The Flute
The other day I happened to ask my mom if she’d seen my flute lately. As a result, on Friday, I received a package in the mail.
Flute Collage
That’s right…at one point in my life, I was a flutist (middle to high school). Not that I was ever really good, but I was good enough for my parents to buy an open-hole, gold-plated flute back in the day. It’s quite stunning.
Flute 4 Blog
Like any good photographer, I couldn’t wait to take it home, clean it and hold a mini photography session. My husband will tell you that I will look for any excuse to have a photography session…but did I really need a reason?
Flute Vertical Blog
I’m thinking about hitting the internet to relearn how to play. Actually, on second thought, maybe I’ll just save it for future generations (my neighbors will thank me).
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And for those of you that are wondering…no, I did NOT attend band camp. Happy Wednesday!


    MAN OH MAN! that is one shiny flute!

    ♥ these – the DOF and bokeh is gorgeous!

    But if you did attend band camp, there’s nothing wrong with that….right?
    Jinx, owe you a coke…I used to play the flue too. Mine unfortunately was stolen. This provided great photo op-the bokeh, the great shapes, and just the beauty of the instrument. Cool subject.

    I used to play flute too…but I hated it!! Instead, with this stunning pics, you’ve made me love it :)

    Gorgeous. I love the bokeh in these! I don’t know why I have never taken out my trumpet for a session – beautiful silver trumpet. You’ve inspired me!

    I DID go to band camp, and I’d do it again in a heart beat ;-) LOL

    Lovely photos. I played the flute and I was terrible!! I wish I still had it, though.

    oh wowza! these are amazing shots! who knew a flute could be so beautiful? :) you have such a great eye!

    love these!

    So pretty and shiny! You should try it out again. It might be fun! :) (The neighbors won’t mind… it’s not like it’s a set of drums!)

    You took good care of it!!! Did you take it out and play it?

    Beautiful shots!

    Love the DOF in these!

    Wow that is one clean shiny flute!! Great shots, I had no clue they had gold plated flutes. I played the piano in highschool but I don’t know if I could do it now. I love the shots and the beautiful light.

    Beautiful shots!

    These shots are GORGEOUS!!! Seriously frame worthy!!

    I played the flute too, but only in late elementary and junior high…my school was so small we didn’t have a middle school.

    Beautiful photos! Glad your mom kept it stored after all these years :) I played the piano for like a day…never stuck with it.

    gorgeous photo Ashley, These remind me of my clarinet days.

    Ashley, what a wonderful photographer you are! You made a musical instrument a thing of physical beauty. I really enjoyed those photos!

    Hope you’ll stop by my SWW when you can…

    Cindy @ Notes in the Key of Life

    These are beautiful photos! You are really are too funny (band camp comment). I bet in real life you are pretty funny to be with. ;)

    WOW! Gorgeous photos! I was in jr. high band and played the clarinet because my dad had played clarinet. I was s jealous of the flute players. I didn’t go to band camp either and kind of wish that I had. Apparently there’s a lot of fun to be had at those things. :) Stopping by from the WW link up.

    Hey Ashley,

    I was also a flutist! I had one just like yours.

    It’s somewhere in my attic and I need to get out, dust it off and play it for my grands.

    I want one of them to play it one day.

    Beautiful pictures♥

    my mother played the flute in high school. These pictures are amazing! Taken by yourself?!?

    stopping by from FF&P

    Another reason we are friends…I played the flute for 10 years!!!!! We’ll play for Daniel one day…..he’ll LOVE it and think THAT’S Hot! ;) hahahahahaha…LOVE the pics..your amazing

    Wow, you kept it in amazing shape. It is such an elegant instrument and you really captured that. I learned to play the C scale from my friend who was a flutest in the marching band and that was it for me :) You should totally start playing again!

    Ha! That was my next thought…was she in the marching band? Beautiful instrument and your photos match it wonderfully!

    GORGEOUS photos! My flute is packed away in the attic. You make me want to go dig it out. But mine wasn’t nearly this pretty. It was passed down to me – had to have all new pads, etc. but still worked great!

    I started out playing the flute! I really wanted to play the drums but our band teacher said we already had too many drummers. After a couple years on flute I switched to french horn.

