Photographs and Reflections…featuring Casey!
On Wednesday, I shared a couple of teaser photos from my “play date” on Tuesday evening with Casey of One Day at a Time. I thought you might be interested in seeing a few more of my favorites from our session. Casey may be my new favorite model…she is gorgeous (and she was kind enough to share one of her favorite places to photograph).
IMG_4196 RS
Don’t you just love this RED DOOR?! To be completely honest, I am pretty horrible inexperienced when it comes to posing. We decided that if we weren’t going to have a model shoot (cancelled due to weather), that we would practice on one another. Neither one of us was completely prepared to have the cameras turned on us…if you saw her pictures of me (CLICK HERE), you may have noticed that I didn’t bother to do anything to my hair.
IMG_4233 RS
Casey, on the other hand, is absolutely beautiful regardless of what she’s wearing (in all seriousness, I don’t really think I looked that bad so no need to build me up in the comment section). We have since decided that we need to watch a lot more America’s Next Top Model for tips on posing…especially ourselves since it’s still kinda awkward. I guess that means that I need more practice.
IMG_4207 RS
And this blue door…I’m in love. My focus isn’t completely perfect on this shot, but I’ve actually come to realize that I spend way too much time trying to focus on my subject’s face. Life with Kaishon recently interviewed Molly Flanagan. As I drooled over Molly’s images, it occurred to me that while I absolutely love documentary style/lifestyle/day in the life/storytelling type of work, I don’t effectively illustrate that in my own work (and there are a few of you – Bunch of Barrons…cough cough…that are really good at this style of photography).
IMG_4259 RS
Therefore, moving forward, I’m going to make a more concerted effort at capturing everyday moments. Not that I don’t like portrait photography, but when I consider myself as a photographer…I’ve always said that very few people will hire me because I’m really great at posing. However, if you are looking for someone that will have fun with you/your kids/your family and capture those moments that would otherwise go unnoticed, I’m your gal. If that’s who I want to be…then that’s what I need to work on, and that’s what I need to deliver.
IMG_4263 RS
In the meantime, I still love these photographs of Casey and I have so many ideas for future photo shoots. We’ll definitely have to make this a more regular thing…maybe even rotate models so each month a different photographer becomes the model. I kinda like that idea.
IMG_4298 RS
Again with my focus (a little soft), but I really love this shot of Casey on the rail road tracks. Although I don’t think it’s a good idea to make a habit out of going to the train tracks, it does make a wonderful backdrop.
IMG_4312 RS
And don’t you just love the umbrella? I bought this one at Target before the Bachelorette Weekend, just in case it rained. I mean, if it’s going to rain, we’re at least going to look cute. I figured even if I don’t use it (and we didn’t), that it’ll be a wonderful prop for future photography session. And, it is. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. At this point, I have NOT done a jumping selfie (it’s been rainy all week minus a cloudy Tuesday evening). So, have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Sunday for the Scavenger Hunt!

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    Okay, so first thing I wanted to tell you is that after editing more of my pics of you last night I found myself saying, “what the heck, she doesn’t need to watch America’s next top model, she has got this posing thing down. No joke, you are QUITE natural in front of the camera and I think I’m jealous;0.

    Secondly, these are beautiful edits Ashley and you made me blush with your kindness! Surprisingly I think the umbrella shot is my fave fave though I love them all!! Who who have thought that umbrella would make for such a fun prop! GREAT JOB….I’m stealing them! lol

    I plan to post more of yours on my photo blog this weekend! Stay tuned;0

    what fantastic shots, beautiful and natural with fantastic light.

    I want to be you when I grow up, Ashley. ;)

    I so agree with you about everyday photography subjects. I find them endearing.

    Okay — no more photos of your gorgeous friends for awhile — haha! Just kidding. These are awesome!

    I love the pictures by the train tracks! They do make great background! :) Love the umbrella too!

