Bachelorette Weekend: Part 1
As I’ve mentioned a few times already, this past weekend, I joined my friend Jennifer for her Bachelorette Weekend in Charleston, S.C. Fortunately for us, the weather (although a bit breezy at times) was perfect. Unfortunately for those we left behind…disaster. Yes, I do live in the area affected by the recent tornadoes in North Carolina, our home was not affected.
IMG_3851 RS
We got into town around lunch. So, after meeting up with the girls at the Kickin Chicken, we hit King Street for a little shopping. By the way, see that extremely pale girl in the middle…yeah, I need a tan!
Shopping Collage
I was in charge of photography so I did my best to try to catch the girls in action. To be completely honest, I thought photographing the weekend was the perfect way to avoid spending all my money.
IMG_3848 RS
Later that evening, we were scheduled to join a walking Ghost Tour. I thought I might try to capture a few ghosts, so I brought my camera. I was adjusting my settings when our tour guide (pictured top left) called me out, “Excuse me, could you put that away? That’s going to be really annoying if you keep doing that.” 

I took that one picture and was in the process of making some adjustments when he said that…so, I put the camera down and said, “Sure thing, no problem.” In which he continued fussing at me, “I mean, how would you feel if I was photographing or videotaping you?” Now I’m irritated but I’m trying to play it cool, “Ya know, it really wouldn’t bother me, but it’s cool…camera down.” I should have told him that he could take pictures or video as long as he redirected back to my website, but I thought that was too much.
Ghost Tour Collage
Needless to say, just after fussing at me, our tour guide was quick to point out that we were NOT on a ghost tour…we were on the Dark Side tour which involved a long discussion about prostitution and murder. After standing in front of a brick building for at least 30 minutes discussion prostitution and listening to his potty mouth, we decided that it would be in our best interest to leave the tour. Therefore, we saw no ghosts…but we did get our money back.
IMG_3881 RS
Luckily for us, one of the girls in our group was from Charleston…so, she took us to a neat bar/restaurant called Husk. I want to say it was 9:30 pm at this point…I was getting hungry but the girls were still smiling. That’s my friend Jennifer on the left, isn’t she beautiful?
IMG_3888 RS
For dinner, we had 10 o’clock reservations at Muse. Wow – the food was delicious. I should have taken photos of us during dinner, but I was a bit busy inhaling my meal. As we were leaving, we asked one of the guys in the restaurant if he would take a group photo. Let me tell ya, I was a bit hesitant to hand over my 7D…but he seemed safe enough.
IMG_3899 RS
We ended the night at a beautiful bar/lounge. I should have written down the name because I’ve never seen a bar so beautiful. At this point, I was a bit tired…I’m starting to believe I’m getting old and I haven’t even hit 30. The things we do for our friends! Had the camera been turned on me, I can’t promise I would have looked nearly as good as my friends Emily and Jennifer.
IMG_3905 RS
So that was our first night in Charleston. I’m hoping to share Part 2 with you on Friday. Until then, have a wonderful Wednesday.
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By the way, I had planned to join Vloggin’ Vednesday today > the theme is 10 Years Ago…now and then. However, when I went to look for some photos from 2001, I couldn’t find any. It would have been the end of my first year in college. Although I could just videotape myself and talk about myself 10 years ago…I get the impression (and I agree) that you guys enjoy the mix of video, photography and music. I’ll see if I can find those pictures to share another time.

    Ahhhh, to be young again! Your friends are all so lovely. The soon-to-be bride’s eyes are alive with excitement — that’s obvious.

    The dumb guy on the tour — didn’t he know your photos would have been free PR? Duh!

    Great photos, Ashley. May I ask, what is a 7D? Sounds expensive. ;)

    What a fun weekend with your girlfriends! Love the night shots on the street!

    What a gorgeous group…and sooo fun! Can’t believe that tour guide. (My boys would call him a poo-poo head.)

    Beautiful group, beautiful!

    You got some great pictures, I like the b&w street shot particularly, atmospheric :-)

    the bride-to-be looks so happy, such a sparkle in her eyes. sounds like a great weekend celebrating love and friendship

    Glad you had a safe fun time. Great shots.

