I’m On Fire!
On Monday, I came home from work and noticed that our house was a bit warmer than usual. I walked upstairs and my suspicions were correct…our HVAC system was on the fritz. So yesterday, at 8 o’clock on the dot, I called to make an appointment. As if a summer day in North Carolina wasn’t hot enough, a summer day without air conditioning is for the birds!
Matches RS
UPDATE: I should probably have updated this post before going to bed last night. Our AC was fixed yesterday afternoon for the low price of $300. From what I understand, it could have been a lot worse, so I’m thankful to have it fixed!
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On another note, this week’s Little Somethings’ theme is “Favorite Photo in June.” I really love this self-portrait…so much so that I made it my new banner!
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Finally, I bet you’re all interested in who won the customer camera strap cover from Rachel at and then, she {snapped}? There were 314 entries…that’s a whole lot of Happy Birthdays! Congratulations to #49, Grace Louise!

While I’m here – if you’re interested in winning a signed 8×10 print of my photo, 1000 Cranes, be sure to visit my friend Emily over at Just the 2 of Us…and a Cat! In addition to my print, you’ll also win four hand-made coasters from Emily’s etsy shop and a set of 12 custom cupcake flags (yum, cupcakes). I also just got a note from Katelyn over at In Our Sea of Love (facebook – Loops of Love) – she is giving away the cutest sock monkey and matching hat. After hosting Zander and Henry, I’d love my very own sock monkey! Adorable.

    Last week we had the same thing happen……Fortunately, it ended up not being the whole unit, so the repair man was able to fix it with a few new parts, but WOW our house was HOT!!!!!

    I soooooo love the match photo. Perfect focus. And of course, the self portrait is gorgeous and makes a great header.

    Blessings to you this day friend!

    Sorry you’re having to deal with the AC problem! We just shelled out $900 two weeks ago for some kind of ac coil or something that was fried in ours. Not cool! But now we’re not baking so that IS cool! And now, with all this rain, we wake up to a leaky roof over our bed! Yikes.

    Following you on Twitter makes it so easy to be one of your first posters….. :) Nice match, sorry about the heat — no fun. :( And I too love your new header — just beautiful. :) I miss Kitty Paw though. :(

    The same thing happened to us a few weeks ago.. but in the TExas heat.. record temps of 107.. whew, we never left the pool that weekend..love the match shot!

    sorry about the A/C. I hate sleeping hot! and I love the selfie! Beautiful!

    I love the new header & that side pic of you! Very cute!

    Oh my goodness! Sorry about your air conditioning — love the matches shot. And gorgeous selfie!

    Oh girl…. I hope they get it fixed for you soon. We had that happen a couple of summers ago here and I know, it’s miserable. But if it’s any consolation, great pic!

    Oh my gosh……I hope it’s all sorted out soon! We’re not nearly as hot here, and I’ve been needing our a/c lately. Lovely shots though…..

    Hope it’s a quick and easy fix. (Or was a quick and easy fix!)

    Love your self-portrait, great shot.

    And the matches? Wow.


    We had AC issues this weekend, too and it just so happened to go out right before I was hosting a baby shower in my house! Nothing like a HOT preggo lady to spice up a party!!! I felt so bad.

    I love your “favorite phone of June.” ;D the header looks gorgeous!

    Yes, get that fixed right away. Yesterday was HOT! Even the lake is hot! Summer in NC right?

    You already know I LOVE LOVE LOVE the header shot!

    The match shot – AWESOME! Perfect focus :-D Great job!

    So sorry about the AC – praying it is a quick and easy fix!

    Hugs and blessings today!

    The new header looks fab! And your sunset from yesterday is gorgeous!!

    Oh my! I hope the A/C gets fixed quickly!! It’s no fun being THAT hot!

    Your new banner looks.. fantabulously nice!!

    Have a great day!

    Oh no. Hope everything’s all fixed up now and you’re back to having a cool breeze. Love that match shot and your new header looks great too!

    love that match shot. Its perfect. What lens are you using there? I need some tips for those super close shots, I can never seem to get there unless I crop the heck out of the image.

    i so love your banner, i really adore that self-portrait of yours!

    Sorry about your air conditioning! We thought ours was broken last night..turns out my husband accidently turned if off while programming it. Guess that’s what we get for not reading the book on our new thermostat. lol

    Lovely pictures!

    Hope your air gets fixed soon. That brings out the worst in me. lol. Beautiful selfie. I can see why you made it your banner. You are getting so good at those. Any tips for focusing issues? I seem to struggle when I’m clicking myself (whether it’s a self timer or clicker)…

    Yikes, get that ac fixed asap! There’s no way yo live without it right now. Beautiful self portrait!

    Bummer on the A/C! Hope they can fix it soon, we don’t have it out here, as it usually doesn’t get that hot, but on the few days it does its miserable! (Love the match picture BTW)

    UGH, no A/C…that is horrible. I hope it gets fixed soon. Love your header shot and I love the match shot, great focus!!

