Echinacea Magnus (aka Cone flowers)
I DO NOT have a green thumb. In fact, if you see any beautiful flowers appearing on my blog, I am not to be credited. I’m doing good if I can simply water them. I know that may sound easy enough, but I tend to forget.
Magnus 2 RS
Actually, these Echinacea Magnus blooms (sure you could call them Coneflowers, but isn’t Echinacea Magnus much more fun to say…try that 10 times), were found in my parents’ backyard. Last weekend, I found myself wandering around the backyard after spending the day visiting family (lunch with Grandma and a hair appointment with my sister…that was a first). It was so beautiful (temperatures in the mid 80s instead of 100s) that I couldn’t help but enjoy it…with my camera.
Magnus 1 RS
Moments later, my sweet sister pulled up in the drive way with a strange look on her face. “What are you doing?” “Just taking pictures.” “You’re weird.” It’s moments like this that make me miss home. Have a great weekend!
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    OH how gorgeous these images are. Beautiful editing too.

    Beautiful flower! I really like your edits.

    The second photo is amazing! Love how the features of the flower and the colors pop.

    Hahaha. That’s so funny! I make my family & friends pose funny photos w/ me, take random photos of them, and have them take photos of me… Some tell me that I’m “cute, but weird.” So weird that when we go take our sister photo sessions, i swear… they always have to redress me because i dress “weird.”

    OMG! I love coneflowers too! I just mentioned how I wanted some next year around my home (

    I’m not much of a green thumb, but i try… some days you could catch me pulling weeds out of our lawn w/ the boyfriend. All the stuff I planted this year… not much of a success, I was kind of late in the year… :( Oh well. I tried.

    Have a great weekend!

    I love echinacea flowers! I grew up taking echinacea when we were sick and my mom bought us a plant so we’d see how beautiful it was and maybe want to take the pills more (it really didn’t work!)

    Hahaha, nothing like a sister to bring you back down a notch.
    Your post gets me so excited – I’m going to get to see my little bro in just two weeks. I can’t wait to hear him say things like that (is that sad?). Anyway, your photos turned out beautifully. They would make great prints for the wall! Happy Friday!

    We are gardening twins….I water-if I remember. I grow only perenials that will come back each year w/out any assistance from me!
    I love cone flowers magnus and this is a beautiful edit with touch of bokeh.

    These are really beautiful! Gorgeous editing and wonderful frame!

    Love these! Just like you, I am not a green thumb and remembering to water plants proves to be difficult! :-)

    Beautiful! I love your processing on that first shot! Also I completely understand that “what are you doing” look! I get it all the time… well, I guess I don’t get that one as much anymore… they are getting used to it. Now I get the “look at Becky over there taking pictures like a moron” look. ;0)

    Lovely photos! Such vibrant colors. My hubby is a huge fan of these flowers, and used to always be seen snapping photos back when he dabbled in photography ;)


    Beautiful! Love that second one!

    very pretty! love the edits! i have some of those flowers too…havent even thought about gping outside though cuz it has been so blasted hot! ha. :)

    lol … love of a sister … my family also get annoyed … can you put the camera down and walk away!

    Love Love Love these !!!

    Awesome, my favorite flower!

    GORGEOUS! You may be weird but at least you’re in good company. ;)

    Love these Ashley and you gotta love that word Echinacea! You’ve even got a wee critter on that 2nd shot. It sure looks like it’s basking in the sunlight there in your moms backyard. I wish we had more sunshine so that my echinaceas would be encouraged to even produce a bloom – but not that dreaful heat most of you are experiencing.

    Beautiful shots. Love the editing that you do. I am trying to work with textures.

    Gorgeous captures Ashley, love the light in both of them. Your sister sounds exactly like mine, she is always saying that I am weird for taking photos, LOL!!

    Seriously!!!!!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!


    The first shot is so beautiful! and don’t worry, my entire family thinks I’m strange too :)

    lol…awww, sisterly dynamics! It makes me excited for mine to come down next weekend. :)

    And I love these flowers! They are surprisingly EASY to grow, by the way. If you have any desire to put these in your own garden, all you have to do is take off the spent blooms and dry them, then you’ll be able to pinch out the seeds. Scatter in spring and let the rains water them. Plus, they will seed themselves year after year. They are my kind of flowers! :)

    what wonderful and beautiful captures!! love the details your captured!!

    awesome shots. I need to find some of these. We have ntons of Black eyed Susans.

    So pretty! I’m like you though, no green thumb here. Any flowery shots I get are from someone else’s yard ;)

    Beautiful photos – so crisp !

    Beautiful! Gorgeous light.

    Pretty pretty…

    You just reminded me that I forgot to water my flowers yesterday, out to find the hose

    I love the little buggy who got a photo op :) Very pretty shot. I’m telling you, you’ve got to try planting sunflowers next year. They are the easiest to grow and hardest to kill!

    Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful color and ♥ the detail!

    LOVE the photos! I want to get a macro lens so that I can do better “nature” photos.

    I just released a Vintage 70’s action on my blog for FREE, just thought you might like it!

    yet another reason…..some people were meant to be green thumbs and others were meant to photograph the green. :) I can’t keep flowers/anything to save my life…or theirs. :) hahahaha. I AM keeping alive basil and mint this summer…..applause…thank you…thank you very much! Love the flower pic…..great edit

    They are one fascinating flower…mine are just now starting to bloom. You should plant some; they’re really quite easy to grow! Your perspective is wonderful in these shots.

