Sweet Treat
The girls at the office and I have been talking about treating ourselves to a cupcake for weeks. Last Friday, to kick off our holiday weekend…we finally went to Gigi’s Cupcakes. It was absolutely worth the wait!
Cupcake Collage
Apparently, there is a proper way to eat a cupcake – who knew?! Gigi’s suggests that for maximum cupcake enjoyment, flip the cupcake over in your bowl and eat with a fork or spoon. I’m not sure it matters how you eat it, these cupcakes are like eating a little piece of heaven. We’ll definitely be going back!
After eating my Peanut Butter Cup, I was tempted to bring a box-load home for the weekend. Instead, I decided to just bring one cupcake home for my husband. I’m so sweet (and mean…who brings their husband a girly cupcake?!). Mouse-over to see my SOOC shot.

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Happy Tuesday!

    Oh my word they look gorgeous!! I am really really craving a cupcake now! And when I get one – which I will – I am going to try the turning it upside down and eating with w fork!! Yum!!

    OH WOW!! can you please pop one in the post for me – they look AMAZING!!!

    Those are gorgeous! Awesome shots of them too!

    Have a blesse day!

    Um, could a cupcake BE any more loaded with deliciousness??? Wow! I bet those were rich huh. Such pretty creations!! The pictures definitely make me drool! lol

    they look amazing!! I want a cupcake it is not even 8am.

    Lord those look good! And bringing home a cupcake (girly looking or not) for hubby is definitely as sweet as the treat itself. I’ll bet he loved it!

    Looks delicious! :)

    The one with the chocolate chips on top of the chocolate frosting looks especially delectable. ;)

    Oh my god those look divine!!!

    YUMMY!!! Those look Out Of This World delicious!!

    OH MY… I love cupcakes and those look super delicious. Yummy shots.

    Yum!! That looks so yummy! I am very jealous

    Really mouth watering! Hope you had a great weekend.

    Yummy! We will have to go there next time we are in town. I think we will be there again at the end of September. :) You still need to visit me and the beach. he he.

    I was going to ask how you ate those beauties ;)
    You know, I used to work in a bakery making these kinds of yummy morsels but never knew the trick of flipping it over in a bowl, genius! Looks so decadent and as always, love your processing and presentation.

    I am officially drooling and it’s not a good look for me. ;) Gorgeous shots!

    They look AH-MAZ-ING!

    Oh GIGI’s is my FAVORITE. If you like fruity sweetness, be sure to try their Margarita cupcake….DELICIOUS!!

    There Derby Pie cupcake is great too, but this Kentucky girl may be a little biased.

    My first though when I saw them was how in the world do you eat those!! Flipping them over in a bowl is a good idea! Those are gorgeous! Love your photo of the one you took home!

    These are gorgeous and look so good! I have never thought of flipping a cupcake, and will have to try that!

    OK, I need to get in on all the cupcake fun.

    They look amazing.

    Your captures are just beautiful.

    Hope you have a blessed day!

    Oh my goodness! I love it. My best friend Jen just started a cupcake business. She loves then tremendously.

    OH yum! Forget the pictures I want a cupcake!

    Good grief, how heavenly!

    Those look delicious! I don’t know how you resisted and only brought one home. I know I would have brought at least a 1/2 dozen home since it was a holiday and all. ;-)

    Very beautiful!

    Well… I’m hungry now! lol

    Those look yummy! Nice edit!

    Those are huge!


    Wow those look good. Love the edit too.

    OH. MAH. WORD. I think I just gained 10 pounds. YUMMO!


    He did not complain about it’s girlies, I’m sure… Yum!

    Oops, girliness. Autocorrect fail.

    Oh my! You just started a new pregnancy craving! Yum

    Fabulous photos of such a beautiful creation! I’ve got to get some cupcakes! Love the texture on the last one!

    Oh my Ashley! i am totally headed up that way next week for some! I would sooo go today but i am doing that darn insanity workout and on cheating one day a week. unfortunately i have already had my cheat day this week. boo! thanks for sharing! i have something to look forward to next week.

    Oh my. Those look so tasty. I will have to try the upside down method next time.

    mmmmm cupcakes – love your edit!

    Oh my goodness, these look so amazing! YUM, look at all that frosting! Love your captures!

    Those are sinful!! I have one friend who absolutely can’t get enough cupcakes. These shoot way past the little desserts the children would bring on their birthdays to school. As for eating it upside down….brilliant. Maybe cake makers have been putting the frosting in the wrong place all along. :)

    I keep seeing your name in the comments section of other blogs I follow so I’ve popped over a few times and I have to tell you I love your blog. Your photos are fun and inspiring, your editing ROCKS, and your sense of humor always brings a smile to my face. I just wish I’d found you sooner but I’m following you now, so hopefully I won’t miss out on any more of the “good” stuff!

    I always feel guilty about destroying such a beautiful cupcake. OK, so who am I kidding, it’s a cupcake and I will eat it, pretty or not. I will miss how pretty it was afterward though…a little :) The one you brought home…so lovely!

    They look so fantastic, they are piece of art:)

    Oh no… I want one right now!!! :D

    Those look so so delicious!!!!

    These look like heaven!

