March 09, 2011
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Vloggin’ Vednesdays: My Favorite Room

So this week, I’m trying something new by using my 7D’s video function. I need to practice my focus while video taping…and I could really use a lot more light. I also wish I had done something better with my hair…and my sweater keeps riding up. Oh, and just in case you weren’t sure that I have a “southern accent,” I definitely have one! Alright…enough critizing myself – I hope you enjoyed my vlog today.


If you want to join us for future Vloggin’ Vednesday Episodes, here’s what’s coming up:

Vednesday, March 16th: “Q&A Day” – Vlog questions
  • Why did you start blogging? 
  • If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
  • What is the biggest personal change you have ever made?
Vednesday, March 23nd 
  • “Guilty Pleasures” – OK, we know you’ve got ‘em, let ‘em all hang out.
Vednesday, March 30th 
  • “How To” – Share a “how to” video. I love learning new things, who doesn’t?
Have a Great Vloggin’ Vednesday! 

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    Too cute :) wish your lighting was better in the first part though.

    LOVE the green chair!! :)

    Great job! You’re a natural… I sense a spokeswoman/speaking job coming up! :O)

    Great video & you have a super cute living room with all of your great deals from Craigslist! :) I’ve bought & sold lots of stuff that way too & have always had positive experiences although I keep safety my #1 goal when utilizing it. Happy Wednesday.

    Where did you find your facebook & twitter buttons on the bottom of your post?

    Wow you are brave! I’d be stuttering and fumbling over my words so much! :D

    Nice to see and hear, both you and your home. :)

    time for a little more grace with yourself. you are beautiful – no one cares about your hair or even noticed your sweater. you spoke beautifully and did a great job.

    i can’t wait to start my I AM BEAUTIFUL project. it really is something we all need so much in our lives!

    glad you were able to do this without interuptions for kitty paw – even though she is funny.

    i know you know this but to have better light on you – maybe put the camera where your china cabinet is and then face the window :-D to keep focus when video taping with the 7D you must turn it on manual focus and then slowly get it in focus as you move around.

    hugs and love,
    PS LOVE the green chair!

    That wasa great. Love how you decorate, so light and airy feeling. I Love white it is so fresh.

    I have to get a better webcam, and On my new camera I will get it has video as well so I really want to join in this fun.

    And I may even do this now on this web cam because I am housesitting a great house .

    Love your style! Thrifty and fabulous all at once! (When my husband and I merged households, I definitely won the battle of the “stuff”, too!)

    I had no idea you were so adorable! ack!

    I love your dining room table! And what a great deal that you found on it! I have those same white foam board, but they’re crammed under my bed or else Bennett would ruin them. Ha ha. Great vlog!

    Your hair was fine. :D And I never noticed any problems with your sweater!! Still love your accent.

    I’m glad you won the fight for that chair – it’s awesome! :D

    I LOVE your accent and your table and chairs, and this is all lovely and so interesting. I still haven’t used the video function on my 7D, really enjoyed watching you today.

    awesome deals on craigslist – love the china cabinet!

    I have to say my first reaction was “Oh my gosh she has an accent” and then I read your comment about it. Oops! LOL You’re just so cute.

    And love the chair, but i wish I could see the dots better, you’ll have to set up a photo near it so we can see the lovely dots!

    Loved it! You’re such a southern belle!

    From one Southerner to another…great job and I love your accent!!!

    So cute, I love that green chair!

    I Love that green chair I have an orange one like that but the husband said a big fat NO to that one. :( maybe when we get a house I can take it out storage and use it some where.

    I Love that green chair I have an orange one like that but the husband said a big fat NO to that one. :( maybe when we get a house I can take it out storage and use it some where.

    You are too cute! Love your living room! I use all dark furniture and I really should decorate with some white. I love it! Good job on finding the great deals too!

    Love the accent and you have such beautiful furniture! Great vlog :)

    thanks Ashley for the quick home tour. It’s always a treat to see new places. Had to do a double take, didn’t realize that this was you when I first viewed your video. Great job

    What a nice tour around your house / dining room, Ashley! It looks very inviting – I love the table and chairs and what a gorgeous mirror!

    I love the light in those rooms. Someday I will have to join you on this weekly adventure- great job!

