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Let's take a walk... - Ramblings and Photos
Let’s take a walk…
So it appears that the “slump” I’ve been in is emerging…or maybe it’s just that I have a Compact-flash card full of photos to process – either way I feel much better. Last Saturday, following the wedding…we had about an hour and a half to burn before the reception. We only knew one other guest (other than the couple getting married) – and he brought his daughter with him. Needless to say, she was bored within 10 minutes so I asked if she might enjoy taking a photo walk with me. She was quick to say YES and we were on our way.
IMG_5306 RS
To be honest with you, I have very few shots of my new best friend (we were definitely besties after our photo walk)…but I did capture one. In the above shot, I asked her to go ahead of me. She slowly started walking over the bridge and then paused (without being asked – how’d she know?). I was ready with my camera. This is definitely my favorite shot of the week!

By the way…it’s time for another photo competition…and I’m one of the judges! In case you haven’t read Chelsey’s blog…here’s the deal: Just enter your favorite photo YOU have taken of a child or pet (doesn’t even have to be your own)! Just link up your image before June 24th, 2011! I really don’t know how any of you will choose a favorite – heck, I don’t know how I’ll be able to judge. But there are some awesome prizes so click over and check them out!

IMG_5282 RS
Anyways…on to our photo walk. My new bestie was really great about pointing out flowers. As a result, I actually have a ton of photos worth processing (and Casey added to those photos on Tuesday evening – more of those to come), but I love this particular shot for it’s simplicity, bokeh and depth of field. And it’s yellow/golden – perfect for Tara and Laurie‘s challenges.
With this next shot, I was really inspired by Anika Toro‘s circles. I recall this comment that she wrote in a recent post, “I just love the way they present focused snippets of the whole story.” So, I decided to try it on the photo below. Mouse over to see the full image.
Remember that childhood song: I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee, Won’t my mommy be so proud of me, I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee, Won’t my mommy be so proud of me! Ouch! It stung me! I just love the way the circle completely focuses on the bee in the center of the image. Granted, I don’t necessarily care for the composition…BUT, when you spot a bee…you photograph the bee (at least if you’re scared of getting stung like me). Nothing says summer like a bumble bee.

You know, considering this was “bubble” week for Shoot and Edit, the circles are almost like bubbles. It’s kind of a “refreshing” twist. If you want to do something similar with your images, try using the Elliptical Marquee too: hold the shift key down to constrain the selection to a circle. Then right click to select inverse. Create a new layer and fill it with any color of your choosing OR use the eye dropper tool to select a color from your image as I did in the photo above.
and then, she {snapped}  Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk  PhotoStory Friday    little somethings
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

    Such a sweet moment and walk! Lovely shot of your new bestie!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    I just updated the I AM BEAUTIFUL PROJECT post, could you remind readers to check it out?

    Oh, I love the shot of your new friend… I love the leading lines and of course, I’m a color junkie so I love how her dress pops. Beautiful and soooo sweet!

    Very nice three, with a beautiful frame and exquisite color. I like.

    Totally remember that bumblebee song-and it went on and on as I recall.
    Love your “fave” shot of the week. Very sweet moment you captured.

    I love what you did with your bumblebee shot!

    Wonderful shot of the little white flower. I love that shot for the same reasons you do. :)

    Sweet images. I love the shot your new friend. Colors of her dress really pop.

    love what you did with the bumble bee shot! don’t laugh, but you are going to see the shot of my son blowing bubbles again…i had you in mind when i posted the “following” picture on my post today!!

    I do know that song. My oldest son used to sing it to me all the time. :) So sweet. Great shots! Love the circle idea. I may have to play around and try that out.

    Glad to hear you are coming out of your slump! Lovely photos. I like the circle masking.

    That last shot is beautiful, it’s so hard to get good focus with bees, I’m terrified of them so I just snap and run.

    Wow. Those are beautiful photos!

    That cut out is such a cool effect for the bee shot. Love it. Thanks so much for linkin up to crazy days of summer. I so remember singing that song. lol.

    That cut out is such a cool effect for the bee shot. Love it. Thanks so much for linkin up to crazy days of summer. I so remember singing that song. lol.

    Beautiful shots…and such a pretty flower!

    Your photo of your new friend is perfection! Your yellow flowers are gorgeous – love the bokeh too. Your bee surprised me – a bee is my photo on my blog today – because ‘when you see a bee – you photograph a bee’!! :)

    i love the composition of the photo you linked up to snap and share. that’s really awesome, ashley!
    thanks for linking up!

    Beautiful flowers! I love the smoothness and colour of the bokeh.

    Ashley I’ve missed you and your gorgeous photo blog soooo much. The photo of the bee is wonderful and love the circle idea. Life has been crazy lately, taking so many twists and turns I can hardly keep up. But, hopefully I’ll be back to blogging now on a more permanent basis. I can hardly wait to get out with my camera too and shoot my new area. Guess I’ll have to learn to do some street photography as there is so much of that around these parts. I’m having a heck of a time with the heat here at the moment, but guess I’ll get used to it. See you again soon!! ♥

    these are all so sweet! i love the bumblebee shot, very cool. have a lovely weekend!

    Lovely yellow for today…..Great!! )And the young lady – super shot!

    I so miss these competitions. I am happy to finally moved in & dire need of a date night with my camera. lol! I adore the picture of your new bestie. Great POV! And the idea of a photo walk just speaks to my soul right now.

    great tip about doing the circle! I’m going to have to try that. I’m not too handy with the photoshop tricks…I need to set aside a day (a week?) and practice practice practice!

