong!! I vote you do MORE vlogs.

    Kitty Paw is too funny! You have a very cute accent! I love it!

    Yes you have an accent….love it. And Kitty Paw was hilarious. She ran off right when you were signing off! Ha! Do more Vlogs please! Maybe someday I’ll join you (my accent is much thicker than yours)!

    I love your accent, much much better than my midwestern accent. Kitty Paw is hilarious, you should definitely do this again, you’re a natural.

    you make me want an accent… so cute. and kitty paw is hilarious.

    Ha…I try to hide my accent, too, but it ALWAYS comes through in recordings. :) Love it!

    You and Kitty Paw looked beautiful. Great job, Ash!

    Hahahahaha! Kitty Paw totally stole the show! :D You’re adorable and your slight accent is perfect, but Kitty Paw’s tail added the comedy.

    Can’t wait to see your pics from the day out with other blog togs!

    So cute! I love your accent! Kitty Paw is hilarious! Love the tilted frame shot too.

    lovely to see you in the flesh, what a great vlog and LOVE your accent, this is really nice seeing you here.

    Kitty Paw is hilarious!!! She is trying to steal the show.

    I think you have a slight accent, but I might not have noticed it if you didn’t mention it.

    I laughed right through the whole tape. Kitty Paw just stole the show. What a crezy cat. I loved to hear your voice and no you disquised your accent very well. Canadians always get a kick of off a drawl. Anyway it was very funny and good for you. V

    First off, you are adorale and yes you have an accent, don’t change it! I am from the south and it comes and goes. (depending who I am around)

    Second, Kitty Paw, CRACKS me up!!!!!! I was laughin so hard! Seriously, I’m gonna talk to my hubby about getting a kitty paw of my own. I love how she took off at the end, like “Im done, goodbye”

    LOVE YOUR VBLOG, wish I had the nerves to do it!

    VLOG ON!

    Ok I have to say, this has to be my favorite vlog today. I am in love with kitties and your silly cat made me laugh!! :)

    Sorry hun but, you have a very obvious accent..but, I agree with the above comments, embrace it! I’m kinda jealous;0. I think the southern accents are adorable! I also enjoy American Idol this season with Stephen Tyler;0. Your cat is a riot!

    oh and you so rocked this by the way!

    Wow, your accent is just as weird as I imagined it would be. JUST KIDDING. Really: so cute!

    Ruari was screaming at the computer when Kitty Paw appeared! She loves animals. I do think you need to do another vlog. I love the insane look Kitty Paw has at the end.

    I love it! I like how Kitty Paw made her grand appearance :) Sorry, but you kinda do have an accent…hee hee. You are brave. I hate seeing video of myself. My voice sounds annoying to me so I can’t imagine how it would sound to everyone else. I’d have to be seriously bribed to vlog…or maybe hopped up on margaritas!

    Loved your first vlog! Kitty Paw is hilarious! Just like them to misbehave when you’re trying to do something. :) I heard a slight accent, but nothing too strong.

    LOVE it! I’m feeling quite uninspired as far as my Monday posts, so this is a great way to post without having to type too much! ;) You did a great job with your first vlog!

    Yesssss I love Kitty Paw! And you DO have an accent-that I noticed but I like it! :)

    XD That was AWESOME!! :D

    I can hear an accent – wish I could talk like that. ;)

    Kitty Paw was totally killing me. :D

    So YES! You must vlog again. :)

    Oh my goodness! Kitty Paw totally stole the show. Too funny! As for the accent…you totally have one and it’s super cute. You should definitely continue with the vlogging, but only if it doesn’t interfere with your awesome photos. :)

    Ha! I think Kitty Paw whats the spotlight. So great the you Vlog…I can’t do it, I hate my voice!!! I to love idol this season…and those boys rocked the house last night! I think I have a crush on Casey (even though he is not my type…but man, can he sing!!!).

    First, Kitty Paw stole your fame..LOL…Second, total accent and this is coming from a Cali girl. Third keep doing this. I want to sign up. This would be fun. Gives me a reason to put makeup on, on my off days…LOL!

    You’re adorable! Lucky monkey!

    Oh Ashley, that was so cute! Kitty Paw was very excited for you to be vlogging too! You do have a little bit of an accent I think.

    Loved the video!! You’re cat had me cracking up! :) You do have a little bit of an accent, but you sound pretty normal to me, I didn’t even really notice until you said something. You should definitely do another one.

    You DO have an accent & it’s adorbs!!!! Love your vlog =) Keep them coming! xo

    Def. have an accent!!!!!!!!! I love it.

    I am with you on the whole allergy thing.

    Well, I LOVE the photo and I think it’s being tilted adds to the charm. Can’t listen to the vlog because I don’t have any speakers right now, but I will later.

    ROFL sorry – but you are funny with Kitty Paw’s tail :-D

    You did a good job despite that!

    Oh my word I forgot to say you look adorable in your new t-shirt with Henry. Glad it fits! :-D Love your smile and silly self!

