God of Wonders: Creationism vs. Evolution
This past weekend, my church continued their series “Between a Rock and a Hard Place.” Last week, we kicked it off with “Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?” This week, we tackled creationism and evolution…and to be honest, this is one of those things that you either believe or you don’t. So take my thoughts today with a grain of salt, take them or leave them – you have the freedom to choose either way (of course, that really goes without saying). 

Evolution at its simplest form states that something came from nothing. Meanwhile, creationism at its simplest form states that something came from something…God. Either way, each point of view requires a heavy dose of FAITH on top of whatever facts may be available. 
In the beginning (John) RS
Without doing some of my own research, I don’t feel that I can accurately explain evolution.  (Click HERE for the original message and a much deeper discussion of evolution and creation.) I do know that Darwin started to question his own theory stating, ” innumerable transitional forms must have existed, why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth?” Better stated, where is the evidence…the fossils to prove the transitions of human beings, animals, plants, etc. – they don’t exist (in fact, there were several failed attempt at proving the evolution of man – the Nebraska Man, Java Man, Piltdown Man and Peking Man). 

To be honest, I think both sides tell an interesting story but I am convinced that there are entirely too many holes in the evolution story for it to 100% explain how we all got here. I should mention that I don’t completely discount the theory of evolution either – I just believe that our world is entirely too complex (consider the complexity of the eye or our universe for example) for a higher power not to have kicked it off with a “big bang”…and of course, I believe that that higher power is God.

Genesis 1:1-2 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”  I believe just as the bible says, that the world…that our universe started as nothing. Beyond that, I don’t know if we live in a young world or an old world…I don’t know if a day in biblical times was 24 hours or 1,000 of years but I think that’s where faith kicks in.
Fearfully and Wonderfully RS
I am clearly over my head, but why is this whole conversation even important? Here are some things for us to think about moving forward: 
  • When you see God as the creator, it will impact how you worship God and it will impact your relationship with God. We don’t worship the plants, the animals, the sky…nature in general. However, I think we can all agree that nature is an incredible source of inspiration for us – not only in photography and music (among other art forms), but in our worship.
  • When you see God as the creator, it will make you more aware of the sacredness of life. Just read Psalm 139. Each one of us is tailor made in the image of God. Each individual is someone who matters to God…each and every one of us. If we believe this, it will impact how we treat other people. How could you be a racist and also believe that God created each of us in his own image. 
  • When you see God as the creator, you can accept how he created you. Your personality, not matter how quirky, delightful or dysfunctional was designed by God for a very specific purpose. And we don’t always know that purpose. God loves a little variety. He created over 300 billion galaxies, thousands of tree and flower species, and billions upon billions of human beings. We are each fearfully and wonderfully made.

With all that said, I’m going to back away from the scientific language – I don’t even claim to know what I’m talking about when it comes to science. But, for all that I do not know, I will always believe. Have a wonderful Tuesday!
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    I do believe in evolution in the sense that plants and animals will adapt and change according to their surroundings. I believe God is the master of science and could have easily set a spark in motion (ie – the big bang) with an intelligent design behind it knowing that in time the universe and all the planets would be created, knowing that plants and animals would evolve.

    I’m not the most religious person and I’m not exactly sure how I feel about God, but I strongly believe He has the ability to plan an evolutionary track and don’t see why it has to be Evolution vs. Creation at all, especially the more I learn about astrophysics. (It’s amazing stuff!) I don’t think science and religion need to be opposing forces at all.

    I do think there’s something extra special about humans though (a soul) and that was probably instilled in us outside of evolution. But again, God has the power to do it!

    Sweet Ashley. So brave you are to tackle this topic. Its a sticky one. Im interested to see the kinds of comments that will be left with all of the opposing views. I love it when there are people like you who arent afraid to get the conversation rolling.

