Boom, Boom, POW!
This year, we celebrated Independence Day with our friends Karen and John. You might remember Karen and John from THIS POST – I had the treat of taking their wedding “day after” photos. 
IMG_5981 RS
John’s Grandfather’s flag – he fought in World War II.
I’m pretty sure that we would have grilled hamburgers and hot dogs had we not gone over to Karen and John’s house…which would have been fine. But, thank God they invited us over – we had steak tips, bratwurst, grilled vegetables and HOMEMADE (hand-churned) ICE CREAM (peach and mint chocolate chip)!
I also got to see a few of my favorite photos in large print. In particular, THIS SHOT looks amazing in a simple black and white frame. WOW!
IMG_5983 RS
Just as we were about to head out for the evening, the bottom of the sky completely fell out…Kitty Paw immediately disappeared under the couch and I worried that our cookout would be rained out. Luckily, Karen and John’s house hadn’t been hit…yet. 

As we finished up dinner, the sky started getting darker. I felt two raindrops and decided to start moving our cook-out inside. Needless to say, as soon as the last dish was brought in, it poured…not for long, but long enough that the big firework display was cancelled.
IMG_5988 RS
Luckily, earlier that day I mentioned to my husband that I wanted some sparklers. I thought they’d make fun photos. We decided we’d bring them over to Karen and John’s house just in case. I also brought my tripod but the ground was so nasty that I decided to free-style it. Here’s a few of my favorite sparkler shots.
Sparkler Collage RS
The sparklers were a hit, but we also bought some relatively tame fireworks (to make for for the lack of “real fireworks”). I thought it would make a fun GIF…I used Elena’s tutorial for Photoshop (click HERE).
Our fun was short-lived though, considering we only bought one dose of firework awesomeness. Of course, John jumping into the fire could have made for an interesting night. I hardly recall being given warning so it’s pretty cool that I was able to capture this moment.
IMG_6028 RS
Entering this shot into Lil’ Miss Imperfect’s Photo Contest: Fireworks. Also linking up with Hallie Westcott for 50mm Friday.
All in all, it was a great night…and since I know that Karen and John follow my blog – thanks so much for having us. Happy Friday!

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    That flag shot is beautiful!! I could SO see my husband jumping into a firework like that…my crazy guy. hehe. I’m jealous that you captured some firework action on film because we had thunderstorms for 2 hours and didn’t get to light anything or see any shows down in Pinehurst. lol. Next year! I love the sound of homemade ice cream!!! YUM!!

    hmmmm not sure if the cool value of the shot wins over the dumb factor of jumping into a firework. LOL!

    awesome flag shot and sparklers! glad you had such a fun time!


    Love the animated firework shots, they work really well! Boom Boom Pow indeed!

    Gorgeous shots. Sounds like fun. Great sparkler shots.

    Your blog is just candy for the eyes and always love indulging!!

    love the jumping shot! It looks like you guys had a great time!

    That is a brave man! Glad he didn’t fry anything!

    Great sparkler pictures!

    Love the sparkler shots! Okay the firework jumping shot is also really cool, but crazyness!

    Sounds like a perfect 4th Ashley!
    Lovin’ those sparkler shots, especially the first one!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    I think I would have died…………of LAUGHter, that is if I would have seen someone jump into fireworks.

    Although, I am with Jill too!

    Looks like a blast!! We didn’t really get to celebrate this year since my husband was working and fireworks were banned due to the drought.

    I love that shot you took of them – I can only imagine how completely awesome it looks all framed! And your friend John is some kind of crazy jumping INTO the fireworks! ha! …but it did make for an awesome shot! :)

    Love the shot of the flag, and the one of your husband jumping into the fireworks… glad he made it out of that one unharmed! ;)

    Our “big” fireworks were ruined by the storm too… wish we would have had a backup plan!

