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Hot Days, Peach Tea and Snail Shells - Ramblings and Photos
Hot Days, Peach Tea and Snail Shells
It has been an incredibly hot (and humid) week. Normally, as long as I’m indoors, it doesn’t bother me. This week was the exception…our HVAC at work was less than accurate.
The Door RS

78 degreesI’ve been complaining about the air conditioning for over a month. My manager and I have this ongoing battle with the AC. He comes in fairly early, turns it down (below what’s recommended but I’m not sure it matters considering I never see it go below 74) and then we watch as the temperature steadily increases.

This week, it seemed to be getting warmer than usual. Since my manager was out of the office, I decided to put up a fight. I’m sure that our office manager was up to her eyeballs with me but it was unbearable. In fact, on Wednesday when I left the office, it was 79. I managed to capture the temperature at 78. As you can see, I turned it down to 72 (I’ve been told not to go below 72 to avoid freezing the system). I think it was 100+ degrees outside…110 heat index.

Vintage Tea
The HVAC guy actually made an appearance on Wednesday morning. He tells me, “I was just up on top of the roof and everything seems to be working good. I can’t fix it if it’s not broken. And since your office has a window, it’ll naturally get hotter than an interior office. If the temperature gets over 76 degrees, let me know.” 

Like I said, it was 79 degrees when I left Wednesday afternoon. Luckily for me (as it relates to building my case), I wasn’t the only one uncomfortable. My coworker (directly beside me) walks out of his office and asks if the heat is on. I then hear that the bathrooms are quite toasty…even worse, the mail room is so hot you can feel it as soon as you open the door (I checked, I wouldn’t dare go in). I think someone was playing a dirty trick on us. NOT COOL…no pun intended. No amount of peach tea was going to cool me off, that’s for sure.

Anyways, I left Wednesday afternoon hoping that it would work itself out by Thursday morning. You can imagine my disappointment when I walked into the office to see that our temperature was still 79 degrees. I almost turned around and walked back out, for real. As I rounded the corner, there was our office manager…she’s not happy. It wasn’t long before the HVAC guy was back on the hall.
Snail Shell RS
Get this…he ACCIDENTALLY hit a wrong button – probably the HEAT! Luckily, once he made a few adjustments, I felt a little circulation and it started cooling off. Did it ever reach 72? No, but I would have been happy with 74.

Anyways, I’m totally over it – it feels good to get that off my chest. I think all this heat has been affecting my creativity, but I am bound and determined (gosh, that sounds southern) to get over it. Actually, yesterday was 15 degrees cooler so I was able to get outside for a little while…I even captured this snail shell. My guess is that the snail got so hot, it abandoned it’s shell. It’s actually really pretty. Okay, enough of my rambling…have a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend!

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    I love this post! — It’s filled with domestic loveliness. :)
    Goodnes, 110 degrees?! You’ve got to be kidding… here in England it’s a wonderful 70 degrees out side.
    Much love!

    ^^ *whoops — excuse some of my grammatical mistakes above… like ‘Goodnes(s)’ and ‘out^side’*

    What a awful week in NC for that to happen! Ours went out a few weeks ago and it was a bad few days in the house ;)

    Glad you got it workin! I always really love your macro shots, so interesting!

    ARGH!!!! A hot office does not make for a good work day or anything else for that matter.

    There’s a naked little snail running around out there! ;)

    I’m glad you got the AC thing worked out. The heat is not my friend either and I know that it’s affecting my creativity. :(

    Know what you mean about these hot NC days! Try moving 143 boxes from an upstairs office to a downstairs office. Myself and another co-worker did this for 2 days…NOT COOL at all! Load up a Vue full, unload, re-stack. Over and over again…and the first day was on the hottest day of the year…yeah that was my boss’s idea too.