    Stunning images…DOF & the processing is perfect.

    Ashley, these are stunning!

    Wow, these are gorgeous shots! I love the edit and the bokeh!


    I used to play back in the day- oh it’s been so long, but seeing your photos made it all come rushing back!

    Lovely pictures!

    I played the flute from 5th-12th grade and have only not been playing with a band for a year now. I played piccolo, too and I like that better, although sadly I own a flute and not a piccolo. My flute is open-holed and silver which is great; however, I’m allergic to silver… Oh well. I can still play, I just have to apply medication to my face at times…

    Beautiful close ups, it looks great shot wide open like that!

    You should totally teach yourself to play again. I used to play piano and cello in highschool but stopped. I wish I had carried on!

    These are beautiful–worthy of being framed and hung in some budding musicians room for inspiration! (I have a trombone in storage somewhere if you ever feel like forming a horrible jazz fusion duo–and by horrible, I mean my playing.)

    Ohhhhhh, I LOVE your photos! My flute paid my way to college. You’d think I’d let it come out of the closet every now and then, but no. Hummm :)

    I love the images! The beauty of all those different parts is amazing! (Our oldest son played alto sax, and we have a beautiful silver pearl instrument with green finger pads stored in a closet….now more than 13 years!)

    OK, simply stunning pictures, love them. I want to learn more about the technique used in getting that bokeh… and I adore the template too.
    back to the flute, my dtr is trying to decide if that’s what she wants to play in middle school. I played the oboe which has pretty much the same fingerings but totally different sound… more like a duck call :)

    wow!! these are absolutely stunning! i just love looking at your photos and reading your blog! i have missed it that past month without a computer… so glad to have it back!! :)

    Thats one pretty flute.

    Marla @

    wow! very pretty photos! :]

    such beautiful and crisp photos!

    Gorgeous shallow dof! Funny you posted this…my parents also get me a Yamaha silver, open-holed flute when I was in Junior High. And then I promptly quit playing in the band in High School because it wasn’t “cool.” I still have my flute and often think of selling it to get some money for a new camera. LOL! But I just can’t bring myself to sell it.

    Ashley, you are a Queen of the depth of the field. Wow. Beautiful shots. Love them all.
    Have a great day!

    beautifully captured from each and very angle ~

    BEAUTIFUL! And, YAY for learning (relearning) instruments as an adult!

    I played the Flute in Middle School. I was okay, not fabulous, but I wasn’t totally terrible. BEAUTIFUL shots. The flute has always been such a pretty instrument to me.

    Gorgeous! I love them. Awesome job. They turned out really neat.

    Gorgeous photos, Ashley! And you keep amazing me! You have so many talents and from what I’ve heard flute isn’t so easy to play!

    So neat! I played the clarinet! :)

    such lovely and artistic images… I used to play the clarinet… don’t think it’d look so beautiful. I hope you are planning to sell prints some day soon, you’ve got some amazing images that’d make beautiful wall art… just a thought.

    BTW, I moved my blog, so I’m not on the subscription roll at blogger. Hope you’ll come visit at the new location :)

    I forgot to add, band camp was amazing… middle school summer spent on a college campus? It was divine and this cute drummer boy had me and my gal pals in LOVE.

    These are marvellous shots, the dof and bokeh is just beautiful. What a lovely thing to have.

    Ha ha, I bet you enjoyed photographing it, more than you will re-learning to play it! :D

    Stunning mini photo session. You never seize to amaze me with your talent.

    wow! Gorgeous!! All your gorgeous picture inspire me! :)I think I have told you this before.. but I will tell you again! hehe

    I love your perspective on these shots! Shots of objects like this are not as easy as they look!

    Beautiful shots of your flute!

    Gorgeous photos! I used to play the flute also – I took it out recently and couldn’t remember how to play most of the notes which bummed me out!!!

    These are gorgeous! I played the clarinet and DID go to band camp! well the kind during the day anyway. haha

    I vote for relearning to play it. Then we will expect a vlog!

    These are absolutely beautiful! It makes me want to get out my flute for a little photo session too.