    I have wanted to do a vlog post for a long time – I’m going to have to link up to one of these.

    I love your Dr. Seuss chair, btw – I love the butterfly pillow!! :)

    Great job!

    Nicely done. Your hair looked cute! I love the cabinet in your living room and the fun green chair. Glad you were able to keep it.

    I just might come to your house and *borrow* :] your yellow flower center piece. I just love it. It’s so bright and happy.
    Oh, and update on finding kitty.. I packed up baby and headed to animal control, found the kitty that loved Jae the most, went to purchase and realized I forgot my wallet :[ We went back later that day and she was adopted. So sad. Oh well, another kitty time will come.

    Great post! I love your accent (I know, you probably don’t think you have one). Thanks for sharing your great room, and tips on scoring some deals. Thanks for posting.

    I hate being WAY DOWN on your comment list because you have TONS OF FOLLOWERS! ;-) Whats a good way to have this comment stick out amongst the millions???

    YOU’RE SEXY!!!!! ;-)

    Loved your vlog! LOVE your accent! I mean WOW! Wasn’t expecting that! So CUTE!!! And I really do LOVE that dining room table. What a steal!

    Ohh love your kitchen table. One day [when my two year old grows up] I want white furniture. :) So pretty. And, sorry girl, you can’t hide that Southern Accent from a fellow Southerner. Hehe. I’m usually pretty good at begging WHERE the accent is from…I’m guessing in your case Northern Georgia or the Carolinas. Great vlog! you’re a natural. Bummed there was no Kitty Paw. :(

    You are the craigslist queen! Beautiful room, thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to reading more!

    Excellent vlog! Love that room, love your dining room table and chairs and the cute green polka dot chair! You are so cute!

    It was lovely for you to invite us into your home and share the things you like, I like the green chair too.

    Love the room! And, I’m a big fan of Craigslist, too. In fact, I can’t really go on there and “look” b/c I’ll definitely find something I must have. :)

    I love it! So classy and sophisticated! That mirror is awesome, your grandma has great taste.

    I would totally sport your Dr. Seuss chair in my house. In fact I have 2 ugly wing-backed chairs I got as a hand-me-down and now I am really motivated to look into recovering them. Yay!

    I’m with Jill; no more dogging on your “accent” or your sweater that was definitely not riding up! I used to have a chair JUST like your green one; though it was zebra striped with red piping, and it was a freebie I scored from my friend’s mom. Though I also fought hard for it when we got married, Jeremy vetoed it and I gave it back. At least I can still visit it whenever I go home and see my friend, right?

    I too am in love with craigslist! It definitely is an advantage to living in a college town–all the seniors normally dump their things on craigslist about graduation time, and it sure is a wonderful time to search for necessities. We found our oak entertainment center for $35!

    The coloring of your home is awesome! I love the white on white with the natural wood furniture.

    Thanks for the vlog experience :)

    Ok so you made it looks so easy that I had to be like all the cool kids and join. After looking at all the up coming questions and what not I thought why not?
    Thanks and have a great day. =D

    Best accent ever! :) Your home is super cute. Love it. Love all the Craigslist finds! I love a good deal.

    I’ve never purchased anything from Craigslist. Might just need to take a peek. Looks like you hit the jackpot. I absolutely love your green chair. Reminds me of my favorite chair that used to by my grandmother’s. I had it reupholstered too.

    Fun!! I loooove that white table! It’s really cool – and I think it’s even better that you got a great deal on it! haha!

    Love your style Ashley!!! I also haven’t bought anything off Craig’slist, so now you have my curiousity up about it. I have some things I’d like to list.

    You are a natural at speaking btw!

    beautiful home, love your windows lol

    I enjoyed your video today. It was like being invited for tea and a chat. You do have an accent that is distinctive to the southern US. Very cool. V

    How cool! This totally humanizes you. :-) I have video on my D90, but I’ve never used it. I think I’ve just been inspired. Thanks, Ashley!!

    I want that green chair, awesome.

    You room is gorgeous – what a lovely place to blog from. And, I love that you love a good bargain as much as I do.

    I loved it. I loved seeing more of your house! I am definitely joining next week!!

    You are so adorable!!! You have a gorgeous dining room – I can understand why you want to spend so much time there. How can I play??? You know I can do a crazy awesome vlog.

    p.s. I love your new blog design!