    We don´t have hot enough at all, too much rain these last days… But that´s Swedish summer! :-)

    I like the pics! :-)

    This was funny! :)

    Here in Florida any room temperature under 78 feels freezing… I think you just get used to it. I moved here from IN in 2003 and I used to like 72 degrees, and I had an office with a window facing the hot sun every afternoon, so I know what you mean when coworkers have a air conditioning war!

    Fun post, although not fun that your melting down there! Been super hot here too but luckily our AC is working okay (knock on wood!). I agree that little snail is going au’natural due to the heat, I wouldn’t want to be carrying my house around outside either!

    Feeling your pain here in hot, humid Louisiana!!! Glad you got your thermostat regulated! My biggest fear during hurricane season is losing power and not having AC!! HA!

    Love that snail! Argh…..I absolutely cannot work / concentrate / sleep if it’s too hot….I hope that you have no more problems!!!

    Glad they finally fixed it. I’m with ya, I just can’t function when it’s hot!

    Have a good weekend! :-)

    I enjoyed your post today Ashley.

    I feel for you with the heat. We are getting the same thing up our way in Indiana. I just stay inside as much as I can. Let me rephrase that I stay in MY house as much as I can. I keep my house on 69 degrees. I freeze everyone out! HAHAHA

    my work is the same way! Except our room control is on the floor above us, and the people get cold, so they turn up the temp while we sweat! So frustrating! I work much better in cooler climates! But of course I live in MN, and when its -10 its hard to move out of bed at all… :)

    our AC in our house was broken for over a year. It would creep up to 82 or 84 on the extra hot days and you know what all the crazy people told us…yah, that is normal. On a hot day the AC can’t keep it that cool. I said, then why the heck do I pay money to keep my house 74 degrees?? It didn’t make sense and sure enough it was very broken…hope you get a cooler week inside next week!!! Today is sooooo gorgeous I just want to lay on the grass and feel the breeze blow through my hair!! ahhhhh

    It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. I enjoyed southern Cali, but that’s dry heat. And even 110 is a bit much. Hope you find great ways to stay cool. Your creativity is too important to lose! (I don’t think you’ve lost it.) ;)

    wonderful macro shots!! I particularly love that snail shell!

    You don’t want to come visit me, ’cause we keep our air around 82 degrees!

    Glad it has been fixed!! :) And I love that little snail!

    Cutest snail ever!

    Ugh, I feel for you. I can’t function at all when I’m hot! Luv your pics as always. The peach tea shot is very cool! Thanks for your comment on my post. I always look forward to reading what you say.

    Oh Ashley I can so relate. You should have had me there I would have fixed it right quick. I am a pro when it comes to those tempeture gadgets on wall. The heat button was probably on not the cool button. So sorry you had to suffer.

    We will be getting the heat and humidity this week heat index of 100-110. ouch!!! That is HOT for MN.

    Thank goodness my ac is working and at work it is working. We have kind of a battle with ours too at work but we keep it at 74 and it seems to cool on that sometimes I put it to 72 but then it gets to cold.

    Glad it is fixed.

    Great shots as usual.

    That’s crazy. You poor thing. I’d have made a stink for sure. That is not acceptable working conditions. Very cool capture of the snail shell!! Thanks so much for joining Kristi and I for the Crazy Days of Summer!

    It’s been unbearably hot here the last couple of weeks. We finally got a break this week, but the heat is coming back again. Stay cool. Love the snail shot. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

    I have the opposite problem. My office is so cold that I run a space heater all day long. My feet turn red, the dang thing is so hot, but I need it because the rest of me is shivering. Of course, if you walk outside you sweat buckets, but it’s like an igloo in here!

    Maybe you need your own personal fan…like the one’s that walmart sells on a string that can hang around your neck :)

    Have a great weekend, Ashley!

    LOL! Glad to hear that the air conditioning (hopefully) got settled. Who can think when they’re hot. We’ve been overly fortunate here (with some really weird weather), it’s only been in the 90’s no humidity, which is very strange for Las Vegas this time of year…but that’s going to change next week…Uhhhggg!