    That’s a beautiful instrument. Love the photos just out of focus and the frames are cool. V

    still trying to get caught up with you. beautiful flute shots.. i played in middle and high school too!!!except that one year when i tried drums(I wanna be a rock star)I am going to dig mine out.. brillant work!

    Beautiful!!! Why didn’t I think of this?!

    OMG! Band camp rocks! I did it for four summers and would do it all over again, minus the sun burn…

    How do you do your frames like that?

    Love the bokeh!

    beautiful photos!
    I used to play the piano and every time I go back to my parents house I like to sit down just for the moment and play a little bit just for myself :)

    These photos are gorgeous and what a cool hidden talent! We have instruments of all sorts in our house and we always tell people to play, even if you just know a little bit!

    Beautiful pictures. I played flute, too. :)

    the true photographer…grabs her long lost flute…and takes pictures of it!! they are gorgeous, sparkly shots.

    Such gorgeous shots! I always wanted to learn the flute, did piano instead for some reason and didn’t stick with it :)

    Ooooh fun shots. I love the perspective on each one of them.

    Also, I vote for relearning. I’m relearning how to play my banjo.

    Yup. banjo. and no band camp here, too.

    I once played the clarinet. lol. Fun pics girl. Thanks for linkin up for WW!

    Oh hooray! I was also a flute-playing band geek!

    Purely gorgeous photography!

    Sweet! I played the flute too. Middle and high but only until my junior year and then I graduated to boys lol :) Great shots.

    Your photos look amazing. So shiny and pretty.. I always wanted to play the flute.. But no My Mom made me play the Clarinet.. Oh well..

    BTW – I never went to band camp either..

    everything about this is sooo stunning! i love the bokeh….the clear crisp silver… just gorgeous!!!!!

    beautiful photos & close-ups! :)

    You’re right. This is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to hear you play. Great angles and focus!

    I never thought a flute could be so beautiful! I use to play the clarinet. Sadly he got left in my parents flooded basement. We were not meant to be.

    Gorgeous photos…and you should totally relearn! The flute has such a pretty sound (unlike the clarinette, which I KNOW my neighbours were thankful I didn’t ever try to relearn! ;D)

    These are fabulous. But if I’m being honest- I don’t really like the sound of the flute… but these photos make me want to go to any concert you put on. (that is, if you relearn how to play) ha ha.

    That is the prettiest flute I’ve ever seen! You are amazing!

    Hello bokehliciousness!!!!! Gorgeous photos!

    Incredible pictures!

    These are awesome flute shots! You are so talented.

    These are awesome! That flute is beautiful too! :)

    It is stunningly beautiful, at least the way you photograph it. Now how about a selfie with you at least pretending to play it or pull out an old school one to show us!!?? pretty please!!

    Nahhhh – don’t play it! Just keeping taking amazing pictures of it ;D lol

    Oh WOW… beautiful photos!

    Lovely! I should have a photo shoot with mine some day. :-D You should definitely start playing it again!!!

    Dude!!! I love this set!! Very, very nice, Ashley. (“this one time? at band camp”)

    I truly think these are some of your very best Ashley!
    Each one is so beautifully done.
    I love the simplicity of them.

    Band camp! lol Someone gave me a flute years ago because I wanted to learn to play. I never touched it…probably because the hassle of cleaning it killed any motivation. :) these are so pretty!

    … Shut up! (hehe!) GASP! These are stunning!! Wow! Love the simplicity and beauty! The dof and (I’m guessing b&w processing, but that could be wrong) monotone colors are beautiful! This would be fun being printed! :)

    These are gorgeous shots! I wish I had kept mine in such nice condition. I think musical instruments make such good subjects.

    Amazing! I love the DOF! Just wonderful.

    These shots are super cool Ashley!

    LOVE this series of shots, Ashley! Beautiful.

    Your photos are great! Makes me want to get my flute out and have a photo session with it too! :o)

    I play flute! I’m not that great either, but I do enjoy it. Your flute looks beautiful, as are your pictures of it. =)

    Hahahahhaaa… band camp.

    Not even one time? ;)

    Hahahahhaaa… band camp.

    Not even one time? ;)