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Vloggin' Vednesdays: Question & Answer - Ramblings and Photos

March 16, 2011
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Vloggin’ Vednesdays: Question & Answer

I think the video says it all today…although what you don’t see is me crying during Glee. I’m such a Gleek! If you’d like to participate, here are today’s questions:
  • Why did you start blogging? 
  • If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
  • What is the biggest personal change you have ever made?

If you want to join us for future Vloggin’ Vednesday Episodes, here’s what’s coming up:
Vednesday, March 23nd 
  • “Guilty Pleasures” – OK, we know you’ve got ‘em, let ‘em all hang out.
Vednesday, March 30th 
  • “How To” – Share a “how to” video. I love learning new things, who doesn’t?
Have a Great Vloggin’ Vednesday!
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    Who would have thought after blogging would come vlogging?! :) this was fun to watch..fun to learn more about you. And I just have to say,I love junk food and I’m a major gleek!! Ha! I cry pretty much every time :)

    Loved watching your blog! I too could eat cereal every day. What’s your fave? Bad for you favorite is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Good for you is Strawberry Mini Wheats. Most people have to cut out bad things to lose weight. I need to cut out cereal to lose weight!

    I started blogging to record a photograph a day for a year in 2010. I have been bitten by the bug and in 2011 I have made it a weekly blog about me, the world around me and photographs too.

    If I had to eat only one thing for the rest of my life it would have to be pasta. I love pasta.

    The biggest change I have ever made was getting a divorce and leaving my kids. The hardest decision I have ever made and I missed them so much.


    You’re too cute! And our eating habits and thoughts, the same! Love my junk food and could live off of pizza and/or cereal! Great vlog!


    I love your vlogs! I love your answers for your 1 food forever question – Hawaiian pizza is my weakness in life. But alas, I’m the only one in my family who likes it. So I only get to eat it when I make personal pizzas for dinner. As a reformed junk foodie, I can honestly say that the cravings for it never go away. If I smell french fries, I pretty much start salivating, even though I know it’ll go straight to my thighs.

    sweet office chair and lighting is much better;0. Like the tip on having something stand in for a focus test. That is a great idea! I think you do great in these vlogs. Very comfortable and natural;0.

    i am a junk food eater too!! :)

    your so cute great clip I have to get mine done.

    It looks GOOD! Much better than my crappy nigh lighting :) I guess I should step it up now.

    Oh, and I LOVE Hawiian pizza. I got Chikezie to start eating recently and he likes it now too after previously making fun of me because I liked fruit in pizza. Silly!

    Well… we can’t be friends… Hawaiian is my least favorite pizza. Unless we get half Hawaiian and half pepperoni, kalamata olive, and sausage. Then we could be friends. Only then.

    I feel like I just got to sit down and have a great conversation with a friend – you are a natural at this.

    I also used credit card points I didn’t realize I had to buy my camera – and then started saving them up again and am going to use them for an iPad (as soon as they are back in stores.)

    FYI – Loved the background music!

    I love Hawaiian pizza! You found a great room for lighting! Nicely done.

    this is too cool! first time I hear about vlogging! And its really interesting:-) I am not sure if I would go in front of the camera though, I would have to put two layers of deodorant and hide my face behind my camera, lol. But you do it really well! And I would have answered the first question exactly like you:-)
    cheers, Sibylle

    YAY for vlogs!! I’m picky, too so no worries! Hawaiian pizza is my hubby’s favorite! He could probably eat that forever.

    loved your vlog – and I am the same way about food!

    Great Vid. Very great lighting indeed.The framing is great too,feels very intimate. Great job on this. Would you really choose cereal over pizza? : ) Thanks for posting, can’t wait to see next week.

    I’m a total junk food junkie…which is why I’ve got 10 pounds to lose and need to up the anty on my workout schedule. :) I’m right there with you on cereal. I eat and could eat cereal every single day. LOOOVe that sweater you are wearing! So cute!

    I loved your vlog, found the music quite distracting halfway through when it reached it’s crescendo. Loved your answers too – cereal is a good choice.