    I hope you have a fab weekend.

    Bright blessings,

    I’m starting to “glow” just reading this.

    Hot! We have a mall running a fire it is still that cold. The heat does sap everything from me, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

    I love your little snail shot; very pretty shell and a beautiful shot.

    So sorry about your cooling/heating woes! I could not stand it I’m sure. But your creativity is definitely not affected – your photos are wonderful!

    That sounds AWFUL… never gets hot enough here for us to worry about it. Yuck. But you came out with some very cool photos. My favorite way to photograph is to take something that you see every day and make it into something beautiful. You are SO good at that. :)

    I can’t even begin to tell you the central AC/heat issues we have in our ancient bulding here at work. Inevitably, when you make one person comfortable in one area, you torture someone else. The only way to keep my boss’s office (next door to mine) from being sweltering results in my office being a meat locker. Luckily the cold doesn’t bother me, but I literally feel a wave of cold air when I open my office door each morning.

    Oh and LOVE your snail :)

    hugs – remember if you wish away summer the icky winter will come too soon! can you bring a fan into work to help on the extra hot days? our house is 76 degrees all summer long and it has been HOT here!!!!!!

    your photos are still great despite the heat!

    In the last apartment we lived in, we had no air conditioner. And since the utilities were included in the rent, we weren’t allowed to buy a window unit of our own. It got blisteringly hot in the dead summer. Some days I could swear it was cooler outside (we eventually–ahem–broke the rules. With babies it got kind of scary when it was that hot). :)

    I LOVE love the snail shot. All that delicious bokeh!!

    join the club – it’s really humid and hot here – i keep dreaming about the fall already.

    I am also loving the little snail!!!

    I love that last shot. And I couldn’t work in the heat. At all. Our house is set on 70 degrees all summer long. Yuck.

    Marla @ http://www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

    It would be different if you could wear shorts and sleeveless shirts (and flip flops) to work — but I doubt that’s the case. Nothing worse than working in a warm office.

    you know… i have never seen a snail in real life…
    (that i know of)

    Ugh, the heat and humidity of summer would kill me without our A/C. I honestly don’t know how I survived the first 2 years here without it! I’m glad your HVAC guy finally pulled it together to fix the problem (or at least help it along!). Hope you have a nice (and cool!) weekend!

    We’ve been feeling the heat in Kentucky, too lately. It’s miserable. Fortunately, it’s nice and cool inside, but I am leaving my lovely picture window covered to keep the heat at bay.
    Very nice snail shell, too.
    I hope the A/C stuff is all resolved.

    Love the close up of the snail shell! =)

    I see ours climb to 78 on a daily basics, it’s just hot in the south!
    Love the capture of the snail shell!

    Thanks for joining Foto Friday!


    You are so funny! I agree with you 100%…80 is too hot for the office. UGH. I wouldn’t have been happy. Hope you have a great weekend!

    beautiful shots as always!! I hear ya on the heat… its crazy hot here and I am still getting used to humidity!!

    Love this post!! :)

    A battle between Ashley and aircondition…Ashley 1-0:)

    Funny you say that I actually took a picture of my thermostat on Wed when it could not keep up with the heat and it was 82 in my house! Wow what a great time for him to accidentally hit the wrong button! Glad it go fixed, hopefully it is cool at work today!

    We have the same issue at my office….HVAC guy is out here at least once a week!!! Ugh….love the snail pic and the caption you put with it. Too funny…stay cool out there.

    Oh my- I certainly hope that you are able to find some relief! My hubs & I have been talking about how guilty we feel that we have had a whole week of unseasonably cool temps this week (by that I mean that we are hovering around 102- but our dry air is back, which is GOOD) That’s okay though- it was short lived- the heat & humidity will be back this weekend :)

    Love your snail. I had really wanted to capture one for critters today- but they don’t exist here in the desert.

    Glad you got the AC fixed. I hate the heat.

