The Portico: Sneak Peek!
Last Saturday, I met up with my friend Pam and a few members (14-16) of The Portico (aka the youth group she leads) for a quick photography session…and I say quick because we’re talking about teenagers and they have a pretty short attention span. 

I’ve never really photographed a large group before so it was quite interesting trying to coordinate so many bodies, but we had a lot of fun. Pam really does have a great group of kids! Here’s a few pictures from our session:
IMG_2605 RS
We started out at the fountain to get everyone warmed up. It’s always funny to me how nervous we (yes, including myself) get when there’s a camera in our face. It didn’t take long though before they were giggling and ready to put on a show (specifically the guy in the middle).
IMG_2951 BW-RS
I don’t know why, but I love this shot of their hands – it looks like it should be a poster or something. To get this shot, I had to get underneath the group and point up – it was quite hard to focus, but the result is pretty cool…at least I think so.
Live Every Moment    and then, she {snapped}

IMG_2651 RS
As we were walking over to a small park, Pam thought it’d be neat to capture the group walking under this covered walkway. Walking should be easy…right?
IMG_2673 bw-RS
Yep…more walking.
IMG_2728 RS
So then we get to the park and I suggest a JUMPING shot. What teenager doesn’t like a jumping shot? …..yeah, that’s what I thought. I actually got a ton of jumping shots (most of which are blurry). They were laughing so hard that I told them to keep jumping. It was way too fun! By the way, if you want to see more jumping shots, check out THEME Thursday. This week’s theme is JUMP and next week’s theme is ACTIVE.
 Another Day Another Diaper    
(also linking up with …a thousand words – theme: “it’s still up in the air!”)
IMG_2743 BW-RS
I don’t know if you can tell, but this group has NO personality…
IMG_2766 BW-RS
IMG_2783 RS
This would be our “ultra cool” shot. I love the sky…I also love how the boys are picking on one another on the far right.
IMG_2908 bw-RS
At this point, we went to the train tracks. Pam assured me that trains rarely (if ever) passed through the area, but we stayed cautious.
IMG_2815 RS
At one point, we saw a police car pull up and just stare at us. I told the group that that was our cue to hit the road! The cops were pretty nice about it though and just reminded us to be careful…besides, we had plenty of adult supervision.
IMG_2857 RS
After shooting for almost an hour, several members of the group had to get back to the church for dance practice, but a few hung around so we could walk down the tracks a little further. This likely falls under trespassing.
IMG_2966 RS
And of course you remember this shot from yesterday. I’d like to once again thank Pam and the Portico for having me. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!
IMG_3004 Sun-Kissed RS

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Have a great Friday!

    These are just great!!!

    Great shots..looks like you guys had a fun shoot! I really like all the shots on the train tracks, especially the one where they are sitting down.

    These are great shots Ashley – but I really like the one of the hands. For some reason that touched me. :)

    Stunning work.

    Wow that guy with the cap on looks like Ne-Yo!

    What awesome fun shots!! I LOVE the shot of the hands!

    That shot of their hands is very powerful…love it! My other favorite is the black and white of them lined up on the train tracks…great perspective. The jumping shot is fun, too! Great work!

    The shot of their hands is really cool!!

    I really like the shots on the train tracks, too. :)

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hand shot! Awesome! As always though, they are all great, and you did an amazing job with this group of kids!!

    Great job getting them in fun positions to capture each person. I love the train shot!!

    The hand shot is awesome and I’m very impressed with everyone sitting on the train tracks! Great job getting everyone to jump. The girl almost dead center in pink is really going for the jump! Great capture and thank you so much for linking up with me and Jenn for Theme Thursday. We really appreciate your entry and participation!

    Hard to pick a favorite…I love the RR track shots, the hand shot, the b&w one in the park. They’re all fabulous. Looks like a great group of teens!

    Large groups are difficult, but you make it look easy! Really great shots!

    All of these photos came out really nice!! I love the one of all of them jumping!! Reminding me of an episode of one of my fav. shows were they tried to do the same!!! LOL
    Have a good one!!!

    I love the train tracks shots, particularly! So glad you caught their personality. :D

    what great shots! These are so fun and i love them all!! SO FUN!!!

    Looks like a fun bunch of kids. Love the last train track shot of them.

    WOW!!! These ARE FANTASTIC!!! I love all of them Ashley. Great job posing them and getting them comfortable. Love their smiles and genuine fun personalities shining through!!

    Great pictures Ashley!! Though I wouldn’t expect differently ;) I’m sure the kids will love all of them!!

    im in LOVE with the hands photo. in LOVE.

    I just love how those all came out!! I have a hard enough time getting my 3 kids to all look at the camera with a decent face at the same time. You did a great job!!

    These are wonderful…love the hands capture and love the first one!

    They look like such fun kids. I love youth groups. And I love the people that lead them. : ) How kind of you to shoo them!

    I like the hands shot also:)

    absolutely fantastic shots, so full of life!

