June 26, 2011
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
I have really had a great week…nothing too crazy (minus several in-office interviews that I was responsible for coordinating), but a great week. Not only did I get a ton of love from YOU on my birthday, but Pioneer Woman selected my “Grrrrr” face for Group One of her Funny Faces challenge; I learned an even better way to visit my favorite blogs via I Heart Faces (check out the tutorial – it really is that great…I love my NEXT button); Angie and Amy selected the picture of my husband as a favorite at I Heart Faces; and I got to hang out with friends by the pool yesterday. Yes, it’s been a great week.  

Next week is said to be another great week. In fact, I may have lied last week when I said that I was hosting my final giveaway. Kat, from The Kat Eye View of the World, contacted me earlier this week to ask if I’d be interested in offering two lucky Scavenger Hunt Sunday participants a space in her upcoming introductory class: Find Your Eye: Starting the Journey. And for what it’s worth, I will also be participating in this course.

This two week course starts off the series, introducing the basic tools of the photojournal and inspiration file and giving you the knowledge to use them. This course is a prerequisite for the remainder of the Find Your Eye: Journey series courses and class starts July 24th! Details are available here and registration will open in early July (somewhere around July 8th).

Here’s what I’ll do…if you’re interested in winning a space in Kat’s class, you’ll need to do two things during NEXT week’s Scavenger Hunt (I’m just giving you the pre-qualifications today so you’ll be prepared): 1) Participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday NEXT week (July 3-5) and 2) Leave me a comment indicating that you want to participate. I’ll be sure to remind you again next week.

Anyways, back to this week’s hunt. If you’ve been participating in the Scavenger Hunt each week, I hope this week’s items inspired you – I’ve been done with my photos since Tuesday! If you’re new to the Scavenger Hunt…WELCOME! Next week’s items are sponsored by Kat and Katie.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday
The rules are simple: 
  1. Anyone can participate. 
  2. You’re encouraged to take five new photos this week for the challenge. 
  3. If you get stumped, you may use one photo from your archive (although I’m not too strict about it – I do my best to take fresh shots). 
  4. Link up here on Sunday (or Tuesday at the latest) – you can use the button above.  
  5. Leave comments for at least five entries around yours (we have so many new participants each week, this is the only way I know to be inclusive).
  6. Have fun!
Without further discussion…here are my interpretations this week:

1. Windows/Doors
Office Windows RS
This is my office building…it’s nothing fancy and definitely corporate. In fact, I hardly think it’s anything worth photographing…that is, until I looked at it on my way out of the office earlier this week. I think it looks kinda dreamy now.

2. Eyelashes
All About Eyes RS
No one could have predicted that I would go for a self-portrait on this one…right? It was actually much harder than I thought to get my focus just right, but I love the way this turned out. I’m still wishing that these were my REAL eyelashes.

3. Paint
Nail Polish RS
I love cheap nail polish – I think I paid maybe 69 cents each for these four shades at Walgreens. I seriously didn’t know how much fun it was to paint your nails until this year…where have I been?!

4. Leaf Veins
Leaf Vein RS
I don’t know about you, but it is incredibly hard to capture leaf veins…at least the leaf veins of our “love plant.” On the other hand, I love the pattern.

5. Faceless Portrait
Faceless Selfie RS
The other day, I received a very special gift from fellow Mortal Muse, Christy. Just in time for summer (and my birthday), she made me a pair of fingerless gloves. Last winter, I drooled over these gloves and now I finally have a pair! These will really come in handy when it gets cold again.
Photography love...