    Im a creation girl myself. Even if all I ever had to go on was blind faith, it would be enough for me…why? Because GOD said so. Like you quoted, Genesis1…God spoke everything into existence. Enough said. But for alot of people, that isnt enough. And thats where this whole argument comes into play. One day we will all know the truth, whether it be creation or evolution!

    So proud of you for staying true to this goal of being so verbal about your love for the Lord sweet girl ♡

    Loved reading your thoughts! I too believe in Creation, all of creation simply points to such (in my opinion). There are to many flaws with evolution for me to believe. I love your images, just beautiful!

    Wow, you are so brave to tackle something so controversial! Just wanted to point out that Pope John Paul himself believed there was too much evidence supporting evolution to entirely discount it, and rather he believed that God started and guided the process of evolution. So you don’t necessarily believe to believe in either creationism or evolution–I think there is a middle ground there too! :)

    I love your header!


    Excellent post. You did a good job of breaking it down. I agree with your point about how some things we just don’t know and that is where our faith comes in.

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I appreciate the fact that you don’t completely discount the evolution theory. I happen to believe in creation because I believe The Bible. I also believe that the God who created photosynthesis and pine trees and stars and galaxies is also capable of creating the world to evolve.

    Our Creator blows my mind sometimes with all the beauty that He gave us. And you are right, when you think about it, it makes you really want to worship.

    I’m not sure I would say you are brave – I would say you are doing what in your heart you believe to be right – NO MATTER WHAT giving GOD ALL the glory. To that I say GO GOD! Thank You for Ashley’s heart standing strong on Your truth and bringing it to others – popular or not!

    I’m 100% a creation girl. Everything we see, touch and smell points to a creator. That Creator is God. You either believe that or you don’t. There is no middle ground. There are micro evolution things happening within species. Dogs and cats are great examples. All the different kinds of mushrooms. They are all dogs, cats and mushrooms – but many varieties because man played with God’s original design. God spoke all of creation into existence and called it good. He never asked us to understand how it all got here – He simply asks us to trust that He did what He said – created it for us to know Him and His love!

    That is good enough for me!

    Hugs and love your photos! Beautiful shots and verses!

    Good discussion topic. Because of my faith, I tend to believe in both – because the written word is an interpretation of their understandiong of events at the time. I don’t think God and man are on the same time table or define things quite the same way. For me, that helps to explain the gaps in evolution that you mentioned, while also supporting creation.

    Okay- first – I am a believer!! How could one not be seeing somethings as beautiful as Aurora Borealis- or any other breathtaking sights the Lord has created for your enjoyment?! :) We went on a homeschool group trip to the Springs Preserve in Vegas once & there was a video in the auditorium that talked about the history of the earth & then into the area of Vegas and what it looked like billions of years ago. The guide was introducing it and didn’t expect to be called out by another homeschooled child- who was maybe 10 at the time- telling her what the Bible says is the age of the earth & how it contradicted everything the video was telling us. It was obvious the guide was not a believer in the Lord & was not too thrilled about being questioned. It was amazing to see this child so firm in her belief in the Lord that she was standing up the way she did!

    oh my stars – I LOVE that you caught a sunflare – I have been trying so hard to capture one of those :) And that flower! The detail – gorgeousssseeee!

    I will always believe, too! I will admit that I believe in adaptation, but it started with Creator God. I am fearfully and wonderfully MADE, not ‘evolved.’

    That is one interesting point of view. I was raised as a Catholic and my experiences in my community, in my church and other temples, with other religions and belief systems, point me to a path where fear, complex issues, absolutes became simpler, clearer and felt right. I am so glad of my journey now!

    I respect people’s faith and I delight more in the way they live it.

    We are, after all, one.

    ^ I believe the same as Jill. :D Both a Chihuahua and a Great Dane are dogs… massively different, but dogs none the less. ;)

    I *love* that flower pic!! The detail is incredible… and that’s a perfect verse to go with it.

    I agree with Lynda. :)

    Beautiful photos and wonderful, thought-provoking words. I lean towards Lynda’s thoughts on the subject. I think whatever we believe we just have to have faith.