    You looked different from the last vlog and your accent sounded stronger! Your home looks so nice and organised..mines a disgrace at the moment haha! LOVE the Dr Suess chair :D

    You accent sounded so much stronger this time. You’re so cute! :) I love that most of your furniture is from Craigslist ~ I have gotten so many awesome things from there! :) Great “Dr Suess” chair. I am waiting for my mom to give me her old ones so I can recover them (they look just like yours) ~ I really love that you recovered yours in such a bright color. Love the way it pops in that corner!

    Okay, really, just an adorable vlog! Thanks for sharing! :)

    oh Ashley, your southern accent is pure southern belle and it’s fabulous! Gorgeous finds on Craigslist… I’m glad you fought for the chair :)

    HA! Your sooo cute!!! Love the Vlog!!! I think I have mentioned this on my blog, but if I haven’t…my whole HOUSE is furnished with Craigslist. My husband and I moved home and said we wanted to see if we could furnish the whole place with second hand stuff…we have 2 bookcases that are from Ikea, but that’s it!!! I LOVE Craigslist!!! Great Vlog!!! love the accent!!!


    you are so cute! it was fun to see you on video. also i love the new look of your blog, beautiful, perfect for spring!

    Now I must try out mine soon. eventually haha.

    Hi Ashley thanks for commenting on my video! I saw yours this morning and loved the table! What a great buy! I have a 60d that I recently bought but my video was recorded on my canon point and shoot. for some reason the p&s is great in low lights, and my house is DARK! Anyway, when I do use my 60d for my videos I usually sit facing a window. I’m sure there is a technical way to set it up for better lighting, but the camera is too new, and I haven’t had a chance to figure it out. -Shirley xoxo

    I love it! I love that you say “fix” dinner, too. :)

    Ashley, your accent is so cute. It just makes you sound so friendly….not that you’re not…that came out weird…but you know what I mean. LOL! I kind of love your table and chairs but if I had white there would be fingerprints all over :)

    Your a natural on that side of the camera too. Your camera shoots pretty good video.

    I LUV your dining room. I felt like I was watching a cozy morning talk show! You are adorable. there is no getting around that!

    Love your accent and your dining room. Thanks again for stopping by my blog.

    You did great, girl!

    Dork? I think not! I think everyone sounds great, but they always have something to talk about, or seem so organized. So, hopefully I’ll get better as time goes on. I love the “room” vlog. So cute. And, it’s a good way to show people your style and taste in decor! I think your vlogs are very entertaining.

    I don’t know what I love more, your Craig’s List plug (I’ve SOLD a lot of furniture that way!) or the fact that you pretty well won out on the “combining two households” deal :) I seriously envy you that chair. My hubby would have stuck it out on the curb with me in it! I’m very jealous that your decor is so together. In 15 (yeah a looong) years of being married, all of ours is still pretty mish moshed :(

    I LOVE that dining room set! I love how it’s kinda chunky and WHITE! I need to check Craigslist out more for furniture!

    I love your accent too!

    I LOVE that dining room set! I love how it’s kinda chunky and WHITE! I need to check Craigslist out more for furniture!

    I love your accent too!

    hehe! You’re so adorable! Love your hair (what was wrong with it?) and I didn’t notice anything wrong with your sweater.

    Love your accent!

    Glad you got to keep the green chair — it’s got a nice bright punch! Adorable rooms, Ashley!

    Great to see you “in action”… lovely room!

    For the record…I love the chair. LOVE it!

    Love it!, Great job, I love the green chair! & I think your hair looks great. I wish I had a room in my house that got good light. I need to do more craigslist shopping, & your table Rocks!

    Ugh! I can’t see the video for some reason… :(

    Finally watched…..and I’m really loving the vlogging!!! It gets me more in touch…..maybe I’ll figure it out….

    Awesomeness! My son watched you the WHOLE TIME! :D

    You totally rock the Vlog! That was adorable!

    Really cute vlog. You’re adorable.

    I am too scared to try vlogging, but you may eventually inspire me!

    Loved seeing part of your house! That green chair is awesome! Way to go on all of the Craigslist deals!

    love your table!

    Sooooo stinkin’ cute!!! (Surely I’ve mentioned that before)? LOL! Love it! ♥