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Surprise Visitor - Ramblings and Photos

July 02, 2011
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Surprise Visitor
Bambi Collage
Earlier this week, I received a surprise visitor…she completely caught me off guard. There I was, watching TV and minding my own business when Bambi walked into our backyard. She even stared at me through the window. So, I grabbed my camera. If only I didn’t have to change lens (I had the macro on), I would have really captured the perfect shot. I’ll be sure to be better prepared the next time she visits. Have a great weekend!

PS: I guess it wasn’t Bambi since Bambi is male…but you know what I mean. HA HA

    Yesterday a herd of deer moved into my garden and ate all the hosta buds I had been looking forward to seeing. Still, I just think deer are so pretty…sort of magical in the garden.

    What a fun visitor to have.

    That lens change gets me every time. I never have my long lens on the camera when i see a bunny, groundhog, bird or other visitor in my backyard. Bummer :)

    How wonderful to get a shot of wildlife at any time! I know how it is though, I never have the right lens, or my card is in the computer, etc. etc. :)

    lucky you! great to have in your back garden!

    So cool! We had a couple of them visit us about a month ago. They are such beautiful creatures!

    Aw, awesome! We have lots of wildlife behind us and my son was never more in awe than when we had a couple of deer wander by. Very cool!

    Very cute!

    I think you did just fine, even with the lens switcheroo. Isn’t that always the way it happens? I always seem to have the wrong lens on when I’m in a hurry! :)

    I think these are great considering you had a macro lens. She’s very pretty!

    So cool!

    Lucky you. A tiny fawn walked in front of my car last week on a back road. I wondered what she was doing without Mom!

    What a wonderful spontaneous capture! Love it!

    I love that first one – very film-esque. It’s different than what you normally shoot, but I think that adds to the intrigue. :)

    Awesome! We came across two sweet little fawns last evening. I had the wrong lens on also, but still managed to get a shot in before they ran off. :)

    Awesome. Because we’ve only had one inch of rain in the last ten months, we have deer everywhere. They are heading up to people’s yards where there is grass. It’s insane. I saw two last night and five the night before. I even saved a baby deer from getting rain over by the combine the other day.

    Marla @ http://www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

    Wow…this is just amazing!! Glad you caught her.

    you won’t believe this – the ONE time I didn’t have my camera on me, a deer ran right in front of our car. I could have had the ultimate shot. Never again, I take it with me everywhere.

    I’m always caught with the wrong lens on the body, you’re in good company.

    Aw, so sweet! I just recently was on a major highway and one passed in front of my car and across the entire 4 lane highway. Thank God I was just merging onto the highway so I wasn’t going that fast and was able to break for him. Poor thing. He ran off into the woods so I like to think that he is now safe:o)

    Love this ~

    Oh wow! What a cool surprise visit!

    Love it, I always seem to have the wrong lens on when I need to catch something quick too! WE don’t get many deer but we do have rabbits that hang out sometimes. I need to try a capture them!

    oh my gosh, so cute! I actually have some photos of deer from our river trip, I need to edit those = )

    So cute! But I must mention – Bambi was a boy… :D
    –Love MCat

    it’s Bambi’s momma. I think you did just fine capturing her grace.

    I have yet to capture a deer. Good job. Have a relaxing weekend.

    We LOVE our deer and I pray we still see some when we move. I’ve never once had the right camera when we’ve encountered them on a walk. :)

    You still caught a couple nice shots, even with the delay. That is a nice surprise in your week.

    So frustrating when you miss that PERFECT shot….

    very cool shots! no deer sighting in my backyard just alligators (eek). Have a great 4th of July weekend!!

    Oh, that is magical! :)

    Haha! Great capture, I wish I had this kind of wildlife around my house! I’ll catch a peek of Chip & Dale every now & then but never Bambi!

    cool shots! we have so many deer around here we always have to be on the lookout when driving! have a great weekend!

    Bambi visits your yard? Awesome! The most exciting thing I’ve had in my yard is a frog, lol. Glad you still managed to get a few shots in :)

    We get deer in our property, but they come closest to the house when the fruit trees are producing. Bye Bye peaches, plums, and apples.

    Lovely visitor!

    That must have been magical moment to watch bambi’s eyes:)

    Haven’t been over in awhile – I love your new blog header – that photo is amazing!

    Great images! We have the same visitors at our house in the evenings around 6 or so!

    Aren’t they just fascinating to watch?! I really enjoy mine…

    That’s so awesome, I wish deer would just wander into my yard. One day when I move out of Nevada hopefully!

    Very sweet! We have to baby deer on the property at the moment. They are so cute and tiny! Too bad they bring Lymes with them or I would like them more!

    Happy 4th!

    We have deer at the creek all the time – and I have yet to capture a picture of one.

    Great pics! :)