July 28, 2011
Shoot and Edit: Week 29 – Laughter…EDIT
Welcome to the 29th week of Shoot and Edit: Part 2. Click HERE for all the details and upcoming prompts/themes (also including previous editing tutorials). This week’s theme or prompt was to show us one “Laughter” SOOC shot (this was just a suggestion, you can show us any SOOC shot). Hopefully you linked up with Jill’s blog earlier this week.

Typically, each Thursday, I take my SOOC shot and provide a simple/basic or advanced Photoshop/Photoshop Elements tutorial. This week Caroline, of the Frog-Photoblog, will walk us through some simple processing tips in Lightroom!

Don’t have Lightroom? While I’m taking a (brief) break from Photoshop and Photoshop Elements tutorials, I encourage you to go back into our good to WOW tutorials or visit Amanda at Everyday Elements to continue developing your processing/editing skills (Amanda posted a really good one yesterday on creating vignettes). If you’d prefer, can simply share your own edit and show us what you did to achieve the look. We want this challenge to be a learning experience, so feel free to teach us something new too! 

This week, I have decided NOT to edit my own photo. If you checked into Ramblings and Photos yesterday, you saw that I offered my photo of Casey up for editing interpretation – if you missed it, click HERE. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. 

Instead, I decided to edit one of your photos from our good to WOW Flickr Pool. The below shot, by Mama Monkey, really jumped out at me. I love her older daughter’s expression in the background (almost evil witch like) matched by her younger daughter’s laughter in the front. Even funnier is the back story…you’ll have to click over to see her other shot.
Anyways, I decided that I would closely follow Caroline’s Lightroom Steps, starting with a closer crop to remove some of the distractions from the right side of the frame. I then used Caroline’s Bright and Light Portrait Preset. You can download all of Caroline’s presets by clicking HERE.

The one thing that this preset does not do, is adjust your white balance. I did not have the RAW file, so I went with an auto white balance adjustment on top of Caroline’s preset. I then used her Fine Sharpen preset and played around with her neat alt trick (you’ll have to click over to see what I’m talking about…very cool). I then used her STD NR preset to reduce noise, bumped up my exposure just a bit and added a vignette.
A K Fairy laugh Clean RS
Just walking through those steps alone was a huge help in advancing my Lightroom learning curve. So, I decided to take it a step further and try applying a custom gradient. Again, be sure you check out her steps…but, I really like how the gradient warmed up the image from my clean edit. I then added a touch of fill light to brighten it up a bit and lowered the saturation just a hair. Upon a second look, it’s possible that the gradient I applied is still too pink. You get the idea. 
A K Fairy laugh Gradient RS
I wasn’t going to go any further with my color edit, but I had to see what my new Debonair action, inspired by Katie Lloyd‘s Vintage Polaroid Effect for Photoshop Elements would do for this photo. I absolutely love the vintage tones.
A K Fairy laugh Debonair RS
If you haven’t already, be sure to download Debonair by clicking on the button below. I’ve also included a comparison from SOOC to Clean to Gradient to Debonair.
Ashley Sisk - Debonair
Which is your favorite color edit?
Fairy Laugh Compare
Finally, I wanted to share this photo in black and white. Caroline has an incredible black and white preset called “Blue/Gold BW.” This has quickly become one of my favorites (well all of her presets are so clean and user-friendly…you absolutely have to check them out).

She shares, along with her black and white conversion, an interesting tip on syncing. This is genius way to batch edit and I’m tickled to death that she shared it with us (I’m sure I would have eventually figured it out). What do you think?
A K Fairy laugh BW RS
Blue/Gold BW
To recap our lesson…Caroline shared FIVE really cool Lightroom tips with us on HER BLOG. If you haven’t already clicked over (and you’re a Lightroom user), what are you waiting for? Thanks again Caroline – you’re the best!

For your edit, I would love to see you continuing using the lessons we’ve covered in the past 28 weeks as well as apply today’s lesson or share something you’ve learned recently. If you decided to edit my photo this week, I’m extra excited to see what you’ve done. I hope you all have a great Thursday and I look forward to seeing your edits. Next week’s theme is “Sunset.” Have a great Thursday!

By the way, dont’ forget to add your edited photo to our good to WOW {EDIT} Flickr Group (for those of you that prefer to upload and visit that way). When adding your photos to the group pool, be sure to include the Week #, the Theme and EDIT in the description section. You may upload one photo per week. I also want to point out that we are all here to improve our editing skills. When offering constructive criticism (either on Flickr or within blog comment sections), be sure to point out at least one thing you really like about the edit before offering any advice for improvement.


    wow! love your edits.