    Ick! One summer I stayed in a 2nd story apartment in Daytona with no A/C. I had to take a cold bath in order to fall asleep. Miserable!

    I love the new banner!

    I haven’t seen you in my parts lately. I know you updated your reader, did I fall off of it?

    Love the texture you added to the first photo! And I hear you–no a/c in the middle of summer in the south is no laughing matter. Hope you can get it fixed, STAT!

    Thanks for the visit – love the self portrait!

    Great pick for your favorite from June entry. :) :)

    oh no! we lost our AC last week – hope it isn’t anything too bad.

    So pretty!!!

    Glad your ac is working again. Being sweaty and uncomfortable stinks!

    So glad that your AC is fixed.

    And I love that selfie. So pretty. :)

    Marla @ http://www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

    I love your selfie – the header is adorable!! The AC in the office is cooling like crazy although it’s not hot – my sinuses are struggling…!

    Like your banner … you do white like so well! Our AC was on the outs … some little critter had short circuited the wiring!

    Great photo! I canNOT imagine not having AC in this GA heat!! Bless you!
    Thanks for playing along with FF&P {semi} wordless wednesday! :)

    Thanks GOODNESS that it didn’t cost more than that to fix it. And you’re right, no AC in the middle of a Southern Scorcher is no fun at all.

    Oh my goodness what gorgeous photos! And I hope you get your air back soon!

    that is way to scary…

    gah!!! u are gorgeous.

    Fabulous image of the match and the box in that monochrome. And I love your new “selfie” photo…and banner!

    So glad you got it fixed! I couldn’t imagine being without AC in these temps!

    Also, love the new look!

    So glad it is fixed – summer without AC is miserable.

    At least you have A/C! We don’t (we live in a 1920’s building). Glad to hear you got it fixed though, I remember when our A/C broke when we lived in Texas… nightmare.

    Glad you got it fixed. Both photos are great.

    i love love love the picture of the match :) love the editing! great new blog design :) love it!

    ♥ purplypinkme.blogspot.com

    Love the new header and the picture of you!!!

    Love the texture in the first shot and really do like that selfie, glad you made it your new header, it’s so cool.

    Great pictures for the post. Glad you got it fixed and glad nothing serious happened.

    Love the first picture, and I really love your new banner! AC is one of those must-haves, so if it breaks, it doesn’t really matter what the cost is over here! Glad it wasn’t over the top though.. :) Hope you’re doing well!

    That’s crazy about the fire! Glad it’s ok!
    New follower from Flip Flop & Pearls Blog Hop :)


    I love that match photo and your selfie!!! That negative space is flipping awesome!!

    Oh no- I sure hope that issue is remedied soon!

    Loving that selfie & so happy you made it your header!

    I agree… that self portrait is lovely. and the match.. well you are just so talented!!! I really wanted to win that camera strap.. pooey.. now I’ll just have to buy one. :)

    Thank you!!! :)You’re awesome!

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    No air conditioning? No fun! I can see why you like that self portrait. Beautiful.

    Sorry about your air conditioning and the expense! Hope you are in cooler temps now! Love your selfie shot, very cool!

    Oh my, I can’t imagine no AC! I hope you’re nice & cool now. Wow on the self portrait lady! Just Beautiful!

    Ouch… $300! I think I would have to pay that to have my AC back! lol! Gorgeous picture!!

    Glad the air is fixed! The match is very clever, love it. The new banner is great too…


    yikes that would be horrible! glad you were able to get it fixed fast. I also love self portrait of you!

    I like your selfie too, you look like so harmony, calm or something:)

    Yes, AC is a MUST! lol. Loooove the new banner! And that photo of the matches is awesome as well! So simple and lovely…

    we’ve been blog friends awhile now, so tell me your secret to post processing these photos into that awesome powdery goodness!

    Glad you have A/C again… summer without A/C is the pits!

    I really like your new header and background.

    I have been watching your stuff on Flickr! Your selfies are getting really good!

    I love this one!

    WOW i don’t think i could survive at all without AC! Hopefully it got fixed! Love the new header!!

    Great self portrait!

    When the weather gets hot and air condition breaks ~ they can charge anything they like to fix it!!

    Really like the monochrone colors of the match.

    No fun sweating in NC! Hope all your AC troubles are over.
    Congrats to Grace for winning the strap. I have a polka dot one from Rachel and get compliments all the time.

    Excellent self-portrait! You are so beautiful!

    I really like processing on the matches photo, really cool :)

    Such an amazing self portrait. You are so gorgeous! Thanks for linking up, Ashley :)

    I love both of these pics! And I’m so glad to hear that your a/c is fixed. I’ve been stuck in NC with our a/c on the fritz once before. It’s no fun. Also, I’ve never experienced humidity like NC anywhere else. I absolutely couldn’t handle it and I’m so glad we moved. My hair looked like crap during the 3 years we lived there. lol Sorry. I totally over shared. lol
    Thanks for stopping by and linking up for Wordless Wednesday. Hope you’re having a great weekend! :)