    A wise man once compared the Big Bang to taking apart a really nice, expensive watch with all its little parts and things, taking all those parts, and then throwing them on the floor in a heap and having all those little parts come together perfectly. It can’t be done without some Supreme Being. Really enjoyed reading your post.

    I love this post. I believe that God made the world and everything in it. I also believe that animals and plants have slowly over time adapted to their surrounds. It’s survival of the fittest. But I did not evolve from an ape!

    These pictures were amazing. I love them both!

    Marla @ http://www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

    I love these photos and verses. Lovely.

    I think I am a creationism with some heavy doses of adaptation and change. I think God cares little for our outside “look” and more about are insides. So why would he care if we were shorter, more hairy… it could be. But all in all he started it all – made us. Now he watches it as it moves along.

    I love this Ashley. Each week I feel like it was written directly to me. Thanks for sharing. Love ya and miss you! Need to get together soon!

    That flower close up is amazing and crisp! Such a lovely post. Beautiful!

    What beautiful pictures in the movie clip!! Stuningly gorgeous this world is.And even though some evolution has occured God created it

    WOW… some long comments… I’ll just leave mine at we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for God… and your macro shots are just to die for gorgeous!!

    Love the focus on the second shot.

    Creation all the way. Thanks for this post.

    Wonderful post Ashley. I believe that we have God to thank for all of the wonderful things around us. I do think, however, that there is room for evolution in that thinking.


    Beautiful post, I love how you are able to share your faith with all of us, just lovely.


    I’d like to say your brave for tackling something so controversial but the reality is that as a believer it shouldn’t be controversial, the truth that is. We have to live confidently and humbly in our beliefs, your inspiring. I try every day to stop at least for a second and recognize Gods miracle in something around me, it sounds easier than it is for me. Sounds like an interesting series your church is doing, lucky you!!!! I love reading your posts, even this early in the morning =0

    I believe that the progression of evolution happened in God’s plan. That everything lined up just perfectly, that this huge, intricate, puzzle came together by some chance is so far-fetched; God definitely had his hand in it. I really love that you do these weekly posts; it really gives me something to actually think about, to look at my own faith.

    This is definitely a heavy topic and I think you’ve done a great job of getting us to think! I personally agree with Lynda (1st commenter) that science and religion should not be at odds with one another…after all, God is the Creator of all things – including science – and my thought is that a creator will use what he has made!

    I love that you are using this platform to deliver his message, and to explain your beliefs while adding perfect imagery to go along with it. God has given you many gifts.

    happy to have found you through scripture & a snapshot. I love the photo and the verse, so pretty.

    You go girl for even taking a shot at this one.

    Wow! God must be speaking the same language to us both this week. I am kind of on the same wave length with you there, but I am not as good as expressing it as you are.

    He is so amazing…isn’t he?

    I believe in the literal creation of the world. I believe in the literal truth of the Bible.

    Your shots are GORGEOUS, Ashley! Love them!

    I’m impressed that you tackled such a complex (and controversial!) topic. I, too, believe that the universe is far too complex not to have originated in a great Creator. As for how evolution fits in…I leave that to the experts — both scientific and theological — to hash out!

    Gorgeous photos, and yes, Psalm 139 — I come back to that one time and time again.

    So glad to have you linked in to the Hear It, Use It community Ashley!

    I’m commenting on this post late, but here are my thoughts:
    1) Yes, evolution can’t explain the world, and contrary to the beliefs of many, the debate is not “science vs. religion”; people forget that evolution takes as much or more faith to believe in than Creation.

    2) Besides the lack of evidence, there are numerous problems with evolution, such as this: if morals are just a social construct, then right and wrong is just relative…so why are genocide and other things many people view as evil wrong?

    3) I also believe in a young Earth (between 6,000-10,000 years old), and

    4) The sunflare in the first photo and the focus in the second is pretty nice. :)

    Oh, one last thing:
    What kind of church do you go to?