The Flute
The other day I happened to ask my mom if she’d seen my flute lately. As a result, on Friday, I received a package in the mail.
Flute Collage
That’s right…at one point in my life, I was a flutist (middle to high school). Not that I was ever really good, but I was good enough for my parents to buy an open-hole, gold-plated flute back in the day. It’s quite stunning.
Flute 4 Blog
Like any good photographer, I couldn’t wait to take it home, clean it and hold a mini photography session. My husband will tell you that I will look for any excuse to have a photography session…but did I really need a reason?
Flute Vertical Blog
I’m thinking about hitting the internet to relearn how to play. Actually, on second thought, maybe I’ll just save it for future generations (my neighbors will thank me).
Flute 10 Blog
And for those of you that are wondering…no, I did NOT attend band camp. Happy Wednesday!