    I definitely love your new video position. Great lighting. I loved listening to how you got into blogging.

    Part of me wants to jump on this vlogging bandwagon, but I’m scared. LOL!

    I used to never watch people’s vlogs. But I enjoy watching yours!

    I love pizza, too…. :-)
    btw, you look soooo comfortable talking in fron of the camera :-) that’s great actually.

    What is the music playing in the back ground? Very Lovely!!!
    OMG don’t get me started on pizza…I LOVE IT!!! haha
    Have a good one!!!

    I’m totally loving your vlogs!! Cereal for the rest of your life — now that’s an interesting one! Greg is a pizza guy and I have been working on my homemade pizza crust for a while now to perfect it for him.

    I didn’t have time this week to participate with rehearsal in the first part of the week but I think I will next time!

    Phinneas had just woken up from a short nap before I turned on your vlog. It started, and he just lit up! Grinning, drooling and doing that cute baby flirting at you in your video!

    I’m very much a cereal fan. I never was a big pizza eater until I met my hubs. He loves pizza. We just had a surprisingly delirious one the other day–pesto, provolone, whole garlic and potato! Sounds weird, but it was soo good!

    It was so fun to watch and learn so much about you! You are too cute and I loved learning about you and how you got started! I think you were made for vloggin’… totally natural! :)

    Love your hair up like that! I totally enjoyed your vlog today. :)

    Great vlog, digging the background music. I like Glee too, just started watching it via Netflix.

    I love pineapple, too. Great vlog this week! :)

    miss you.. love your vlog.. your voice has a tiny twang… never expected that…

    Awesome vlog again!!! And might I say…your hair looks so great like that & purple is an amazing colour on you!! I saw you had matching nail polish =) So cute!!!

    Hawaiian is my favorite too!!! Mmmm! xoxo

    I love your vlog, your lighting was perfect! I also am big on cereal and pizza but my favorite would be pepperoni and sausage :)

    I miss Hawaiian pizza…

    It’s so much fun to listen to/watch you talk! :D

    Love your vlog! Your reason for blogging, etc is exactly the same as mine…a creative outlet (after I got married)…oh, and I love me some pizza :) Not Hawaiian though :)

    I cried during Glee too! Haha.
    I’m enjoying these vlogs.

    Special K with Berries. :) Nice seeing your smile. xo tam

    YAY! for VLOGGIN’! loved the vlog love me some pizza too!

    Thanks for the coffee date! LOL!

    cute country girl. :)

    love it! :)

    Cereal!!! YES!! I said potatoes, you know, but cereal is such a good answer. Hawaiian Pizza is amongst my favorite kinds… :) Such a cute vlog this week! I love your background music, and the “new set”. Haha! The lighting is fab. :) And I have to say that as much of a Health-Nut that I am ~ I can pig out on junk food just like the rest of you! Candy is my weakness. :)

    I had to laugh. When you got to the food question the first thing I thought of was Pizza. I love Hawaiian pizza too. And, if you just say pizza, you can vary the kinds of pizza you have. :) It’s all in the loop holes.

    Just came back from a trip to California, so my blog will have new pictures up soon. I’m trying to figure out how to make a little cash with my photos, but wow, it’s harder to promote yourself than it looks.

    I had to laugh. When you got to the food question the first thing I thought of was Pizza. I love Hawaiian pizza too. And, if you just say pizza, you can vary the kinds of pizza you have. :) It’s all in the loop holes.

    Just came back from a trip to California, so my blog will have new pictures up soon. I’m trying to figure out how to make a little cash with my photos, but wow, it’s harder to promote yourself than it looks. I don’t want to be a pro either. Just a hobby that pays a little.

    Sorry I posted this twice. I didn’t realize I have two Google accounts. You can check out my new website at http://www.wix.com/drai21/the-way-i-see-it


    I really like the way you put together your vlog –the intro, the music, the closing! :) I wasn’t able to view your video last week, but glad that I am able to access it now.