Birthday Party!
You may remember that I attended my niece and nephew’s birthday party a couple of weekends ago. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had much time to process the photos until earlier this week. We had such a wonderful time and these pictures are just a taste of it!
Birthday Collage 1
Alyssa (7) and Carter (2) are obviously five years apart, but they were also born about two weeks apart. I’m not sure that they’ll always have joint parties but it really worked this year – besides, when have you known a two year old to notice the difference.
Blow Up Collage
There were two bounce houses – one for the little ones and one for the bigger kids (although I’m not sure anyone really regulated who went into either one). But really, I don’t care how old you are…doesn’t everyone like to jump?! Actually, I didn’t get into either one. I was exhausted just looking at them.
Carter Collage
Carter was much more interested in running around the yard. I love the picture above on the left – I can just imagine him playing sports as he gets older. I wonder if he’ll still tuck his head as he runs.
Painting and Slushy Collage
This carnival-themed birthday party had it all…from bounce houses to face painting and snow cones. Even the grandmothers got involved!
Silly Moments Collage
Of course, we did have our silly moments. If my husband wasn’t flirting with a 7 year old, he was juggling his snow cone. Meanwhile, Carter tried to hold his balance in the bounce house and Alyssa enjoyed popcorn. Yum!
Alyssa Collage
I’m kinda giggling at Alyssa in these pictures. She is such a happy kid and I am so jealous of those curls. This may be off topic, but she’s starting to express an interest in photo editing (she loves watching me work). I mentioned to her that I would bring my Rebel with me (my first DSLR) next time I visited so I could teach her how to take her own pictures. Maybe I’ll also teach her model eyes.
Cute Babies Collage
All-in-all, it was the perfect day for a birthday party. I mean, what more do you want…bounce houses, snow cones, hot dogs, face painting and cute kids. With all that said, Happy Birthday Carter and Alyssa! I love you. Happy Wednesday!

    Looks like a wonderful time! :-)

    I love the colorful pics! Looks like a fun, fun party! :)

    What a fun, colorful birthday party! That bounce house looks like loads of fun! I love how you overlapped the frames, too! I may have to give that a go!

    It’s a realy beautiful birthday party, full of beautiful colors, just the way kids love!
    The photos are beautiful!
    Have a nice day,kisses:)

    What a great party!

    What a fun birthday party – I could go for some birthday cake at 7:30 a.m. — no lie :)

    Wow, look at those cupcakes! Such fun, and your niece & nephew as always so sweet! Happy Birthdays to them both :D

    Looks like such a good time! Great shots, Ashley!

    What a fun party! For my daughter’s 2nd birthday, she has to compete with her newborn cousin’s baptism, so we are doing something fun with just mom, dad and sister. Probably not a bounce house though!

    Looks like fun! Joint birthdays are cool :) Great photos, as always!

    Looks like a good time was had by all. The setting looks beautiful…look at all those trees!


    I love that first collage of shots, so sweet!

    Looks like such a fun party and you took so many great pictures!! just wonderful!!

    Bouncy houses AND snow cones. You guys know how to party! When Amelia turned four we had her birthday party at a place called Pump It Up, which was all bouncy structures. After an hour and half jumping along with the kids, I was ready for a nap. It’s hard work bouncing around like that, but it sure is fun :) My kiddos are two years and two weeks apart and I’m here to tell you, planning two separate parties 2 weeks from each other is hard work. Hope they can enjoy combined ones, at least for now!

    what awesome, in the moment captures!! Love the color and the layouts of this post. Such a fun,happy post!!! The kids are too freaking adorable!!

    aw!! such an adorable party with even more adorable kids :) bounce houses (? i call it a jumping castle or a bouncy castle, haha) are great aren’t they? thanks for the lovely pictures.xx

    what a fun party! great shots :-D

    These are so great! Wonderful photos!

    Looks like the kids had a great time beautiful photos as always.

    Do you create the frames around your photos by hand or are those done with some framing software?

    They’re so good!

    I loved the pictures of the girls in pink, Carter trying to hold his balance, Carter running, the kids inside the bounce house…

    I’m a littel bit jealous right now…

    Awesome party pics! I love the way you put it together with collages. I feel like I got to experience the party!

    Fun photos.

    What a fun party!!!

    Great pics Ashley! Looks like it was a fun birthday party. I’m dying for some popcorn now. :(

    aww looks like so much fun! you and your freaking talent. i love all your photos!

    What a bunch of cuties! It looks like a great time!

    My brothers and I all have May birthdays, so I’m a huge fan of the joint party–this one looks like it was awesome!

    What a fun party. You did a really great job with these pics. And wonderful presentation. Loved it.

    Looks like a BLAST! I’ve always enjoyed carnival themed parties. So much fun!

    Hey Ashley!!

    Oh, sounds SO fun! Alyssa and Carter are Sooooo cute!! :)

    Bethany. :)

    That last grouping of shots I think is my fave!

    Looks like a great day. I think my hunt link is okay now? :-)

    I found you when you commented on someone else’s blog post. I just liked your avatar photo and was interested in looking at new blogs. I just want to say, really quickly, that your photography is so lovely. I feel like I might have been here before, but I know that your photography makes me so happy. Great work!


    Looks like a fabulous party and everyone had big smiles on!!!
    Beautifully done!

    These photos are fantastic; what I really like is how you have them laid out on your site.

    Wow what a great looking party. Not 1 but 2 bouncy houses!? That’s serious. You could have practiced your jump shot in there.
    Since you’ve shown her before-I love Alyssa…that girl has spunk. I hope she picks up your camera. She’ll have lots of interesting things to “say” with her shots.

    such fun colorful pics!

    Your pictures really give a great inside to the party! Looks like loads of fun!!

    Aaaaaakkkkkkk! SNOW CONES!!!!!!!!!! Total weakness for me- when I was expecting (with each kid) I HAD TO have one every day. LOVE THEM. If I were at this party- I would have just hung out there at that table & not left the whole time. :)

    You captured the fun perfectly-

    Adorable pictures! I love how you captured special moments. We have a big party coming on the the 28th with a bouncy house, face painting, sand art, etc. I hope I can capture some shots just like these!! FUN!

    I love your silly moments collage.

    Great photos! It looks like the party was a lot of fun. How cool that your niece is interested in what you do…she must really look up to you!

    That party looks sooo fun!

    Love! These pictures make me smile. I wish Kings birthday was closer to when it was warm outside.. there would be sooo much more to do.

    Oh you had me at bounce house… and then you added sno cones and I was done for. Love that head tuck and run!

    looks like a blast! love how colorful the pics are!

    Looks like so much fun. You have captured it all very well!

    All the fun things a party should have. I love all your shots of all the merriment.

    What a great party!!! That is so cool that you were there to document the whole thing so beautifully, your family will have the best photo albums!

    You are so talented! I love the style of this entry, all scrapbook-like! This would also make a great book/gift for the families of the children attending the party.

    Lovin’ all these shots! Great memories! Love the documentary style!

    How convenient that they are able to throw one party…well, at least for a little while!

    Face painting, snow cones, and popcorn? That is my kind of party! ;)

    Looks like a super fun party! They will have awesome photo memories thanks to their awesome Auntie :)

    What a fun party! You did a great job capturing it. :)

    Marla @

    That looks like a lot of fun! I love bounce houses!