Party Blowouts!
On Tuesday, I shared a few shots from the “surprise” birthday party I attended last weekend. I’ll share a couple more shots on Sunday, but I thought these were a fun way to celebrate the coming of FRIDAY!
IMG_2506 blog
The kids found these “party blowouts” (I had to look them up to figure out what exactly they were called). They were having so much fun that I pulled out my camera to photograph them. This of course really brought out their inner animals as they jumped directly in front of my camera making it very difficult to focus. Of course, these are simply snapshots…so it doesn’t really matter.
Gif Created on Make A Gif
I made this GIF using MakeaGif – it’s incredibly grainy but I think the effect works for these shots.
This 10 minutes (if that) of fun was about the only time they were willing to have the camera aimed in their direction. Don’t you love it when a child thinks it’s their turn to entertain? I especially love these two scenes of Grayson – I thought you should get the full experience of having a party blowout in your face (um…that just sounds wrong).
So that was last weekend…this weekend I will be photographing a youth group near my hometown. Should be a lot of fun  – have a great Friday!

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(this post is the extended version of my photo I’m sharing on Sunday for Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. & Me’s newest challenge: …a thousand words – theme, “Welcome to the Jungle.”)