March 20, 2011
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Scavenger Hunt Sunday
I’m not sure I got as much accomplished as I hoped this week…in particular, I did not photograph “model eyes” for Selfie Saturday. Although, I still want to work this one out…I just got busy this past week and our weekend was full of engagement parties and bridal showers (okay, just one of each, but still). I typically try to get my Scavenger Hunt items pulled together early in the week…but I even procrastinated on that. I’d much rather just go outside and enjoy our beautiful weather. Oh well. 

Anyways, it’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday. If you’ve been participating in the Scavenger Hunt each week, I hope this week’s items inspired you. If you’re new to the Scavenger Hunt…WELCOME! Next week’s items are sponsored by Exploring with a Camera, Paper Heart Camera, and Chic Homeschool Mama.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
The rules are simple:
  1. Anyone can participate. 
  2. You’re encouraged to take five new photos this week for the challenge. 
  3. If you get stumped, you may use one photo from your archive (although I’m not too strict about it – I do my best to take fresh shots). 
  4. Link up here on Sunday (or Tuesday at the latest) – you can use the button above.  
  5. Leave comments for at least five entries around yours (we have so many new participants each week, this is the only way I know to be inclusive).
  6. Have fun!
Without further discussion…here are my interpretations this week:

1. Camera Phone
Sunny Day by Cell Phone
I’ve had a bad case of cell phone envy lately. I DO NOT own an i phone…or an i pad, i touch, i-anything. Actually, if we want to get technical, I don’t own a cell phone at all. My day job is nice enough to provide a blackberry…however, it is extremely limited in that I can check email, make phone calls and connect with Facebook and Twitter (but still fairly limited in what I can do there). Our previous phones did not have a camera at all, and I guess that I should be thankful that I have a phone at all…but, I’m still envious of all you  i phoners. 

Nonetheless, I took this shot the other day as I was leaving the office. I was curious if I could create starbursts in my cell phone. The answer…not really…you get more of a blob, but it still looks kinda cool, right?

2. Camera
 Brownie Reflex RS
This is just one of my vintage cameras I bought a few weeks ago from Tammy Lee Bradley. I normally move everything out of the way whenever I photograph still life on my white dining room table, but thought it’d be neat to try a really wide aperture using my new 50mm f/1.4 lens. I already love this  lens – now I just need someone to photograph!

3. Shoes
IMG_2849 RS
This is another shot from my photo session with The Portico. I mentioned the other day that we did a lot of walking during our session…this included walking on the train tracks. I thought it might be neat to focus more on the tracks with a gentle focus on their shoes walking up.

4. Chair
Chair RS
I had no idea how difficult it would be to photograph a CHAIR, but it kinda was…at least from what I thought would be an interesting perspective. This is the top of one of my favorite chairs in our house – our ball and claw arm chair. I love the way the light hits it.

5. Imperfection
IMG_2950 BW-RS
Our world is far from perfect. There is entirely too much selfishness, hate, chaos, abuse, poverty and terrorism in this imperfect world.  We allow our lives to pass by with the hope of living in a perfect world…a world that was designed to be perfect by our perfect Creator. Being perfect is HIS nature. Yet we, as humans…in our own limited wisdom, often think that we can make an imperfect world better. And for that “perfect” world, we sacrifice our present life and we accuse others for our unhappiness.

The challenge is to understand the world we’ve been given and enjoy living in it. Being perfect in an imperfect world is to live in a world that has always been perfect…like each of you…like each of these little (and out-of-focus) hands. 

What were your interpretations of the items this week? I can’t wait to check them out. Be sure to load your pictures in your blog (or your Flickr photostream) and link up at the bottom of this post.  Feel free to grab a button to display on your blog along with your scavenger hunt items. The linky will be open until Tuesday night at midnight (EST). If you didn’t participate this week, but want to participate next week, here are your items (these can also be found at the bottom of my blog each week):
  1. Decay (old/abandoned)
  2. Groups of Three  (Exploring with a Camera prompt)
  3. Kitchen (next Paper Heart Camera theme -consider a self portrait for this one)
  4. Things that make you go “hmmm” (Chic Homeschool Mama‘s suggestion)
  5. “Me” Time (Chic Homeschool Mama‘s suggestion)
Again, thank you to the Kat (Exploring with a Camera), Chelsey (Paper Heart Camera), and Gina (Chic Homeschool Mama) for so many great scavenger hunt items. If you’d like to contribute items to the list, just send me an email with your suggestions (I can better keep track of them this way…and we’ve got some great prompts coming up in future weeks). Each week, I will select one reader’s prompt list, add those items to what is currently on tap and give the selected reader a shout out on my blog during Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Shoot and Edit: Part 1, Week 11.  The prompt/theme is “flowers.” Happy Shooting!


    What a fun week of prompts! I too was limited to a blackberry for work and bit the bullet and now have a separate iphone for personal use. I am so happy I did it – that thing is the coolest invention ever!

    Beautiful photos! I love your shoe shot!

    You need to go out and get yourself something that starts with an i, girl. I think I have too many Apple products. Lol.

