July 26, 2011
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Putting Together the Pieces
Today, I am guest posting at Amber’s Articles. She asked me to go a little deeper into my journey of faith…I’ve done just that. Click HERE to read my story. 
Puzzle 6 Serenity
While I’m here, I also want to use this space as the start of my “photojournal.” As you know, I am taking Kat’s Starting the Journey e-course. Each week we’re given one question to consider as part of our photography journal…and then pair that with an image (if one comes to mind). This week’s question is “why do I photograph?” 

For those of you that have been with me from the very beginning, you know that I bought my first DSLR in an effort to create a hobby for myself following our wedding in October 2009 (I also had a ton of unused credit card points, so it made the purchase a lot easier). I’m not sure I really had a game plan…I just wanted to learn how to take decent photographs so that when the time came, I could take professional-like images of our family. Oddly enough, I don’t necessarily prefer to take photos of people (although I’m learning).

Take this puzzle piece for example. My mom and I were putting together a complex jigsaw puzzle – I quickly got bored with the exercise and picked up my camera. I’m not even sure I thought as much about the puzzle pieces themselves (be sure to click over to my guest post to see the rest of the set) as much as I thought about the story they were telling. So, when I consider my photography motivations…I know that it’s not so much the image that inspires me, but more the stories behind the photos that I’m chasing. Interestingly enough, my parents always thought I’d be a writer. They actually thought I’d write children’s books (maybe one day). For now, I am content and inspired to tell the story…my story…though photography.


    awesome post and you are a wonderful story teller – both through written word and photography!

    hugs – off to read your post at amber’s

    Thanks for posting for me!!

    BTW, I think your mom may be right. I have a feeling when you have children that a whole new side of creativity will come forth and you may just write us a lovely story, even if it is through images alone.

    I look forward to your photography journal and all that you learn from Kat. I hope to jump on board in September.

    This picture is great and I love what you put with it. Nice job as always.

    Love the image-great negative space,- love your thoughts on motivation. Moms are so dialed in on our strengths, and we (especially as daughters) love to ignore what they’re saying. Funny my mom does the same thing to me when I suggest a different way to cook something or a cleaning tip I’ve figured out.
    Looking forward to FYE process with you.

    I think you already are a great storyteller through your photos. You have a way of capturing the right image so that the story comes through it. I can definitely see you writing a book one day! Off to see your guest post!

    Some day I’m going to master that serenity prayer…in the meantime I’ll just keep trying.

    You have a way with words as well as with photography. I always enjoy reading your story that goes along with the beautiful pictures you take.

    I can’t wait to hear & see those family photos when the time comes!

    Off to read your guest post! :)

    beautiful post and great capture! I love learning more about you! you are a brilliant photographer and I just know you would be amazing at writing as well!

    Can’t wait to read your guest post!! :)

    Heartfelt post and photo … enjoy hearing why folks love photography

    Great post. I just read the one on Amber`s site. off to comment there too.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Beautiful post at Amber’s corner. Love the pictures of the puzzle piece. Great posts, Ashley!

    beautiful ashley. you (and kat) have made me think about the WHY part of my photography. hmmm…

    That’s a beautiful thought! I love the photo as well. I’m gonna go and check out your guest post!

    I clicked over to read your guest post and it resonated deeply. thank you.

    Wasn’t I just saying yesterday that when I see your pics I think “why didn’t I think of that??!” GAH! Another perfect example. You’re awesome, friend. You’ve got both the incredible photography skills AND the words. I can’t write anything to save my life. I just write like I talk. I wish I could work on writing something meaningful…

    Beautiful picture, beautiful words!! XO

    I agree with Jill – you are a fantastic story teller :) love your words and your photos!

    I love that prayer- it keeps me in the right place in times when it is so hard to be there.

    Ashely the image speaks volumes to me.
    Loved your post. I darn not try too much new right now for I know I will be back to my camera. I love it and its just for me most times . I do love to share as you do. Glad you have. Thanks for stopping.

    Yes, this is the perfect prayer… when times are tough this always seems to make the pieces fit together.

    Ah, I think that’s the best reason to photograph. It’s not to make money, or to gather up accolades from other photographers…it’s to document.

    I recently started following Amber – I’m off to read.

    **we got our DSLR’s at the same time. I look where you are and then look where I am and I shake my head. My road is longer than yours :)

    Great photo, wonderful quote and very well said story. Thanks for sharing!