    Cute shots! I love umbrellas in photos. I have a fun one I bought on clearance a while back that I can’t wait to use. The locations you found are wonderful! Looks like a fun time. :-)

    I think you’re both lovely, on the outside but ESPECIALLY on the inside!
    My favorite is the train track one, although each of them are perfect!
    Just wish I lived closer so I could rotate in one of those times!

    Love your grown up play date! So pretty!!! :O)

    I love them. You both are so gorgeous! Great photos. Love that last one. I may have to try and find a similar umbrella.

    These are gorgeous Ashley! Beautiful shots. I will have the FF post up soon – sorry for the delay!

    There is actually a link where you can get your royal name. This is it:

    I could never be that creative on my own. LOL

    Have a great day!

    I just love Casey and thank you for introducing her to me a few months ago. She has encouraged me time and time again. I couldn’t agree more…….she is simply GORGEOUS!!!!!

    I am with you…..not so good at posing. I have decided I have to work on this with intention. Personally, I still need to work on getting in front of the camera. I just can’t do the whole self-portrait thing…..YET!!

    At any rate, I love the fourth shot of Casey (on the steps).

    I’ll head over and check out the shots she took of you.

    And again, I sooooo wish I could accompany you all. We may be in Asheville at the end of May!?!?!

    These are just awesome Ashley!! I decided to join in today.

    Thank God for great friends.

    I’m sure she LOVED these pictures♥

    Great photos Ashley! Your right, those doors do make great backdrops. Casey doesn’t look like she needs to watch America’s Next Top Model to me…I think she looks like a natural.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful shots at Photo Feature Friday :)


    They are all great…love the bench and the railroad tracks:) Hope you have a great weekend.


    these turned out great! Love the red and blue doors!

    The umbrella shot is amazing! I love the clear umbrella :) You also are BOTH photogenic for crying out loud. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Great edits and you look awesome Ashley…for the love :)

    GREAT shots, wish I could be a part of a photo shoot with you ladies…that would be awesome!

    Beautifully done Ashley! Casey is definitely beautiful & so sweet! I too have to work on those things- one day at a time. I tend to go back & forth- I have so much learning to do that one day I focus on capturing portraits & the next I focus on the everyday & then there are all the other things I have to learn too :) Ahhh- daunting, but so very fun.

    These are wonderful and I love the location. It’s hard to pick a favorite because they are all good, but I think I like #2 best.

    These are so great! Love the umbrella!

    Love those! My favorite is the 5th one! :)

    You did so well capturing those moments of Casey and great locations aswell – she’s a natural in front of the lens.

    I really love the stairway shots and the umbrella shot. You guys did great posing each other!!

    My favorite is the first stairway shot. Great photos.

    Yah for getting to see the rest of the collection. Great work girl!

    great shots, how fun is it to get out shooting with a friend

    These are great, Ashley! And I can’t wait to check out all of the links you shared with us too! :)

    These are splendid! I love when you post links to other blogs that you draw inspiration from…it’s a great way for some of us to expand our horizons a bit.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Ashley!

    she is beautiful . . . and I love the purple with the red door behind. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

    These are so fantastic, Ashley!

    You have a sharp eye, and these portraits are well executed Ashley. You definitely rock the portrait skill. Something that I’ve been working hard on.


    Casey is definitely a stunning model and you photographed her beautifully! I love the shots on the railroad tracks!

    Just, simply beautiful. Lovely, lovely model and of course super talented photographer! You guys were daring to brave the train tracks :) I really adore the umbrella shots.

    It is so funny to me Ashley, that so many of us LOVE real and candid moments : ) but a lot of people don’t want those sorts of pictures. They might not mind them for a party or something, but most people want posed family pictures when they call me for something. : ( Posing isn’t my favorite either! Love that you like Molly so much. I pretty much think she is amazing. LOVE her! It’s nice you come to visit on the interview days. You are so sweet.

    PS Totally in love with the blue door.

    Beautiful portraits.

    Great shots, Ashley! I’m still jealous.