    It’s difficult to not be inspired by Anika, isn’t it? ;) But way to break outta the slump! I love what you did with the circle, and that first shot of yours is practically perfect – I’m sure it’s a photo she’ll cherish as she grows. :)

    Love all of these, gorgeous flowers and the circle thing is too cool! Love them. Have a great weekend!

    Love the daisies! Just gorgeous!

    Beautiful post, love the circle shot, what a great way to tell a story!


    I can’t resist those bumble bees and I have to get up real close to capture them well – so far I’ve not been stung but I never say never. Love how you did that circle with the pink background.

    I’ll be looking for a photowalk buddy soon too LOL – she was good!

    beautiful photos! i love your flower photo! so interesting angle and the blurry background! beautiful!

    Light Trigger

    i am in love with that flower shot!

    Lovely work!
    I really like your new bestie in her dress up clothes. I really nice candid shot.
    Love the yellow shot for all the reasons you mention.
    Thanks for the circle info. Something new to try. :)

    Glad you were able to snap some fun shots and get over that creative slump! Love that bumble bee shot…although, now I’m singing that song… :)

    I love your first photo! So sweet!

    Wonderful shots. I think I’m falling even further into my photography dry period. It’s driving me insane.

    Marla @ http://www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

    Totally love the shot of your newest bestie! :D

    Love all your shots. It was a good thing you brought your camera along.

    Oh all of these are just wonderful! I am now singing that song in my head, I had forgotten all about it, but it was one of my favs. :-) We even had hand actions for it. “I’m squishing up the baby bumble bee..”

    Absolutely love that first shot! The circle idea is so fun! (and yes, the song is now in my head…)

    Glad to hear your feeling better :) The little girl is simply precious, what a nice capture & lovely composition as well!

    Your new friend is adorable and I LOVE the shot. I do love the way kids seem to sense when to pause for someone to click. :)

    Gorgeous photos. I love that first one and the last one.

    That first shot is great! And love them umm…weeds. LOL I almost skirted around some the other day when i was mowing so I could go out and take pictures, but figured they’d grow back anyway.

    These are so pretty!

    What a sweet little helper and thank you for taking us along on your walk. :)

    My sophia is just like that, everyone is her best friend within moments – you capture a beautiful moment with her!

    You’ve found my bee love. I’ve realized they don’t want to string and would sooner fly away to avoid a camera, so I get CLOSE. Love the fluidity of your words on this post, and so glad the Muse and inspiration is returning to you.

    I love these all for different reasons! I have not been able to capture a good bee shot, but I see a lot of them! Love the flowers; so pretty!

    I just love your flower shots! I love the lines (angle) of the first shot and the composition is great!

    Gosh Ashley- you absolutely never cease to amaze me with your shots. So inspiring! Love them all

    Great idea (photo walk) Ashley, and beautiful capture!
    Have a great weekend.

    Wonder what your new bestie was pondering… could it have been the questions to be answered by the age old reply of “Que sera sera, whatever will be will be, the future’s for us to see, que sera sera!”

    Your new bestie is very cute, love her little dress. And look at all of those challenges, I don’t know how you keep them straight!

    That first shot is amazing…melt my heart great!

    I love the shot of your new bestie, but the flower shot is beautifully simple. Fantastic, as usual.

    I love these shots, especially the one of your new bestie. But the circle snippet trick is awesome! What a great way to highlight a specific focal point on your photos. :)
    Thanks for joining Alicia and I again for the Crazy Days of Summer photo challenge. I’m dying to see what you’ll come up with next week, when we jump into the next theme: YELLOW!
    Have a great weekend, Ashley. :)

    You captured a perfect little moment. I love it. How funny you mention the bumblebee song. The kids learned it in music class this spring and Merrick loves to walk around singing it :)

    Beautiful, Ashley! Your new BFF is a doll! :)

    Great photos. I am just starting to really get into picture taking. I’ve always loved it but just got a nice camera. I am trying to learn to edit but having a hard time. I don’t have photo shop so I’ve been using picnik. Any tips on a good editing system that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?
    My bff Kristi from http://www.sweetsauer.com/ came over the other and taught me some stuff but I have a lot to learn. I’m going to have to go back in your archives and see if I can learn some stuff.



    I really like the first photo of your new bestie! What a fun walk to go on!

    I really like the circle thing too! Really brings interest to the photo.

    glad you are out of your slump! love these shots, looks like you had a great day

    I just found your blog on blog catalog and I think these photos are tremendous. The one of the girl on the bridge belongs in a coffee table book.

    I love the bumblebee where you just see the most important part of the picture. It’s amazing that though the picture is beautiful, the bee sort of fades without the circle to train your eye just on that. I wonder if you ended up doing a screen of the circle so that you could still see the (very) faded background a little. Okay, I’m rambling… Hope you’re having a good weekend!

    I’m such an idiot. I told you that next week’s Crazy Days of Summer photo challenge theme is yellow, but it’s really WATER. Please excuse my mistake. Obviously, I need more sleep. ;)

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    love the flowers and I’m dying to check out the contest.

    Beautiful first photo. Would have loved to see more…

    Great photos. The picture of your new bestie is very sweet.

    I’d love to know how you were able to do the circle shot, that’s so cool.