I have a confession…I haven’t been in much of a mood to photograph anything lately. I’m going to blame it on the early (normal) arrival of summer in North Carolina. Yes my friends…we’re already in the 90s with ridiculous humidity levels. Just in case you don’t know what that feels like…imagine taking a shower, getting ready for work and then walking outside and feeling as if you never showered. It’s enough to make you exhausted just thinking about it…and desperately wishing for fall temperatures. 

I’m not sure what that has to do with my macro salt photographs, but that’s my story for today. Actually…I nearly deleted the photo below because it wasn’t perfectly in focus. Focus Pocus –  I love this shot!
Salt of the Earth RS
Matthew 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth.”
I’m also entering the above photo into Laurie at Crown of Life Photography‘s new challenge called “Better than Best” which starts tomorrow. The theme this week is anything and the linky will open tonight.
Salt RS
And with all that said, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We’ll be attending another wedding tomorrow morning.
  and then, she {snapped}   Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk   PhotoStory Friday  

    I can see why you love this shot! AWESOME!!

    great shot. glad you didn’t hit that delete button!

    Salt… interesting, I think it came out really well. I need to try this!

    These are wonderful!

    I’m not a big “hot and humid weather” fan either. Yuck!
    I’d wish you some cooler days, but you’re in NC and there’s not much that can be done for that weather, is there? Oh… do you live near the mountains? Maybe you could go on a mountain getaway.

    Have a great weekend.

    These are awesome! Love them!

    I hear you on the HOT and humid… ugh!! Wow, only you could make a photo of salt totally cool and beautiful.

    Ashley! These are stunning!

    Sorry the heat is getting to you, it’s hard to imagine those sort of temperatures- we’re still waiting for some nice weather here, it has been raining for weeks now.

    Those shots are very cool. If you hadn’t said it was salt on the first one I never would’ve guessed that. It kind of looks like a string of lights. I am right there with you on the heat and humidity. Tennessee is just as hot right now. I love summer though, so many possibilities! :0)

    AWESOME shot! Very unique!

    Yep, feeling ya on the humidity. It’s like being in someone’s mouth here in FL! :)

    Love the picture! I an do glad you didn’t delete it. Thank you for joining in Foto Friday again. You always have such beautiful shots!
    I understand the humidity thing. We used to live in Houston. That was before I had lasik surgery, too. So my glasses would get completely fogged up every time I entered a building or got out of my car.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean! Asheville has been sizzling this past week, too! I’m originally from Florida so I refuse to put my air conditioning on in the mountains, but I’ve got all my fans blowing and it’s hard to make myself leave the cold(er) basement! :P Lovelovelove the salt photo, btw…very beautiful. :)

    LOVE LOVE the first shot…so pretty!!! Who knew salt could be so pretty?

    Love that first shot, and emotion wins over technical perfection anyday. :)

    Oh, I remember well the humidity in NC (we lived there for a few years). I’d walk outside and my glasses would immediately fog up. It’s hard to describe it. I don’t miss that, and I can’t imagine trying to shoot in conditions like that!

    Yeah, the heat & humidity has already hit Memphis as well. the kids already complain it’s too hot to play outside. VERY cool shots! So glad you didn’t delete them. ;)

    Oooo, I like it! It’s so abstract! And good gracious lady – how many weddings do you attend each year?! :)

    Focus is difficult, especially in certain lighting, but it’s a great shot. I’m learning to love my “soft focus” shots. They don’t all have to be perfect. (But I love it when they are!)

    I like the first one too!

    Hope you can find ways to stay cool. This heat has really been something already!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    very pretty salt!

    Wow, that first one looks like twinkling lights! LOVE IT. Yeah, we’re definitely past the 100s here and the humidity is through the roof. I know exactly the feeling!

    I love these pictures. The second one is my favorite!

    Love these!

    Wow…that is really cool Ashley.

    We’re really hot here in Louisiana too.

    Have a blessed day today!

    These are really fun shots. I love that first one. I would never think to photograph salt. Nice work.

    Wow! love them!

    The first shot looks SO cool!

