A Summer Evening (with Kitty Paw)
IMG_5742 RS
I often complain about North Carolina summers. You’d think that having a summer birthday, I’d be a bit more excited about summertime, but it’s nearly the opposite. I suppose that hasn’t always been the case. I used to spend my summers in a swimsuit at Camp Don Lee. I hardly remember it being so hot and humid then…although, I guess it didn’t really matter considering we wore so little clothing. My skin would turn golden brown during those summers.
IMG_5757 RS
In my adulthood, summers aren’t nearly as fun…summer days are just like any other day. I still have to go to work and my skin is much more sensitive to the sun (either that or I’m much more educated about the harmful effects of the sun). I remember just months ago hearing so many bloggers begging for summer – not me. And although I enjoy pictures of pool time and slip-n-slides, I’m desperately waiting for Autumn to reappear.
IMG_5753 RS
I took this particular shot from under our couch.
All that in mind…there’s one thing about summer that makes my heart sing: the light of a summer evening. No longer must I rush home to capture the last moments of daylight. I can work a full day, get a good workout, come home, take a shower…and still have a few hours to enjoy the sun. Kitty Paw loves it too. She especially loves when I open the windows and doors. (This is my favorite photo because I love that it’s a unique perspective – the framing of the couch and the processing makes it a little more interesting.)
Favorite Fridays at Skinned Knees
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Also linking up with Hallie Westcott for 50mm Friday.
I guess it’s moments like these that cause me to slow down and enjoy each day…even the really hot and humid ones. Besides, it won’t be too long until winter returns, our days disappear and I join the rest of the world wishing for summer.
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Happy Friday!
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    I love the B&W, great perspective!

    Great shots of Kitty Paw. I love Fall too.

    Great shots of Kitty Paw :) You have some awesome lighting at your house!

    I’m also a fall girl. I guess summer has it’s perks but there isn’t 1 thing about fall I don’t adore!

    awwww looks like she is loving the sun! these are all wonderful, love it!

    Beautiful shots of lovely Kitty Paw!
    I’m one of those who longs for Summer, here in Scotland the season is so short and the weather so unpredictable that some years we don’t get Summer at all!

    So glad to see pictures of Kitty Paw. I love the black and white one.

    I am with you in regards to summer. However, it will all change when you have little Ashley’s running around.

    BTW, I am about to transform this post into your Top 5. I see 5 photos. I see Kitty Paw 5 times. I see five cute photos. Looks like a quarterly Top 5 post. Just saying…… :0

    i’m with you on the not wishing for summer. I have never been a fan of the summer. It is just to stinkin hot! Love the b&w and the perspective on that shot. My cats follow the sun/light around too!

    I love these. Kitty paw is so gorgeous. Love the light in your house!

    Awww… the lighting IS fantastic. Gotta look on the bright side, right? ;D

    Hearin’ you loud and clear!! It’s back into the 90s this weekend in TN. But I think it’s going by fast…shouldn’t be long now.
    And oh what sweet eye candy you have. My kitties are so sleepy and crazy I find them doing this no matter what light (or lack of light usually) is the case ;)
    Happy 4th!

    Kitty Paw is adorable. I’m one of those who is always wishing for summer. It doesn’t last very long here…unlike the winter.

    Awe, Kitty Paw is so pretty! These are all great, but I absolutely love the b&w! There is just something about it!

    I LOVE the shot from under the couch!!!

    I hope you have a great 4th weekend…and I know I’ll be blown away by the shots you get! ;) (no pressure!)

    What a beautiful cat and the light is just amazing Ashley.

    I’m with you on the summers now.

    I do love the extra hours too.

    Hope you have a great 4th!

    BEAUTIFUL shots of the K paw and good angles. The lighting is so warm and perfect. I’m with you..summer can move along but, the night light is wonderful and I will miss it terribly when it is gone!

    Aw, Kitty Paw is such a cutie! Love the yummy light in these! I agree with you 100% regarding summer, bring on Fall!! Fall is by far my favorite!!!

    My cat Ruby is loving the sun too, she’s lying in any spot she can find! I am loving the light in your house and I can’t get over the fact that it doesn’t start to get dark until 9 or later. It throws me off my bed time!

    Happy Friday! Kitty Paw is always so cute. Love the one that you’re looking under the table towards her. Too sweet.

    Love the Kitty Paw pics! I love fall and spring the most. Summer is definitely scorching hot; however, I’m SO not a fan of cold weather. I could never live in the north.

    All great pictures. I do love the one from under the couch. I love these types of creative shots! Have a great weekend!

    Love your angles, too cute.

    I love the light in these!

    I was one of those people begging for summer, but we atill lived in Germany in the winter and it got dark at 4pm! Even though I’m not a fan of the heat I loved the long days.

    Oh gosh, do I ever love your photos of Kitty Paw! :D

    Come by and check me out later… I’ve got pictures of Ayanna that are begging to be seen. ;)

    Kitty Paw is just adorable — and such a model! I love how she is looking directly into the camera in the fourth photo.

    She is just so darn cute.

