May 07, 2011
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Call Me!
Call me RS
Actually, don’t call me. I have a slight phone phobia. In fact, the only time I’ll answer the phone is if my mom or husband call me…or if I’m expecting a call. Otherwise, I love e-mail (and some text messages). If you e-mail me, I will almost immediately respond (assuming I’m not in church, movie or at dinner – ya know, something of that nature). I’ve been told I’m weird – you already knew that, but it’s just one of my many quirks. 

Anyways, I am definitely behind on my Selfie Saturday prompts. I still owe you a jumping shot and a family portrait. The past two weeks have been a little busier than usual (or at least after my 9-5). I’m trying my best to hit the gym every day since I will be a bridesmaid for my friend’s wedding next weekend and want to look extra fabulous. By the time I get home, eat and take a shower…I just want to relax – meaning that I don’t want to dry my hair, put on make up again, etc. 

So today, while I’m enjoying a birthday party, I’ll leave you with a photo I took earlier this week while screwing around with my camera. I was in the process of trying to take a self portrait on the little ledge that connects our den and kitchen when my husband called. Considering I took this shot on the fly, I’m kind of impressed with my focus. 

With that said (which is apparently my favorite phrase), have a wonderful day. I’ll see you tomorrow for Scavenger Hunt Sunday!


    I kind of feel the same way about the phone and coming home at night. I haven’t wanted to do much of anything this week other than workout, cook dinner, and shower.

    I would prefer text or email too! You’re not weird!

    I like the texture in this one! :)
    I also have a phone phobia. I’d prefer just about anything to talking on the phone.

    omg! me too! in fact, i didn’t get my first cell phone until about 2 years ago and that was only so i could text. i think i have used my cell phone for calls less than 50 times in the last 2 years. no joke! but my texting is through the roof.

    Lovely shot, you are very pretty!
    That with the phone?! I often leave my phones in my pocket or purse, so that I don’t feel guilty for not answering. Does that mean that I’m weird too?

    I hate the phone too. I don’t have a mobile. Partly so my mother can’t get hold of me all the time. :D

    Have fun today! Lovely shot!

    I can be the same way about the phone.

    I am the same way about the phone. Don’t call me, because I probably won’t answer :) Nice shot.

    you already know that I am with you on this one;0. Great selfie shot! I like how you can pull of sexy with a phone so well!! Not fair! hehe Enjoy the party! When can we get together and go to Duke…it is beautiful there right now!!

    I could not agree more with you…I truly hate my phone ringing unless it is my husband….Why some don’t get the hint, I will never know. ;) If you need me, text…. That would be great! hehe. Love the self portrait. :)

    Very beautiful, Ashley! I’m behind as well. Blah.

    Very beautiful, Ashley! I’m behind as well. Blah.

    Very beautiful, Ashley! I’m behind as well. Blah.

    I SUCK at answering my phone. It’s not that I have a phone phobia, I just really don’t like talking on the phone. I’d rather email or text. Maybe it’s because I can think about what I’m going to say, first? And get it all out at one time instead of losing my train of thought and being interrupted, etc.

    My mom, husband and sons get the automatic pick-up; others, I prefer a voice mail to know what I’m about to step into. ;)

    Love the photography.

    I don’t like the phone either, my family makes fun of me all the time.

    (mrsmagoo) I just love this photo!! I wish I had the time to participate in Selfiie Saturdays. I too have a slight phone phobia – text or email please! LOL!

    Great shot.

    I like it. :)

    I really like your picture, has a natural feel. I’m the same way with phones. If I don’t know the number, I don’t answer. I’d rather text. And I don’t call anyone back unless they leave a message lol

    I have phone phobia too! beautiful picture!

    OH MY GOSH! I AM NOT ALONE! LOL! I totally have a phone phobia too. I HATE talking on the phone. I would much rather email, text, or just get together in person. Everyone thinks I am weirdo too.

    Sexy mama phone pic! :)

    oh my gosh, that is exactly what Im like! I HATE talking on the phone. Lovely photograph! :-)

    I love that it’s cropped at the top and that part of your face is covered. Feels and looks like ad. :)

    It’s very nice!

    How beautiful!

    I’m the same way with the phone – I HATE talking on it!

    Love this photo!! Your phone phobia makes me smile! :) Its cute!

    I am the same way! I hate talking on the phone! I even use yahoo messenger to talk to my very best friend in the whole world. ;)

    Loving this photo, though!

    I am so with you on the phone thing. I’d much rather answer (and send) a text or email… Not even sure why we have a house phone??? :)

    You are gorgeous. By the way… so many times throughout the day I almost text you… then I realize I don’t have your phone number… then it gets awkward… then, I realize I blog too much. :)

    This comment will show my age…”Cool!” You look great!

    LOL, I’ve got the same phone phobia :O

    This is a fabulous selfie!

    It does seem like life has gotten busy for a lot of people lately…must be Spring fever! Great shot and have fun at the party!

    I love this shot. Sometimes I think I get the best ones when I’m not thinking so much. I agree with you…the phone is definitely overrated. :-)

    Really wonderful photo, my sister has the same phobia and it drives me crazy, she will text me and I will call her and she wont answer and then text me back so I know she could have answered! At least you answer your mom and husband she doesn’t even do that!

    I am not a big phone talker either. Ha ha! Great photo. :)

    I totally understand ~ I am not much of a phone girl myself.

    I’m not a phone-person either. Cool capture!

    Great shot! And i adoreee the processing :)

    K x

    You are gorgeous! Such an awesome capture! I feel ya on the phone phobia. Have a great weekend!

    What a nice picture :-)

    Ashley, I LOVE this shot! WOW!

    Great photo – especially when it was somewhat unexpected for you! Love it!

    You are SO pretty, LOVE IT!!

    You are too funny. But that is a great shot!!

    you’re so good looking! :)

    I love this! You are a natural beauty.

    I think my mom is the only person who calls me.. and I actually talk too. Totally serious. ;)

    I HEART this pic!! You so hawt. :D

    HAha that is so me! I don’t answer the phone much either and love email/text better. Nice shot!

    Yep. count me in on the phone phobia. hate. it.
    but text and email? instant.
    you rock the SPs. Do mine please?

    Hello. magnificent job. I did not anticipate this. This is a excellent story. Thanks!