Friday Perspectives
I feel a little random today. In all fairness, my blog is named “RAMBLINGS and Photos” though, so I think I’ll lead with the ramblings today.

In High School, I was infamous for my random stories…they were traditionally known as “Ashley Stories.” And if you were to get all my high school buddies in a room together, I’m sure they’d be happy to take a walk down memory lane and make fun of me for a little while (Candace…I’m sure you can account for the gang). 

In my defense, I have a fairly creative brain and creativity is unpredictable (at least for me). Perhaps you can relate…I have days where ideas are floating around my mind like fish in the ocean – you just reel one in and run with it. I carry around a day planner so I can keep up with them all (seriously, you guys just think I’m soooo organized – can you imagine if I didn’t have a planner?). Other days, time seems to stand still…nothing seems to move forward and I get trapped in a state of duh. I’ve been stuck there all week. 

So, like I was saying…”Ashley stories.” When I’m at my best, an idea or a memory sometimes pops into my head. If I’m with a group of people, I find myself giggling to myself…in which case they want to know what I’m thinking. Rather than tell a story like most people would, I start half way through the story (leaving the first half the story in my brain). This tends to leave people looking at me with a question mark. By that point, the moment has passed and I might as well have marbles in my mouth. And this my friends is why I blog – I’m a much better writer than I am a verbal story teller.
Sunglasses RS
Anyways, on Monday afternoon, I got a text message from Sarah. She and her family were coming into town to pick up something and she wanted to meet up with me for dinner. I got to the restaurant a little early. After fiddling with my blackberry for a few minutes, I decided to pull out my camera and take a few self portraits (I’ll share another one on Sunday). Don’t be jealous of my sunglasses. You know you want some.

To be completely  honest with you, I’m still a bit shy about bringing my camera out in public places. So, when Sarah arrived, she walked up to the car…I nearly peed on myself. It was pretty funny.

Big Wheels
On Tuesday, I was on my way to meet up with Melissa for dinner (yes – it seems as if I ate out a lot this week, but I hit the gym before both dates) when I noticed this a “pimped out hi-riser” in my rear view mirror. I managed to capture it with my cell phone and then manipulate it in Photoshop using Pixel Bender. I’m going to “go out on a limb” and say that the guy driving this hi-riser liked the attention…in particular the car behind me blatantly taking pictures of it.
and then, she {snapped}    Live Every Moment

Toms Polaroid
In other news, I recently got my first pair of TOMS! I’ve been seeing TOMS everywhere and finally got curious enough to purchase a pair. Let me tell you, they might possibly be the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever owned…including my Rainbows. If you’re interested in how they feel…imagine you’re wearing a little piece of heaven…yeah, it’s that good (note: if you’re going to order a pair, they run a little small…I wear either an 8 or 8.5 – so I ordered an 8.5 and they fit perfect).

With that said, I think I’ve shared enough randomness for one day. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! If I don’t see you tomorrow, I hope to see you for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

    Oh I LOVE that pixel bender shot! It looks unreal! And I totally would’ve peed myself if I got busted taking pictures of myself haha :D

    great shots and love the TOMS! :-D

    PS I have a new button and a link up for the I AM BEAUTIFUL Project – could you share your link there from last week? Thanks :-D

    I have been lusting after some TOMS for months every time I go into Whole Foods (which I still think is a tad strange that I can buy shoes at the grocery store..but thats actually where I got my purse too!). I might have to splurge and pick some up next time I’m there..

    WOW – what a cool babe with sunglasses – wonderful photo!

    Great shots!
    Happy weekend.

    keep on being random it is funny! I’m kinda similar, I start stories in the middle too. Have a great weekend.

    That 2nd photo looks amazing! I love the effect you used in photoshop. It looks like a painting or photo someone would hang in their home!

    I love the side mirror image!

    I was seriously going to start gushing over those shoes and asking where you got them… and then realized you were already telling me. LOL Must.Have.Toms!!

    Love the pixel bending picture and I totally adore your sunglasses. I am a sunglass whore myself and now I’ll have to do a self-portrait in them just because. <3

    yes, those glasses are cool. wish i had me some!

    I am very familiar with TOMS
    and I have heard from a lot of people that they are quite comfy!! I need to get us a pair! I like when you ramble. You do write well and it appears that even when you are having a DUH week you still have a lot of inspiration to bring to the table. I think God uses our DUHs for his glory! ;-) Like these textured shots!

    This cracks me up because my grandfather use to say I had to take every little pig path to tell a story – meaning, it took me forever to tell what was in my head because I had to keep backtracking to catch everyone up with my thoughts.