What were your interpretations of the items this week? I can’t wait to check them out. Be sure to load your pictures in your blog (or your Flickr photostream) and link up at the bottom of this post.  Feel free to grab a button to display on your blog along with your scavenger hunt items. The linky will be open until Tuesday night at midnight (EST). If you didn’t participate this week, but want to participate next week, here are your items (these can also be found at the bottom of my blog each week):
  1. Pop of Color
  2. Crossing Thresholds (Exploring with a Camera theme - check out post here)
  3. X-Ray (Katie’s suggestion - can definitely be done in post-processing)
  4. Toy (Katie’s suggestion )
  5. Hidden or Farm (Katie’s suggestion - since you may not have a farm, your choice)

Again, thank you to Kat and Katie for so many great scavenger hunt items. I’ve actually got several weeks worth of prompts waiting in my inbox, but if you’d like to contribute items to the list, just send me an email with your suggestions (I can better keep track of them this way…and we’ve got some great prompts coming up in future weeks). Each week, I will select one reader’s prompt list, add those items to what is currently on tap and give the selected reader a shout out on my blog during Scavenger Hunt Sunday. 

Also, be sure to come back tomorrow for Shoot and Edit: Part 1, Week 25.  The prompt/theme is “Sunrise.” Happy Shooting! By the way, don’t forget about my Birthday Giveaway. It ends June 28th at 10 PM EST. 
Giveaway at Ramblings and Photos


    CONGRATS…and I love the gloves. That paint shot is pretty cool, too! :)

    Love the paint!!!As I too love nailpolish…your self-portraits are fab…Have a great week.

    Congratulations, your Grr face is great. I love all your shots this week. I also love the pattern on the leaf.

    I love the gloves shot. It’s wonderful.

    And I totally want in that class. Sounds amazing. :)

    Marla @ http://www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

    That Grrrrr face is awesome and I LOVE the shot of your husband (clearly PW and A&A have great taste).

    Your eyelash focus is stupendous (I had a hard time focusing on someone else’s lashes. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to focus on your own!) and I love the color pop from the gloves.

    Wow. Neat shots. I want those eyelashes too! Congrats on being picked in group 1 on PW’s blog and as a favorite on iheartfaces.

    I would have picked that picture of your husband, too! Congratulations!

    The gloves will be very handy and great color!

    Wonderful photos–my favorite is paint!

    Yep…love that faceless portrait..and the cute purple fingerless mittens!!!

    all awesome shots, especially love your eyelashes shot!

    Love all of these, but the perspective on the “eyelashes” shot and the faceless portrait are spot on. Beautiful!

    Congrats on all the photo recognition!! That’s awesome. Your photos are beautiful as always this week! xo

    What a fab week you had Ashley and I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite this week as I love them all and not forgetting those gloves too.

    I thought I could have tied in the wedding photos with next weeks hunt but after seeing your prompts I think I’ll have to re think that one.

    Have a great week :)

    you are rocking those finger less gloves! love your selection of images – just gorg!!! XO

    Great shots, I love the gloves too.

    Love the faceless portrait and that your new gloves are purple, my fav color!

    Hi, hope you are doing well. Your hunt is great.
    I really like doors/windows because I always search for the reflection in the modern building.
    Have a good day. xxx

    Stunning side view for “eyelashes”. Fantastic! I also loved your “faceless” shot. I love the uniqueness of each capture. You never cease to amaze me. Wonderful…

    I love your eyelash selfie… and CONGRATS!! LOVE those gloves! =)

    Ohh girl, you look fabulous in that selfie :)

    great pictures! love them all, especially the paint interpretation.
    much love, d.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE those gloves. I am most definatly going to get some for this coming up winter.
    Great photo for paint!!! I have yet to try a black nail polish but now I think I might give it a try.
    Great faceless portrait.

    Ashley! Your self protraits are Amazing!Great job!

    I saw your pic on I heart Faces – and congrats on the love from PW as well. Great job with the self portrait – how did you get your eyelashes in focus on a self portrait?!?!

    Your photos look totally awesome! I love the paint and faceless portrait pictures the most. Terrific work! :)

    Yahoo- you did have a GREAT week ;D Happy belated Birthday Lady! I love your shots this week. I just knew you would do nail polish.

    Great photos, as always. Love the composition on your eyelashes photo!