    The pose and expression on the first girl’s face just makes me want to laugh/scream with her! Such a fun photo! I like your clean edit best in terms of color, but I really like the black and white best. Great job!

    my personal fav is the clean and then the B&W. great edits again!

    going over to read her tips for LR

    blessings – jill

    I love that last one, so pretty.

    Those expressions are priceless and as for the edits, I’ll be biased and say that I love the B&W best

    Ireturned from vacation now and again continue to follow your blog and work.
    Beautiful photos you shot.

    I am sending you a big greeting and a kisses from Croatia:)

    This photo was awesome to start with… so cute!… and you made it really shine! I love your clean edit! I like the debonair action as well! Definitely prefer this one in color :)

    I love the black and white, combined with the low angle is has such a great journalistic feel!

    Ohhh Emmm Geee! Ashley – you have no idea how happy this post made me. I do not have PS and only have LR3 so this was right up my alley. I have been looking high and low for a blog that does edits and presets in LR!

    Oh my! I am so so so happy. Now I must get off of here and boot up my Mac and upload all the presets!!!

    Thank You Thank You Thank you!!!

    love clean/debonair edits!

    I love the gradient and debonair edits. VERY pretty! SO looking forward to hopping over for the Lightroom tutorial!

    I think I like the clean edit the best! Great tutorials!

    I love the clean edit! :)

    I love them all Ashley. I am always so amazed by how easy it is to change the whole feel of a photo with just a couple editing tweaks. Makes it so fun!

    Love all the edits and your change choice.

    Thanks again for your action!!

    haha I love this picture! I really like the black and white best.

    I’ve been debating on getting lightroom (I love photoshop!) and this is pushing me even further in the direction of purchasing.


    Holy cow photo yoda the force is strong with you. :)


    I love the vintage edit! And what a fun picture! :)

    Marla @ http://www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

    LOVE these edits.

    OOOO lightroom tutorial… going now!

    I love these edits and it’s fun to read along even if I don’t have lightroom :( …. I think my favorite is the clean edit. The black and white is great too though!

    I like the last eidt the Debonair best. I need to load the action. No lightroom here :(

    I think I like the “clean” photo the best. ~ I’ve decided that I’m going to set some regular time aside each week to learn a little bit of photoshop elements. I may dig through your site for some assistance along the way. We’ll see what happens.

    LOL! I laughed out loud at this shot – hysterical! And I looooove Katie’s action the best! What a fun pic to edit! XO

    I love the clean edit.

    I was talking to a Wedding photographer recently and she told me that she often takes more than one shot so that it one person has their eyes closed she can use the photo where they have their eyes open and edit it into the other photo. Do you do that too?

    I’ve been debating a purchase of Lightroom – you may just have swung the vote

    Fabulous job Ashley!!! :) I think your clean edit set up the photo to be a perfect B&W photo. Debonair and Blue/Gold BW are my favs :) Thanks again for editing my photo! If you ever want to do it again, just let me know :) I also learned from your tutorial that you can download photo’s from Flickr. Ha!

    Great edits!!!

    I LOVE the Clean edit best!

    Hey girl! :) Just a few hours late, but I got my blog post up, and it includes an edit on your sooc! :) Let me know what you think! :)

    Thanks for sharing Caroline’s link — that was helpful and I learned a few new things! :) (thanks, Caroline, for sharing! )

    That’s an adorable shot you picked, but I have to say the clean and b&w edits are my fav. I agree and think the 2nd edit with the gradient looks a touch too pink still. :)

    clean and gradient are my fave!

    I love Debonair and Gradient, they make the photo really pop! :)

    The Cat Hag
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    LOVE the Debonair action and LOVE the B/W!

    Great edits ~ well done for poughing through my tutorial!! I think the blue/gold works beautifully on this shot, but I also really like your debonair edit ~ it was the icing on the cake for this shot I think :-)
    Beautiful work my friend! Give me a shout if you ever want me to do another ‘walk through’ :-)

    Great picture. Your crop only made it better and just when I was trying to choose my favorite among the clean, gradient and debonair, I see the black and white and for some reason it just looks like it should be in black and white. I absolutely love it!

    Call me old-fashioned, or perhaps clueless. I rather like that clean edit-and the B and W is nice too. Those girls sure look as thought they’re having fun.
    Thanks for all this great info. I’m learning a lot. Wish I had lightroom…maybe later.