    Love these shots, Ashley! So happy you are linking up to iPhoneography. :)

    Hot lady! LOL, at getting caught, I can see that right now! Love your pixel blender capture…very neat. I am going to have to look at the Tom’s site. I am always looking for comfortable shoes and can never find them.

    Love the TOMS! I am getting a pair for my wedding reception, in one of my colors. :)

    fab shots.

    I’m the queen of random stories! I have a very…. interesting… imagination. And it tends to come out in bits and pieces at awkward times. LOL

    Love the pictures, as always :-)

    I’ve got to get me some TOMS! I’ve been wanting some forever.

    I have a pair of Toms too, and I’ve literally worn them out! Now that it’s getting nicer and the threat of snow is nearly over, I need to get a new pair! They’re exactly as you said – a little bit of heaven on your feet!

    I know how you feel about getting the camera out in public – it’s something I’ve been working on!

    I feel so relieved that someone else has the same affliction of telling only the best part of the story (as if everyone already knew the background). It seems like most of my stories end up being a fiesta de uno while my friends are left puzzling it over.
    Your self-portrait is really cool; I love the reflection off your aviators. Happy Friday!!

    Yup – I want the sunglasses (and the Toms!)

    Cool shots!!

    What awesome shots! I LOVE those toms so freaking cute!! I don’t know what i would do without your ramblings! I absolutely love your blog!! :)

    I’m jealous that you look fantastic in those type of sunglasses. They look just plain dorky on me.

    How funny about your randomness. We must be related. Want to know why my blog is called “AlyGatr’s Everywhere”? I made up the name because I’m constantly being accused of holding conversations that go all over the place (hence, “everywhere”). It drives my hubby insane. He’ll start talking about something that will remind me of something else totally unrelated and then I start talking about it and he’s left saying “wha?”

    I’d heard of the Toms and it’s good to know they are comfortable.

    That car is cracking me up! love your sunnies and the reflection in them is really neat.

    Ha, I have those shades! Now I bet you don’t have them in mirrored gold as well as silver do you? ;)

    So glad to know that I’m not the only one who suffers from a fear of being caught photographing myself or others while out in public; this is why I’ll never have awesome shots in Target even though I’m always sorely tempted! I definitely enjoyed today’s ramblings! :D

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the fisrt two photos. Love how you edited the second photo.
    Love those sun glasses. Yes jelous and I want to get me some.
    Have a good one!!!

    Wow the first two photos could be out of a magazine or movie! Perfection!!

    I love how you make me laugh! It’s so great to get to know you that much more through these short snippets of who you are. Love this post!

    Glasses are AWESOME yes I want some!!! lol
    Love the pixel bender too – looks really cool.

    I heart your sunglasses!! Makes me want to wear my contacts.. ;)

    That pixel bender thing is so cool.. I need to figure it out…

    Never heard of TOMS, but I might look in to them now. ;)

    LOL! at your shoes…Matt calls those Karate shoes. He had them even before they were called Toms..Our neighbors daughter has few pairs and every time she wears them, he asks her if she has a karate tournament. Then again I love my flip flops, I have issues wearing closed toed shoes…I DON’T LIKE THEM! (closed toe that is). Happy Friday.

    Enjoyed reading your randomness today. Great use of pixel bender.

    these are some great shots hun!

    I like your randomness. It makes me feel right at home. :) Your paragraph about starting a story half way through and ending up with marbles in your mouth (I know that’s not really what you said) made me laugh. I’m right there with ya, sistah!

    By the way, I partly have you to thank for my kids’ enthusiasm for helping me with photography lately. They (all three of them–which is a feat since finding things that a 13, 9 and 3 year old all want to do is a challenge) LOVE Sunday Scavenger Hunt. So thanks for that. :)

    Those TOMS seem really comfy and they look great, too!

    I had to laugh when I read about getting startled when Sarah walked up to the car. =)

    love the randomness and great shots! I too have been wanting a pair of Toms. BTW, my 2 1/2 yr old son is sitting with me and is infatuated with your selfie. He keeps saying, “up” so I’ll scroll back up to it! ;)

    You know if you had an iphone you would need a notebook… ;)
    I love all the shots.
    As far as toms… you don’t wear them out, right? it’s jsut for home?

    Love all your shots, and I need to get a pair of TOMS as well – all I hear are great things!

    Love your sunglasses! :)

    Love your shots!!!! And I’m jealous of your Toms!!! I’ve wanted a pair for a year now!!!!

    I’ve never heard of Toms. Great photos, Miss Movie Star in her shades! :O)

    You are too funny! Love your selfie! And I’m glad to hear you are still shy about bringing out the camera in public; I don’t feel so bad now. :) Have a great Saturday…see you Sunday!