    Love these pictures… especially the last one. It’s great.

    And I really look forward to these new prompts. They sound fun. :)

    Marla @

    Gorgeous shots, that camera is awesome. Congrats on the new lens!

    If it makes you feel any better, I live in Finland…land of Nokias and cell phones in general…and I can’t get on the internet at all with my phone; it makes/receives calls, serves as alarm clock and takes reaaallly crap photos. That’s all! (I sooo understand your i-phone envy!!)

    As usual, your photos stun and amaze me…I love your phone shot…and that shoes one is fabulous! But my fave is the chair (go figure…I make wooden furniture ;D) I love the (what I’m assuming to be) shadows cast from the blinds (?). A very creative angle, in my opinion!

    I have had cell phone envy pretty badly lately, too. I have an old blackberry and the camera on it leaves something to be desired. I always said I never wanted an iphone, but I think I changed my mind. I’d love to have a decent camera/video option on my phone. And I’m completely in LOVE with my iMac… so I think the iphone is next on the list.
    And that last photo… I love your thoughts that go along with it. Just inspiring and beautiful!

    Your hands shot is amazing!! Great photos! :)

    I don’t own anything with an “i” either, if that makes you feel better. :) Part of the reason I didn’t even think of taking a photo with a camera phone is that I don’t know how to upload the photo to my computer!

    Of all your shots this week (which I love), I simply adore your chair shot!! LOVE the lighting and the unique perspective and crop.

    Wasn’t one of the themes Stupefaction… or did I just miss something? :)

    I love your hand shot and your vintage camera too! I’ve asked hubby to start my vintage camera collection for mothers day haha!
    I wish I had an iPhone :( But I don’t use my phone nearly enough to justify how much they are! I can highly recommend my iMac though!

    Great shots. I love that vintage camera. It looks like shooting all those teens was fun.

    I am in love with your camera shot! It is perfection.

    Lovely photos all! I really enjoyed the hands and the feet on the railroad tracks. You will really enjoy the 50mm f/1.4 lens. You can do so much with it! Thanks so much for including Exploring with a Camera for this next week! I can’t wait to see what everyone posts.

    As always I enjoyed seeing each and every wonderful shot. I really like your chair and its photo; but I have to honestly say I LOVE the camera phone image. The color, the tone…it’s the one I keep going back too. :)

    LOVE that camera…and the shoes are so cool!

    Inspiring, that’s what the last photo is.

    Love all the shots!

    I LOVE every one of your shots…the shoes is brillant! And I adore your chair shot – so creative! I love your hand shot & the sentiment…beautiful! :)

    I don’t have i Phone – I have Nokia!!! ;)

    My husband bought his firts not Nokia phone last summer, new i Phone.

    I love the idea of the hands shot – there’s such a message in that one photo alone. Oh that vintage camera shot is lovely with the blurriness all around it – I wish we had never given away my grandpa’s when we were moving years ago.

    (I never managed to get an ipod touch photo taken this week).

    Great photos. Love your camera photo. You can come visit me and take photos of the boys. :) You need to come see our place anyways. Ha ha! Sounds like a good day yesterday. Have a great Sunday!

    Your phone shot is absolutely fine and I think the shoes going down the track is very nice too.

    I love the camera phone photo as well as the shoe photo!

    Hi, and thanks for hosting.

    I’ve included a link to your hop on my site – there’s a page devoted to hops for every day of the week. Go to the top of my sidebar for links to these pages:
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    And please read recent posts called “Expletive Deleted? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” and “I have sex”. I’d love to hear your opinion!

    Have a great week!


    Your camera phone photo is so pretty, Ashley!

    These are beautiful. Love your camera shot…the plant in the background is such a pretty added touch.

    I love your chair shot! I had no idea what to do with it either. I love that captured the light and the grain as well as the uniqueness of the chair.

    Sounds like everyone was out and about this week! Enjoyed your post and like that shot from your phone!

    Love all of your shots this week! Especially camera and imperfection. Loved the message you used with that photo!

    Hi Ashley,

    It’s my first time linking up this week, after visiting for the last two weeks and be so inspired by the entries I’ve seen! How exciting!
    I’m just getting started with photography and believe it or not, it is my iphone that inspired me to get more into it, because the shots that I am able to capture are so intriguing…
    Your work amazes me and draws me in. On today’s hunt, I love your vintage camera and the sunburst on the camera phone is sweet too!

    Bless you for all you’re doing!!!

    Your photos are always so wonderful and this week is no exception. Imperfection has to be my favorite.

    And I don’t own an iPhone either. In fact, I have a TracFone that doesn’t have the capability to take photos. Just phone calls and texting. And that is just fine with me. I’m practicing contentment. Which is really hard after playing with my nephew’s iTouch yesterday. :)

    You got some great shots this week Ashley! I love your chair – i had a hard time with that one too! And your imperfection one is just beautiful :D

    Wonderful! It was fun to capture this week’s prompts. Thanks again for including two of the ideas I suggested. ;)

    Lovelovelove your shoes & imperfection shots this week! Have a great Sunday :)

    I know what you mean; my life has had a few changes and we’re trying to adjust and juggling so much can be a challenge. You’ll get there, we all do.