    I love all of your shots!! Those gloves are so lovely :D I’m amazed at your eyelash shot! I never would’ve tried it b/c mine are so non-existent….I should give those a try sometime!

    Wow! Congrats to you and your two awesome pics!! That is a good week indeed;0. I love the faceless pic and those arm gloves! Sweet! The eyelash shot is awesome too. Paint…bomb!! Happy sunday friend!

    Loved your eyelashes, leaf veins and faceless portrait! Great job this week!

    Congrats on your wins! The eyelash photo is gorgeous!!


    First off, I’m so sorry I missed your birthday.

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    Sounds like it was great.

    These are all beautiful, just like you.

    Thought I would join in for the first time.

    Hope you have a blessed day!

    I love your faceless self portrait.. But all you shots look wonderful.. Thanks so much again for another fun week..

    Hugs, LInda

    I saw you on both of those groups, congrats! I would love to participate next week and be a part of the giveaway. I am going to have to put on my thinking cap.

    All wonderful, but my favorite was the leaf veins. Excellent detail.

    I’d love to participate in the giveaway!!!! Count me in, please!

    Congrats again on all the picks this week and on oyur birthday! I love the color and faceless portrait shots! Love the giveaway next week! can’t wait to enter!

    LOVE your eyelash picture!

    PS – I need your help.
    I have a page on my site that lists more than 300 hops, memes, and photo challenges… some for each day of the week. Yours is listed there, too! I’m trying to update the list to include a brief phrase describing each link. Can you sum yours up… hopefully in a dozen words or less? Check under the header for the link to that page.
    ncsue0514 at msn dot com

    Ya ya! We hate you for being so awesome, but we’ll cover it by saying, “OMG CONGRATS!” LOL! ;-)
    LOVE your long eyelashes! Another thing to hate you for!!!!
    Paint is so cool and I SO WANT those fingerless gloves!!!!!!

    Okay, let me get my Scavenger Hunt going.

    You really are awesome ;-)

    Great job Ashley, the fingernail polish shot is great. I have tried to take a photo like that so many times but it never turns out right. Go figure.

    I will participate in next weeks scavenger hunt! see you then!
    kiddo_carrie (at) yahoo

    congrats on all your photo winnings!

    Love your scavenger hunt items! You’re really great at self portraits too, maybe one day I’ll get around to doing something like that.

    I saw your photo on the pioneer woman, congrats on making the first group!

    Ok, let’s talk about that self- portrait of you… GORGEOUS!! It’s my favorite out of all of the pics today… by far :-)

    Happy Sunday Sweetie! xo

    I love the pics, especially the paint one. I’d totally frame that as a cool piece of pop art. :)


    Love the Grrr face and the pic of your husband. Nice! I love all your hunt photos, but especially admire the eyelash shot.

    so jealous of your gloves and i love that self-portrait!

    I just love your self portraits! I really should try them more…er..at all! :) Thanks for using my prompt suggestions!

    Woof, Ashley!
    I can’t see any of your images and it took me two hours just to upload my drooly pictures. I think my online life is drooly blah.

    Firstly, huge congrats on both I Heart Faces and Pioneer Woman (that GRRR face is hilarious!!!)

    Secondly…your scavenger hunts never cease to inspire me…wow, you got some beautiful captures! I especially love your leaf one…such a gorgeous shade of green, and I love how it almost looks irridescent (if I managed to spell that correctly ;D)

    And, lastly, thanks for stopping by to leave such kind comments…I know you must be super-busy what with fifty-eleven blogs to maintain ;) I have no idea how you manage to stop by and to leave personal comments on all your comments!…I suspect your must be in possession of a magic bean that makes your day 10 hours longer than everyone else’s! LOL

    Hope you’re taking time to have a lovely summer, my friend!

    Awesome shots this week. I really love the Paint picture! Those colors are really great together.

    Nice selfie! Thanks for hosting — this is my first time participating!

    I love the faceless portrait! Those gloves are great – even in the summer!!!

