March 28, 2011
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Random Monday Update!
It’s Monday afternoon…I’ve been in a meeting all day and I’m feeling a little bit random, so I thought I’d post a few random updates.   

Kitty Paw and I want to thank everyone that submitted a caption on Friday. You guys are way too creative. We couldn’t narrow it down to just ONE favorite, so we chose two. 
  • Submitted by Kimberly, “What do you mean you can’t see the mouse I just swallowed?! It’s right here! See?” 
  • Submitted by Flower Photography, “ASHLEY!!!!!!!!! (low to high pitch yeowl) If you cry over one more episode of Glee, that’s it I am leaving!”   
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In other news, Mello Yello left this comment on yesterday’s post:

Your Diet Mello Yello experience sounds like a total bummer. Right now, there is no Diet Mello Yello, however, we have just introduced Mello Yello Zero to market. It’s only in a handful of places right now, but expect to see it in more locations by the end of summer.
Stay smooth,
The Original Smooth™ 

I am completely aware of the fact that Mello Yello isn’t good for you. However, for nostalgia purposes, I am super excited about even the idea of Mello Yello Zero. I may have to wait a few more months for it…but it’ll be totally worth it. In fact, if the Mello Yello people are reading this right now…I’ll gladly be on your testing team.

So, that’s all for now. Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

    I love the captions! too bad I couldn’t enter one :) Love your blog!!

    thanks for commenting on my blog!

    Mello Yello left a comment on your blog! Wow. :)

    Marla @

    That’s pretty awesome! I’m totally pulling a scavenger hunt submission out of my arse right now while Dylan naps. It’s totally gonna suck, but maybe you can laugh about it with me tomorrow night at dinner. ha!

    WOW you are big time! :) Hope you get your Mello Yello soon!

    Hahaha, your hysterical with your mello yello business….Love it! AND, I love the adjective of fluffy to describe a persons shape :) hahahahaha, I would DEF say that after 3 kids my midsection is FLUFFY!!! :) My hope is running will get rid of that, but…..come on, I don’t think it ever goes away…argh!!!! :) I hate running!!!!! :)

    Hahaha, I can’t believe Mello Yello left you a comment! So cool lol.

    OMG! What great captions! So funny! And the mello yellow!? That is hilarious!! Love it!

    That’s too cool that they commented. You the woman, Ashley!

    Those captions are hysterical! How funny that Mello Yello commented on your blog! (wouldn’t you love to have that job) Mello Yello Zero? Perfect. BTW: I keep forgetting to tell you how much I adore your new blog header.

    way cool about that Ashley.

    Like this obsession you have with mello yello, so random.

    As many times as you have mentioned Mello Yello, here’s hoping the Mello Yello people (or anyone else interested in Mello Yello) will find you by a quick Google search. And I’m doing my best to take you to the top of the Mello Yello search by mentioning Mello Yello A LOT in this comment. You are welcome! :)

    They read your blog? WOW… Didn’t think the Melo Yellow search bots were so powerful. I bet they’ll send that sample. Yum.

    OMG…that is crazy. I remember Mellow Yellow…I was more of a orange crush kinda girl. I hope you can get on their tasting team!!

    Now, I’ve gotta find some Mello Yellow (never had it lol)! Come visit meeee! :-D

    I’m pumped that you picked my caption! I totally just made it up while reading your blog on Friday! First thing that popped into my oh-so clogged up brain. :) Anyway, thank you!

    And how very cool that the Mellow Yellow people commented on your blog!

    yeah for mello yello zero!! THat is sweet that you had a comment left on your page letting you know that!

    Ashley! That is so cool! We used to drink Mello Yello in Texas, but it’s not really up here in the Northwest. Also, what about Big Red? LOVE Big Red. Please see if you can get the makers of it to comment on your blog; I adore you now, but I will love you forever if that happens.

    The Mello Yellow comment is pretty funny. :)

    That kitty paw picture was fabulous, but even better with those captions.

    Those captions are amazing!

    It’s so cool that Mello Yello picked up on your post… and do let us know how Mello Yello Zero is if you ever get to be on Mello Yello’s testing team. :)

    I think it’s great that they at least contacted you! Like everything- moderation is key! :)

    Love the Mellow Yellow comment:-). You’re pretty famous now to:-). I’ve been meaning to stop by to thank you for the b’day wish for Zion. I’ll have to hire you for his next b’day party!

    And my kids say “Glee” is for teenagers like them only ;-P


    I just want to say you crack me up. FOR REAL!!!

    Your blog is one I always come back to, because I know I can find a blog about faith or a quick laugh or a short post with a photo or a tip I need.

    Thanks girl!!!

    Great captions! So hilarious about Mello Yello. I had fun last night. Great to see you again friend!

    Look at you girl, getting comments from Mello Yello!

    How funny that Mello Yello left a comment on your post! I personally love the quote by Flower Photography!

    Oh cool you picked mine!! :-)

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