    Love the challenge today. Looking forward to seeing your Model Eyes!!!

    Enjoy your Sunday! Happy 1st day of Spring

    Today I like your 3. 4. and 5. pics and 5. photo is very good in theme !!!!!

    I love all your shots! And I’m totally with ya on the camera phone thing.

    Love your idea for imperfection! I also like shoes.

    Your camera phone shot turned out great, looks very vintagey. And your brownie looks in a lot better shape than mine!..have you ever tried to use it??

    Love them, as always, but I really like the shoes and the chair photo!!!

    holy cow your phone shot is stunning!!!! :) I love it!!

    Hello, I really like your hands shot, actually I really like all of them. Have a blessed Sunday. xxx

    Good morning!
    This is my first week posting! You have such beautiful photos. I am looking forward to being inspired by Scavenger Hunt Sundays for many weeks to come. I really want to use my camera more and thanks to this it will motivate me to do so!

    I love the shots, especially the camera. I wanted to join in again this week but I don’t own a mobile phone, although the camera I use to photograph everything isn’t that much better anyway!

    I love the chair shot!!! I know it was much harder for me as well.

    Thank you so much for picking some of my ideas!!!! So very cool & totally a great way to kick off the week.

    My favorite is your shoes shot. Love to see cowboy boots in the shot!

    Love the shoes! Very creative…

    I absolutley love your camera picture!!!

    I love your take on Imperfection. So, so great. And your perspective and composition on the chair is so unique. Great job! :) [As always…]

    I love all of these!

    I love these especially the camera shot, looks a great new purchase.

    Wonderful job, Ashley. You have such a talent when it comes to finding unique and beautiful shots that most people never think of!

    I think I must be one of the ones that disappeared from your reader..haven’t seen you for a while! However, you’re still in my reader, and I love seeing all your exquisite photos.

    I must say, my favorite image from this post is probably the hands shot from your Portico shoot..lovely! I love hands, and that kind of picture always “hits the spot” for me. :) Good job.

    Happy shooting,

    I love love love the shoes and hands shots and what you said about our imperfect world.

    This was a fun week of prompts!

    I love all of your shots, of course. The camera one is super cool. I really like those vintage cameras!

    Love your brownie shot! I’m having fun with mine too.

    Beautiful chair photo!

    I don’t have anything starting with “i”… but my Samsung Corby Pro takes pretty good pics! :D Yours isn’t bad, either.

    Love #2 and #4.

    Happy Sunday to you Ashley! =) I love the feet on the tracks… love it!! I like train track photos!! =) and great job on the chair!! That one haunted me all week… =) I didn’t have much time this week… so my best foot was not forward… but I managed to play along… snicker snicker… =) and I wrote a little ditty about android phones just for you on my post today! he he I have camera envy… and that is worse than cell phone envy… btw!! =)

    I like your camera phone shot, and the fun angle of the chair shot.

    Enjoyed this week’s prompts… I was thinking it might be nice to try some word themes … hope, rebirth/awakening (spring?), outdoors

    Ashley, I don not have iAnything either… I always use my husband phone when I need to…
    Anyway… Your first shot is great… and I really like the chair capture. Love the light and the color.

    Yes, I have a bit of iphone envy too. So much gorgeousness people have been posting from that machine…

    Congrats on the 50 1.4. Mine is on my camera nearly all the time. LOVE it!

    Wow! I love all your shots! I especially like your chair perspective and the shoe shot! Really neat!

    Wonderful captures! Really like the imperfection shot and your thoughts on our imperfect world.

    I love the hands – soo cool, love the differences, shapes, sizes, colors

    Love your camera phone and your imperfection! Beautiful.

    Beautiful shots Ashley! I love the tracks and great shot of the chair!

    Wow, that is a really great camera shot! Mad love for that “Camera” camera shot too :D XO, Kelly

    Fantastic shots, and I almost drool over that vintage camera ;-P

    Wonderful photos Ashley…I love the camera one and the shoes…

    Woof, Ashley!
    I drool at all your shots!
    Way too cool!

    That camera is awesome!! I will have to keep an eye out for old cameras to use as props. Dig that! The camera phone pic is insane!! Love that sun!! See you tonight!

    Another great collection of photos! Isn’t it funny how something stationary like a chair can be so difficult to photograph? You did great though!

    As usual I am blown away by all your photos. I can’t pick a favorite… between the ‘shoes’ & the ‘chair’ shots. The description on your final shot is spot on word for word.

    Thanks again for sundays!

    Great shots Ashley!!! Love your camera phone & camera shots….and shoes!!!!!! Boy do I want the snow to melt here…..

    I’ve linked up and I absolutely LOVE your pictures! What editing program do you use?
    P.S. You can see my SHS pics here: :) God bless!

    I love the hands!!
    Really neat shot!
    Can’t wait till next week!
    I so look forward to this challenge the most!!