    Correction: your friend John, not husband… coffee hasn’t yet kicked in and I read that wrong! ;)

    Love your US flag capture, and it sounds like you got an AWESOME deal on the 4th! Hand churned ice cream? Can’t beat that with a Breyer’s Ice Cream carton, that’s for sure! AND…that last shot is AWESOME!

    (PS – Thanks for the tip on solving my Blogger problem!)

    Great shots, Ashley! Love the first shot. So glad you had a great time!

    Love love love that last shot! How COOL!

    Whoa! Thank you for entering! :)

    His grandpa’s flag is just glorious hanging there. Great shots and it looks like you had a lot of fun.

    That last photo is awesome!

    I’m living vicariously through your shots since our 4th was kinda lame. All fireworks were banned because of our drought :( I didn’t even get so much as a sparkler. It made the holiday kind of seem just like another day. Glad you guys had fun. It also reminds me that I need to get my ice cream maker out!

    Awesome shots!!!! I was nowhere near the fireworks…..we could hear them where we were camping, but not see them!

    Okay, that last shot is too fun… makes me miss my MO friends who are the crazy ones, lol. Love the sparkler shots!

    You are so creative – I get inspired each time I see your work – truly wonderful Ashley!

    Looks like fun! Love John jumping over the fireworks!! Craziness!!

    Oh, and btw, do you realize I just follow you around in the challenges? hahahaha, where you are…there I am too :) I think that was a Biblical quote…dang….nice

    Ha ha Ashley your comment made me laugh – I clicked on your b&w photo and all I can say is “amazing” – I love it and it’s perfect in B&W – I am doing a really small wedding in August for a friend – wishing I were in a city now – great job – have a good weekend

    Love all your fireworks shots! And ouch… that last one is a bit scary……. hope he didn’t get burned doing that!

    Great shots! Can’t believe you captured that last one so well! What a moment!

    I love your flag photo, and your sparkler shots are really neat as well!

    What a fun way to celebrate! I love the flag photo, and your sparkler shots make me wish we had gotten some. Happy belated 4th of July!

    Sounds like lots of fun! Awesome fireworks shots!

    Awesome shot of John jumping into the fireworks! Sigh …. home churned ice cream.

    Love the shots of man planning, fireworks and the photo montage. But the flag: so simple and yet powerful.

    wow, I LOVE that last picture!

    Is he insane? You are right that could have turned out very badly. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time despite the rain.

    what a dare devil. Great shot of that. Glad you had a good time. Sorry you missed your fireworks though. Always next year.

    Hot damn!!! That jumping into the fire pic is amaze-balls….er, should I say flaming balls? Okay, sorry. Very inappropriate. Sorry, again…it’s a relfex!

    Dude, you never cease to amaze me. That last shot is just super awesome–I’m also in love with your last sparkler shot with the beautiful bokeh. Le sigh.

    What a beautiful celebration!

    FYI – I saw your selfie featured today – congrats.

    That shot of John jumping into the fire is very, very cool! Kudos for being ready! Your handheld sparklers turned out well too!

    Looks like the fireworks is shooting out from his butt!

    LOL Dare I ask what made him decide to JUMP in the fire? Great flag shot! Looks like you guys had a great 4th!

    Dude. Dude…! These are AWESOME! Haha, gotta love crazy hubbies! My sparkler photos look nothing like yours, Love these all. The animated one is way cool too!

    Oh my gosh…I’m sitting here laughing at John~it looks like fireworks right up the waa-zoo!!! Haha

    I was away on vacation so am just catching up now. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to catch up on my own blog! Haha Your 4th of July firworks were exactly like ours, minus someone jumping in them…LOL :)

    Sounds like a wonderful evening–homemade ice cream!–that is what Holidays are all about.

    I thought you meant the picture of the two guys was framed in their house–cool shot, but kind of strange. I’ll have to go click on the link. Ah, yes–that I can see! Beautiful!

    So fun! We had a TON of rain on the 4th, so no colorful explosions. :(

    Ashley, your sparkler pics are awesome and so is that last one of your hubby jumping over the fireworks. Even if it does scare me. lol
    Thanks for joining Alicia and I for the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge again this week. You’re totally a regular! I’m a little afraid to see what you’ll do with next week’s theme, critters. (Eek! I hate bugs. lol) Have a great day!