    Definitely a beautiful flower. I think that’s the sign of a real photographer when other people start calling you weird…. Means you’re known for having your camera around. I like it. :)

    Echinacea is one of my fave flowers to shoot!! YOURS is beautiful Ashley!!

    I’m really not into flowers much, but they look very cool! Great colours!

    Beautiful! The details and colors in these are just stunning!

    HAH… This post just made me remember to go water my spider plant. I killed the last one, and I am really trying not to kill this one, too. ;)

    did you know that coneflowers help the immune system? they said to rev up your immune system. i have those at home as tea. but they said too much is not good so, maybe once a week will do.

    i do agree that any person who’s not into this hobby would find us photographers (lol, can i include myself?) weird at times especially when we’re crouching down or making poses because we wanted to get the best shots. My kids though found it fun and just ask me if I’m taking a snapshot of whatever’s in front of me. That’s what families are for, right? Agree and disagree with whatever we do.

    Love that shot, when my coneflowers bloom (if they ever in amidst the TX heat) I’ll do a snapshot too! and the frame, love love it!

    So beautiful! I know what you mean. When I visit my hometown it is so peaceful, quiet, and full of God’s “green” nature. Love it!

    Beautiful shots!

    Beautiful shots!

    These are lovely Ashley. Love the bokeh too. V

    Gorgeous capture! Love the “frames” too!

    I have no green thumb either! haha but the color in that shot is gorgeous!

    They are beautiful! And I love your edits on them!!!

    Your shots are beautiful. Love the blurred background.

    Great pictures..very pretty! Is the same thing as the herb?

    I love these. Flowers are some of my favorites things to take pictures of. :D

    Both are fantastic captures! I especially love the colors!

    Gorgeous! I’m with you, I can’t keep anything alive except for bamboo…and it’s pretty much a weed and not really a plant.

    I am drooling at the sheer awesomeness of these photos. Ridiculously beautiful.

    stunningly gorgeous!…plus the insect….:)

    When you have time…why don’t you come plant some of those in my yard. hehe

    PS. Like the little bug on the flower too. hehe

    Simply wonderful… I love those shots!
    You should get out in the garden some day and do some gardening — it’s fun once you get started!
    Much love!


    So pretty. I love the way the center is exposed. Just waiting for a lucky little bee!

    Stunning shots! and great processing!

    shoot. that reminds me I should go water the ONE pot I have in the front. : )

    Great shot!

    It is a beautiful flower and a great shot. Temperature in the 80’s?! I am so jealous.

    As much as I love your tutorials, Ashley, I like seeing a post from you just featuring photos you’ve taken with a little description.

    These are lovely and look so healthy. Great job. :)

    Gorgeous photos :) Hope you have a good weekend.

    Coneflowers are one of my favorites! And you captured them beautifully! Unfortunately mine are wilting in this heat. :(

    Wow, nice photos and I love your edit. Very well done!

    stunning. and your sis called you weird…ha! :)

    I love taking pictures of flowers, but am much like you. I kill them!
    I’m just back from a vacation and trying to find time to catch up on my blogging. I’ve missed it terribly and need to post something! Ready to get my creative mojo going!

    I think coneflowers… I mean Echinacea Magnus blooms are one of my all time faves! Wonderful captures!!!

    You took a simple flower and showed how extraordinary it is. Beautiful!

    I don’t have a green thumb either. But thank goodness other people do, so we can photograph their successes! :) Lovely shots!

    Gorgeous flowers.

    Stunning photos Ashley.

    very pretty!

    visiting from Flowers on Saturday!

    here’s mine:

    hope you can drop by also, thanks!

    So lovely Ashley!

    Gorgeous! I love the processing and the frame you have around the photos!

    Oh, and I’m helpless with plants as well. I’m not sure how I keep my dogs alive! :)

    Beautiful! Love the light in that first one!

    Your last shot is stunning!!! Love LOve Love it! :)

    Gorgeous photos. I totally have a brown thumb. I much rather photograph a flower than grow one.

    If the previous owners of our house hadn’t planted annuals, our yard would be bald and brown. Thank goodness for other people’s green thumbs! :)

    LOVE the detail and interesting composition on your flower shots!

    Beautiful! Love me some Echinacea! It is so photogenic! :)

    These are so beautiful. I love how you have framed them.

    Beautiful shots and flawless editing.

    awesome pictures!!

    Love your flower shots! I’m glad you were able to enjoy less hot & humid weather!

    Beautiful shots Ashley, like you can guess they are my favorites as they are flowers:) Compositions are just so perfect.

    beautiful floral portraits… and you are NOT weird… photographers are the normal ones who see beauty in everything around them and want to share ;-) I love the bug hiding in the petals.

    hehe. Sounds like a conversation I’ve had with jeremy! lol

    Beautiful cone flowers (cause I’m not scrolling back up to get the $10 words) and love the light!

    I love taking photos of flowers, and sometimes it is from other gardens and not from mine own :)
    beautiful shots and edits!!!

    These are lovely!

    I kill flowers to, I think that’s why I like photographing them. :)

    I totally understand- all my plants die- why can’t they just take care of themselves??
    You have such a knack for getting the details right… the lighting, perspective, crop and DOF are all perfect!

    Those images are just gorgeous.

    Please continue to be ‘weird’. These are fabulous, Ashley.

    These are beautiful flowers and beautifully captured!

    Thanks for joining Foto Friday,

    stunning images!

    Your out of this world shot really looks other-wordly!

    Man, how did I miss this? Soooooo pretty.