    When it gets cold there I will pack up some my the heat here & gladly ship it to you. We will be warm through November. :)

    Kitty Paw is such a pretty little cat! Beautiful photos!

    Adorable pictures!

    Great shots of Kitty Paw. I currently live in the desert, so I understand about dreading summertime, but at least your birthday isn’t 2 days before Christmas…as a child that was the worse.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July.

    Bright blessings,

    Ha! Kitty Paw is so flipping cute! Great shots!

    Love that second to last shot! Her eyes are gorgeous! Have a great holiday weekend!

    I agree. I love the long evenings of summer, but hate the heat. Yuck.

    Marla @ http://www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

    I love the shot from under the couch. Very cool! I love the longer evenings of summer, but like you, I long for autumn. By about August I’m ready for sunny, cool days where I can bundle-up. :)

    Such a pretty kitty! Love these photos!

    Love your use of light in these photos!

    Absolutely LOVE your photography! Your cat is adorable (looks just like my little kitten). This line – “No longer must I rush home to capture the last moments of daylight. I can work a full day, get a good workout, come home, take a shower…and still have a few hours to enjoy the sun.” – is so true. Love the longer days in summer, but the cool breezes in Autumn are even better!


    so bright and lovely! my bday is in summer too, 8/8. happy birthdays to us!

    What a beautiful and sweet kitty!

    Really lovely pictures of Kitty Paw. I love the one from under the couch, too; it really is unique.

    Haha. I love the photo taken from the perspective of underneath the couch. Sometimes I think while taking a photo… If people could watch my life they must think I’m crazy… who else but a photographer would lie on the floor with the camera pointed under the couch… ;)

    Your cat is so photogenic! :)

    wow, kitty paw seems to have enjoyed this shoot. love the under the couch one!

    I don’t miss the summer heat at all. I love Fall and Spring, but not the summer. Especially the Alabama summers. :) Great shots of Kitty Paw.

    I love the perspective of the one under the couch. I feel like I’m a cat looking back at Kitty Paw. =)

    Such sweet pictures of Kitty Paw, and great lighting.

    Love these photos of Kitty Paw! The light is just gorgeous. :) Also, I love that she totally poses for me. My cat comes walking over as soon as I get down on my knees for a pic. lol
    Thanks for joining Alicia and I again for the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge. Your photos are always spectacular. I literally look forward to seeing what you come up with each week. And of course I’ll be waiting to see what you come up with for next week’s theme: PATRIOTISM. Have a great weekend in NC, Ashley! :)

    diito about summers!!! great shots of kp, love them all!

    Lovin’ kitty paw shots … such a life … I was meant to be a kitty! Summer for me!

    Holy cow, these are just awesome! Love, love!!

    Love that Kitty Paw:) Hope you have a great weekend.


    I love your cat. it is just unreal

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    I love how cats follow the sunny spots…:) Great shots!

    awww…look at kitty paw!

    I know what you mean. I love summer because the light that we have almost 24 hours like in winter we have darkness 24 hours but I don’t like too much hot. I love warm not hot:)

    oh she is so striking!!

    Such a sweet kitty – love these pics! :-)

    I am NOT a summer person at all either…living in Texas near the gulf coast & dealing with 100 degree temps, I’m counting the minutes until fall. My kids don’t even want to play outside because it’s too darn hot!
    The photo of KP from under the couch is great…super cool perspective! Hope you have a great weekend. :)

    I could not agree with you more! And here I thought I was the only one in the blogosphere that didn’t like summer. Here in Florida it’s hot & humid ALL the time. It never cools down at night: 24/7 torture! And I, too, spent the summers outside when I was a kid getting that perfect tan. I long for fall but our fall weather doesn’t usually come until January. *sigh*

    Love the KP pictures – the light is beautiful in them.

    She’s such a pretty cat! I love the photo of her from under the couch! Cool perspective.

    I also love that we have more hours of daylight during the summer and it hasn’t been too hot here that we can’t be outside enjoying it. Yet. :)

    Oh, Ashley. I am so with you on the summer thing. For the record, I was not one of those bloggers begging for summer, but rather enjoying the long and somewhat chilly spring. Love your Kitty Paw photos here.

    I love that picture! What is it with cats and ribbon? Ours used to love it..:) Thanks for linking up!


    I could totally see the celebratory expression on her face!

    Love the shots of Kitty Paw. She looks so much like my first cat.

    Great photos of Kitty Paw! Love bright color!
    I was begging for summer…..but I still haven’t done much outdoors to enjoy it. Soon I hope to have a pool day!

    Love the way you captured the light with kitty paw. Thanks so much for supporting our Crazy Days of Summer Challenge. Always love your entries!

    Pretty Kitty Paw! :D

    I’m really enjoying summer right now… but it’s taken so long to get here! We’re finally having warm weather and sunshine.

    And so, we’re staying at our trailer right now. ;) Yay for camping! :D

    I love the summer light too…and the warm air. I can’t deny it. I love summer, especially after the five feet of snow we were under last winter.

    Great photos…I love the angle :) And thanks for joining in!

    I wanna hang out with Kitty Paw.

    Congratulations! You were chosen for the top five of Fabulous Friday!!! Thanks for participating. :)