    Too bad that guy was rude/mean. Very wise of you to ditch out and good you got your money back.

    Looks like fun! Can’t wait to see more photos.

    Oh I LOOOOOVVVEEEE Charleston! I went with a group of girls last August and it literally was my favorite weekend ever!

    And guess what…I DID get a picture of a ghost! I promise. It was in two different pictures that I took on a rooftop bar. Crazy!!

    I’m glad your house is okay after the storms. We made it through ok too…but the areas all around us were totally devestated. There will a lot of rebuilding for a long time…that’s for sure.

    Awesome photos! What a fun time! I LOOOOOVE Charleston! So excited to go there next month!

    Love girlfriend time – especially away from it all. You captured the fun spirit of your week-end so well. (Except for the poarty ooper tour guide. Booo…..)

    Hope the crazy winds have died down a bit. We’re getting hit with it now. (Along with sleet – yes, I said sleet!)

    I think white skin is beautiful, so I think either way you look great!

    I was thinking about planning a charleston trip for a while now and these pics sure help my decision!

    Agh! I would not let a lame tour guide talk to me that way! If it wasn’t specifically forbidden to take photos on that tour, I’d continue to do that simple inspite of that jerk.

    Sounds and looks like such a fun time with friends! You always know what kind of time you are going to have when someone tells you to put your camera down because it will be “irritating” ;) Glad you guys split and had a wonderful evening. Great shots!

    I have been wanting to go to Charleston FOREVER! seems like such a neat town. So glad to hear that your home was not effected by the tornadoes, the damage was so devastating in that area.

    Looks like you had a great time! I love that gorgeous blue door!!!!

    Enjoyed your post! so much :-) Glad you got your money back! I love your camera bag – had my eye on those and now I have seen how big it is. Ps: You girls are all so pretty! And thanks for linking up :-)

    looks like so much fun!!! Thank fully you and your home are safe – so much damage to that area -
    oh yeah – before I forget – glad kitty is safe too

    How much fun!! Nothing better than a girl’s trip with your besties with WARM weather. Sorry about the storms in NC.

    Looks like a fun part 1 weekend! I really like your night shots and I would have left the tour too.

    What a fun weekend. I love your theory of taking photos to avoid spending money – I may give it a try this weekend in Seattle.

    So glad you weren’t affected by the storms. I hope all your friends and family are okay as well.

    wonderful pictures! looks like such a fun trip! And you all looks so beautiful!

    can’t wait to see more!

    Hope your wednesday is wonderful!

    Your guide guy looks creepy, love the photos looks like you guys had a great time and you captured it wonderfully!

    These are great and it looks like so much fun! The tour guide was a bit of a freak, huh? He looks kinda creepy too! Haha! Love these pics!

    Okay- that looks like a lot of fun- minus the rude, creepy guy. Geezzz- I think I would have walked out at that moment. I have never known someone giving a tour to ban photos.

    So happy to hear that your home was not touched by the tornadoes. I was wondering about all my bloggy friends in that area & was praying everyone was safe.

    The trip looked like FUN!
    So Glad your home made it through without damage! Terrible ordeal for you all!

    Great photos Ashley, can’t wait to see the rest, and that guys sounds like a jerk! I’m glad you guys got your money back and left, to bad it was such a bad experince because the actual ghost tours are really cool, I have taken a few of them and learned a lot (and been really scared too!)

    stopping by for the first time, and new follower!!

    Great pics! Love the ones outside of the streets :)

    These are great – you gals SHINE :D

    I envy you time with your friends. None of mine live near me…wah :( None of them are single anymore either…not that I can think of anyway. What a meanie guide. I’m glad you guys ditched him. Ghost tours are SO fun, but a “murder” tour…yeah, not so much.

    Can I say, OMG, your friend looks exactly like Felicity :) She’s gorgeous and you got some awesome shots. I’m glad you found your way into one!

    looks like you had a wonderful time :D

    You gals are gorgeous… and your friend looks like ‘Felicity’! =)

    This bachelorette looks like my kind of party, complete with food AND shopping! Really though, those kind of weekends are so much fun to just recharge and get in all that girl time. Looks like you had a blast!

