March 09, 2011
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Vloggin’ Vednesdays: My Favorite Room

So this week, I’m trying something new by using my 7D’s video function. I need to practice my focus while video taping…and I could really use a lot more light. I also wish I had done something better with my hair…and my sweater keeps riding up. Oh, and just in case you weren’t sure that I have a “southern accent,” I definitely have one! Alright…enough critizing myself – I hope you enjoyed my vlog today.


If you want to join us for future Vloggin’ Vednesday Episodes, here’s what’s coming up:

Vednesday, March 16th: “Q&A Day” – Vlog questions
  • Why did you start blogging? 
  • If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
  • What is the biggest personal change you have ever made?
Vednesday, March 23nd 
  • “Guilty Pleasures” – OK, we know you’ve got ‘em, let ‘em all hang out.
Vednesday, March 30th 
  • “How To” – Share a “how to” video. I love learning new things, who doesn’t?
Have a Great Vloggin’ Vednesday! 

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