    Love those fingerless gloves- I told my hubs that I needed a pair last winter. I suppose now would be the best time to get them cheap :) No one in NV will be needing them for a long time :)

    Hi!!! Gorgeous photos- I love them! Your eyelash photo is a wonderful capture. And the leaf veins are wonderful. Have a great weekend!

    Love your eyelashes and paint photos, but they are all great. My friend made me gloves like those. I love them.

    The sun reflecting off the leaf and through it us wonderful.

    You’ve been doing some great selfie’s lately….this one is no exceptions. Well actually 2. Fancy winter mitts (don’t want to even think about cold weather). Love that nail polish shot. It has your style all over it. Have a great week in that corporate building-cool reflections in the window.

    What fun!!! Sounds like a great giveaway! I love your paint shot this week, such pretty colors!

    :) It’s me again!!

    One of these days, I’m going to get my rear in gear and participate in SHS again… ha! Ah, well! :)

    Ok, so glad you had a great birthday — congrats on the PW nod, love the Next button, too, but hardly ever use it (I use the little double arrow next to a blog title in my reader if I want to go to the actual post. :) ) Congrats at being a I<3F fav! Wow! You're week rocked!! Yay you!!!

    Windows: I agree, that’s a really cool shot. Yes, it’s a very corporate bldg, but with the light and the shadows and the reflection on the windows, it’s rather interesting. :)

    Sigh. Eyelashes. Did I tell you that I wore makeup for my sis’s wedding??? I really liked how the mascara lengthened my eyelashes… but I have yet to purchase any for myself…. Love yours, whether they’re yours or not.

    hehe @ your paint comment… I only like painting my toe nails in the summer time — and dislike painting my finger nails all the time! I normally just stick with french tips, but recently bought a cool blue! And yes, I don’t spend big bucks on them… not for the 2 months I may wear it every year!

    Love the color and detail on the leaf!! Wow!!! Beautiful!

    hehe. cute gloves, but totally wrong time of year for them! Haven’t you looked at the thermometer??? lol!

    Have a great week, doll!!


    I love your shots! Your eyelashes look soo long!

    Great photos as always!

    Loving the eyelashes, girl! Great perspective. And those fingerless gloves are a must have item for photographers. Gotta get some. Fabulous as always, friend!

    Another great set and I love them all. My favorite? Hard to pick

    Love the paint shot… we love cheap nail polish here too!! =P

    all are gorgeous! great job!

    congrats again on your awesome shout outs this week!

    hugs and love,

    Happy Belated Birthday! All your shots are great, as usual :) Congrats on the great week, too.

    How could I EVER pick a fave from this awesome set?? Thanks again for hosting Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

    Very cool Window shot! It is dreamy and I love the processing. Your eyelash shot is neat too!

    Yay! Congrats on all of it… and love the faceless self portrait! :)


    Congrats…and awesome hunt…as always!

    Beautiful eyelashes, and I love your “paint” shot – very Katie Lloyd-esque of you. :) Every time Sunday comes around and I think, oh! I missed out on another scavenger hunt, I’m always disappointed. I’m going to be ready for next week. :) Your hunt always produces such beautiful results from many bloggers – thanks for creating this inspirational space!

    Congratulations!!! You deserve it all and more Ashley! Love those gloves and that love plant is really different. So pretty.


    Love all your shots! Hope you love mine :)

    love the nail polish! you should try the new shatter nail polishes. soooo addicting! :) i really like the faceless portrait too. :)

    Honestly Ashley….you totally rock. I LOVE LOVE your eyelashes photo and your leaf veins is amazing (the color) WOW. Also, congratulations on your two photos. I actually gasped (with joy) when I saw your entry on the winner circle in I Hear Faces. Great job girl….again…you rock!!

    Hi! Stunning Photography! I just wanted to let you know that I linked up to the ‘coffee mug’ shot on my site today…I have a Photo Challenge Linky Party going on..Frivolous Friday’s…
    check it out and add something if you like!