    These look so great, Ashley! I think you did a fantastic job! I can’t imagine trying to coordinate a group that big, but you seem to have nailed it. :)

    You got so many amazing shots – your set ups are amazing. But wow – that hand shot blows me away!

    I am really impressed with these! Big groups are HARD to photograph and these are wonderful. That hand shot is fabulous. Makes me want to grab my daughter’s youth group and start taking pictures!

    I love all the variety in your group shots. I am blissfully inspired by you!!

    And the hands shot…three shades of amazing my friend!

    Ashley~ I think you did a most awesome job with the youth group. It is really hard to photography a large number of people! Fantastic work.


    I think the hand shot look like a poster also.

    The photo of the boy picking on each other on the fence.. uhhhh.. how did they sit on that fence with the spikey things sticking up? I bet their behinds hurt! LOL

    I love these! I’ve got a photoshoot scheduled for a group of girls that I advise coming up in the next month and I’ve been looking for examples!!

    Looks like they had a blast too!

    I LOVE the shot of their hands. Amazing! I really like the railroad shots too!

    Looks like a lot of fun and a great group of kids! Love the train track shots. We have some near us that trains do not go on very often, but it makes me nervous to try anything on them.

    what a fun photo shoot–I can’t pick a favorite. I love how you captured all the quirkiness of a teen. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

    Ashley, these are great! I especially love the trespassing shot! :)


    Great shots. I love that you were able to capture such a big group and still keep things interesting. That takes talent, girl. :)

    Marla @

    These are so fun, Ashley! LOVE the hands.

    I love these! They are so FUN! :)

    great job! large groups are challenging to work with but they also give you a great opportunity to take some really creative shots. I have worked with large families, the biggest one was a family of 8, the parents and 6 kids, but never this many young adults.

    awesome shots….looks fun! thanks for dropping by my place.

    Hi Ashley :) I know it’s hard to get a large group captured! You did a great job :) Half the magic is having the subjects be lively and willing participants. I see that all the stars were aligned that day. The location, the weather and the peeps! They were fortunate to have you :) Kelly

    These are all so wonderful Ashley. I thought the hands shot was great then saw the jumping one and thought it was even greater…then the rest just blew me away. You really did a good job of making them comfy enough to share the real them it seems.
    have a good weekend!

    Amazing pictures! I have six children of my own, I wish you could capture our family like this! You are talented!

    Love, love, love these shots! Very creative and it looks like it was a very fun bunch of kids to work with! I especially love the train and train track pics!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    I was going to start naming my favorites, but there are too many to list. My VERY favorite one is the hands shot. Okay, and the one with the railroad car! And the low angle one at the railroad tracks where they’re out of focus!

    Plus most of the other ones!

    For the first time shooting a big group, you did fabulously!

    WOW!!! All of these shots are great! I do love the guy making the silly face! And the last shot is processed perfectly!

    Wow Ashley! These are great shots! You really captured their enthusiasm.

    Wonderful shots! Especially love the black and white photos and the train track shots!!

    Awesome shots Ashley!!!!!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

    They were terrific shots every one. V

    How fun. Great photos.

    one is better than the next, looks like it was great fun

    beautiful! Love the hand shot!

    You did a great job, all the photos look wonderful!

    these are really great. what a fun group of kids. I do love the shot of the hands too.

    Fabulous group shots! Love them!

    Awesome collection Ashley! I LOVE that hands shot!!!

    I love the train car shots and the train tracks shots- it looks like you had an outgoing and awesome group to work with! The idea of taking pictures of that large of a group terrifies me, but you got a ton of wonderful images!

    Oh Ashley I love that handshot! and all the rail/train ones!

    You did a great job capturing such a big group friend! I love the jumping shots and the shots on the RR. Looks like a lovely place!

    You did a great job! Groups are SO hard to do!

    I love all these. I just did my first group shoot but with little kids and wow was it like herding cats into a pool ! these came out great and I love the hand shot so much, I might have to borrow that idea !

    These are seriously good…and make me miss my students (I’ve had a whole week away for spring break). Didn’t think anything could do that!

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Ashley, you did an amazing job with these. What a fabulous photo opportunity.

    This is a really fun series of photographs. It looks like everyone had fun.

    My favourites are the train track ones.

    I really like the railroad and where the focus is on it and the hands is awesome too.

    Your hand shot is so creative! You look like an old pro with group shots! Such fun captures, especially love the railroad :)

    oh this looks like a blast! HOW FUN! (and I think you need to refollow me… I feel like we havnt chatted for awhile.) I love the hands shot too!

    Awesome photos! Love the hands shot!

    I love your hands shot, but really, all your shots are amazing!

    What a fun, diverse group!! No personality there, huh? (not!) lol!

    I adore the hands pic — very cool!

    And the jumping pics – fun fun!!

    and yes, that was trespassing, but I suppose we’ll let you all slide this once… just be careful!! :)

    Ashley, these are such amazing shots! You are such a great photographer! Thank you so much for linking up with us!