Scavenger Hunt Sunday

June 19, 2011
First of all…Happy Father’s Day! We’re planning to spend the day with my family to celebrate Father’s Day and my birthday, so if I go missing for a few hours, that’s where I’ll be. Time seems to be flying right now…I can literally feel it slipping between my fingers. Must mean that I’m having fun…at least I think I am. I’m also fairly busy. When I get busy…I get productive, and I love to be productive. At work, we had two new hires this past week – since I’m not coordinating our recruiting efforts, I feel a certain...

June 18, 2011
I don’t have an i-phone…or an i-mac, i-pad or i-pod. According to the commercials, I’m a PC…I operate a Blackberry (not even a cool one)…and I listen to music on a Sony Walkman. Most times, I’m perfectly okay with that position…that is until all of the i-phone users (you know who you are) rub your sweet apps in my face. It’s not nice!  I’m really kidding…minus being a tad bit envious of Instagram and WordFoto. However, the other night, my husband let me play with his Droid Incredible…so I have photos to contribute to the...
Portrait Session with Casey

June 17, 2011
Last Tuesday, I met up with Casey from One Day at a Time at Duke Gardens for an impromptu portrait session. We decided in advance that we’d take turns in front of the camera. Casey looked gorgeous. I can’t say the same for myself since it’d been at least eight hours since I’d gotten ready that day. Nonetheless, here’s a sneak peak of our afternoon together.I love the light in this photo…and of course Casey’s smile.     For those of you that don’t know Casey, she’s a complete goof. Luckily, I’ve got the evidence to prove it!But...
Edit Me!

June 16, 2011
I don’t know about you, but I love Branson’s Edit Me challenge. When I first started Ramblings and Photos, most of my posts were “Before and After” posts using other people’s images. Editing work is so natural and familiar to me, and I love seeing how others interpret an image.  For this week’s challenge, Keara from Now I know what Life is All About is judging. I decided to use the mouse over effect (described HERE), to show my first step between her original and my Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) adjustment (mouse-over to see ACR). From that point, I quickly went...