In Love: Mary and Enrique
On Saturday morning, we attended Mary and Enrique’s wedding at Sarah P. Duke Gardens. You may recall (if you’ve been following me for any time) that my husband proposed to me at Duke Gardens on June 5, 2008…so it was quite a special day. 

During wedding ceremonies, I do my best not to take over the photographer’s job…but, I was able to capture a couple of shots from my seat in the audience. This was one of my favorites – the kiss! Granted, I could have cropped in closer, but I love the natural framing created by the people in front of me.
Considering the photography rut I’ve been in lately, I was excited to try both a clean and creative edit on this shot (if you mouse over the shot above, you can see my clean edit). The clean edit started in Adobe Camera Raw, followed by the Coffeeshop Blog’s Perfect Portrait 3 (love this action) and then Florabella’s Lux II – Tuesday at 30% opacity. My creative edit built from Perfect Portrait 3. I then reduced the size of the image (down to 1500 pixels) and created a duplicate layer. On the duplicate, I applied Pixel Bender’s oil painting filter. I adjusted the settings so the effect was really subtle. I then removed most of the effect from the couple. I love the romance that it creates!

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Which edit do you prefer? I’ve also included the SOOC shot below for comparison.
Mary and Enrique-Original RS
Happy Tuesday!

    Beautiful photo on what looks like a beautiful day! I like both edits, but I really like the creative edit. The pixel bender filter gives it a kind of whimsical, could be in a fairy tale, feeling!

    Cute shot!

    You know sometimes I find I mess around with photos and then end up preferring the original shot I took! :D I get carried away sometimes, I probably do that with what I wear too!

    This is great Ashley. I like the second one best.

    Hope you have a great day!

    What a great moment you captured! I really love them both.

    LOL, the lady on the right had a funny expression on her face!

    I like the creative edit the best! I love the painting effect it gives such an air of romance to it!

    Aww, this is such an adorable picture. I really like your clean edit. But the creative one does add a lot of magic too. =)

    I like the clean edit the best! Great moment!!

    I also love the natural framing. I have a similar one of my daughter when she was in church. She was two rows ahead of me and I only captured her back being framed by other parishioners. It’s one of my favorites too.

    I think my favorite is the clean edit without the pixel bender applied. I don’t like the squiggly lines on the gentleman’s head on the left. :-) It distracts me from the perfect moment you captured.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Love the natural framing and the edit.

    I’m not sure. I like the way they stand out in the first edit, but I like the green background in the other one.

    Wow you’ve been busy with weddings lately (Or is it just my imagination (likely just my imagination)). Love the shot!

    I am really grooving on the SOOC. BUT – the edits are also very nice. Some times it is really hard to decide what one is the best.

    I love the creative edit, although both are very nice. :0)

    Girl…you are ALWAYS at weddings. You must be at an age where friends are marrying often…or you have lots of friends, or both.
    I like both edits. I think leaving the heads in to frame was an interesting idea….I wish that guy to the right wasn’t clapping, but how could you not?

    Great edit! I love the perspective you were able to capture. I think seeing the people clapping on either side really adds to the effect of the shot. :)

    Really like the creative edit, makes the couple stand out even more.

    Such a cool shot! Love it – sounds like a special wedding – and your edits are fab!

    I like the creative edit! Its very ethereal!

    I love the creative method it really draws the attention to the couple. Very romantic

    i love how the people in front of you frame the shot

    Nice edit! And your pics makes it feel like I am there watching it with the people framing it!

    Just lovely, Ashley! I too find myself feeling like I am right there!

    Love the edit! And I agree with others that the couple is the focus with the edit. Nice work!

    I like the pixel bender edit! Kinda funky. :)

    The framing is interesting…I like it, it kinda has a voyeristic feel to it (not in a creepy way). I really like the clean edit…I like the texture in the trees and it just feels bright to me.

    Beautiful pic! I love that it’s looking through the crowd!

    Now I’m sure you would guess that I would like the pixel bender one the best LOL. Your edit really does draw the eye into the centre of the image and your foreground figures really do set the scene.

    Okay on the computer now… mouseover does’t work on my phone ;-) I love your creative edit, but I am not sure I like the pixel bender filter on the guys’ heads in the foreground. I love the depth and richness you give the photo overall with that edit, though.

    Great edit. I love the pixel bender. I want to do that but can’t figure out how to get it to work on my computer. It has special instructions for Windows 7 users but didn’t understand them. Need to get hubby to help.

    Love your creative edit. The deep color and swirlyness (is that a word?) make it such a rich photo.

    I like them both! For the last time I have done an attempt with Pixel Bender and it finaly works…
    I thought it would be a great effect to use with a “painting” scrap kit some time.
    Thanks for the tutorial!


    Well, you know I’m a big fan of clean editing (lol). Although I can see the creative use of pixel bender in certain situations… in this instance it draws my eye immediately to the back of the heads instead of the couple, and I find that distracting. You captured the kiss really well, especially for being in the audience!

    I agree the heads frame the image wonderfully!

    I’m usually a clean edit girl, but I prefer the creative one this time! I like the painting effect on this photo.

    What a cute shot! I love the edit! I`ve been to Duke Gardens before and it`s absolutely lovely there!

    Great photo and edit! The Duke Gardens are beautiful. I remember seeing a lot of photos of that venue in my time on!!

    Gorgeous! I love the edit – how it draws the eye to the couple. Great job!

    I love that you didn’t crop the photo! It’s like they were sneaking a kiss… or you were sneaking the photo. Either way it’s a window into a special moment. :)

    I love the framing of the guests heads, too. I like the painting effect you create with the edit.

    I like the natural frame, too. It’s neat!


    Difficult choice but I think the couple stands out more in the creative edit.

    Nothing like a beautiful wedding!!! I think I prefer the creative edit.

    Erika B

    great shot, I’m sure they will loving having one from that perspective!

    Wonderful shot and edit. I like the composition.

    Marla @

    beautiful captures!

    Last year at my cousin’s wedding, I captured a similiar shot — I was sitting behind her parents, so I framed her and her groom between her parents head’s — it’s one of my fav shots ever!