    Cool shots! Hope you find a cool place to relax :)

    I LOVE those shots! The bokeh is just amazing! :) Great job! I might have to try that sometime!!

    wow, your shots are amazing. I’m glad you didn’t delete. thanks so much for stopping by. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

    Well, I have to say that this is these are the best shots of salt I’ve ever seen! Sorry, you’re in a bit of a funk…The summer will fly by I’m sure, & I’m sure you’ll find a way to make the most of the hot days :)

    Ummm, commenting on the weather here would be like rubbing salt in the wound since it supposed to be sunny and 70 all weekend, so I won’t mention it.

    Lovely shots! Did you convert them to black and white or is there only black and white in the photo? I don’t really need to know, just curious. I love how they sparkle.

    Terrific macros Ashley and they look so good with the BnW conversion.

    I’m not a heat lover and if it gets into the 70’s here I’m wilting like as of NOW! Maybe make a lightbox and take your shots indoors with the air conditioning on.

    I think these shots are neat! Creative and the salt acts as a twinkle in the picture. Beautiful. I know the photo slump all too well. I do feel like what follows it is usually a neat burst of creativity…such as you shooting hottie me (lol) at Duke gardens next week…wannnnaaa??? hehehe

    Very cool shots, I love the second one!

    Ashley~ Can I ask what lens you used to shoot your salt photo?

    Beautiful shots! Well done!

    Love these! Focus or no focus, they look great. I get burnt out on Photography, too when the weather is nice. I’m sure you’ll come out of it soon. :) Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

    Great work! Although, I am in shock over your weather…we are having the exact OPPOSITE problem in the northwest part of the US…rain & wind and only about 60 degrees! I’m actually craving a bit of humidity. :)

    Love these… know that now I am going to be trying to photography salt!! Great job…really love it. Stay cool!!! <3

    So I am glad you didn’t delete it either! Cool perspective and for some reason my mind thinks DISCO. I know….don’t ask :)

    You should just move to Florida. Then, you get so used to feeling like you never showered that it feels natural.

    Really cool Ashley! I definitely know all about hot and humid down in la. It’s no fun!

    Salt?? Really?? They are AWESOME…you’ve inspired me once again! Try to stay cool :)

    Wow! This is definitely amazing. I LOVE macro photography. Very cool & I love the scripture to go with it.

    Too cool! Love it.

    My family is from North Carolina. went down for my cousin’s wedding one year in August. Thought I might die. Seriously. I’m a northern girl and yes, we get warm weather, but not that humidity. So awful. Seriously.

    Hang in there!

    I don’t know how people handle that heat and humidity in the SE. Seattle has too much humidity for me now that I live someplace a little drier. Give me dry heat any day!
    I love these photos! So sharp. And so pretty. It looks like little bits of glass.
    Happy weekend!

    love this shot! and love salt, we have a love hate relationship while being pregnant! lol. Stunning image and by far the most unique I’ve seen!

    Thank you for linking up!

    I’m happy you decided not to delete this photo too! I love it :) You always do such beautiful photography and amazing edits.

    Great shots of the salt! I feel for you in the humidity, we live with that sort of humidity for pretty much the whole year!

    Very creative. The first shot almost looks like city lights across the bay.

    These are SO artistic, Ashley! I love the lighting and the bokeh… absolutely magical!

    I hear you about the heat. For four years, my fam lived in sierra leone,africa. It was NO use showering. ( although we had to, ya know ) Luckily, i was a child, and took it for what it was, but..phew.
    In sweden, It´s in the 80´s now, and hardly anyone owns an AC! PHEW! :)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one! Will you please open an etsy shop soon?! ;)

    This is an absolutely awesome picture!! Never though salt could look so amazing! And the humidity here in Florida is getting really bad too…

    I love these, really…beautiful! Love them. Especially that first one. I hope that this shows you focus is totally over-rated! Time and a place for focus and unfocus, just like in life ;)

    Totally in love with that first image… and not just because it’s salt and I have a huge LOVE for salt…at least I own it :)

    Like little diamonds. :) thank you for your kind words on my blog! I take many photo tips from your page.

    The look really nice, specially the first one.

    I have a doubt: the black scratches on the salt in the first picture are part of the edit?

    Beautiful shots…
    As for your weather – I’m so jealous. I live in California, and its grey and gloomy. And it rained a few days this week. We haven’t had any summer yet.

    Very cool shots! And I got him his first pair of Tom’s.

    Way cool, Ashley. Where do you live in NC, BTW? I’m in Durham.