    Marla @ http://www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

    Those look amazing!! I bet he didn’t care at all that it was a girlie cupcake!! :-)

    Incredible photos and I think I just gained 3 pounds drooling over those cupcakes! Yum!

    that is too much for my cupcake loving heart!!! yum yum YUM! :)

    Oh YUM! That’s funny you brought home a girly cupcake! (It seems a shame to turn something so pretty over to eat it, but it makes sense if you don’t want frosting up your nose!)

    I will now go wipe the drool off my laptop… Those look to-die-for! YUM!


    Oh my goodness me! Those cupcakes look delish!

    Oh my. What a deliciously amazing post! :) Love the cupcakes, and the treatment. Hope they were as delicious as they look!

    And to think I’ve been eating them all wrong for so many years. Thanks for the tip! :)

    Looks amazing, great shots dear!

    Oh my! Yum! Not good for me to see on my first day of a diet, haha!

    That is some cupcake! Good for you for keeping your promise to yourself!!

    Oh, How yummy! Very familiar, You must be really close to me or vice versa hehe.

    Oh, How yummy! Very familiar, You must be really close to me or vice versa hehe.

    those look mighty tasty! I am super sad that I didn’t bring my camera anywhere this weekend! I had some great photo ops if I would have!

    Wow, those look delicious!!! I am such a sucker for cupcakes. I will have to try flipping my next one over, that sounds like a good technique :)

    YUUUUMMMMMMMM!!!! I’d like to do a face plant into that heaping mound of icing.

    I LOVE Gigi’s! I miss them (we don’t have them here in the West.) What a perfect way to kick off the holiday.

    Dang…those are great! Might have to grab one on the way through. Do they open really early? :)

    Those look absolutely delicious and beautiful!

    That couldn’t make me any happier. Not only is it photos of one of my most favorite things- CUPCAKES- but my nickname is Gigi- so now I am totally HAPPY! I knew I should have made cupcakes instead of a regular cake- now I want one.

    Ha ha ha!! My 14 year old (mush brain because of too much computer time and now bored because I kicked him off) just said while reading over my shoulder “I don’t agree, those cupcakes were not all that great. I mean…why would you pay for cupcakes when you can just make better ones at home?”
    HE has not been into the store and seen all the delicacies laid out for the eyes to devour before the tasting begins!
    Oh my, I have created a cupcake monster, now if I can just get him to eat some veggies!!!
    Gigi’s does make for a fun treat!

    Oh they look so delicious. I have a terrible sweet tooth. I can feel my waist line expanding just looking at it. V

    Holy batman! Those look amazing!

    Oh wow, those cupcakes look amazing!

    oh. my. goodness. i am drooling over here! love your shots!

    YUM!! Now these are my kind of photos – cupcake photography!! Maybe I could find a special niche to do that. LOL. And a ‘proper’ way to eat a cupcake? That’s an odd way to do that in my opinion, because I want even distribution of frosting and cake in each bite – I sort of go at my cupcakes sideways. Haha. Great photos and I can’t even imagine how good they tasted.

    mmm those look delish!!!

    Love your shot of the “girlie” cupcake.

    Erika B

    Oh my goodness, these look absolutely yummy, and thanks for the info on the “proper” way to eat a cupcake. Never heard of that, and will definitely try it.

    These look fabulous! I finally tried a cupcake at a local cupcake shop and it was divine! To me there’s not much better than a cupcake.

    Yes, I live in the Raleigh area :) I noticed your background. There’s a tropical cafe, which me and my husband visit often, right by Gigi’s Cupcake. I hope you meet you soon. You’re like Celebrity :)

    Those are the perfect cupcakes – half cake, half frosting! YUM!

    Now you have me wanting cupcakes. Those look divine!

    I love, love, love the pink cupcake shot!! It makes me so happy!!
    I want to eat it too! :)

    I’m dieting, and those cupcakes look like heaven!


    I’m seriously all kinds of crazy for cupcakes! These look delicious – and thast last shot (love the edit)!

    I’m not so certain I would bring only one home!

    they have the best cupcakes, but they never told me to eat them upside down and of course now that i see it done that way, it makes all the sense in the world !

    Those look delish! I could seriously eat cupcakes all day! lol!

    I know you get like 8zillion comments, but this one is REALLY IMPORTANT… May not be proper, but the best way I’ve found to eat cupcakes is to rip the bottom part of the cake off so that you’ve got relatively equal portions of cake and smoosh the removed portion right on the top of the frosting – wha-bam! Cupcake sandwich. Works every freaking time. :)

    The day I realized how strong mother’s love is was the day I gave my dessert to my son. That is also when my husband says he knew I loved him, I shared my chocolate stash with him. Not give him the whole thing though…

    You’re killing me! :) I’m trying so hard NOT to eat stuff like that! But those look soooooooo good!

    Oh my goodness, I am drooling at my desk! We even had a work party today and I made sure to only make one trip to the dessert table to get one cookie. But after looking at these amazing photos now I’m wishing I made two or three trips to the dessert table!

    OHMYGOSH. that is a lot of frosting. but it looks delicious!

    I’m just now catching up on blogs since I’ve been out of town and my life has been a bit crazy!! I must say I’m a bit jealous because I just left Atlanta where there is a Gigi’s and I was told I MUST go… but did I have time, no. BUMMER! They look amazing! :)