    The gif is so cool! I went back to look at those day after shots. So beautiful. Love the one of them in the street and you can see the christmas lights on the trees. Poor lady must have been freezing!

    Wow! I can’t believe he did that! I assume he didn’t get hurt since you made no mention of ambulances or emergency rooms. :)

    Great sparkler shots. What were your camera settings for those shots?(or just one shot to give me an idea) We chose to stay home so I lost my opportunity this year. Home fireworks are illegal here. Booooo!

    Love that animated shot Ashley!

    I feel so guilty that I didn’t take many shots at all on the 4th. I was busy, um, ordering people around? Anway, your photos are great. Love the fountain “movie.” Very cool. :)

    looks like you had a great day!!!

    Very, very cool Ashley!!! Love the sparklers and John jumping in the fire! Also…Kitty Paw? Super cute name!

    Ashley, I love that fantastic flag shot.

    Love the colors and angle you choose.

    The sparklers came out great too.

    Gosh…sounds like you guys had a great 4th after all.

    That dessert sounded incredible!

    Wow! Very cool Ashley! I loved looking through these. I especially loved the last one.

    I will hopefully be seeing some very large fireworks tomorrow…I hope to get some good shots :)

    Ok. These are all great, but that last shot??? Stupendous!!

    These are AWESOME!! Sounds like you had a great night – rain and all!

    I love sparklers! Love the firework photos!

    Last shot is amazing but looks …not so safe..crazy man:)

    Wow, awesome fireworks shots! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love your blog!

    As always, your shots are AMAZING!! I really like the one of John jumping over the fireworks!! He must be crazy!! lol

    loveee them all…but the animated firework shots, they work really well! Boom Boom !!!!! :)

    Nice job capturing a spontaneous moment in the last shot! Love the flag pic too.

    That jumping shot is wicked fun! Crazy peep. I love sparklers too, you did great freestyling.

    I absolutely love the festive feel of these pics, happy belated 4th!

    The last photo is a tremendous caputre! How often will we ever see a photo like that?!

    I don’t even UNDERSTAND that last photo, but I love it like crazy!

    Nice series of photos. Love the GIF and John jumping in is just a crazy fun shot.

    Sounds like a great time! Love your jumping shot! Nice capture!

    oh, yummy on the ice cream chocolate chip mint is my favorite ~ ok now I neeed to have some :-)

    love the shot of him jumping into the fireworks. scary, but so cool!

    Awesome Photos of your fireworks! I took lots of photos too and then somehow they got erased off my card. I was so bummed.

    I like the look of your new blog. Not sure when you changed it.

    Oh my goodness Ashley, is he jumping over the fireworks? Eeekk!

    Thanks for coming A+J! Ashley, I swear I will provide you with more reckless photo ops next time we get together. GREAT pics, as usual!


    P.S. – to everyone in these comments who thinks I’m crazy I assure you that I am a trained professional, although my profession is lawyer, so I guess you’re kind of right. Crazy. But fun, no?

    I looked at Karen & John after wedding photos and the city shot jumped right out at me. I don’t even know them and it screamed them to me! I love that they blew that one up and bet it looks awesome. The last shot, well that is something my DH would do too, so I get it and am so glad you where on your game when he did because that shot is seriously AWESOME!

    Love the animated gif!

    Whoooaaa, pretty daring! A risky move ;)

    I love these pics Ash! Bummer to miss the big fireworks cause of rain but looks like you guys made up for it!

    Looks like you made the most of the day! Love the flag shot! I have a similar one that was my hub’s gpa’s but wasn’t with me this year. Thanks for participating in the Crazy Days of Summer. Will you join us for critters this week? lol.

    Love that last shot! What a crazy moment! I’m glad you enjoyed the holiday with friends and that the rain didn’t spoil the evening.