    Always love your shots!

    Gorgeous photos. Love them!

    Ashley, this is such a cool shot! But, my favorite part of it is the Scripture that you chose!

    Trying to stay cool here in SC as well! Yesterday was just icky! Today has been better! Have fun at the wedding!

    Super awesome shot.. I love it.. I linked up too and saw your entry and fell in lvoe.. Such a lovely blog.. Officially following you.. Hope you can visit me sometime.. TY

    Okay- the photos- are flippin’ awesome!!! Only you can make salt look THAT interesting! I’m glad you picked up the camera despite your mood lately.

    I feel for you about the weather. While I may live in the driest place on the planet (it’s not uncommon for us to get down to 0% humidity) I have spent many a summer in the south & know all too well about the humidity. My hair thanks me every day for where I live- otherwise I would look just like Monica on Friends when they go to South America or wherever it was & the only way she can tame the frizz is to get cornrows. Yep- that would be me. :) Picture that one!!! Not good :)

    Holy “macro”! LOL that is some serious macro work my dear! I can’t wait to someday have a macro, or extension tubes, whichever will do for me! HEHE! I love the first and that bokeh from the remaining salt in the background! You did a wonderful job! Glad you didn’t delete! :D

    wow thi is awesome! very creative! and the result is beautiful!

    via Twisted fate

    Light Trigger

    Sooo awesome! Never thought about photographing salt. Very creative, as usuall.
    hugs from my corner!

    A very arty photography. I like it. V

    These are some of my favorite shots ever. Amazing job, Ashley!

    Cool. I like both, but really like the second one. Such an interesting photo of an ordinary everyday thing. Nicely done.

    The quote is perfect!

    I passed through the Carolina’s while driving to Florida a couple of days ago – and you’re totally right … it’s SO hot! Hope you enjoy the wedding … and what a fabulous photo this really is!

    awesome, awesome shot! and ugh, i get the hot weather. we had our first 90 degree day here AND humid. its miserable. oh well better than snow. ha!

    These salt shots are so cool, I really like the first one too.

    Great save, Ashley. This is a superb shot!

    Nicely done! And…yeah, it’s hot here in NC. You know it’s bad when everyone is happy that it cooled down to 88 degrees. ;)

    Hey I live in Houston so can relate to the loss of the spring. I really try to embrace it just so I can make it thru the heat. I don’t ever remember not sweating at Halloween, how’s that for hot and humid!!! Love the second salt shot.

    Cool photo!

    I hate hate hate humidity. Today it was like 91 and super humid in Minnesota. YUCK! I stayed inside in the air.

    Glad you didn’t delete!! LOVE!

    Love these shots so much!! So glad you didn’t delete…..well done you XO

    These are really beautiful Ashley! Have a great weekend.

    Great shot!
    I am in Virginia, and I totally feel your pain on the heat right now.

    WOW – really cool shots – this I want to try out !

    Have a great day!

    ♡ Johanna

    Looks like a string of jewels . . .

    Enjoy the wedding, Ashley ~

    That is cool, I’m glad you shared it with us!

    Wow! Such cool shots!

    Those are such cool photos–such an abstract feel to them. Thanks for linking up!

    Glad you didn’t delete these photos!! I think they are AWESOME!!
    I might have to give this a try!!

    Just linked up with Better Than Best :)
    Your salt photo’s are amazing! I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired as well, but I chalk it up to mostly being pregnant and tired! Haha I love being pregnant though.
    My husband used to use the same shower analogy when he was deployed to Afghanistan, except when he stepped outside not only did he feel like he never showered, but he was covered in sand :(

    I can see why you love it. Interesting and beautiful.

    I love these! So glad you didn’t get rid of that first one! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

    Awesome shots!! =) I haven’t been on your blog in ages – I’m loving it! =)

    You are the salt and light of the world…

    Hi Ashley. Thank you for visiting my blog! I am so glad you stopped by and introduced yourself.

    Have a nice weekend!


    Ashley these are wonderful! Love that second one!

    Congrats chicka, you made the Top Three!

    Those are really cool!! :D

    I hear ya on the weather… right now we’re in the 30’s (Celsius) with the humidex making it feel like the 40’s!!

    Not that I’m complaining… much.. ;)