    Cool photos! I’ve been wanting some Toms for a while too.

    great shots, Ashley! All of them. I really like the darkness of the first one, and the artsy climat of the second one! very creative!

    heh. love your rambling. I think I must be a rambler also, just never diagnosed. and I love your TOMs so cute. I just may have to have a pair. You know, be the first in my neighborhood. have a great weekend

    You never told me about the pimp mobile!!! haha that’s too funny! I am the EXACT same way as you. In fact, at dinner, I kept thinking to myself how comfortable it was just talking to you. Like we had almost the same brain wave. I am a MUCH better writer than I am thinker. I am known for my “Melissa Letters”. seriously. whether it be a letter to a corporate company (it’s for real, but I joke about “I’m going to write a letter!” haha) or a letter to a friend or family member when I just can’t get the words out right. (or they are one of those people that don’t let you get in a word edge wise.) I don’t do this often. Only when I feel like I can communicate more clearly when I feel someone isn’t getting the message. Basically, if it’s a heated or emotional subject…I choke in person. So glad I’m not the only one whose mind operates this way!! ;)

    see I can’t stop writing…I also wanted to mention that I am also shy about bringing my camera out in public places. So when I saw your awesome camera bag that you said you take EVERYWHERE and the way you whipped out your camera to take a photo to show me a technique, I was immediately envious. I would have never guessed that you were shy about it!! ;)

    You take really great self portraits. I know you have awesome photography skills, but it doesn’t hurt that you’re so cute!

    Huh, I’ve never heard of those shoes before (maybe I’ve been living under a rock?) I’m in the market for some new flats so will have to try them out.

    Nice shoes!

    Ur shots and editing are amazing

    Wonderful photos and edits…
    A sweet little shop a few blocks away sells Toms, must go see the Spring collection…

    {How was I not of follower of your blog? Anyway, am now…}

    Have a great weekend!

    Yep- love the Selfie! but seriously love what you are doing with the pixels… so great.

    I loooooove the toms picture! Thanks so much for entering :)

    beautiful…is it SOOC?

    love the design around the edge :)

    Love your shots!! I also am kind of shy in bringing my camera out! But I am working on that! :)

    I want a pair of toms so bad I love the way they look and the confort would most definitely be nice (:

    Funny. Happy Friday!

    You look so darn cool in that 1st photo!!! I love it!!

    Great photos. I am shy about using my camera in public too. I “tried” to walk wide so you would see me. I was trying to not scare you. LOL!

    Love the pixel-bender shot…so creative!

    I have been wanting to order TOMS forever and I keep forgetting!!! Thanks for reminding me :)

    Great shots!!

    First, I love the self portrait. Thank you so much for linking up with Foto Friday.
    Second, I made my husband stop what he was doing on the computer to come and look at the hi-riser. That is hilarious. I am not sure I have ever seen a step side Crown Victoria. lol.
    Third, totally understand about the random thing. I usually jump to another story halfway through the first one.

    You’re very creative in your photos! I love all the information you share :)

    Wow! I love that second shot! I may be the only one who doesn’t know or hasn’t paid attention if others asked but what is this ‘pixel bending’? Its looks pretty awesome!

    I also love the shoes! I have seen that on TV and thought it was a great cause!

    great shots…girl you are so beautiful!

    how fun getting some new toms. my oldest is wanting some glitter ones…we’ll see… :)

    They might be random, but they were all interesting shots! Especially love the reflection…

    Loving the selfie, and the effect on that phone pic is too cool! I love just plain having fun with photography like that! :)

    In that selfie picture you look like a star, I don’t know why but maybe it is the sunglasses and you are looking out of camera…anyway I like:)

    I love how the punch line in the story was that you almost peed yourself. Made me laugh :)

    Haven’t said hi in awhile! Your blog is doing so amazing! Congrats. Job well done. I want some TOMS now :) I only wear Rainbows so now I trust you.

    Gorgeous shots! I really love the ones in the car. The reflection in your sunglasses is cool. :)

    i love that selfie of yours! and i do like toms except i can’t really fit one size properly. i am normally a 7 but then it’s loose with Toms and then i fit a 6.5 it’s too tight. geez something in between like 6.75 needs to be made lol

    My gosh, now THAT is funny. :)

    I totally get your storytelling “story” my friends are always trying to catch up… great pics! Going to go check out the Tom’s!!

    ASHLEY!!! Wow, wow, wow!!! I LOVE THESE!!! Great shots and totally inspiring.

    Thank you for participating in Fabulous Friday!