    Oh my goodness MAJOR accent! And beautiful white teeth :)

    This was fun, kitty paw is awesome!

    Cute. Oh yes, before you mentioned the accent I was thinking, what a cute accent!

    Great VLOG. I love how Kitty Paw made a grand appearance.

    Did you have a talk with Kitty Paw before you started taping so he would participate too? That is one of the funniest videos ever!! Love it! It’s so nice to put a voice to your blog. Look forward to seeing/hearing more of your videos.

    That was so cool to get to hear your voice. I have to say, you sounded a lot like I thought you might sound. I only detect a very slight accent, but only in a few words. I think it would great to see more vlogging from you – especially if we can get more Kitty Paw!
    Your picture was really great too!

    That was AWESOME! I think Kitty Paw really wanted to be the star – SO CUTE!! Ah, yes, you definately have a gorgeous accent – DON’T try to hide it!! Yes, keep vlogging! :)

    Thanks so much Ashley for your comment! I have to say you look adorable on that picture! Also, I loved the video vlog! I think you’re beautiful and have a lovely accent and like Ambrosia said you should embrace it girl ;)lol. Since you like to meet up with local photographers maybe we should meet up one day when the weather gets nicer. By the way, have you noticed any cherry blossom trees in your area lately? that’s why the allergies!! anyways, can’t wait to start shooting those lovely trees, they’re my favorite! Have a happy Spring hopefully you won’t need too much medicine for the allergies, I know how much that sucks! Take care! ;)

    seriously the funniest vlog in all of vlogging history! Kitty Paw is adorable and OBVIOUSLY wants to be the center of attention! too cute.

    and yes, you do have an accent! Not a bad one, but it’s there.

    Um, you’re adorable! And yes, definite accent. But it’s not as bad as mine, so you’re in the clear. :)

    Oh yea, you definitely have an accent!! And look at Kitty Paw trying to steal the limelight from you!..I guess we shouldn’t expect anything less from her lol

    what a cute picture of you. i love the way this picture looks and you look absolutely happy :)

    haha sorry but that was hilarious! I think Kitty Paw needs her own blog :D
    And yes, huge accent but I’m an Aussie so you were always going to have an accent to me! You should definitely do more vlogs :)

    Oh My Goodness!!!! You are ADORABLE!!!

    yes do more, I wish I had the guts to do one… Kitty Paw is too funny. Love it. Did you just use your computer web cam?

    Okay #1-love that photo! Your face it just so happy (cute shirt too) and it just makes me smile! If you have a moment, can you show me the link to the blog where you talked about Henry?

    #2-you do have an accent, and it’s adorable! I’m pretty sure I have a West Coast accent…which is basically just redneck-lol!

    #3-Kitty Paw in all her glory-loved her! She is basically just like a little kid, poking her head in, tapping on your shoulder (“Mommy…Mommy…Mommmy….!)-so stinkin’ cute, and it would be fun to see her vlog.

    You have an awesome day as well Ashley!

    Kitty paw is hilarious! Kingston was laughing at the kitty.

    I think you should do vlogs all the time. I love your voice. I love accents i wish I could have one like you.

    Do more now or else.

    I’m sorry, what did you say?? Couldn’t take my eyes off Kitty Paws tail LOL! Seriously, that was great! Loved it!

    Ahahahaahhaa! Ashley, I couldn’t hear a word you said, because I was busy laughing my ASS off at Kitty Paw!
    Seriously, she’s hilarious!

    How cute is this??? I needed a good laugh today & you just gave it to me, so thank you! Kitty Paw was hilarious & I love how she exited on que at the end. Too funny! You should absolutely keep this up b/c I thought it was really cool to “see” you. :)

    LOL!!!! How you kept it together with Kitty Paw’s tail smacking you is awesome! I would’ve forgotten my name!!!! Love the Vlog thing……and yes, you do have an accent, but it’s not as strong as I would’ve imagined!!!!!

    Oh man, I’m still laughing at you getting tail-whipped by Kitty Paw the ENTIRE time! How did you manage to keep it together? :D And your accent is adorable, by the way!

    Nice Kitty Paw! I cracked up when she kept whapping you with the tail :) And you do have an accent…but not really strong! Nice vlog!
    ~kelsey from purply pink me

    I don’t think you have an accent, but I do think you need to get Kitty Paw an agent, man talk about a ham!

    Whoa you have an accent! Ha, I can really hear it because I’m used to the the “Midwest Accent”.
    Yeah you should definitely keep doing these vlogs! They’re fun to watch and Kitty Paw is too cute!!

    Again. Again. Do another vlog again. You’re a natural and have the cutest accent ever. You’re alsp the queen of patience … Kitty Paw wacked you repeatedly with her tail about 50 times and you smiled and just continued on. You’re going to make the most excellent mom ever. Love your sense of humour too.

    Great vlog! Kitty Paw clearly wanted to steal the show. Very cute!

    bwahahaha…Kitty Paw is such a camera hog. I LOVED watching her!!!

    I don’t hear your accent. It’s mild to hardly nothing at all.