    All you girls *SPARKLE* and liked your narration of your weekend fun with girls!

    What a great looking group of ladies! Looks like fun was had by all!
    Love your camera bag by the way!

    Looks like you guys had a blast! But seriously, I hope you snapped your little patootie off taking shots of that rude tour guide as you walked away. How unprofessional of him! Ugh!
    So sorry to hear that your area was affected by the tornado. I’m glad that your home was spared though. :)

    This bachelorette weekend looks like it was a lot of fun!
    So nice of you to take pictures and document the weekend :)
    I cannot believe that tour guide…I’m glad you guys got your money back! Sheesh!
    And, you girls all looked fabulous!

    Glad you enjoyed our awesome city :) Husk and Muse are still on my list of places to eat before we move!!

    Sounds like your tour guide was more scary than the ghosts! ;) Glad our home was safe.

    So glad your home was okay. I hope all your family and neighbors are okay too.

    What a fun weekend. The pics are gorgeous. All your friends(and you too) are super pretty. The friend with the curly hair has amazing eyes. I might be having some eye envy. The guy on the “ghost” tour sounded like a jerk. Way to stay cool with him.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your weekend with us.

    OH! That looks like a blast! All of the gals are so pretty! I will say, the jerk with the chip on his shoulder needs to chill out. I mean, get over yourself DUDE! What a grump!

    Fantastic job of capturing beautiful moments from the weekend!

    Great photos! Good friends are wonderful to have!

    Glad this was such fun. THat tour guide sounds like a big jerk. Glad you bailed and got your money back. Aren’t friends the best?

    Looks like a fun weekend! You are all so beautiful!! Fantastic pictures too :-)

    So Glad to hear your house was OK and not affected by the storms.

    (btw ~ thanks for your comment on my blog. I’ve added a few more pictures since, but I love that first one too :-) )

    Glad you all had such a fun trip! These are wonderful photos, thanks so much for sharing the fun. I hope every one near your home is getting through the mess.

    looks like you had fun, despite the jerky tour guide. your bride friend looks like the actress kerri russell.

    It’s great that you enjoyed your weekend with your lovely friends. The soon-to-be bride’s eyes are sparkling and you captured it perfectly.

    To be honest, if I had a 7D myself, I’d hesitate to hand it over to someone else (who may have little experience in handling cameras), even for just a sec.

    Good to know that you are safe after the storm. My prayers go out to those who are affected and of course for your continued safety.

    Oh how fun! We girls need our weekends away! And I love your camera bag purse…I almost bought that one! ;)

    Looks like fun. That really sucks about the ghost tour though. I’m glad you got your money back!

    What a great way to spend a weekend! Charleston is one of my favorite places…it is where my husband and I were engaged:) Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.


    Looks like so much fun, sucks about the ghost tour. I’ve always wanted to do that! That guy didn’t have to be so rude about everything!

    Looks like a lot of fun!!

    You all look so beautiful! Seriously, what a bad tour guide. As a guide I would expect people to want to take photos of film. You were so right to leave the tour.

    Erika B

    Looks like a great time away! Beautiful weather with beautiful friends. glad you are safe and well and not affected by the storm.

    Beautiful shots! Looks like a really fun time.

    it sounds like you had a great time, love how you described it all and the photos are great.

    Looks like you had a great time! I think someone is ready for wedding photography, this looks amazing!

    that is the lamest tour guide I have ever heard of!! Everyone takes pictures on a tour. C’mon! Sorry for you:( You look adorable in all these pics and seriously, looks like SUCH A BLAST!!

    Looks like you guys had a blast! You are all gorgeous ladies :) So fun, thanks for sharing!

    these are adorable, it looks like you guys had so much fun! And your friend with the curly hair looks like Keri Russell!

    This sounds like a fabulous night. :)

    Marla @

    so much fun! thanks for sharing all the pics….great to be here and thanks for dropping by my B&W entry.

    What a fun time! Lame about the ghost/prostitution tour. What is that about?

    I so need some girl time!!