    Amazing Ashley I wish I was as good with a camera as you are

    Amazing, really. And love love those doors!

    wonderful captures :D
    I loved the one with umbrella the most :)

    What a beautiful and great set of shots, and I just love, love that umbrella capture, what a great idea to use it :)

    I love the red door! :)

    These are absolutely amazing and beautiful photos! I love all of them and it looks like you guys had so much fun!!

    You have some really great locations here for you shots. You did great. I have zero experience posing so dont feel bad!

    I am going to practice on my Best Friend next week “Urban Style” so it should be interesting!

    Loooove these and you are a GREAT poser, Poser!!! TT will share her title with you. LOL! ♥ Love the bright happy colors in these pics – what fun. Casey said you guys were talking about me & said what a blast we would have. I told her I’d love to see the 3 of us jumping off some random bench like a bunch of goofballs. HA! Have a great weekend! XO

    I have been thinking about the whole posing thing lately, too. I’m not very good at it…AT ALL! I think you did a fantastic job with these photos! LOVED them!

    Ashley! Thanks so much for your visit & sweet words about my Artful feature!! Your blog is fabulous – makes me realize how much I still need to learn & work on with my blog! (I might be emailing you for tips!!) Love, love, love the shot with the umbrella – so beautiful! Your post processing is fabulous!! xxx

    I’ve just stumbled onto your blog and it is FANTASTIC!
    Thanks for the inspirations and lovely photos!

    i think you did a great job! i’ll check her shots out of you next.

    thanks for the sweet comments this week!

    i love the red and blue doors. you know i drool over a good door :-D

    hugs and have a great weekend!

    I love the railroad tracks and the red and blue doors. Looks like you guys had a blast!

    THese are gorgeous!

    You are so incredibly talented. I love that you participate in my link up. I truly feel honored by it. I love learning from you.

    You gals are both so cute :D Great job with the shoot!

    Lovely shots. I love the one with the umbrella. I haven’t seen an umbrella like that in years. So cute!

    I’d love to walk around taking photos with you, too bad I’m not even in the same country :( lol
    I love the coloured doors and the last shot with the umbrella, I’ll have to keep my eye out for one!

    Really cute shots!

    These are all lovely – I really adore the color of her shirt! I also love the one where she’s leaning on the railing.

    Great shots! She is beautiful!

    Love every single one of these shots! Both of you are very talented!!

    Portraits filled with natural precious and a beautiful smile. A greeting.

    I loved both her photos and yours! I love that you’re always striving to improve your talent and skill, even if it looks amazing to me. Hope you’re having a good weekend!

    These are fabulous. I too find posing very difficult, especially with boys/men. I have noticed that it gets easier and figure that someday it will come completely natural.

    Marla @

    Really great job Ashley. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself as your photo work is always inspiring. Great that you have a group to get together with and practice session with.

    Great shots! I cannot wait to try my hand at shooting someone that will pose for me (meaning not a baby lol). I love your last shot. Very cute!

    Talented as ever! Excellent shots. Ok, now headed over to Casey’s site!

    These are beeeeeeautiful Ashley, and she is a natural. Love all your fabulous locations!

    I desperately want that umbrella now. Sigh. Like I need a reason to go shopping. :)

    Hi Ashley, Thanks so much for your comment about my “multicolored” photo! I’ve admired your photos many-a-time so it means a lot! :) Looks like you and Casey had a wonderful day!! :) So cute!

    love this shoot! i miss you and your blog. i’ve been so swamped with work. i took upon myself to take a quick break today lol *hugs*

    LOVE these portraits! I think my favorites are the one in front of the blue door and the one on the train tracks. So pretty!

    LOVE these photos!!! Gorgeous!

    These are beautiful~ Pretty subject, great colors, great edits, and great photography!

    Awesome shots as usual Ashley! You always inspire me. Thank you for that! Thanks for participating in Fabulous Friday!

    Congrats Ashley! Your photo was picked for the top five for Fabulous Friday. Thanks for participating!

    Awesome pics of Casey, Love the railroad and the red door! :) It must be great to live near someone you can have a big girls play date with :)

    Me likey. :D

    Love the train tracks, and the umbrella shots. You rock!