    Clearly Kitty Paw felt that you were not giving her the video time she deserved. So funny, she looked like she had just been rolling in some catnip (at least that is how mine get with that stuff). Yep you have an accent, I’m sure I do too. I wish I lived closer so I could join your group, sounds like so much fun!

    love your expression in the photos its so natural and funny :-) I need to learn how to work my video on my camera so i can record but it was the last reason I got it but it will come in handy if I need one besides my regular recorder!

    look at you with that southern draw! so cute!

    cracking up! loved it! Kitty Paw was hilarious, but seriously – great job..and as far as an accent? Hmmm not sure yet haha…you should def do another one again

    YES, you have an accent. But you cover it up well and Kitty Paw’s lethal tail is a good distraction, haha.

    Too fun!

    okay So I had nooooooo idea that you sound like that and now I want to be friends even more! you should be a vlogger all the time I loved it and kitty paw! :D

    Aww! I love your voice – I think it’s kind of southern kind of not… My mom is from North Carolina (we live in utah now.) But, her entire family still lives out there and I am completely jealous. I love everything about the south.. scratch that. not the humidity. but everything else. the food the people and the southern drawl. Which you have some of I believe.
    Wow. I basically just shared way too much information with you in one comment. Okay. I’m done now (:

    Ah! This is so cute!! I loved it Ashley! Your accent is so adorable. :) And Kitty Paw just cracks me up. :)

    Love the vlog! Yep – you have a darling accent! Whenever I visit my relatives up in NC I always end up talking like that;)

    I’m thinking I need to hop on the whole vlogging thing…maybe this weekend.

    Oh, and Kitty Paw? Too funny!

    with love,
    –hannah m

    Ah! You sounds exactly like I thought you would! And my cats act just like Kitty Paw, they are totally kin, I swear.

    I was laughing teh entire time watching Kitty Paw behind you….what did you hop him up on cat nip before vlogging?!?!? Hahaha!

    You TOTALLY have an accent!

    that is adorable! thanks for starting the vblog and sharing it!

    Ha ha ha! Kitty Paw! You crack me up!

    I just had to rewind and show my boyfriend the part where you move your head and ask if Kitty Paw should have her own blog and she’s got this psycho kitty look on her face! So funny!

    And yes! Kitty Paw please make a Vlog!

    I. Cracked. Up. I think it’s hysterical how Miss Paw ‘attacked’ you while you were talking, and when finished, she left. I’ve never laughed so hard. What a little stinker. I think you have a little accent, but it’s nothing intense or crazy (or even annoying). I think you are SO cute. I wish I could hug ya. I’ve been meaning to Vlog soon, but I have absolutely nothing to talk about. Help a sister out and give me some questions to answer, girl! By the way, I can’t wait to see pictures this weekend! I’m assuming Sarah will be a part of it? Great post!

    This was awesome. Kitty Paw needs to be in more vlogs! My baby and I watched this, her first vlog by the way, and she kept saying “kitty!” and “whoaaaa”. It was adorable.

    PS-yes, slight accent, slight.

    Cute! I would have been so nervous! You did a great job! You do have a little bit of an accent, but not much!

    OMG. You are so cute! I love this vlog and hope to see more from you!

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! This is hysterical. I love your crazy cat – mine would do the same darn thing – they ARE seperated at birth. And yup – you totally have an accent :D Hugs to you.

    Ashley! That was awesome! You should definitely do another vlog post with kitty paw- y’all cracked me up :)

    I want to vlog! How fun! I loved Kitty Paw’s appearance, too!

    I really enjoyed meeting up with you all, too! I’m sad I had a late meeting at school today and have too many things to do at home to have dinner with you all. I’m seriously eating cereal and checking blogs before starting on everything I have to do. Yuck!

    Hope to meet up again soon! And yes, you have an accent, but you should be proud!

    I want to vlog! How fun! I loved Kitty Paw’s appearance, too!

    I really enjoyed meeting up with you all, too! I’m sad I had a late meeting at school today and have too many things to do at home to have dinner with you all. I’m seriously eating cereal and checking blogs before starting on everything I have to do. Yuck!

    Hope to meet up again soon! And yes, you have an accent, but you should be proud!

    haha! You (and your accent!) are way too cute. Although, Kitty Paw needs to learn that she doesn’t need to always steal the show! lol!!

    So, yes, you have an accent, but it’s not “bad” or whatever — it’s you!

    Adorable pic you have first — love the smile and laughter!

    Do more videos if you want — it’s your blog! lol!

    Have a great night!

    cute!!!! definitely have an accent! :) kitty paw is hysterical!

    love it :) yes, you do have an accent, but its cute, dont hide it! let it free! I live in Arizona and we dont have accents :( Kitty paw, is adorable, and I just did my first vlog too! it was so much harder then I thought it was going to be! :) You did a great job!

    Hahahaha! I was cracking up at Kitty Paw beating you up with her tail! :)

    I watched all your vlogs and I love them! (and your accent!) :)