    What a wonderful post, Ashley!

    I wish I had your patience and curiosity for photography. I love the finished photos, but don’t spend a lot of time on them.

    Off to read your journey!

    Man, you are really making me wish I’d found the time to take Kat’s course. Its so cool to see people start to dig into the why…

    Very nice post, Ashley. Your photo is thought-provoking. :)

    I believe you are a wonderful storyteller through your words and your photos. so thank you!

    That’s it. It’s a story. A story that never ends, because there are always more things to learn, twists, turn, and the plots thicken with each one.
    I, not only, think you are wonderful story teller (with and without photos), but a person of heart as well.

    I meant to congratluate you on your iheartfaces pick. It was a few weeks back, but it was an AMAZING photograph.

    Thanks for doing all you do!

    I actually cheated and read this post in my reader last night after Amber posted it. Loved it. Thank you for sharing your story so honestly. I’ll never look at puzzle pieces the same. :)

    I agree with everyone…your shots and posts tell great stories! I love looking and reading. Looking forward to Seeing more of this project you’re working on!

    Wonderful shot! I am so glad that you got into photography. I think we started about the same time. I bought my camera in July for mostly the same reasons.

    Marla @ http://www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

    HAHA, i think if you and I hung out…nothing would get done, we wouldn’t go anywhere….I envision us meeting, having a hug…then saying “oh…what’s that?” and for the next 20 hours just shoot what is in our immediate 20 ft. :) hahahahaha, LOVE the puzzle piece.!!!

    awesome post, Ashley! You’re very talented in many ways. I’m so glad that you took up photography because I have learned so much from you. Thank you!

    Lovely Ashley. I love the way you wrote that – you like to find the stories behind the images. I think of you as both a writer and a photographer, through reading your blog and Mortal Muses.

    I had assumed you’d been taking professional photos much longer. You are gifted.

    That gives me hope for myself. Someday I’d love to buy a nice camera and take a photography class. Though I’m not sure photographs will ever be my strong point. :)

    Such a simple photo but done perfectly. Love the dof and your edit.

    Oh I love this! A wonderful photo, and a wonderful idea. Photo-journaling. Fantastic. I’m glad I came across your site!

    Ashley – read your guest post. A beautiful story with beautiful thoughts. I know that often I’ve tried to jam puzzle pieces together in my life – insisting that this is where they belonged when all along – had I let God control the pieces he’d have had a much more perfectly placed spot for everything.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    I just read your guest post—what an amazing journey. Not only are your photographs stunning, but you are an awesome writer instead. Hopefully your example will inspire your brother to change someday.

    This is great!! My mom uses that phrase all the time and i too believe it!

    As you know, your pictures are magical. Your words have such depth and I’m always excited to read things that come straight from your heart!


    Beautiful blog post. Love the way you write. The photos are stunning too!

    The Serenity Prayer is one of my all-time favorites. I love that shot of the jigsaw piece. :)

    Lovely post…and I agree with Jill!


    Yes, I think a like the story behind a photo too.
    Thanks for sharing your faith in the way that you do. It’s inspiring.

    Sorry! I went to view your guest post and got lost in Amber’s blog :)

    Telling the story is a wonderful reason to take photos and you are a wonderful story teller in photos and words. It shifts my idea of what makes a photo interesting in a fascinating way.

    And what a wonderful story you tell! I enjoy your site so much. Not just for the photography tips, but for the inspiration your photos give me.

    i love to write…but like you, it’s easier to tell my story through photos…..

    Loved reading the guest post. I pray that your brother will realize that everything is easier when you walk with the Lord.

    Using the puzzle pieces is a great metaphor too. Those photos are fun :)

    You are a writer – your photos are your book and your camera is your pen.

    Your post at Amber’s blog is beautiful, and I send prayers to your family because having to deal with addiction is so hard.

    That is so cool; I love this new insight of you. My parents always thought I’d be a writer too! Guess we just express our words through photography at the moment.

    Love this perspective!

    I actually read your post on Amber’s Articles the day you wrote it but was havin’ problems with the comment form! It was such a heartfelt post and unfortunately I relate to it. I had a loved one addicted to drugs as well. It’s a difficult thing to go through for all involved. Thanks for sharing! Hope he and all involved get through it.