    I hate to be hot too. This winter we put in a new heat system with central air and I have to tell you i’m loving it.

    Try and stay cool!

    Hope it’s cooler where you are. The humidity is high here today.
    LOVE the iridescent colors on the snail shell! Lovely shot!

    Our AC can’t keep up with the hot days either. We had it worked on over the holiday weekend. While it works, it just can’t keep up with 100 degree temps. So I’ve been blaming my creative slump on the heat as well. We’ve been sitting inside like a bunch of house bums. Anyway, GREAT shots! Sorry I got off on a rant of my own. ;)

    Poorly working AC does not sound like fun. Love the snail shell shot.

    Ha ha! Glad it is somewhat fixed. Our AC won’t get below 80 when it is 100 outisde. :(

    That stinks about the AC, love the shots though. I used to crave unsweetened freshly brewed iced tea when I was pregnant (weird I know, but non-caloric), brings back memories.

    The shot of ice tea almost makes me wish it was hotter here in Pacific NW so I could justify drinking lots of tall glasses full. Almost.

    Ugh! Too hot makes me grumpy! Glad it’s fixed!

    That sounds like an awful ordeal that could’ve been avoided if your boss would just set the a/c lower and if the HVAC guy didn’t press the wrong button! :( How miserable! But that snail shell? Totally not miserable, in fact it’s super cool!
    Thanks for joining Alicia and I again for the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge. I’ve got nothing for next Friday’s theme (motion), but I certainly am looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Have a great weekend Ashley.

    My older daughter found a snail shell that looks just like this today! Beautiful photos as usual!

    Oh man – I hope it cools off soon and the HVAC guy gets it together soon. That tea looks lovely.

    i would totally send ya some sweet tea from texas.. or cool air.. let me know..our ac was out in our hosue not long ago.. of course it was friday evening we noticed.. byt Monday at 3..when the repairman showed up, it was 110…

    Oh boy, that sounds like quite the ordeal. I once worked at a place where I shared an office with someone who would seriously put the temperature at about 60 degrees. It was torture, my hands were so cold they could barely move…eventually my manager got me a space heater for under my desk.

    Your photos look wonderful, as usual :) I really like the one with the snail shell.

    OMG! That just sounds completely miserable! I’m pretty sure I would have just left! lol! So glad it is fixed now though! I’m thinking the little snail would have just melted away with it being so stinkin’ hot! Have a fabulous and cool weekend!

    My husband was just saying our weather today reminds him of NC. And we didn’t even make it to 90.

    the snail shell is wonderful snap!

    What a great post! Love the snap of the snail :)

    I’ve missed your blog!!

    K xx @ http://www.thoseblissmoments.blogspot.com

    Nice to find you via Macro Friday!

    I love the door handle and the snail shot :) Keep it up!

    Cute snail shell! It has been hot at my office too! I hope yours stay cooler next week.

    Oh I hate office temperature issues because it’s so hard to make everybody happy. But I’m glad things seem to be a little better. For what it’s worth I think 78 or 79 is entirely too hot! (I like your peach tea shot!)

    oh taht’s miserable.

    love that first shot…

    bummer abt the air :(
    Really like the last one.

    That snail shot is so pretty! :)
    Thank you for your comment on my blog! :) You can send some of your heat this way. . . we’ve had barely enough heat this summer to justify getting summer clothes out. One summer day, five of rain, one summer day. . . okay, enough complaining! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    You’d hate being at my house then! We keep it at 80 or 81, but we have ceiling fans in every room and are quite warm when the fans aren’t on.

    Oh man, what a pain in the butt! The antiques gallery where I used to work had a similar issue, although it was pushing the upper 80s in my office, even with the a/c running. Oh, and I was 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time. I threatened to come into work in a bathing suit and that’s finally when my boss went out and bought a window unit to supplement our horrible building a/c. Hope the break in the weather gets your creative juices flowing!