Bachelorette Weekend: Part 2
Last Saturday morning (during Jennifer’s Bachelorette Weekend), those of us that went to bed early the night before were ready to get out and explore Charleston…after eating breakfast courtesy of the Embassy Suites – I do love eating breakfast! It looked like it might rain, so we dressed appropriately and brought umbrellas. I was so prepared – I even went to Target to buy one of those cute bubble umbrellas so that if it did rain, I could get some cute shots of the bride holding a cute umbrella.
Market Collage
Right beside our hotel, was a small market with produce, crafts and pony rides. We stood for a moment, but wanted to check out the bigger market (ya know, on Market Street). On our walk down, we spotted BLONDE Jesus. I told the girls to stop for a minute…no one would believe me if I just said I saw a blonde Jesus, I needed proof!
IMG_3917 RS
We really wanted to have lunch at Jestine’s Kitchen. We’d heard that if you didn’t want to wait in line for hours (wrapped around the building), that you really needed to get there as close to opening as possible. They opened at 11 am…we were there at 11:15. All of the seats were immediately filled so we were the first in line. I think we waited 30-45 minutes and it was so worth it! But seriously, there’s no wait list…so, if you want to eat at Jestine’s, get there early or be prepared to wait.
Jestines Collage
Next up…PRALINES! Walking down Market Street, you are literally overcome by the smell of sweet praline goodness. I have incredibly strong will power, so I briefly stepped inside to grab a sample. It was pretty yummy but I’m not a huge nut fan. Some of the other girls bought a bag to take home with them…I’m kinda curious how many of them actually made it all the way home with their bag of pralines.
IMG_3935 RS
We walked all over Charleston…tons of shopping! Like I mentioned the other day, I was busy taking pictures so I wouldn’t be so tempted to spend money. And it really was tempting – so many cute warm weather frocks (my word for cute clothes). Some of the other girls were tempted by Charleston Cooks. If you like cooking/baking, etc, then you will love this store. Me…I just like to eat. I took one walk around and decided to wait outside. Jennifer joined me. Don’t ya love the look on her face looking up at me?
Jennifer Collage - Saturday Afternoon
So, that was Saturday morning/afternoon. Come back tomorrow for part 3 – Saturday night. I’ll keep it PG…promise. Until then, I hope you have a wonderful GOOD FRIDAY!
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