On the Road
One of my favorite things to do while RIDING in the car is to take pictures of the road. I haven’t quite mastered taking photos while driving (and I don’t endorse anyone else trying it). So, typically I’m only able to capture my favorite road scenes on Saturday as we’re driving to church (I guess it’s not the only time, but it’s often the time of day I’m thinking about it). 

Anyways, last weekend while I was capturing some beautiful sky shots for Shoot and Edit/Good to Wow (I know, I should know what my own meme is called, right?), a plane flew right into my frame. While it’s not the best shot, I’ve been on a secret mission to capture planes in the sky. I hope this is the start of many more plane shots taken from the ground (rather than in the sky).
On the Road RS
With that said, we’re hitting the road again this weekend to go to a wedding. I’m really looking forward to it, but it also means that I won’t be blog hopping this weekend. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll be absent (you didn’t think I’d forget Scavenger Hunt Sunday did you?). Be sure to come back tomorrow for Selfie Saturday – I’ve waited all week to share these photos so you’ll want to check them out. 

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Have an awesome Friday. I’ll see ya later!


    I really like this! Again, it’s like those vintage postcards that people had in the 50’s, when the super highways were being built. What will you do with all your plane pictures?

    Beautiful clouds and lucky you to capture a plane too!

    enjoy your trip together and the wedding! my hubby and I are suckers for weddings and the sweet memories they bring back;0. Great job capturing a plane in the sky!! I have never managed that before! Sweet.

    Love the plane! I should start bringing my camera in the car. Fun!

    Love taking shots from the car…Hope you have a great weekend:)


    My camera stays in my lap when I am a passenger and beside me when I drive. (I pull over to shoot) When traveling across the country last summer, I learned to take photos through the windows while Jeff continued to drive. We just couldn’t stop for every wonderful sight. here is the link for the travel blog of that trip
    Your photo turned out great!

    oooo, love it, I’m always bummed, cause I end up doing the majority of the driving

    I love it!
    Have a nice weekend.

    Oh gorgeous, I really like this :)

    The only time I am able to take pictures on the road is when I’m stuck in traffic. :(

    Have fun at the wedding, Ashley!

    This is beautiful! I admit to secretly loving to snap pics while in the car – usually with my iPhone. I cannot wait to see the selfies tomorrow. Gotta do mine today. Y’all have fun and be safe!

    Great photo, I am always snapping pics in the car :) Have a great weekend and have fun at the wedding!

    I’m loving this picture! I haven’t mastered taking photos while driving either. Frankly, I’m too scared to try it!

    Beautiful sky shot!! I always take a lot of photos with my phone while I am driving. I have yet to upload them and do anything with them ;)

    How is it that you can turn such an average moment into spectaculare?! Lov it, especially the airplaine flying over head!

    Have fun on your trip, is this the weekend you are here in Charleston? If so have fun! It is going to be gorgeous weather!

    I love the plane. I hope you can catch more. :) Thanks for linking up.

    awesome shot! Love the processing!! Can’t wait to see your selfies tomorrow!!

    Enjoy the wedding! I hope you take lots of pictures :)

    i havent commented for a few… but I always read your posts… i LOVE your photos – they are so inspirational.

    I like how you got the airplane! Cool shot!

    Kayla Faye
    Struttin’ My Stuff Photography

    I love the sky, the fluffy clouds and the color are amazing! When I lived in Greensboro years ago, we would go to a spot right by the PTI airport where you could park and the planes flew directly overhead just before landing..so they were like THISCLOSE to you. It was awesome. Maybe Raleigh has a place like that too that you can find!

    I love to take pictures on the road, too! But like you, I haven’t quite mastered it. And since I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t attempt it with Bennett in the car, I don’t get much practice :) Have fun at the wedding!

    Love this shot. My windshield is always too dirty to take pictures on the road. Lol.

    Marla @ http://www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

    I can’t wait to see your Selfie Saturday shots!!!! I am going to try and do mine today. Should be interesting. LOL!

    Have fun road tripping this weekend.

    I love plane shots too! I was on a photo walk last summer and stood in the middle of the street for several minutes to get the shot I wanted. lol

    This is a neat shot, we have planes everywhere here.

    Have a great weekend.

    This is a great shot! I can’t wait to see more ones in the future like this!! Have a great weekend Ash! x

    OK, you already KNOW what I’m going to say about this one (after my post of 9 million signs)….. ***SQUEAL!!!*** Need I say more?

    What a fun capture! Enjoy your weekend.

    Nice picture! I love the editing…makes it look antique :)
    thanks for participating!

    ~kelsey :)

    Your first comment is SO right! It does look like a vintage postcard!

    I have to admit that I’ve only taken REALLY crappy pictures from the passenger seat, but Summer is mini road trip season at our house, so I’m determined to get some better ones.

    Have a great time this weekend!!

    I am totally guilty of taking photos while driving…except I take them with my iPod. Can’t imagine using an actual camera….lol. :) Beautiful shot.

    LOL on the photo taking and driving. I do the same. You got a great photo.

    Love this…especially the editing! The color is gorgeous.

    Love the processing! I, too, like taking photos of the road but I’m rarely in the passenger seat even when my husband is around.

    Love that shot Ashley & I absolutely can’t wait to see your selfies!!!!!!!!!!!! Will miss you this weekend- have a safe drive & see you when you get back!

    What a great shot.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Great shot!

    love that… serendipity!

    I love it! Looks great. I took some sky photos today and a plane flew by, but he was way up high.

    Love it. Some of my favorite shots have been taken while driving… but I always have one hand on the wheel…. does that make you feel better? Shhhh… don’t tell my husband.

    Love the color of the sky and the plane! Love that the plane is so low in the sky!

    great shot! I really like taking pictuers while my husband driving. I’m not so good shooting and driving (or driving in shooting) at the same time as well…

    What a great image. I love the airplane in it.

    Great shot, have fun at the wedding!

    Love your shot – perfect with the plane in the back ground. Where you eh-hem…. waiting to click, perhaps? :D j/k! Enjoy your weekend away and have fun at the wedding. *sigh* I loooooove weddings.

    How great to capture a plane!

    This is my second visit to look at the picture! I truly love it! great shot!

    Love the sky and have fun on your road trip!

    love the “busyness” of the shot. So much to look at while traveling. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

    Great shot! And I absolutely love the texture you used. Absolutely beautiful Ashley. :)

    Thanks for participating in Fabulous Friday!

    So pretty…love your processing. I also love when something I didn’t foresee pops into the frame to make the shot even better!

    this is fabulous, Ashley! I love the texture in it.